Protesters outside of the gate of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., on April 20, 2016. Religion News Service photo by Adelle M. Banks

Cecile Richards gets a standing ovation at Georgetown amid protests

WASHINGTON (RNS) The debate that began when students learned that Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards would speak at the nation's oldest Catholic university continued when she received a standing ovation at Georgetown's Lohrfink Auditorium.

The media were not permitted inside, but students who heard her Wednesday (April 20) said she defended her organization’s stances and urged abortion opponents to respect those who think women should have choice in their reproductive decisions.

Planned Parenthood Federation president Cecile Richards testifies before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Capitol Hill in Washington September 29, 2015. Photo by Gary Cameron courtesy of Reuters.

Planned Parenthood Federation President Cecile Richards testifies before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Capitol Hill in Washington on Sept. 29, 2015. Photo by Gary Cameron, courtesy of Reuters

“I think she did an incredible job understanding how people can have very different religious and political backgrounds but come together knowing that women should have the overall choice over their own bodies,” said Makaiah Mohler, a senior at the Jesuit school.

Protesters gathered outside the 400-seat auditorium where she spoke at the invitation of The Lecture Fund, a student-run organization, with signs urging that her organization be defunded.

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Richards’ invitation was met by sharp criticism by some Catholics, including Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who said it was not within the Catholic tradition for a university to provide a special platform to those voices that promote or support issues such as abortion.

Makaiah Mohler, a senior at Georgetown University, welcomed the speech of Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards at Georgetown University on April 20, 2016. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

Makaiah Mohler, a senior at Georgetown University, welcomed the speech of Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards at Georgetown University on April 20, 2016. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

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Junior Reed Howard, who attended the talk, said Richards wasn't sufficiently challenged to respond to opposing views during the brief question-and-answer period that ended her hourlong remarks.

“I don’t think that today’s event represented a free exchange of ideas or a spirit of dialogue,” said Howard, an abortion opponent. “Instead, Cecile Richards was given a platform to spew her beliefs unchallenged.”

The Hoya, a Georgetown newspaper, tweeted some of Richards' comments, including her statement that "the decision to have a child is the most personal...we believe this is not decision to be made by politicians."

A Georgetown statement said the university is committed to “the free exchange of ideas, even when those ideas may be difficult, controversial or objectionable to some.” It noted that Richards was not paid to speak.

Prior to her speech, students from Vita Saxa, an anti-abortion group marking Life Week at Georgetown, planted rows and rows of small blue and pink flags on a campus green. The group said the flags “represent the 3,562 lives lost in the U.S. to abortion each day.”

A display of flags on the lawn at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., were placed there by an anti-abortion group. The group said the flags represent 3,562 lives lost to abortion in U.S. each day. Religion News Service photo by Adelle M. Banks

A display of flags on the lawn at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., was placed there by an anti-abortion group. The group said the flags represent 3,562 lives lost to abortion in the U.S. each day. Religion News Service photo by Adelle M. Banks

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Representatives of Students for Life of America erected a “We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood” display outside the hall where Richards spoke. The display is part of a campaign touring college campuses in response to undercover videos that appear to show Planned Parenthood officials illegally negotiating to sell organs recovered from abortion.

“They’ve perpetuated this myth that 'if we go away, so goes women’s health care,'” said Missy Stone, the student group’s national field director. “We’re saying no, there are 13,000 federally qualified health centers nationwide and there’s only 700 Planned Parenthood facilities.”

Tina Whittington, left, and Missy Stone, right, represented Students for Life of America at a protest outside a speech of Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards at Georgetown University on April 20, 2016. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

Tina Whittington, left, and Michele Hendrickson, right, represented Students for Life of America at a protest outside a speech of Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards at Georgetown University on April 20, 2016. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

 This image is available for web and print publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

Planned Parenthood officials have defended their procedures, and the only charges that have been brought in any state as a result of the videos have been against the undercover filmmakers.

Georgetown’s vice president for student affairs distributed an email to students about the Life Week’s events, organized by campus offices and student groups, saying they were “built around our Catholic commitment to a consistent ethic of life.” Events included a lecture scheduled for Wednesday night by former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson.

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  1. Jesuit order at Colleges Like Georgetown, Fordham , DePaul,Fairfield, ,Marquette and sorry excuses in California alleged Catholic colleges should be reformed or Abolished..

  2. I oppose abortion, but a group of men only protesting abortion by holding a sign that says “purity is the answer” is exactly what is wrong with the pro-life movement today. Abortion should be opposed to protect the innocent in our throwaway culture, not because some men still want to control women’s “purity” through legislation and shame.

  3. What a woman legally and rightfully does with her body is neither the choice nor the business of anyone else. Not ours. Not a religion’s. And not the government’s.

    A fetus may be a potential person, but a woman already is a person, an independent adult with her own life to live, according to her beliefs and values, not anyone else’s.

    Now, it might be different if someone were to extend an offer to pay that woman for her limited work duties and maternal leave, and for medical costs and transportation, parental costs (including surrogate parenting wages in the event she wasn’t ready, willing, or able to perform parental duties), from birth through the child’s 20th year (including food, clothing, medical services, school and college, room and board, automobile and fuel, maintenance, insurance, and all other child care costs), plus physical and emotional pain and suffering incentives, payment for loss of professional and other opportunities during all those years, inconvenience fees, and whatever additional remuneration she might reasonably demand for agreeing to do all these things, including catering to someone else’s personal beliefs and values instead of following her own equally sacred and inviolate beliefs and values, just so that particular someone could feel better about what that woman did with her own life.

    Yes, it might be different then. But only if she were to accept the offer.

    And that would be just as much her exclusive choice as are contraception and abortion.

  4. Hmmm. 3,562 lives die from abortion each day? That’s 1,300,000+ a year. Wow, we living humans are really busy killing life. That’s a lot. But I hate to point out, is it not what we living humans do? We kill. We kill before life is started, or we kill it afterwards. 3,562 per day? That’s nothing. 22,000+ living, breathing children die each day. That’s 8,000,000+ children each year. If a child survives birth, and survives pestilence, we try and kill them intentionally. And no god(s) or God or Jesus, the faithful, prayer warriors, Solomon, has ever stopped it. And protesters? You’re just wasting your time. The future is here Opps, there goes another 25,562 lives and children for Thursday 21st of April, 2016, and Friday, another 25,562, Saturday another 25,562….let women abort if they want to, politicians get lost.

  5. A fetus is NOT a potential person. A fetal heartbeat starts at 18 days. A fetus IS already a person.

  6. A fetus is not a person at all. Since its survival is entirely at the will of the mother whose body is required to keep it alive, its not your business either. It is hers and hers alone. It makes no difference whether you consider it alive, reads 4 languages or is the next messiah. As long as it lives in a woman’s womb, it is her decision to keep it, never yours.

  7. Its always interesting that the word “innocent” is thrown around as a signifier of concern for life. It is implied or explicitly contrasted with the existence of the mother who is somehow guilty, dirty or so shameful in her activities that somehow she is ignored or not worthy of consideration.

    The whole anti-abortion POV is based on the ridiculous notion that someone’ claim to moral high ground and superiority automatically has a right to intervene into the personal, private and intimate decisions of others. Its a very narcissistic and arrogant view. One where one relies on hysterical appeals to ignore relevant issues.

  8. It should be mostly pink flags because of gender selected abortions.

  9. Riiiight and when someone murders abortion doctors, bombs clinics or shoots innocent bystanders near a Planned Parenthood location, it is merely an expression of God’s wrath. Its telling that threats and hysterics are a vital part of the anti-abortion POV.

  10. Learn what purity means, It’s not legislated or controlling or shaming others. It’s about SELF control male and female.

  11. Ronald Reagan wrote in 1983:
    “Abortion concerns not just the unborn child, it concerns every one of us. The English poet, John Donne, wrote: ‘. . . any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.’
    “We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life — the unborn — without diminishing the value of all human life.

  12. This is what happens when the hierarchy doesn’t act when the university allows a guest like Planned parenthood and others who promote anti-catholic teachings. If the top brass doesn’t think it’s important why would these students? sadly, that’s the message being sent

  13. The message being that the free flow of ideas is more important than indoctrination when it comes to education.

  14. To make a statement like that is showing your ignorance to who she is and represents. If anybody needs help it would be you for printing inflammatory rhetoric.

  15. A total of eight people have died because of anti-abortion crazies since 1973. That’s enough for you to justify the killing of millions of children each year. And I know of not one Christian body or denomination that did not condemn those who murdered those 8 abortion clinic workers. Still you stand tall accusing Christianity of advocating for such sin. Sorry, wrong.

  16. We are echoing God’s word and desires, not those of mere mortal men. Take up the issue with HIM.
    We are not in the business of “controlling” women’s bodies, we are in the business of protecting the innocents. A parent has a moral and heavenly obligation to care for their children. Or do you think a parent has the right to discard or abuse the children they conceived?

  17. Actually the count is much higher. Inflammatory and threatening rhetoric against people involved in abortion is typical. As is indifference to violence against them.

    I have yet to see anyone in the anti abortion crowd genuinely concerned with actual born people or pregnant women at all. Women are typically ignored, minimized, slutshamed or denigrated as a matter of course. When your concern for people is only during the nine months of gestation, it’s impossible to consider their position “pro-life” or even anything but hysterics.

    Christianity has far more “sins” than I have mentioned. But indifference/hostility to people who are not strict adherents to its arbitrary rules and directives is chief among them.

  18. You are a raging self righteous narcissist who has no regard for others. Someone who uses religion to excuse trespasses and attack on people. Someone who falls under the slippery religious morality that all means can be justified if one claims its god’s will.

    God may excuse your behavior, but our laws need not.

  19. It’s really great that Abbey Johnson was invited to speak by the pro life students on the same night. Bravo to them for standing up for life.

  20. I’m so sick of this pretense of calling the choice to abort a child a personal, intimate matter. (And sorry the govt is involved. That’s why we who oppose abortion want our tax dollars to stop being given to them!) By the way, should it be my choice to kill my parents if they get to be too much of a strain on my time or pocketbook?. That sounds like a personal, intimate family decision. This is moronic. To invite the PP President to a Catholic institution to spew her platitudes to try to obfuscate the fact that she advocates for termination of a child in the womb by any number of horrific means is to me a grave sin. Yes a sin. Because when you’re college age and you see that those in charge of this Catholic university treat this like it’s any other issue, you get the message loud and clear. It’s a wink and a nod that it’s ok to think abortion is ok. And it is not… The fruit of the evil one is confusion, and it is being spread here…

  21. Only God has the right to take a life as only God gives a life. And the child in the womb is another person, it is not a part of the woman’s body in the same way as her heart or liver. Wherever abortion is condoned, life becomes cheap, that’s why euthanasia and other forms of murder soon follow suit. Who knows how many future doctors, scientists, inventors, teachers, musicians, artists and other gifts to humanity were aborted through this government-funded genocide.

  22. You can argue your law with God when that may take place.
    Our differences do not seem all that vague. You apparently do not believe God exists or if He does He has not communicated any clear messages to humanity we need to take notice in. Either that, or you simply do not care what God is saying.
    So I hold no misconceptions we will ever come to any agreement on this.

  23. I have yet to see “threatening rhetoric” against pro choice individuals. In fact, I see the opposite. It’s also unfortunate that you have yet to see anyone who is pro life express genuine concern with pregnant women, as I see this every day when I deal with the local pregnancy center who provides free counseling, clothing, infant items to those who are expecting, and also free counseling and support to those women who have undergone an abortion.

    Christianity does have “sins.” We are depraved, sinful, hurting people who strive to be like Christ. However, for you to claim Christianity is hostile to others is short-minded at best, seeing as Christians are some of the few providing services to the war-torn and forgotten parts of the world.

  24. What is the count, since you say it is much higher? Or is that just another fraudulent defense?
    So Christians are not concerned with actual born people or pregnant women you say? Does it even bother you that you are so full of baloney when trying to defend your arguments? That was as inane as you can get. You want facts about that? I did not think so.
    Now you are also trying to defuse our honorable efforts because “Christians are sinners” too. Well, when you find any humans who are not sinners would you please let us know? Because God could surely use those rare birds, too.

  25. Of course Christians are not concerned with anyone but their own. It’s why they mix charitable efforts with prosletyzing, use religious faith to justify various forms of discrimination and oppression and show blatant disregard for religious freedom in expecting laws to follow their sectarian agendas.

    We wouldn’t be having this conversation if Christians felt capable of respect for others and personal boundaries.

  26. G Key,
    Let’s deconstruct your message:
    1. A fetus is a person. I’m not sure what a potential person is – you’re either living and breathing or you’re not.
    2. The provision of medical care, child care, child food, clothing and medical services are available to those struggling with pregnancy, and largely through Christian organizations. Right here in my town there is an organization that provides all that, free of charge to those who are struggling. Plus, there is free counseling for the emotional pain and suffering caused by having an abortion. It is available.
    3. I agree with you, none of us should cater to someone else’s personal beliefs and values,but we should cater to the code of morality that is within each of us.

    There are options for those who are struggling with the choice of abortion and there is help.

  27. See Fig Newton’s statement above. It was inviting violence upon the head of PP as divine retribution. The crisis clinics the anti abortion crowd set up deliberately lie to pregnant women, attempt to frustrate their choices and offer little but token gestures. The politicians who try to ban abortion are same ones who attack social services, women’s equality, organized labor, and public education. Their concern for those most likely to consider abortion are nil. These politicians enjoy the support of self righteous Christian folk like yourself. Your show of concern for pregnant women is merely self serving, transitory and in the end phony.

  28. 1. A person is a being capable of autonomous existence with distinct physical and legal rights which can be asserted separately from any other human being. A fetus only exists at the will of its mother. Therefore it has no distinct rights or existence until birth.

    2. Momentary charity does not change basic economic conditions. If you want to force women to give birth, it would be moral to provide for the entire existence of the child.

    3. If you believe what you wrote, you would respect personal boundaries and intimate decisions of women in regards to their own pregnancy. You would not oppose abortion per se or seek to ban it. You would simply nod in self righteous disapproval.

  29. I am arguing the law with you. I guess you are displaying the narcissism I was talking about. Claiming to be or to speak for your god.

  30. In failing to dismiss its “pro-choice” students, Georgetown University is complicit in putting the souls of unborn babies in hell. Shame!

  31. Some of the worst atrocities the human race has ever experienced have been perpetrated in the name of a god. Claiming to known the mind of god allows people to justify any action they deem necessary. Claiming that it is necessary to take action to enforce the “word” of an all powerful god is ludicrous given that such a god (theoretically) could take any action it chose.
    Besides, moral pronouncements coming from an organization that has a history or promoting war (crusades), torture, fraud (selling indulgences), pedophilia and burning people alive have little import.
    There is a risk to life and limb involved in pregnancy. The decision to accept this risk cannot morally be assumed by anyone other than the woman directly affected.

  32. Which god among all that are proposed to exist by various groups has clearly communicated his/her/their message?

  33. Thanks for listening. But you have more than demonstrated to me that you are not capable at this time of having a cogent exchange of ideas. (IMO) I wish you well.

  34. Where have you been all your life? Now you ask? The empirical evidence for the Judeo-Christian G-d is legion. Sorry I cannot take the time but there are thousands of event, historical proofs, documented unexplainable miracles, the lives of saints, and books of reason that would help. It is your free will to pursue or ignore.

  35. Georgetown U is to be commended. It represents mainstream Catholics, while Cardinal Wuerl stands for the celibate (?) misogynist clique that has mis-run the church for centuries. Cecile Richards represents the thinking of most Catholics while the bishops are stuck in the Middle Ages. — Edd Doerr

  36. Ticked confuses developing fetuses with persons. His thinking is not based on either the Bible or the most up-to-date thinking by Catholic theologians.

  37. Just since the Vatican’s ban on contraception in 1968 there have been 1.5 BILLION abortions worldwide. If the Vatican really cares about reducing the number of abortions, and if it is concerned about climate change (fueled by overpopulation) it will reverse its perverse ban on contraception – soon. — Edd Doerr

  38. Personhood requires a functioning brain, which doesn’t exist until some time after 28-32 weeks of gestation; 90% of abortions are in the first 13 weeks, 99% by 20 weeks, those after are only for serious medical reasons. Adam’s theological education is woefully lacking.

  39. Combine ignorance
    with arrogance and — Voila! —
    the anti-choicers.

  40. Weak theology and even weaker awareness of science.

  41. A child in his/her mother’s womb has a separate DNA from the mother. That’s not theology, that’s science.

  42. Adam obviously cares little about the rights of conscience and religious liberty of women. If he could get pregnant he would sing a different song.

  43. There was far less of an exchange of ideas than a self righteous harangue I responded to. You also felt the need to misrepresent facts. Christians certainly encourage inflammatory rhetoric against abortion providers and then run away when people act on them. They had no trouble lying about PP or putting out defamatory statements about them. Feel free to continue with the huffing.

  44. Shorter kitbette: I am sick and tired of having to respect the lives of people who do not do as I say. I don’t want to hear any views but my own.

  45. Read your Bible. Gen 1:27 and 2:7 put the beginning of personhood at birth, at the first breath.

  46. A fetus can’t survive outside the womb, therefore one cannot protect it without attacking it’s mother. That is more relevant science.

  47. DNA does not make a person; a functioning brain does. So said DNA co-discoverer Francis Crick in an amicus brief to the Supreme Court.

  48. Are you equating delivering a baby to ‘attacking its mother’? And you claim that is relevant science?

  49. Errant? “The souls of those who die in original sin only go immediately into hell” Cantatae Domino, Council of Florence. Nonsence? Denial of it’s dogma puts you out of the Catholic Church.

  50. Of course a fetus is a developing human being in the mother’s womb and aborting this human being is murder. Those who engage in the diabolical practice of abortion are desperate to come up with any excuse possible to soothe their guilty consciences for the guilt of disposing of their unwanted love children — it is best summed up as cognitive dissonance.

    The ancient romans had their own evil practice of disposing of their unwanted love children after they were born and also practiced cognitive dissonance — they called it exposure and of course similar to some commenters, here, promoting abortion, the ancient romans must have also convinced themselves these newly born children were not human.

    The ancient Jews also had their own diabolical method of cognitive dissonance in which they wantonly disposed of their unwanted love babies — they sacrificed these living human babies on burning grills to the false gods moloch and baal.
    See Ezekiel 16:20-21 — “And you took your sons and your daughters, whom you had borne to me, and these you sacrificed to them to be devoured. Were your whorings so small a matter that you slaughtered my children and delivered them up as an offering by fire to them?”
    See 2 Kings 17:17-18 — “And they burned their sons and their daughters as offerings and used divination and omens and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the Lord, provoking him to anger. Therefore the Lord was very angry with Israel and removed them out of his sight. None was left but the tribe of Judah only.”
    See Psalm 106:37-38 — “They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons; they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, and the land was polluted with blood.”
    See Jeremiah 7:31 — “And they have built the high places of Topheth, which is in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire, which I did not command, nor did it come into my mind.”
    See Ezekiel 20:31 — “When you present your gifts and offer up your children in fire, you defile yourselves with all your idols to this day. And shall I be inquired of by you, O house of Israel? As I live, declares the Lord God, I will not be inquired of by you.”

  51. I am equating your position with attacking mothers. Your desire to protect fetuses really means a desire to attack a woman’s choice to keep a pregnancy. You have minimized or ignored the woman’s decision to the point you can pretend it either doesn’t exist or is not relevant.

    It doesn’t mean anything that a fetus has a heartbeat or fingers. Until it is born or capable of being delivered, it lives solely because it’s mother wills it so. It has no independent existence and it’s mother not only exists but must be considered.

  52. Can we say then that a person on life support is not a person either as their survival depends on that machine?

  53. Please supply proof for your comments. All you are doing is expressing your own opinion and trying to pretend that it is fact.

  54. The real Thomas Aquinas did not believe in personhood at conception.

  55. PP knows these babies are “persons”; they refer to them as their patients… At conception when a woman becomes pregnant her body is a temple to two persons. It’s a silly argument when you think about it… She no more has the right to dispose of the child then she does to do it harm so that it is born impaired mentally or physically.

  56. What kind of deity would send an innocent “soul” to eternal perdition? That is just sick.

  57. The kind of deity who said “unless one is born again of water and the Holy Ghost he cannot enter the kingdom of God.”

  58. It’s like a Jewish school giving an ovation to a National Socialist speaker.

  59. Actually you are completely wrong and you must know it, as you are trying to sow divisions by spreading falsehoods. See Bible quotations, below, which verify that the Bible explicitly supports the obvious fact that the developing embryo/fetus in the mother’s womb is a human being.

    Psalm 139:13-16:
    “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.

    Psalm 127:3:
    “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”

    Galatians 1:15:
    “But when he who had set me apart before I was born, and who called me by his grace,”

    Isaiah 44:2:
    “Thus says the Lord who made you, who formed you from the womb and will help you: Fear not, O Jacob my servant, Jeshurun whom I have chosen.”

    Genesis 1:27:
    “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

  60. Even Hillary Clinton has this one right! On Sunday morning’s “Meet the Press,” presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expressed a very unique, contradictory stance on abortion. She stated the obvious, that the fetus is human, in the following quote:

    “Well, under our laws currently, that is not something that exists. The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.” Hillary Clinton

  61. The common sense response to this illogical remark is that the adult should be held responsible for his or her immoral actions, not the innocent child.

  62. Yet Reagan was so “against” abortions that he signed one of the most liberal abortion bills while he was gov of Calif:

    ” Honest discussions of Reagan’s record on the abortion issue
    admit that as California governor he signed into law a liberalization of
    abortion that led to an explosion of abortions in the nation’s largest
    state. Reagan critics and supporters alike recognize this fact — one
    that is particularly tough to swallow for staunch pro-lifers

    So was he just the typical GOP hypocrite? Say one thing….do another. I’d vote for HYPOCRITE.

  63. Yet Reagan was so “against” abortions that he signed one of the most liberal abortion bills while he was gov of Calif:

    ” Honest discussions of Reagan’s record on the abortion issue
    admit that as California governor he signed into law a liberalization of
    abortion that led to an explosion of abortions in the nation’s largest
    state. Reagan critics and supporters alike recognize this fact — one
    that is particularly tough to swallow for staunch pro-lifer.

    So was he just the typical GOP hypocrite? Say one thing….do another. I’d vote for HYPOCRITE.

  64. Another outright lie — official studies actually show that artificial contraception actually greatly increases the number of surgical abortions.

    The following excerpt is from a study, entitled, “The Impact of Contraceptive Failure and Unintended Births and Induced Abortion,” and undertaken by USAID (United States Agency for International Development).

    “Contraceptive failure contributes substantially to raising levels of unintended births and induced abortion, as the vast majority of contraceptive failures result in either one or the other outcome (Cleland and Ali 2004; Trussell, Vaughn, and Stanford 1999). Although rates vary by country, large proportions of unintended pregnancies result from contraceptive failure. In the United States 48 percent of all unintended pregnancies and 54 percent of induced abortions were the result of contraceptive failure (Finer and Henshaw 2006). In France, 65 percent of unintended pregnancies result from contraceptive failure (Moreau et al. 2007), while in Egypt and Jordan approximately one-third of births result from unintended pregnancies (Roudi-Fahmi and Monem 2010). Proportions are higher in countries with higher levels of contraceptive use, as the proportion of unintended pregnancies that are due to contraceptive failure is directly linked to the proportion of the population using contraception: in a theoretical population with a 100 percent contraceptive prevalence rate, 100 percent of unintended pregnancies would be due to contraceptive failure.”

    (Study available online, search for study using partial title — “The Impact of Contraceptive Failure”)

  65. You obviously did not read Gen 1:27 carefully. “Image of God” does not refer t flesh, blood and DNA but to whatever persons share with the deity — namely, consciousness, which science shows it not possible until allowed by brain development. You also overlooked Gen 2:7, which puts personhood at the first breath, also not possible until after viability at 23-24 weeks.

  66. Does any serious Christian today buy that? Only a monster deity would do that to billions of humans.

  67. So some of the big shots are upset that Georgetown is open to other views on subjects? I thought that was one of the main reasons why people go to college….to learn about other views, other cultures, other information that is outside of the world of the student. And no student was FORCED to go to this speech…..I guess the Catholics still want to continue to control the message….maybe they need to concentrate on the abuse and cover up of their own “godly men” who targeted young girls and boys for their sexual enjoyment.

  68. Were any of those murders committed by someone other than a self-identified Christian (you can skip the No True Scotsman argument at this time)? Spare us the half-hearted “condemnations” of violence by the people who call us baby-killers. What exactly do you think is going to happen with rhetoric like that?

  69. Are you seriously asserting that there’s no “threatening rhetoric” against pro-choice individuals?

  70. According to your own personal interpretation. The quote I gave from Genesis means what it says. You can twist Bible passages to meet you own personal view of morality; however, the plain readings of scripture, the Word of God, verifies that God values human life from conception until death.

  71. All those children had already been born. Cognitive dissonance indeed.

  72. No, you are wrong, the worst atrocities in the known history of the world have been perpetuated by atheists (e.g.; mao; stalin; lenin), satanic occultists (e.g.; hitler) and satanic abortionists (e.g., margaret sanger; cecil richards; etc.). Most surprisingly, you will never hear abortionists, atheists and satanists attack the genocidal atrocities resulting from the worship of the false gods/goddesses of their satanic atheistic religions, such as the sadistic mass murderers — joseph stalin, adolf hitler, mao tse-tung, margaret sanger, cecil richards; etc. ”

    The Christian Church is perfect in Christ — the atrocities you speak of in the Christian Church were in fact perpetuated by freemasons, atheists, satanists, occultists, etc., — enemies of the Church that infiltrated the Church to destroy it. Because of free will, God allows this to happen; however, Jesus also warned his followers that enemies would infiltrate His Church and to be on guard for when it would happen. In this respect, Jesus, as the Word of God, clearly warned his followers there would be false teachers, false prophets, wolves in sheep’s clothing and, of course, there was the betrayer Judas right out of the starting gate.

  73. No valid comparison there. The person on life support was born. The US Supreme Court says life begins at birth.

  74. An appeal to authority and quote mining doesn’t help you. A person is a legal definition. I am not saying a fetus isn’t human, it just isn’t a person. An autonomous being capable of independent physical and legal existence. As long as its in a womb, any alleged rights are contingent and dependent on its mother’s.
    Where fetus worshipping anti abortion people go horribly wrong is in pretending the woman’s will is not absolutely necessary in any talk of a fetus. So instead you ignore her, denigrate her or deny her inherent rights to decide what goes on with her body. It is the height of arrogance and narcissism to believe you have a right to force ykurcway into decisions where you do not belong.

  75. “Inflammatory rhetoric against abortion providers…”. Well those poor little baby killers. They had their feelings hurt. Do you think that it is as painful for them as it is for the babies they are killing! If you’re going to murder babies then you need to be prepared for “inflammatory rhetoric”!

  76. Anyone who seeks to misuse the Bible to deprive others of their rights as Americans will conveniently only mention the parts of the Bible they think advances their political agenda.

  77. Sorry, but both rely on something or someone else to keep them alive. And do you really think that I care when a secular body such as the USSC says life begins.

  78. Your reasoning is circular in nature and also an ad hominem attack– your can never win your arguments through these faulty forms of reasoning. I made an analogy, showing that throughout history those who engage in murdering their own human children — whether in the womb before birth or after birth engage in the same practice of cognitive dissonance in order to soothe their guilty conscience for having murdered their own children.

    The only hope for truly soothing your consciences is to accept Jesus as your savior, repenting of your sins and getting baptized (enroll in the Right of Christian Initiation for Adults in the Catholic Church). If already a Christian, seek counseling with a priest and go to confession (if not a Catholic Christian, also enroll in the Right of Christian Initiation for Adults in the Catholic Church).

  79. 3 were killed in the Colorado incident last November. Wikipedia counts 7 murders in the US in the 90’s alone. You are simply trolling.

  80. Is a machine another person with their own destiny rights and autonomy? Nope. A person on life support also can have a proxy to represent themselves (DNR orders, Living Wills) without attacking rights of any other individual. Same is never true for a fetus. You cannot represent a fetus without attacking it’s mother.

    Analogy fail on your part.

  81. And since roe over 55 million babies have been aborted in this country alone. You are the one that is simply trolling.

  82. Not babies. Babies are born. Fetuses die all the time in the womb. So I guess your God is the worst killer of all. The fact that you can’t tell the difference between born and unborn means either you are ignore or just dishonest.

  83. Well up yours as well you self righteous fetus worshiper. You can’t be bothered to care about born people so your feigned worry about the unborn is worthless. Why bother actually caring about people when you can for e women to obey your will.

  84. The Catholic Church follows a speculative, unofficial teaching that unbaptized children and aborted human babies would go the Limbo of the Infants (as they are invincibly ignorant of personal sin while still being bound by original sin) — this is not heaven and also they would perpetually feel no pain and the indirect love of God.

  85. Here is the mainstream true Catholic theological position of what happens to unbaptized children and unborn human babies at death. The Catholic Church follows a speculative, unofficial teaching that unbaptized children and aborted human babies would go the Limbo of the Infants (as they are invincibly ignorant of personal sin while still being bound by original sin) — this is not heaven and also they would perpetually feel no pain and the indirect love of God.

  86. “Up yours”! How mature you pro-abortion people are.

  87. Now why am I not surprised. You’re an uncivil atheist. That explains everything.

  88. Your point is self-contradictory, as all humans, including unborn humans, are persons. Moreover, the definition of “Person” in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is —– “a human being.” Also of great concern is that all young human children cannot take care of themselves after birth so according to you this group of young children would also not be considered “persons”.

  89. No they are not. A baby can be cared for by any human being on the planet. Only a mothers body keeps a fetus alive. A baby’s existence is not contingent on any unique individual. In fact many babies are born to mothers who die in the leaders. If a pregnant woman dies, so does her fetus. Your inability to distinguish born from unborn is dishonest.

    Until it is born, nobody but the mother even has to care whether it is human or not. It is only get will which keeps it alive. Your desire to take control of her and interject into her personal autonomy shows both arrogance and a disregard for life. Nobody has to care if you think it’s human or a lesson because you share none of the burdens in maintaining a fetus’s existence. You don’t have to like her decisions. You have no part in them. That is just your ego coming out here.

  90. And you are a hysterical fetus worshiper who thinks he has a right to make decisions for all women. You want civility, keep your nose out of the personal and intimate decisions of others. Stop the delusion that your belief in God entitles you to force everyone to act as you want them to.

    But you don’t want civility. So you don’t get it.

  91. Yep. Just like calling abortion baby murder. Or the whiny sense of entitlement you think exists where all women must submit to your will because you think yourself allegedly morally superior.

  92. Correct! Unofficial speculation on what hell consists of.

  93. How is it either circular reasoning or an ad hominem attack? You’re the one accusing others of cognitive dissonance. Were you engaging in ad hominems? You can state until the cows come home that a fetus has the same ethical and legal status as a born person. Thank God most Americans disagree with you.
    Btw, there’s nothing wrong with my conscience and I definitely won’t be converting to Catholicism. Your proselytization is duly noted and rejected.

  94. Some of the debaters on this thread have no sense of intellectual honesty. It matters not what the US Supreme Court says about when a person has rights. Why? We know this because of the Court’s prior history concerning how it has interpreted the Constitution throughout the history of this country. The legacy of Dred Scott tells us that we are fools to look to the judicial system as the ultimate arbiter of humanity or personhood. Biology (i.e. science) and our consciences tell us that which we need to know: that an unborn child is no less human and no less a “person” than anyone else. We do not need the US Supreme Court, or any other body, to tell us who should live and who should die based upon a set of “rights” that society adjusts when it becomes convenient to do so. Such “rights” are not rights at all- they are merely permissions- and we must all therefore hope and pray that our “permission” to live does not also expire at the whim of a fickle society.

    As for a woman having the “right” to decide if that person should continue to exist, this is also a false premise. Without any voice or representation of the will of the person whose life is being ended, all we have done is again set up a system of trading in human life that is exponentially worse than the slavery that once existed here before the Civil War. I will accept the premise that a woman has the “right” to end the life of her unborn child when someone can show me that she also has the power to create that life in the first place. Until then, she, and we, should yield to the one real Creator who made the choice that the unborn child should exist in the first place.

  95. Your bifurcation of a fetus into human/person is a strawman and is illogical because a human is a person. You are clearly looking for any reason to condone murdering human babies in the womb that are also persons in the womb.

  96. I made a general statement attacking no one personally. When you attacked me, personally, by saying (wrongly) I was engaging in cognitive dissonance through my arguments you engaged in an ad hominem.

    You also engaged in circular reasoning by ignoring my analogy between parents from past history who murdered their children through exposure and human sacrifice and modern-day parents who murder their children through abortion — both parental groups clearly engaged/engage in cognitive dissonance in that they both denied/deny the human baby/child was/is human in order to soothe their consciences for having murdered their own human offspring.

    Additionally, it does not matter what most Americans think, it only matters what God thinks. Finally, at least you were warned and I will be praying for you.

  97. Sorry, no. Please stop repeating that lie.

  98. According to the United States Supreme Court and the Bible…

  99. The crucial difference is the law recognizes the person on life support is a person, but not the fetus.

    Please stop repeating these lies.

  100. No, just the truth on the current theological teachings about limbo, not hell.

  101. The only difference between a fetus and a baby and an adult, is time. One thing I find missing in this discussion is the right of the father. Maybe he wants the baby.

  102. No, an adult, if born in the US, is an American Citizen and has rights. A fetus is not a citizen. If the father wants a baby, he should work on becoming pregnant.

  103. Well all I can say is that I am not lying. I will take the word of God over the secular USSC.

  104. Lol! Christian speak for “go ___ yourself”.

    You will pray for me, I will think for you.

  105. Hyperbole and hysterics seldom do. Especially when you are delusional enough to think you had a right to be involved with any of it.

  106. The quotes cited by Truthseeker do not really contradict Gen 1:27 and 2:7, which support the pro-choice position.

  107. Hardly. They represent distinct forms of existence which render your argument dishonest and with a material omission. Since you can’t act on a fetus’s behalf without attacking it’s mothers autonomy, equating one with a born person is factually wrong. You want to pretend the mothers will is immaterial or unworthy compared to your high and mighty opinion, but it hardly makes it so.

    By failing to take her into account, your statements are just self righteous hyperbole of someone who has to rely on hysterics rather than rational arguments.

  108. Sorry, but it is you who tries to distort the meaning of Gen 1:27 and overlook Gen 2:7. Jews for 3,000 years agree with what I wrote and they are the folks who gave us the OT.

  109. The Vatican has officially dropped Limbo. Haven’t you heard?

  110. When it comes to thinking I am way past your limited ability! But thank yo for the offer.

  111. So I guess that the number of 55 million aborted babies since roe doesn’t bother you!

  112. You have nothing left but cheap insults and self aggrandizement.

  113. There is such a thing as contraceptive failure, and that is why we need comprehensive sexuality education in schools and why the pill and contraceptive implants are superior to condoms. BTW, the official 1974 US government National Security Study Memorandum 200 report, launched by President Nixon and then signed by President Ford and National Security Adviser Scowcroft, discussed the world overpopulation problem and recommended universal access to contraception and abortion.

  114. TA, doubtless a male, would like to see his religious position imposed on all women.

  115. And what word of God might that be? Have you ever read Gen 1:27 and 2:7? They support women’s choice.

  116. The pre-28 week fetus is human, but it is not a person by any meaning in the Bible or science.

  117. Interestingly, “Truthseeker” was the name of a major atheist magazine.

  118. So husbands can force wives to bend to their will? What misogyny!

  119. This 21st century Aquinas disagrees with the earlier Aquinas, the Holy Doctor.

  120. My, my. TA thinks that 1/3 of all US women are “babykillers.”

  121. TA’s tiresome misogyny would exasperate anyone.

  122. Dred Scott was of course horribly wrong. But Roe v Wade was right and was, it should be noted, largely the work of a devout Catholic, Justice William Brennan.

  123. Hitler was anti-choice on abortion but murdered 6 million Jews.

  124. Just who is it that puts babies in hell? What nonsense.

  125. So truthseeker claims to know what God thinks? Wow! He must be the greatest theologian around.

  126. I thought that Hitler was dead. I must be mistaken! He and his evil devils are at Georgetown

  127. You jest, of course. And God let’s him do it? Sounds like the Twilight Zone.


  128. Whether you believe a fetus is a person or not, it is inhumane to cause the fetus pain. Most of the abortion proponents would not allow an animal to experience pain, but feel nothing for the torture that the fetus goes through during an abortion. It is hypocrisy at its finest.

  129. The Church has never taught anything about limbo. The Church has taught that there are only four last things: Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell. All we know about hell is that Our Lord went there, the damned are there and the saved are purified there.

  130. The only problem with that Spuddie is the one’s being killed can’t speak nor defend themselves. The unborn child, who is alive and is a member of the human family,
    cannot defend himself or herself. Good law defends the defenseless. Our
    present laws permit unborn children to be privately killed. Laws that
    place unborn children outside the protection of law destroy both the
    children killed and the common good. One cannot favor the legal status quo on
    abortion and also be working for the common good.

  131. Who’s early survival isn’t dependent upon others? It’s not hers and hers alone. You show me one fetus that was created without sperm. Just because something is a law doesn’t make it a “good law”. Remember, slavery was once the law of the land

  132. That is nonsense. The difference between care of a newborn and gestation is huge for everyone involved. Notice you use the term “others”, plural. Noting that more than one person can take care of a born child. Only the mother keeps a fetus alive. The distinction is the most important element here. In fact the mother is not even always a necessary part of keeping a baby alive. Death in childbirth used to be common in older times. Hence we have maternity wards, adoption at birth, surrogacy, single parents, and orphans.

    Notice the difference between this

    and this:

    You show me one fetus who can live outside of its mother or anyone who can take possession of a fetus from its mother and then you can make a case for a fetus being considered separate and apart from her interests in any way. But you can’t. So it cannot be considered separate and distinct from her. It is only the mother and her will which is relevant here. Not any garbage about a fetal heartbeat or pretending it is the same as a born baby. It is her choice to have a child or not. You don’t have to like or approve of her choices, but you are not a party to them either.

  133. Unless you can take possession of a fetus from its mother, then all you are doing is attacking her.

    Your POV requires slutshaming, denigration and/or ignoring of the mother in order to pretend you are speaking for the fetus. It is a sign of arrogance, narcissism and self importance on your part. That you are of such vast moral superiority that all women must defer to you on their intimate decisions.

    Laws that “protect” a fetus, attack its mother. Your lack of concern for such things shows how truly indifferent you are to actual born people. It shows how deeply immoral, short sighted and hysterical your view is. The unborn gets protection, the born get bent. There is no common good forcing your way into decisions you don’t belong in..

  134. I just wish anti-abortion activists keep their beliefs to themselves and stop forcing that belief on all other Americans by misusing the law.

  135. Actually the survival of as you call it a fetus,I call it a life……belongs to God and your body is also a gift.,as well as your life because you were not aborted.Have you considered this ….Hopefully in time you will….

  136. Maybe some light is entering in now that she is a grandmother

  137. The “US supreme court” is not the ultimate authority over life… Therefore their opinons on when life begins remain just that, opinions. Not only are they dead wrong, so is everyone that follows that opinion. Life begins at conception, period. That is the truth that “choicers” refuse to accept.

  138. I just wish abortion activists keep their beliefs to themselves and stop forcing that belief on all other Americans by misusing the law and making those that dont believe pay for those abortions.

  139. Your life is your business. My life is mine. The life of other people is theirs. No matter how self-righteous you may feel, it doesn’t mean you get a say in what others do.

  140. No federal taxes pay for abortions. Why bother lying? It’s called the Hyde Amendment. No one is “forcing” abortions on anyone. This habit of lying is why Americans reject the demands of anti-abortion nuts.

  141. The US Supreme Court’s the ultimate authority of what is and is not legal in the US. Please learn to accept your defeat in forcing that false definition of when human life begins onto others.

  142. Well, if your parents are living within your uterus then I say you should have a choice about that

  143. All the “pro-choice” people commenting here are anti-Catholic.

  144. The mother breathes for two between the time of implantation and the time of birth or death, whichever occurs first.

  145. It was always immoral. It was just that you were so wrapped up in self-righteous arrogant fury to notice. Your POV was always about attacking women. Its why you fetus worshipers pretend either she isn’t there or not worth considering..

    I would go so far as to say its even a character flaw on your part. A kind of megalomania which makes you think that you are of such extreme moral character that all women must defer to your beliefs in their most personal and private decisions.

  146. So women are a “something”, not a “someone” to you. That explains your entire view. You consider them no different from a machine that can be switched on or off.

  147. Ever notice that lots of people say, “swear to god” before they say something which lacks credibility?

  148. The only difference between yourself and a corpse is time. But there is a world of difference in existence there.

  149. Which means it is immoral and nonsensical to consider the fetus without bothering to address her concerns.

  150. So a thing and a person are the same thing to you. I was right the first time. You equated a woman with a machine.

  151. OK so we have a boatload of Godwin, bad analogy, god says so, and the premise that no woman can ever make a decision as to what goes on in their bodies.

    It’s telling that any consideration of a woman’s choices or decisions is drowned out by the egotistical notion that they all must obey the speaker in all things.

  152. I’m sorry but that’s not what an ad hominem attack means. It means attacking the person rather than the merits. I didn’t do that anymore than you did. The merits of your argument about history are cognitively dissonant because they fail to take into account that a fetus and a born human being are not the same status, ethically or legally.
    It does matter what most Americans think on this issue because the law is not going to change. PP wants abortion to remain safe and legal. Many in the Georgetown undergraduate community apparently agree. You don’t and that’s fine. What’s not fine is baselessly accusing other people of murder. So now you’ve been warned about this and I will be praying for you.

  153. Shorter Warren:”anyone who disagrees with me is anti-catholic”

  154. Americans have noticed that anti-abortion activists have no respect for the United States Constitution and the Proper Rule of Law.

  155. St Francis Xavier, Ignatius Loyola and Father Marquette who died young spreading the gospel on the colonial frontier must be Spinning in their graves or in heaven at the Apostates like Lakeland at Fairfield,cuire at Marquette and Georgetown zanies fun I g loose at their legacy colleges.
    Cardinal Newman society has a full time job keeping track of apostates running looseat Jesuit colleges .Georgetown, Fairfield, Fordham Depaul Marquette, usf USD and loypla Marymount ended any semblance of Christianity in General leg alone Catholic faith and Morals, sexual and otherwise Years ago. Ironic Templars in Europe and Jesuits on North As (Kazach bishops has noted Smoke of Satan has infested the clergy ) Italy Portugal and Spain were banned years ago for less.

  156. Please site where the word abortion is even mentioned in the USC.
    American have noticed that pro-abortion activists have no respect for life.

  157. Anyone who disagrees with defined Catholic Church teaching is anti-Catholic.

  158. Abortion is murder, cold blooded, calculated murder. Why do people get pregnant only to murder their unborn child? It’s not a choice. Women don’t have those kinds of choices over their bodies. We belong to the Lord. We were made for Him, and by Him. It’s a grave matter to engage in murdering children. The Aztecs murdered millions of people, incl., children for a sacrifice to the gods. Are we as archaic and brutal a society as these savages were centuries ago? Please people, for the love of God, stop murdering children in the womb, and then justifying it. There is no justification before the TRUTH. (i.e., God)

  159. It’s not about money as you are making this issue. It’s about MURDER, and you know it, or at least you will when you meet your Maker.

  160. So, based on your “argument”, you believe it’s o.k. to murder children? There’s something innately evil about individuals who believe murdering an innocent child is acceptable.

  161. Oh he was gung ho for the culture of death. Planned Parenthood took it’s philosophy from him.

  162. That is a vicious slander. Hitler opposed Planned Parenthood and family planning.

  163. No, and you obviously didn’t read my argument either. Going for canned nonsense which ignores the distinction between born and unborn.

    There is something inherently evil about dishonestly reframing an argument to generate hysteria. Please don’t bother responding. It is obvious you really don’t want to bother reading or understanding views but your own.

  164. Read what Sanger their foundress said,

    “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”
    “I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan.”
    “Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”

    Hateful minds think alike. She and Hitler were of one mind.

  165. The analogy is spot on. Sorry it is inconvenient for you, but that doesn’t make it inapplicable. The black slaves of the pre-Civil War era and the unborn victims of abortion have much in common- no say over their fate, no rights under the law, a society that is indifferent to their plight, etc. Facts are facts. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    As for a woman’s right to decide what goes on in their bodies, that is generally true- so long as it is her body we are talking about. However, an unborn child has his or her own body, too. There is no logical reason why we should ignore this- except that it is yet another inconvenient fact that gets in the way of those who favor abortion.

    I have likewise not suggested that anyone has to obey my thoughts “in all things.” Rather, I have simply pointed out that the rhetoric and propaganda of the left on abortion is both empty and intellectually vacuous. If you have something other than “women’s choices” or “a woman should decide what goes on in her body,” then by all means offer it. Judging from the comments on this thread in favor of abortion, yours included, that seems to be all there is. I would suggest that there is a lot more to consider on the other side.

    Finally, just to be clear, God is spelled with a capital “G,” not lowercase.

  166. Fine. Look it up yourself. She admired Nazi eugenics. She was racist. She was evil.

  167. A lot to type but said nothing sane or of value.

    Slaves are born people. Capable of independent existence without affecting the autonomy of other born people. A fetus exists only because it’s mothers body and will seems it so. It has no independent existence until born. Your analogy is garbage.

    Slavery is more your position. Forcing your will on women and taking away all choices about their personal and intimate affairs. The fact that you put choices in scare quotes shows how little you regard the lives and concerns of women. To oppose abortion means you oppose women deciding things outside your egomaniacal approval.

    As for god, I am not bound by your religious beliefs, nor ever need feel compelled to follow them. You can capitalize it of you wish as a believer, but I don’t have to.

  168. Ahhh. I see. You have to be “born” to be human. You realize that science does not agree with you. Besides, the argument you make about a “fetus” needing its mother’s body is no different as it applies to infants. Under your logic, is infanticide also permissible? Or does the accident of birth somehow make it different? If so, does it matter if the child is 15 minutes before birth as opposed to 15 minutes after?

    I am not forcing my will on anyone. Rather, I am asking that people recognize that an innocent person’s right to life should not depend upon the choice of another human being- otherwise none of us have any true “right” to live. If society can determine who is worth protecting and who is not, you had better hope you stay on the right side of that line.

    As for the impact on the lives and concerns of women, what about the unborn women you are advocating should be allowed to die at the hands of an abortionist? How about their concerns? How about the lives of the women who are utterly destroyed due to the mental and emotional scars left after they elect to have an abortion (which are well documented in numerous studies if you care to investigate it)? Do those concerns matter or are they too inconvenient to discuss as well?

    As for your last comment, I was aware of your position before you wrote it. Nevertheless, you should be aware that even Satan himself believes in God. He doesn’t like to listen to him either.

  169. No, you have to be born to be a person. Human is a given, but not the important part of the argument.

    Autonomy as a being is essential in order to separate one’s rights from others. Since a fetus has no autonomous existence, one can’t consider it as separate and apart from its mother. As stated before the argument that a fetus is no different from a newborn in terms of survival is complete and utter hogwash. You simply are lying about a very simple and concrete distinction which is key to the argument. Any responsible human can keep an infant alive, only the mother keeps a fetus alive. Your refusal to acknowledge such a basic fact makes your argument dishonest nonsense. You can’t just handwave the difference between pregnancy and birth or that women have opinions and rights concerning what goes on in their bodies and lives.

    It’s telling that you don’t even want to address why women consider such things before you make your hysterical pronouncements on the lives of fetuses.

    You have no right or say about the unborn unless it is in your womb. Your alleged concern amounts simply to claiming all women must defer to your opinion on matters that you have no business in. You don’t have to like it when women have abortions, but it’s just self righteousness and ego which deludes you into thinking others must do as you demand here. Your narcissism reaching a peak with a conclusion that you speak for your god. You are an immoral egotist who has no regards for the lives of people. You wrap yourself in self righteous jargon to mask an agenda that women must be subservient to your massive ego.

  170. You are saying that 1/3 of the women in the US are demonic? And that 100s of millions worldlwide are demonic for following their own consciences?

  171. That is your belief, and of course you are entitled to it. However, different people have differing beliefs regarding both contraception and abortion, ranging from the belief that unfertilized ova should be protected to the belief that abortion should be legal up until birth.

    These are my beliefs regarding the issues you’ve raised, beyond what I’ve previously stated:
    (1) Abortion is not murder (a U.S. legal principle as well as my belief).
    (2) I agree with the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings on Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey.
    (3) One’s personally chosen religious beliefs have no impact on people who don’t even go to one’s church.
    (4) One’s personally chosen morality binds oneself, not others.
    (5) We adults need to learn to respect each others’ boundaries.
    (6) Should my personal belief that there is no God turn out to be wrong, then if that God is the loving, understanding, reasonable God that some believers believe in, then he and I are going to have a good, long, enlightening, and healing talk; but if that God is the angry, intolerant, irrational God that other believers believe in, then (based on my guiding principles of Equality, Respect, and Empathy) we wouldn’t have much in common, anyway.
    (7) When you said “It’s not about money”, you forgot the “just”.

  172. This sounds like a very scary scene from something from a scary George Orwell novel. How can a Catholic school allow a big abortionist (baby murderer) speak at a Catholic university? It was Jesus (God) Himself that said “When I back, will I find any faith?” If He doesn’t hurry up and come back soon, He may not find much. I rebuke in the name of Jesus Cecile Richards. Begone Satan! Praised be Jesus & Mary, now and forever, Amen!

  173. Funny how you murderous jackasses believe everything else but abortion is the governments business, including Obamacare, how many guns I own and how much earned money I can retain for myself. Have fun in hell.

  174. I have been around the block a few times Spuddie and have seen what this has done to women and families.There is a saying You Can’T put a Wise Head on young shoulders.You are a tad angry here and no one is self righteous but telling you a fact.Everything belongs God.Thats the unborn ,the mother to be as well as the father to be.Like I said consider the fact that you are one ,that your mother did
    Not abort.

  175. #6- God likes to have conversation with his children…..but you need to be quiet and listen for him…..He likes the silence.Give it a try.Open Mind and Open Heart.

  176. I see what shaming tactics people like yourself like to engage in when it comes to such decisions. I also see the blatant disregard and outright hostility you have towards women for considering such choices. So much so that people like yourself can’t even bother to bring them up except to make nonsense claims that their considerations do not matter.

  177. Funny how your concern for life only extends to a fetus and not the mother which bears it. Your notion of civil liberties doesn’t extend to half the population of the country. You have a right to own guns and make money, but a woman has no right to decide what goes on in her body? Go eff yourself.

  178. There is no morality on the Supreme Court as their decisions are strictly political. The SCOTUS got it wrong and so do you. Can you have a human being without a fetus? The ultimate defeat will come for them and you later if you all continue down this path.

  179. So you agree it is immoral but you still condone it. We give more protection to animals than we do unborn babies. Sad.

  180. No, YOUR position was always immoral. Your idea of “protection” is really attacking women in a self-righteous, indifferent, and frankly ridiculous manner. You show more concern for the unborn than those who are walking around and breathing. Your position is nothing more than making the claim that all women must obey you in making their personal decisions.

    The fact that you can discuss “the unborn” without any reference to the life which is required for their existence is either the most dishonest or the stupidest part of all anti-abortion screeds.

    You aren’t trying to “protect” the unborn, you are just trying force yourself upon women in decisions you have no business getting involved in.

    There is nothing even close to resembling a moral position from you.

  181. If the shoe fits then I guess you wear it .Rather sad for you ultimately in the end,but I trust that somewhere in your life you will see things differently .I am a women ,a baby boomer in fact but in order for you to be angry and trying to use reverse psychology shows that you are lacking the spiritual component.Have a nice weekend.

  182. So that makes you even sillier. You choose to attack the rights of women younger than yourself who are in their childbearing years out of some sense of self-righteousness and narcissism. If it makes you feel better to fob off my views as anger, so be it. Self delusion appears to be a major component to your POV. After all why show concern for other women and the choices they make when you can just dismiss it out of hand. As for “spiritual components” all that means is you are willing to accept arbitrary and unquestioned authority on a given subject without reflection or rational discussion.

    Your capitulation on the subject is duly noted.

  183. You advocate murdering unborn babies and then you call me immoral? I feel sorry for you. Goodbye.

  184. I am very admiring of Cecile And her mother Ann before her. They are fine women, great Texans and patriotic Americans. Reproductive autonomy involves choice and everybody deserves choices.

  185. Narcissism is :one believes that the world revolves around them.As I scan over some of the sharing a on this subject,I note you use this word quite frequently.Reverse psychology here noted.Take the blinders off and see the whole picture.How old are you?
    And what are you?Your little logo here is not flattering @all!

  186. Please learn to accept that you will never be allowed to control American women the way you seek. Threatening someone with your imaginary friend is still a threat and violates the rules of this forum.

  187. Babies are born. Born people can be murdered. So your statement is just garbage. Your concern for life ends at birth. That is immoral and ridiculous.

  188. “violates the rules of this forum”…….I didn’t threaten anyone and who are you to lecture me on the rules of this forum? I have been as civil as anyone else. I have just as much right to tell you what I believe to be the truth as you do to tell me that you don’t believe it. I will leave you with this and then I am done with the bloggers on this article. Two things about progressive liberals in America: 1) you can lead them to the truth but you can’t make them think. 2) they are trying to create a better country to go to hell from.

  189. Wow – you advocate for murdering unborn children and then you call me immoral? Man, I feel sorry for you. I truly hope you do not keep this viewpoint until the moment you breathe your last. I hope for you the best. Goodbye.

  190. You threatened those who refuse to share your beliefs. Claiming it’s your imaginary friend who would carry out your attacks doesn’t fool anyone.

  191. Including the majority of Catholics?

    BTW, I’m not anti-Catholic. My parents were Catholic, and I will always be grateful that their faith carried them both through a terrible final year.

    Rather, I’m anti-holding-non-Catholics-to-Catholic-teachings.

    Regarding Catholics, “Who am I to judge?”
    Regarding non-Catholics, “Who are you to judge?”

  192. Regarding non-Catholics: The Church (and I) exercises judgment on no one who has not entered therein through the gate of baptism. Council of Trent 14:2.

  193. Every Woman Has the Right to Be Born,unfortunately women truly. do believe their body the right .But something is lost in the translation and that is Womanhood!!

  194. Blessed is he who dashes the heads of the little ones against the rocks. Psalm 137:9 Cut open the pregnant women with the sword and drag out their fetuses. Hosea 13:16

  195. The bible says whatever we want it to say. It was a tool for the powerful priests of Israel to make judgments by their own will.

  196. in Re: to “Analogy fail again for the fetus worshipper.”

    You just outed yourself as a satanist with that statement. I worship the one and only true triune God, the author of life itself. You on the other hand worship God’s most rebellious angel. I’m sad for you that you have been spiritually blinded, and so deceived. There is hope for you as long as you are still alive on this planet and you repent to Jesus Christ. I’ll just leave it at that. One last note, the laws of man are flawed, that goes for the ‘Supreme Court Un-justices’ rulings as well.

  197. Oh please! It is an accurate description of your view. You extol fetushood to a position of near holiness while born life is disregarded, attacked or just ignored.

    You worship yourself. Egotism to such an extent you think all women must defer to your high and mightiness on all of their personal intimate decisions.
    I am not a Satanist. But I do like their motto, “The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.””

    Christians like yourself do atheists like me a favor. The more shrill, ignorant and egomaniacal you guys get, the more sane and rational people run away from such faiths.

  198. I’m pro-choice when it comes to the decision whether or not to engage in the act which leads to conception. After that, the choice has been made. In cases of rape, killing the innocent doesn’t erase the crime or heal the mother’s memories. It has often lead to further trauma. Abortion doesn’t protect women’s rights, it destroys them. It does, however, encourage men to behave irresponsibly, self-centeredly, and to treat women as objects. It’s anti-feminism.

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  200. The Devil is winning the fight. Now we have President Trump, and with him comes renewed hope. Defund Planned Parenthood.

  201. The Catholic Church is just like the Republican Party, it has turned liberal for fear of criticism. The church does not need to implicate itself in politics because that’s the job of politicians.

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