Video: Christians vs. atheists volleyball tournament

They may not agree on evolution, gay marriage or abortion, but when it comes to a friendly game of volleyball – these Christians and atheists bring their best game face.

Stemming from an idea on a Facebook page called “Cuddle Sessions”, a forum for conversation between believers and non-believers, a group of Christians from Abundant Life Baptist Church and members of Kansas City Atheist Coalition faced off at the net Saturday (June 22) in Lee’s Summit, Mo. for a volleyball tournament benefiting Drumm Family Farm, an organization that helps foster children.

Religion News Service video by Sally Morrow

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Sally Morrow

Sally Morrow joined Religion News Service in March 2012 as Photo/Multimedia Editor. She is a photographer and editor based in Kansas City. Morrow has worked as a multimedia editor and photographer at Newsday, The Des Moines Register, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


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  • This kind of story truly illustrates your goal to inform, illuminate and inspire public discourse on matters relating to belief and convictions.
    Keep them coming.
    Thank you.

  • Both sides are guilty, Goldy. This was unification for a good cause. Too bad you’re too much of an [expletive deleted] to realize this.

  • Insult, ridicule and smears thrive in intellectual isolation, regardless of the belief system adopted by someone who fears those that believe differently. This volleyball game is an excellent example of one way to work toward stifling hateful speech by breaking down the isolation barriers, giving those who are willing a chance to better know each other as people, while creating shared opportunities to grow in understanding, love and truth.

  • Jack, I don’t fear the religious people because they think differently or have other values, or fear them at all for any reason. Once you get down to the meat and potatoes, there is only one thing that separates them from non believers – the fear of death and eternal punishment. They will deny it, but if you dig, this is it, unless it some sort of a liberal Christian denomination without the concept of hell and heaven and just separation from god as a paradigm for “hell”.

    Nothing to be afraid of when dealing with the religious people. The best way, I agree is to look each other in the eye. This will be the most productive way, however, inefficient. The facts are that the “nones” is the new norm and in 1-2 generation the issue of religion will be a settled case of indifference, apathy and just raised eye brows.

    Insults and ridicule are in today times are mostly perceived by the religious people from what I have seen when their “truths” are challenged as a theocratic tool, anti scientific dogma, anti human rights, and desire to make the world comport to the Jesus truths and most importantly have a psychological desire to spread the only truth. Salvation as a meme is a powerful tool. People will do a lot not to be tortured for eternity.

    In my opinion from what I am seeing in the current religion/irrelegion debate, you just have to forget about old generation conservative or creationists Christians, ignore them, isolate them from your life, or have them talk to the CHristans like KCAC had a game with. Christian talking to a Christian is not a bad idea. Look for people who KCAC played the game with. Nothing can be done about the others.

    It’s rather simple. While I understand your desire to be a peacemaker with the irrational Christians I described above, there is an extremely low probability of making any headway with them.

    People like Goldy know they are loosing the intellectual battle, they will stop at nothing to prolong it and to get themselves elevated to a higher pedestal to score some points with their god, even if it involves twisting facts, lying, not telling the truth, etc.

    Nothing new under the Sun.

  • Fail.

    Fred Heeren was playing, for the atheists, and he is a member of the Midwest Skeptics, and regularly attends, and an organizer of the Provocateurs.

    Their comment board is a swill of inanity and insults.

    Who ya kiddin?

  • I have heard about how you like to “look people in the eye”.

    And other things.

    You are confusing your own Straw Man constructions with reality, but I don’t blame you. I am told it has a lot to do with how you were raised, and your own personal problems.

  • That’s the point. Then unification was not for a “good cause”.

    It was for publicity.

    You already know this. Can’t you quit lying for once?

  • the fact you’re prepared to lump them together as a “they” that you can piously whine about shows that you’re the same sort of genius who talks about lazy blacks and mexicans. and it shows that you’re part of the problem of poor dialog between people with different philosophies. the sad truth is that the christians are more concerned about putting divisions between groups, presumably because their message is less resilient when contrasted with competing messages

  • Interesting discussion. It’s important to remember that individual people within a defined group (i.e.: atheist or Christian) can have differing opinions, which is exactly what Sarah Hargreaves expresses in the video.

  • You mean like you do when you talk about “Christians”, and put them down?

    Just look at the discussion boards of the local atheist meetups, or the FB postings of the KCAC and you will see what I mean. If their arguments are so great, why do they even need the insult and the ridicule?

  • Sarah Hargreaves presents a very pleasant public face.

    What her group says about Christians on their discussion sites is another matter.

  • Look at the guy with the beard who Croteau comes up to and shakes his hand. “Andy” apparently can’t even stomach to look up and respond respectfully.

  • Morrison wrote>>>>>>>>Look at the guy with the beard who Croteau comes up to and shakes his hand. “Andy” apparently can’t even stomach to look up and respond respectfully.


    Please, don’t lie, twist, or tell half truths. Please, relate the facts as they appear in this particular segment at 25 seconds.

    Andy did not get his hand shaken as you stated at 25 seconds. He had his right shoulder patted. Not a big deal, irrelevant for the purposes of your insinuations that Andy was disrespectful.

    When you claim Andy did not respectfully respond to the organizer what was Andy doing at the time when he was asked what his name was? Was his attention fully on the organizer of the event or was Andy in the process of doing something else and his attention was on another thing? The organizer then proceeded on his merry business and Andy continued doing what he was doing.

    It’s quite clear you are trying to assign a negative behavior to a person by looking at 3 second clip, which leads me to conclude that you want this person to be perceived negatively.

    You claim Andy could not stomach to look up and respond respectfully – could there be another explanation for this interpretation of yours or Andy’s response that can be derived at by any other means other than assigning disrespect as an intention on his part?

    Please, be as specific as possible as to describe the facts of the short snippet instead of infusing your opinion.

    Maybe without lies, twists and half truths you’ll be able to have a factual narration of what happened, instead of infusing your personal interpretation of what happened and feelings and emotions attached to the 3 second clip.

    Lets see if you can actually not lie, twist and tell half truths.

    Goldy, meet, Morrison. Morrison, meet Goldy.

  • And folks, meet the Atheist Troll.

    For all we know, he IS Morrison, making a convenient swipe, which he then responds to.

    Its best to ignore him. He can get hostile.

  • I have done some checking of some of the people mentioned in the video.

    Josh Hyde, Hanratty, and Andy. If you look at the KCAS Facebook Page, all of them have made dismissive comments about Christians. Very little that could be construed as constructive dialogue.

    This whole think was publicity stunt, and if you look at the comments of some of the people below, like bible”humper” it is clear that there goal is to deconvert Christians

    This is not just an out of the blue idea, their President, Hargreaves, who speaks in the video, is herself a “deconverted” Christian.

    This is about Atheist Evangelism and the Stated Purpose of their group is to engage in these kinds of activities in order to Advance Atheism.

    They certainly have a right to try, but it is dishonest to pretend that is just about getting to know people with differing views better.

    So, lets dump charade and get it out in the open.

  • Goldy and Morrison,

    I am entirely satisfied by your silence on the challenge I’ve posted to you above.

    I hope that your changed behavior (deafening silence, not lying, twisting, telling half truths and shape shifting for the glory of your deity) is going to be a permanent change that will please your deity if it exists and also will give you a peace of mind apart from cognitive dissonance you had displayed.

    All the best to you!

  • Please do not feed the troll.

    I have talked to him in person. He is quite moody and unpredictable.

    Thank you for your attention!

  • Calling Like It Is,

    Can you please, provide specific quotes by the people (Josh Hyde, Hanratty, and Andy). you mentioned above that can be perceived as ‘dismissive’ about Christians? Please, provide specific dates.

  • Clarissa,

    What were the circumstances and what was the length of the talk that you and I had? What was the longest conversation that you and I had? Was it in person or on the phone?

  • The Troll is feeling guilty.

    Please do not feed him; he may be getting ready to get angry.

  • Clarissa,

    I am entirely satisfied by your silence on the questions I’ve posted to you above.

    All the best to you!

  • Thanks to everyone for not feeding the troll.

    As you can see, it bugs him, and that’s too bad, but its for the best. And since his tactic is to ignore questions when he is asked, he needs to get used to it when other turn their backs on his harassment.

    And as you can all see, not a single atheist tried to answer here with that so called “civil discussion” they claimed the even was all about. It was all a stunt.

    See you all at B &N Friday!

  • Update for the rest of you…

    Today, June 25th, the Midwest Skeptics (many of whom played at the game) were joking about “having sex with a goat” and “religious ignoramuses” on their discussion board.

    They are truly useless people, but I do get kick out of them.

    Its all so…so…well…Atheist!

  • Looking through the rambling comments here I see stuff by bible”humper” and other bigots, but not a single attempt at civil discussion by ANY atheist.

    And the KCAC and Midwest Skeptics discussion boards are full of piss. Just yesterday the Midwest Skeptics board, and many of the players are members there, were talking about “sex with a goat” and “religious ignoramuses”.


  • Clarissa,

    I’d love to meet you and all others you’ll see an Barnes & Noble on Friday. What Barnes & Noble are you meeting and when?

    Cannot wait. If not this Friday, then some other day. Should be a fun meeting too look you in your eyes and see if you are a liar, twister, half truther and shape shifter for Jesus as you are online.

  • BibleHumper if you are trying to prove you are more morale than they are. You doing a terrible job of it and reinforcing the atheist has no moral stereotype. Now I think tournament is good thing dialogue is better than Dawkins style hate speech.

  • Clarissa,

    Take 2. Another Friday is upon us…

    I’d love to meet you and all others you’ll see an Barnes & Noble on Friday. What Barnes & Noble are you meeting and when?

    Cannot wait. If not this Friday, then some other day. Should be a fun meeting too look you in your eyes and see if you are a liar, twister, half truther and shape shifter for Jesus as you are online.

  • Anyone who has followed the “cuddle sessions” the last few weeks will see that they have been taken over by vicious little atheist trolls.

  • Hey Bible Humper…we are meeting at Barnes and Noble this Friday!

    Want to look deeply into my eyes?

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