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Editor Mark Silk is professor of religion in public life at Trinity College
(Hartford, CT), and a leading expert on how religion is covered in the media. He
is the founding director of the Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of
Religion in Public Life and founding editor of Religion in the News, a
magazine published by the Center. Silk is the author of Spiritual Politics:
Religion and America Since World War II
and Unsecular Media: Making News
of Religion in America
. He is co-editor of Religion by Region, an
eight-volume series on religion and public life in the United States, and
co-author (with Andrew Walsh) of the forthcoming One Nation Divisible:
Religion and Region in America Today
. Silk is also the co-editor of the
upcoming book series The Future of Religion in America.


  1. Prof. Silk,
    I appreciate this forum, but could I ask you to please not post comments that use the term “Papal Bull S***”, or at least edit the term out. It is flat-out offensive and has no place in civil discourse.
    B. DelMonico
    BA 1997

  2. Dear Mark,
    I have been meaning to tell you for sometime how much I appreciate:
    (1) this web forum,
    (2) your article/topic selection, and (most importantly)
    (3) your outstanding insight and wit.
    Keep up the good work and the good humor!
    Sincerely, Vince

  3. I just read Professor Warner’s article on Obama and Civil Religion. It seems odd that anyone could write about civil religion without mentioning Rabbi Mordechai M. Kaplan.

  4. Dear Mark,
    The Interfaith Alliance has started an organizational blog, which is available at We have been reading your blog for quite a while, and now we are very pleased to link to you. Please check us out and tell us what you think as we try to build some traffic for ourselves.

  5. Hi, this is the first day I’ve been to your blog and I just wanted to thank you for putting up my posts even when I strongly disagreed with you.

  6. Hi Mark,
    A request: can you set your webpage so that when I click on a link it doesn’t direct me away from your site but opens a new window instead? That way I can keep my place on your page.

  7. Hello – With catching more radio stories about “the family” recently, I was wondering what you thought of their representation in the media? I am staunchly in favor of the separation of church and state – and so I think this is a bigger story than is presented?
    Regards and Thank You,

  8. Paul,
    It’s a little hard to say. You can read what I have to say about The Family, the organization and the book, in my editor’s essay in the latest issue of Religion in the News, here: Briefly, I think Jeff Sharlet has exaggerated the organization’s importance in the grand scheme of schemes. Nevertheless, it’s something worth paying attention to. Part of the problem for news coverage is that it’s such an odd enterprise that it doesn’t fit into any of the usual ideological or religious boxes. As a result, journalists have had a hard time getting a handle on it.

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