At its 221st General Assembly meeting in Detroit, Mich., the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted June 20, 2014, to divest church funds from American companies that, divestment supports said, profit from Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory.

Presbyterians narrowly vote to divest from 3 companies involved in Israeli/Palestinian conflict

(RNS) The Presbyterian Church (USA) voted Friday (June 20) to divest church funds from three American companies it cited for profiting from the oppression of Palestinians within Israel's occupied territories.

The 310-303 vote of the church's General Assembly in Detroit marks a victory for divestment supporters both within and without the 1.8 million-member PCUSA, now the largest American church to embrace divestment as a strategy to pressure Israel to return its illegally held lands.

At its 221st General Assembly meeting in Detroit, Mich., the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted June 20, 2014, to divest church funds from American companies that, divestment supports said, profit from Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory.

At its 221st General Assembly meeting in Detroit, Mich., the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted June 20, 2014, to divest church funds from American companies that, divestment supports said, profit from Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory.

The divestment resolution targets companies that divestment supporters say supply electronic and earth-moving equipment that help Israel violate Palestinian rights. Presbyterians in support of the resolution described it as a long overdue stand on behalf of Palestinians suffering under the occupation, which began in 1967 when Israel pushed back attacks from neighboring countries.

The issue has roiled the church for the last decade, and during a more than three-hour debate, many lamented the divisiveness and noted how many around the world -- in the U.S., Israel and the Palestinian territories -- would be watching.

"After a decade of corporate engagement with Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions, these companies have failed to modify their behavior and continue to profit from Israeli human rights abuses and non-peaceful pursuits," said the Rev. Walt Davis of the Israel/Palestine Mission Network, a pro-divestment group within the church.

“This is a historic vote and the culmination of a long and deliberate internal process within the church," he said.

But the vote also bodes ill for Presbyterian-Jewish relations, which are particularly fragile since the publication in January of "Zionism Unsettled," a booklet produced by the church-chartered IPMN and sold on the PCUSA website, which argues the right of a Jewish nation to exist in the Holy Land is based on bad theology.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, head of the Union for Reform Judaism, the largest branch of Judaism in North America, spoke before the General Assembly Thursday, and warned that a divestment vote would be taken as a sign that the church has aligned itself with those in the "Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions" movement who vilify Israel and even question its right to exist.

"It would be an attack on the Jewish community and religion," especially in the wake of the publication of "Zionism Unsettled," Jacobs said. "I don't want the commissioners (assembly delegates) to think they can vote for divestment and be part of the global BDS movement and think that they can still stand with us."

Jacobs offered to arrange a meeting in Jerusalem next week for Presbyterian leaders to talk with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu if they voted against divestment. Many who spoke against the measure said it was not worth the price of alienating the church's Jewish friends and urged their fellow Presbyterians to accept Jacobs' offer.

The authors of the divestment resolution seemed to take pains to distance the measure from the more strident critics of Israel inside and outside the church. The resolution affirmed the church's support for a two-state solution and also stated that it does not mean an alignment with the overall strategy of the global BDS movement.

But Rabbi Noam Marans, director of interreligious relations at the American Jewish Committee, said in a statement after the vote: "This is an affront to all who are committed to a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The PCUSA decision is celebrated by those who believe they are one step closer to a Jew-free Middle East."

Carol Hylkema, another IPMN member, said the vote puts the PCUSA on the right side of a moral question.

“Our denomination has been a leading voice in establishing the socially responsible investment movement that began in the early 1970s to end apartheid in South Africa,” she said. “This is a matter of stewardship and this decision brings our investments in line with our values.”

Leaders within the church's divestment movement have struggled to get the General Assembly to back a divestment resolution for 10 years or more, missing the mark at the last assembly meeting, in 2012, by only two votes. The divestment movement, robust in many American universities and mainline Protestant churches, is particularly strong in the PCUSA. At their most recent national conference in 2012, the United Methodist Church rejected divestment as a tool to pressure Israel, but will likely revisit the issue at their next conference in 2016.

The vote Friday was proceeded by another momentous vote at the PCUSA on Thursday (June 19) when the General Assembly voted 61 to 39 percent to allow pastors to marry gay couples in places where gay marriage is legal. A change in the definition of marriage from man and woman to "two people" needs to be ratified by the church's regional presbyteries.



  1. Yeah I’m not sure why anyone writes articles on a combusting denomination that’s 10 years from non-existence that spends their time focusing on psychotic votes. The impact is zilch.




  3. Wow. PCUSA really seems hell-bent on taking itself to Hell.

    (And this time, they’ve succeeded. Big-time!!)

    So you folks please enjoy your stay Down Below, you’ve certainly earned it!

  4. I fail to see how someone can call themselves a Christian and support the persecution of the Palenstians at the same time.

  5. but supporting the persecution of the jew? now thats a good christian value? right?

  6. ” a strategy to pressure Israel to return its illegally held lands.”

    Americans have no right to say anything until they give texas back to mexico and most of the northern states back to Canada, oh and America back to the English. if the Canadians were palistinians they would bomb our women and children daily and then blame us for doing it, and we would use rockets, guns, and eventually nuclear bombs if necessary to stop them. the Canadians are Godly civil people, the Israelis are Godly civil people that have done everything in their power to appease an enemy that will not stop until every Jew is dead. Americans are the biggest hyppocrites I have ever met. support Hammas, give hammas texas if you are so worried about them.

  7. This is absolutely shameful!! The Scriptures say to support our Jewish brothers in the Homeland, not to divest in their companies! I hope people out there know that not all Christians are like this and that this is a small and harmful minority! I did more research on this issue and wound up at the Facebook page for the Knesset Christian Alliance Caucus which condemns the decision of the Presbyterian Church. Check out their page if you want to follow in the path of god and support our Jewish brothers in the Homeland!!

  8. Don’t forget, the Presbyterians published a tract this January that says Israel has no right to exist as a nation.

    To me this is far worse than their decision to divest 3 of the many companies they will continue to hold that do business in Israel

  9. “As a Christian” how about divesting from companies that do business in Saudi Arabia?

    You do know that Saudi Arabia forbids Christians to congregate for prayer within Saudi Arabia?

  10. The Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) did the right thing. They get my vote as a loving Christian!

  11. Israel ethnically cleanse 800000 Palestinians in 1948-67. Included in that number are 80000 Palestinian Christians. The church did the right thing. If every American took a look how the Israelis dehumanize the Palestinians in the West Bank I really doubt the support Israel gets now from the majority of the American people would be there.

  12. Why have they failed, now that they condemned israel for its own actions?

  13. Screw that. Antisemitism is just like libbies yelling how everyone hates them if they dont agree with them. In fact, its the genesis of the current libby battlecry.

  14. Circle the wagons judah. You need to crucify another group of people who don’t agree with you murdering and imprisioning and stealing.

  15. Yep. And why doesn’t this come into the common american plebeian consciousness? Media silence and when reported…spin propaganda for all things israel.

  16. After reading a sampling of these comments, my suspicions are confirmed. Jews are very well represented on these boards.

  17. I find it funny that the same liberals who claim to be champions of gays would support the Muslims who advocate killing gays and not the only LGBT-friendly country in the Middle East.

  18. I fail to see why you liberals who claim to be champions of gays and women would defend Islam. Try being gay in a Muslim country and tell me if you survive.

  19. The Presbyterians are like the Nazis. THey hate Jews and support the Muslims who advocate killing gays.

  20. So when are you going to get around to mentioning the several million Sephardic Jews ethnically cleansed from the Middle East and Africa from 1948 to present?

    Of course you won’t.

    You are just repeating the party lines of the Arab League and Iran. The sugar daddies for the Palestinians. Keeping them awash in high end weapons but not a dime for infrastructure of economic aid. 65 years of armed struggle got them squat. Even when they vacated its settlements in Gaza, it did nothing to stop the Iran funded attacks on Israel. The West Bank needs to play nice with Israel otherwise it becomes a landlocked mess. The Palestinians already ruined relations with Jordan and Lebanon. If Israel vacated and kept its borders tight, the Palestinians would be even more $crewed.

    Not a single Palestinian leader is worth a bucket of horsecrap. If every person supporting the “poor suffering Palestinians” got a look at the people they are supporting, the corrupt gangsters beholden to foreign powers, they would change their tune awfully fast.


    Quick Lles, get to the bunkers!!!!!

  22. Your conclusion, not mine. Mine was only an observation

  23. I am just characterizing your observation in the plainest terms possible.

  24. I don’t get the liberal support of the Palestinians either.

    Then again, I find your knee-jerk anti-muslim rants to be silly, ignorant and irritating as well.

    Far left and far right both think I am a jerk. Go figure.

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