Quote of the Day: Southern Baptist ethicist Russell Moore

“If Pope Francis wishes to reclaim the gospel’s primacy, he must simultaneously speak with kindness to those outside of its reach and speak of the need for good news.”

— Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, who Tuesday (Oct. 1) called Pope Francis’ recent interview with La Repubblica  “a theological wreck.”

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  • perhaps Dr. Moore would like to meet Pope Francis?

    it couldn’t be TOO difficult to arrange . . . the Pope is very accessible, and is known to sometimes respond to a letter by picking up the phone and calling up the writer and saying, ‘Hello, this is Pope Francis calling’ . . .

    I’m sure Dr. Moore might want to meet the man face to face that he has been speaking of these last weeks, and as Dr. Moore is in a prominent position in the SBC, I can imagine he well might get an appointment for an audience.

    Or perhaps Dr. Moore’s comments about the Pope are really more to communicate with Southern Baptist readers than to help Francis? In any case, a face-to-face meeting is not a bad idea at all. I can only see good coming from it.

    Something about meeting a person face to face and spending some time with them is very Christ-like. It certainly adds gravitas to statements one is making about another when the two have had an opportunity to learn about the other directly.

    some thoughts

  • Christiane, Russell Moore is a loving man. I am sure he would jump at the chance to speak with the Pope. He is very level headed and filled with the love of Christ. I have met him and have heard him speak. I hope they do get to meet.