Tuesday Godbytes

Apple unveiled a new iPhone today!

Oh, you wanted, like, religious news? (Wait, something else happened today?)

Well, okay, fine. Keeping with the Apple theme: While some might call it the "Jesus Phone," apparently the first Jewish news app - specifically for the Jewish Journal out of L.A. - is now for sale on Apple's app store.

Looks like Paramont Pictures and New Regency are planning to make a $150 million version of the Biblical epic "Noah" based off a graphic novel. No word on whether lawsuits from makers of "The Perfect Storm" are imminent. Also no word on whether there will be a sequel (because they'd need to make them two-by-two, get it?!)

Tricycle magazine has a Q&A with Lt. Jeanette Shin, the U.S. Military's First Buddhist Chaplain.

Sarah Posner at over Religion Dispatches asks "Where are the Pastors at Occupy Wall Street?"

Speaking of politically-minded things, America's Roman Catholic Bishops have issued a Catholic voter guide for the 2012 election.

Finally, today's Tweet of the Day comes from Rabbi Rami, who notes something interesting about God's "needs"

@rabbirami - God wants you to serve Him always. God is very needy. #quote