The Twible is finished today! Well, kind of. Finish line image courtesy (

It Is Finished. Well, Sort Of.

The Twible is finished today! Well, kind of. (Image is courtesy of & available at

The Twible is finished today! Well, kind of. Finish line image courtesy (

Today's the last day of my Twible project, which I can scarcely believe. When I first started this in 2009, I was daunted to discover that there are 1,189 chapters of the Bible. (Did we know this?) That meant 1,189 days of my life doled out in tweets.

But [kairos] time flies, so this week finds me putting the finishing touches on the trippy Book of Revelation:

#Twible Rev 19: Time for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. (Just so we’re clear, lamb is not what’s on the menu. It’s kind of a metaphor.)

#Twible Rev 20: Satan’s bound for 1,000 years, then hurled into the Lake of Fire & Brimstone for 24/7 torment. Talk about your just deserts.

#Twible Rev 21: The following jobs will be obsolete in the new heaven & new earth: undertaker, grief therapist, anesthesiologist. Awesome.

#Twible Rev 22: Bible ends w/ G opening fruit-of-the-month club & restoring Eden. All is full circle. (Warning: Do not add to story. Amen.)

I've got an article up today at the Faith & Leadership newsletter website about one of the most recent lessons I've learned from the Twible: Why Elmo is the Antichrist, and why, in the grand scheme of "Name That Antichrist" history, that's actually a good thing.

But just because I'm done with the opening draft of the Twible doesn't mean I'm done done, as in done in a biblical sense. This was a first draft. I've been bringing old chapters to my writing group over the last year for comments and suggestions, and slowly working my way through the collection to ramp up the humor and make the Twible into a book.

So, tomorrow on Twitter, this project will jump into high gear with multiple tweets per day as we get ready for the book launch down the road. (More as I know it about the book.)

But today I want to shout a great big "thank you!" to the readers who have made this project so fun for me, both the ones who have been with the Twible since the very beginning and those who came aboard later, bleary-eyed and wondering aloud whether to pronounce it with a long I or a short one.*

So, readers: You. Are. Awesome. Thanks for all the retweets, the shares and likes on Facebook, and your comments (which are often funnier than the original tweet). Here's to Phase II.


*Note: It's Twible, rhymes with Bible. Because a Twibble would just sound silly.)