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Instagram’s ‘Socality Barbie’ pokes fun at social media’s shallow spirituality

Barbie ditched Ken for adventures, lattes, and Jesus. At least that's what you'd assume from flipping through this hilarious and popular Instagram feed.



Barbie ditched Ken for adventures, lattes, and Jesus. At least that’s what you’d assume from flipping through the Instagram feed of “Socality Barbie.”

The account is run by an anonymous wedding photographer from Portland, Oregon and features photographs of a brunette Barbie doll musing on life in an attempt to poke fun at homogenous hipster millennials. While most of Socality Barbie’s picture captions focus on #authenticity and #community, a surprising number of them feature spiritual themes.

While Socality Barbie has a keen sense of fashion, she also digs quotable Christian thinker C.S. Lewis. Though she loves to travel the earth, she also realizes that this world is not her home. “I wonder if there will be Instagram in heaven?” she wonders. “That way we can stay connected for all eternity.” The fictitious babe quotes passages from Romans to Esther, knows all the best Christian cliches, and when she reached 1000 followers, she made sure to declare herself #blessed. It’s everything you’d expect from a gal who includes both “Authentic Living” and “Jesus” in her bio.

The account was profiled today by Wired magazine, and has amassed more than 20,000 new followers since then. Here are a collection of her most satirically spiritual posts: