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Brooklyn’s Catholic bishop decries ‘racism and xenophobia’

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn, N.Y., presents the chalice and paten to the Rev. Jason Espinal during his ordination at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph in Brooklyn on June 28, 2014. Photo by Gregory A. Shemitz, courtesy of Catholic News Service

NEW YORK (RNS) The Roman Catholic bishop of Brooklyn, one of the largest and most diverse dioceses in the U.S., is defending immigrants in a powerful essay that — without mentioning names — seems to take direct aim at Donald Trump and his supporters by ripping the “racist and xenophobic tendencies” in society and arguing that immigration in fact helps the economy.

“Those who are in favor of mass deportation seem not to have an understanding of what this might mean for our reputation, and the lives of those who are deported,” Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio wrote in his weekly column for the diocesan newspaper.

But besides the human toll, he argued, the “estimated costs of mass deportation would be $400 billion and (would) reduce the gross domestic product … by about $1 trillion.”

Trump, the brash New York real estate tycoon who is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has regularly disparaged immigrants, especially Latinos, and has vowed to deport millions of them and build a wall along the border with Mexico.

DiMarzio, whose ministry before he became a bishop focused on immigration and labor issues, wrote in his column in Saturday’s (May 21) edition and titled “The Facts About Immigration,” that he dislikes the “current politicization of the issue of undocumented workers in our country.”

He stressed that human beings cannot be “illegal” and added that the question of undocumented immigrants is “not an issue that can be solved without addressing the racist and xenophobic tendencies that lay below the veneer of even just societies.”

But DiMarzio said that while the Bible’s words and Catholic teachings on welcoming immigrants is clear, his defense of immigrants “will not be a religious one” but would be based “on past research and present analysis of this issue.”

DiMarzio went on to note that his own research, when he did post-graduate work on immigrants and the economy back in the 1980s, found that undocumented immigrants contributed billions to Social Security and paid taxes though they did not necessarily receive the benefits of those contributions — a phenomenon that persists to this day, he wrote.

The bishop detailed how the immigration system has worked in the past by encouraging immigrants to enter the U.S. and then regularizing their status, and he said the current outdated system must be reformed to provide the same pathway to citizenship or another recognized and stable status.

“To exclude the undocumented from citizenship would be to return to a two-tiered society,” DiMarzio wrote. “We have enough experience with the exclusion of former slaves and their descendants to remind us that those who are members in our society should never be excluded from the full rights of citizenship.”

“We must put out into the deep recesses of our memory as a nation built by immigrants. We cannot forget the contributions of the past nor the present made by new Americans in building our society and our church.”

The Brooklyn diocese covers the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, and while it is geographically small it is one of the most populous of the nearly 200 U.S. dioceses, with 1.5 million Catholics from around the world.

That diversity does not mean that DiMarzio will earn universal praise from his flock.

In the New York primary in April that Trump won convincingly, the GOP candidate did somewhat better in Brooklyn and Queens than elsewhere in the state, and he appeared to draw especially strong support from old-line Irish and Italian Catholic neighborhoods.

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David Gibson

David Gibson is a national reporter for RNS and an award-winning religion journalist, author and filmmaker. He has written several books on Catholic topics. His latest book is on biblical artifacts: "Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery," which was also the basis of a popular CNN series.


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  • QUESTION: Why is the NAACP allowed to call African Americans are “Colored” or anything they want
    but white people can’t? I believe, I THINK white people can now say “people of color” but, not “colored people” but I am afraid to, I may go to jail.

    Those African American Americans are SO DAM picky. OMG I’m SO confused. I wish I was one of them. OMG

  • If we cannot deny citizenship to people who are here in defiance of the immigration laws of this country – in other words, if we are denying that laws actually mean anything – then how, may I ask, does this bishop claim that the regulations he has made for his own diocese should be regarded with any respect at all, or that even the laws of the Church should be respected?

    If one is not prepared to demonstrate that the immigration laws of the USA are unjust, then one should be careful what rules one claims the authority to disregard, lest one’s own authority be called into question. I call it “Martin Luther’s dilemma.”

  • OK here are examples of unjust immigration laws:
    -Deportation is far too draconian a penalty for illegal residency. A fine would be more proportional to the offense.

    -1/4 of our illegal alien population is so due to abuses of employment visa laws. The laws do not protect American jobs but allow foreign workers to be exploited below market rates. Most employment visa holders are bound to employers due to extortionate threats of being deported. And that is just people here legally!

    -Due process rights are non existent when compared to actual criminals.

    -Too much of CIS budget is wasted in pointless catch and deport efforts while administrative staff handling visas are so understaffed that some take decades to process.

    I can name more. But by and large people who use the “they’re lawbreakers” argument virtually never know the laws actually broken.

  • Hmmmm according to the Cathechism of the Catholic Church it clearly states that nations are allowed to create and manage their own immigration policies….it also clearly states in multiple areas that we are to follow the laws of our nations unless they are immoral…and I would like to see someone from the Catholic Heirarchy explain to me how current immigration policies that are not being followed by immigrants or enforced by our government….are indeed immoral and not to be followed or enforced?
    That would be an interesting exposition to watch someone trip over that explanation…. In the Cathecism it urges nations to welcome the immigrant but not at the trade off, of chaos, destabalization, destruction and a loss of cultural heritage and identity. How well can a stable 1st world nation state help a foreigner if it, itself is becoming instable? Explain that one to me, excellency? Perhaps the new immigrant could have his daughter take a shower in the school locker-room with a boy? After he is giving a free obama phone to stream 4G web porn on demand?

    I would also like to know what the Church is doing to explain to illegal immigrants that is quite possibly a type of sin and it is immoral to not obey the laws of a soverign nation, especially if there is no clear case of immoral policies within those laws that one could make out?

    Also, what is the Church doing to promote integration of the culture….it is clear in Europe that huge swaths of Muslim immigrants do NOT intend to integrate into those cultures. And it is not Christians and Catholics running around the world committing atrocities in the name of Christ…..It is also being reported again and again that many services, especially security/police are avoiding those neighboorhoods because of threats of violence. Where is it in Catholic Doctrine that one is required to commit cultural suicide in the name of Christ? Where is the scolding of militant secularists ignorant of their Christian Heritage and birth-controlling themselves into extinction? How about the few Christians caught between the militant Secularists and the Islamic Invasions….that reject both ideologies..what about them?

    .In California and other states, Mexican Flags are being waved by “Immigrants”…they openly bristle at the mention of sane border policies…and many muslim immigrants openly admit they would like to live under Sharia Law….this is in direct violation of Catechism 2241. …….. “Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.” Where is the international scolding of parents or countries who allow children…..children to mass migrate to get to the united states by themselves…instead of taking care of them? The democrats open border policies and unwillingness to enforce laws created a vaccum that is getting people..children killed. Anybody willing to address that? Any scolding there?

    If immigration is not brought under control and sanity….it will lead to chaos, destruction and violence. And for what? Because we have leaders who are thinking with their hearts rather than their brains? That is the kind of thinking one would expect from children NOT adults…. God gave us brains as well as hearts…..are we not to use them? What happens than? Are they going to be held responsible if those terrible things happen which many are predicting they will? Will they held responsible for their emotional rhetoric instead of being reasonable about what is possible?

    Meanwhile, the west is in a complete moral and spiritual breakdown and the church and the family are under direct attack….all the way to being forced to ignore the truth about genders under penalty of Law, Web Porn, Cultural Marxism, Feminism, Gender Politics, Identity Politics, DIrect attacks on the family…

    I also find it amusing that many Catholic Bloggers are ignoring trumps other positons….”Fair Wages”…”Quit abusing the populace by shipping jobs overseas at the expense of citizenry of the nation state that gave you, your good fortune?”….”Fair Trade Policies”…meaning we will not RUN deficits to other countries who have no moral quandries in violating trade agreements…..this is just called good business and how to run an that it survives….”Fair Wages”…ALSO the incredibly immoral waste of resources that could directly be used to help the individual but is wasted in federal burecracies that protect their own……. His willingness to take on political correctness publicly which is providing cover for all kinds of immoral behavior and choking our spirits and souls….his focus on Jobs for this country…and his direct commentary about not-involving ourselves in the affairs of soverign nations (Nation Building) which leads to chaos, destruction and an immoral waste of resources…2 trillion for Iraq which has been over-run by barbarians and Christians wiped out? Christians this administration will NOT allow entry into our country for some reason?!?

    Since the 1960’s it is estimated between legal and illegal immigration the United States has had 65 million people come to this country which is 20% of the population…..and we need to be scolded about how heartless we are? No country in the history of the world has done that!? Most world and military historians would tell you that…that kind of migration in that short of time has in ALL cases led to conflicts and war….how compassionate are those outcomes? A 5 year old child feels the need to help another human being…an adult figures out how to do it so it doesn’t all blow up.

    Are Catholic Heirarchy are being led around the nose by interest groups, politicians and globalists and Corporatists instead of serving and listening to the needs of their sheep. Awful

  • To respond point by point:

    “Illegal residency” is not cured by a fine; the illegal residence continues after the fine is paid. If you are saying that we should simply throw open our borders to anyone who is willing to pay to live here, then I disagree with you and neither do I find it an argument for the current law being unjust.

    The conditions of an employment visa are explained to the holder of the visa BEFORE the visa is applied to their passport. I agree that these laws should be tightened to exclude foreign workers when American workers are available for the jobs (see the Disney debacle). However, if people legally here are being abused, there are legal remedies for that; the fact that these people do not, for whatever reason, avail themselves of those remedies, is not an argument that our immigration laws are unjust.

    People who are here illegally ARE actual criminals. They are breaking our immigration laws. Therefore, your third point makes no sense. Perhaps you’d like to rephrase it consonant with facts.

    The CIS budget does not affect whether the laws are just or not.

    So far your score is zero. If you’d like to point out some immigration laws which are actually unjust, I’m all ears.

  • It’s interesting to note that to right wing Roman Catholics a microscopic blob of cells is a “baby”, but an adult human being is a thing called “alien, illegal”, or some other dehumanizing term.

  • 1. Of course a fine takes care of the infraction if the statute says so. The point of criminalizing the presence and existence of people being a fairly draconian and counterproductive end. It’s just not harsh enough for your tastes. It is obvious that it is not the upholding of the law which concerns you but ways to treat immigrants badly.

    2. The conditions of most employment visas are not sane or useful even with notice of its conditions. Measures to allegedly protect American jobs not only fail at that purpose, they actually make it easier to exploit foreign labor. It is not if people here legally are being abused, it is how many. Legal remedies do not exist. Your ignorance of the system is plainly obvious.

    3. Illegal aliens do not violate criminal laws. They violate administrative law. If they were criminals, they would have far more rights than they possess.

    4. The CIS budget shows how malicious priorities make a dysfunctional system that much worse.

    So far you have demonstrated typical ignorance of the immigration legal system and xenophobic malice one comes to expect of nativism. Pretty much to a man, people with positions such as yours are not only ignorant of the laws they bloviate about, but willfully avoid knowing about them.

  • Of course the USCCB is in favor of immigration! They are receiving millions upon millions of $$$ for refugee resettlement. And none of the refugees are Catholic or even Christian. This immigration thing has gotten so out of hand it is a suicide mission for US and even more so for Europe.
    I went to a conference at the UN here in NY a few weeks ago WeAreN2016 that was shocking and devastating. To learn of the torture, rape, sex slavery and genocide of the Christians in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria who are crying out for help and to find there is no help coming…..These people are are being killed for their faith in Jesus.
    The Knights of Columbus have raised millions and further prepared a report on ‘Genocide against Christians in the Middle East’. The report , presented to SoS Kerry, led to Congress unanimously declaring what is happening Genocide of Christians. Thank God for Carl Anderson & the Knights!
    While they are raising money the USCCB is making money off this disaster. And our pope is leading the charge to take in more and more muslim ‘refugees’ in in the name of Christian charity and duty. Talk about a guilt trip! This is a trojan horse and Europe and the US will be taken over by Islam exactly as they are threatening to take Rome, our women, and the White House. Wake up!
    Re: our Immigration system. Try enforcing the laws. What is with ‘sanctuary cities’? Why was Arizona sued by Obama admin for enacting strict immigration laws when they are being overrun? When government is choosing which laws to enforce and which to ignore- they are undermining and ‘breaking’ the system. Stop birthright citizenship.
    No one disagrees with welcoming people from other countries who want to assimilate, become American, and contribute to our society. When we have room and resources, we can welcome them. When we can’t, or need time to assimilate, or protect ourselves, a moratorium is in order.

  • And this is why there were so many Catholic Nazis and collaborators. Yes I am going Godwin. You want to know why? Because the only regimes which were successful in deporting people at millions at a time in such short order were Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR.

    Uphold the laws no matter how draconian, without understanding as to what they are. Treat human beings as inhumanely as one can. Make appeals to reactionary religious and cultural mores.

    Jeez might as well be goose stepping.

  • 1. So you are in favor of opening our borders to anyone who is willing to pay the price, regardless of other considerations. Just so we’re clear.

    2. Employment visas are meant to be temporary for the most part; there is not normally an expectation of permanent residency, unless pursued by other means. I am not in favor of the unjust exploitation of anyone. But temporary visas are unrelated to “immigration,” unless one considers those who overstay such visas illegally, in which case we’re now back to dealing with illegal residency.

    3. There is no such thing as “administrative law.” There are “laws,” and there are “regulations.” For someone who makes such ad hominem comments about my knowledge of the legal system, it’s surprising to me that you would make such an obvious mistake.

    4. Once again, the CIS budget has no effect on whether the laws themselves are unjust or not. It may, and likely does, have an effect on whether those laws are justly enforced or administered, and if you meant to say that I will agree that you likely have a good point there.

    However, given that you have decided that those who do not agree with you are ignorant, xenophobic, nativist (which is a fancy word denigrating those who believe that nations should have borders which mean more than simply a line on a map), bloviators, and intellectually dishonest, it is now painfully obvious to everyone that you never really mean to have a discussion in the first place, but are simply acting the part of a troll.

    I will, however, point out that you still have not addressed the main point of my original post, which is that if someone in authority says we have the right to ignore laws concerning who may enter this country, then what moral basis do they have to say the the rules they promulgate using their authority should be followed?

  • An “alien,” in the law, is someone whose nationality is other than of this country. In the UK, I would be an “alien.”

    “Illegal,” meaning “contrary to the law,” describes the actions of some people.

    “Illegal alien” is a shorthand term for “an alien who has entered, and remains within, the country in an illegal fashion.”

    Would you care to propose other terms for the above situations?

  • 1. No I just don’t labor under the delusion that making life hell for undocumented immigrants is any form of deterrence. 50 years of doing so has proven it not only doesn’t work but is doomed to fail. Draconian measures eventually start infringing on rights and comfort zones of legal residents and citizens. All it does is produce a profit motive to exploit such people as cheap labor.

    2. Guest workers never work as intended. People who stay long enough grow roots here. People who have skills and education to contribute to the economy are locked up in positions where they can’t move or the economy can’t make full use of them. As I said before, 1/4 of our illegal alien population exists solely because of defects in our employment visa laws. People who came here legally, paid taxes but we’re discarded and exploited.

    3. Your ignorance is duly noted. Not only are you incorrect, you appear unwilling to find out for yourself. Administrative law is a general term for laws controlled by the executive branch.

    4. Once again your ignorance is showing. Delays in visa times certainly contributes to people coming here illegally as legal avenues are increasingly non existent.

    5. As for upholding laws for their own sake, such behavior is dangerous and ridiculous in a democracy. We should always know the laws we uphold in public. How often do Christians claim they are making a stand of conscience to disobey unjust laws? How often do they lionize people who put social justice above color of law? Oh right it only counts if the goal is an ultraconservative one. To talk of morals and ethics of laws when you clearly don’t even know about them is nonsense. Obviously your concern is far more socially unacceptable.

    People who make remarks like yours are ignorant, xenophobic and in most cases racist. It is entirely appropriate. You are objecting to the label but not doing a thing to refute why it is allegedly inappropriate.

  • Not so interesting.
    Are they really just a huge, more organized blob of cells?
    A bad analogy….
    But I know you are trying to bring up the equally bad argument that pro-lifers should care just as much about humans after birth as they do about humans(can we call them that?) before birth.
    That’s quite a stretch to try to wrap the pro lifers- or right wing Roman Catholics as you call them as at fault in the immigration debate.

  • So refugees have to be Christian for you or our nation to care about them?

    We had the same attitude back in the early 1940s. Tend of thousands were denied entry to the US and Canada ended up slaughtered by the Nazi’s because of such indifference.

    Try learning about our immigration laws. Sanctuary cities are perfectly legal because immigration is the sole province of the federal government. States can only get involved if asked. Arizona instituted racist laws and attacked civil liberties of ALL of its residents with its law.

  • Catholics think a fetus is a human worth treating with dignity but not a born person. We get that. They don’t even treat women who are citizens well.

  • After 50 years of “catch and deport” tactics we have learned the following:
    1. At no point does it affect the number of illegal aliens coming to this country. It’s no deterrent.
    2. People who claim it just needs harsher enforcement or get apoplectic about “amnesty” just make it easier for illegal labor to be exploited.
    3. The group from #2 actually undermine American labor, not protect it.

    2 centuries of demonizing refugees has taught us:
    1. Those hysterical about new waves of refugees are typically wrong.
    2. The US has absorbed hundreds of thousands of refugees successfully
    3. All of those groups were despised at the time.

  • I would at least like for them to really be refugees.

    And please don’t arrogantly tell me that i should try learning about our immigration laws. No legal expertise needed here to see that our own government is part of the problem. Tell the US Conference of Mayors that are at their wits end that immigration is the sole province of the Fed govt. They are begging the fed govt to do its job. Thanks to Obama & DACA for creating a humanitarian crisis. Arizona SB1070 is not ‘racist’ although that is how it was spun by Obama to inflame and cry racist as he is won’t to do. It does not target a particular race- it targets illegal immigrants who in this case due to geography are Mexican. If the border were with Norway the law would apply to Norwegians. In 2010 over half a mil illegal immigrants overwhelmed Arizona.

  • Well at least you were honest about your prejudices. And yes you do need to educate yourself better on laws you so vociferously talk about being insufficiently enforced. Demonizing illegal aliens is more of a political sport than an attempt to address actual problems. A way to appeal to racism and other bigotry without being obvious about it.

    Obama has deported more illegal aliens than the last two presidents. You are sadly misinformed. SB1070 violated several forms of civil liberties for all residents. Hence SCOTUS struck down most of it. Making existence a crime of the state. Permitting illegal harassment tactics for law enforcement. Your claim the law was applied regardless of race is a flat out 1ie. How many times was Joe Arapio successfully sued for racial profiling tactics? Veracity impairment goes well with ignorance for nativism positions.

    Even further compounding your ignorance is the fact that more than half of our illegal population is Chinese and Indian. Mexican populations plummeted with the collapse of construction work.

  • This use to work….but you guys have worn out that card and it’s past expiration date…..sell racism and nazism somewhere else….we don’t care…..come back when you have learned some new tricks…I take my catholicism neat….a shot of Karl Marx is so Jesuit 1960s Catholic retro of you…

    Now begone Churchian…before I start using my Darth Vader voice…

    Go find a priest who can help you create a gender neutral co-ed locker room at St. Cesar Chavez school of social justice.

  • Oh please. Its telling that you are resorting to gibbering insults

    Its even more historically appropriate than you can possible consider. Our current immigration system came about precisely because our old quota system provided excuses for leading to thousands of deaths of people seeking asylum (See “SS St Louis” for the most egregious example of this murderous indifference to refugees).

    Anyone who is blindly talking about increased enforcement of laws THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT is doing precisely what is absolutely dangerous in a democracy Unquestioned authority, indifference to others, and scapegoating. Precisely the sort of thing one does in an autocratic state.

    The shoe fits. I know you aren’t comfortable with the analogy, but I never meant for it to be.

  • Don’t worry little social justice warrior….we will have order with a sane orderly, immgration policy soon enough…there will be security, there will quotas and there will be sanity again. Those who spurn our laws will be prosecuted like in any other civilized country….democrats and corportists who want open borders for high labor margins and instant voter base for socialism will have their plans put on hold.

    Perhaps the church could get back to saving souls again and a reconcentration on faith, morals, families, and personal holiness with an eye on the prize in the afterlife….they are no good on worldliness and hobnobbing with globalist and a religion which currently leads the world in body counts, rape, terror and barbarism in the name of their God.

    P.S. Anybody ask the Vatican how Christians are treated in Muslim nations….vs how Muslims are treated in Western Nations? Why don’t they interview the Christians who are there if they are not in hiding?

  • And you get annoyed about an association with fascists?
    You don’t even know what the laws are yet you demand they be enforced in a draconian manner. In a democracy, that is just boneheaded.

    “open borders for high labor margins”

    Its so funny that you think you are talking about protecting American jobs. All you do is make it easier to exploit undocumented workers. As long as they fear deportation, they will continue to work in the underground economy. Conservatives love to stump for measures which destroy their own economic interests. Who benefits most from draconian immigration enforcement? People who use illegal alien labor. They can keep their workforce quiet, working for a pittance and in the shadows. You support that.

    Perhaps Christians will get around to showing us their religion has any socially redeeming value. As it looks now, it is just a way to justify bad behavior that one can’t support through rational argument.

  • As I said, veracity impairment and ignorance go hand in hand with your position.

    There is nothing more trite and silly than people who use phrases like:
    “drink the kool aid”, “Social justice warriors”, “sheeple”…

  • “Draconian”? Since the 1960’s the Draconian measures have allowed, by many estimates, for roughly 65 million people to enter this country. Any world historian would tell you that is the largest migration in history! They would also tell you that in all instances that kind of mass uncontrolled migration leads to war…..Humans are not the play things of elities to be manipulated in lab experiments from behind the glass….They need to “Conserve” and manage any perceived progress carefully. The Maxim is “Primum non nocere”

    The United States has been the most giving nation in the world and has liberated many peoples from tyranny. The United States has also done a number of bad things as well…including playing “Nation Builder” in the middle east….let me ask you what has Saudi Arabia done for the world’s great humanitarian mission…for that matter entire continents in comparison

    Its hard to exploit undocumented workers when those that hire them are penalized in law and security policies reduce the supply. What are you talking about? This is what enforcement means.

    You should evolve, even the most ardent secularists are learning that its stupid to teach Christians about their faith when they themselves no nothing of it. I realize Churchian-Cuckolds will listen to you because they can’t think for themselves and want to sit at the cool kids table…but the rest of us are starting to lose patience by negotiating with forces that have consistently shown they want to harm Christians. Watching Leftist secularists espouse the goodness of Islam for example is breath-taking….even fire breathing demonic Christian hating Bill Maher calls the progressive secular left out on that one.

    Conservatives who vote against “Economic Interests”…..uh huh….you don’t understand Conservativism do you…..The world is NOT a borderless play-thing for elities who want to line their pockets…free markets are a good thing absolutely….but not an “Absolute Good”… not at the expense of cultures, identity, heritage, family life, & communities…these are things that “Trump”….mammon. And they should.

  • Hi, Al, Just want you to know I love your comments to Spittle! I agree 100% with everything you say. I live in Maine & just wrote the bishop of Portland regarding the annual Catholic Appeal. I stated among other things that I will not pledge any monies to the Catholic Appeal until the Catholic Church ceases to accept funds from the federal government to resettle illegal aliens and muslims in our communities. In my letter I also told him to ask cardinal Wuerl of Washington DC to vacate his penthouse atop a mansion valued at $40M+ and donate the profits to the Appeal. Lastly, I wrote that he should suggest to pope Francis to read about what happened when western civilization was confronted with islam. Google the battle of Lepanto for a good read.

  • Draconian in that we treat illegal aliens worse than murderers in terms of due process and proportional punishment to the nature of the offense. 50 years of the same action and nothing to show for it.

    As per usual ignorance of the situation, you fail to recognize that illegal alien populations are always fluctuating depending on labor demands and economy.Brown Peril arguments today are as hysterical and fact deficient as Yellow Peril arguments last century. The horde of non protestant, or non white immigrants threatens to engulf us all!!! (Waves arms in a panic)

    Our nation has always had the ability to absorb immigrants in a,way virtually nobody does. Not having national identity linked to race, ethnicity it religion has been key to that.

    Its easy to exploit undocumented labor when you have small government types who chafe at regulation of businesses. When they get people to buy into the fiction that harsh measures against undocumented workers actually protects jobs of citizens.

    I will end this with a note that opposing secularism is essentially admitting that you do not like religious freedom and support sectarian discrimination.

  • So you are a bigot who will turn away legal immigrants because you don’t like their religion. Google SS St. Louis for the last time the US took such things seriously.

  • Good Luck Spuddie…keep pumping out the specious SJW arguments….Trump 2016…..the train’s not stopping…and it won’t stop when he is elected either….it will actually gain momentum…

    Order is not the enemy of people’s….immigrants or otherwise.

    Chaos is….and thats your side.

    P.S Secularism is a “Religion”…rather than being a mitigating ideology it is an ideology with its own agenda….it does have a cozy relationship with Islam though doesn’t it……I wonder why?

  • Keep using insults to cover up a plethora of tired factless arguments.

    Secularism is the notion of separation of church and state along with free exercise of religion. It is codified in our 1st amendment. Protecting all faiths by avoiding favoritism and endorsement of any.

    “Order is not the enemy of people”.

    And you have the nerve to get snippy about allusions to fascism? My irony meter is beyond repair.

  • Yes Christine, they are a blob of cells. It’s science.

    I don’t see where I blamed righties for the immigration issue. But now that you mention it . . . Trumpkins anyone?

  • undocumented large, more organized blobs of cells from another country in our country not in a legal way.

  • There are laws that state who can enter this country, under what circumstances and for how long. Every country has its own laws on visitors, legal immigrants, refugees, temporary employment, etc. How hard is it to understand that one is not entitled to enter this country any more than an American is entitled to enter some other country or stay as long as they like?

    Regarding illegal immigration, the quickest way to end it is to have draconian measures of punishment against employers whether they be rich housewives or giant corporations. Heavy fines, jail sentences, and public humiliation should be inflicted on the employers of illegal immigrants.

    We do not even take care of our own disadvantaged citizens. We are not in a position to bring large numbers of unskilled workers from other countries with the number of US citizens in poverty or near poverty. Our employers should be required to pay Americans living wages and help young people develop skills on the job instead of importing technicians or laborers from overseas.

    The Roman Church should focus its efforts on improving conditions in the countries of origin of would be migrants especially in those nations where that religion is the predominant denomination. Bringing in illegals to fill its dwindling numbers in its pews will only work for a generation or two until those children or grandchildren find a new church.

  • So a bank robber is making an “undocumented withdrawal” from the bank?

    Define all of the terms, or none of them. “Undocumented immigrant” is simply a cop-out for “illegal alien” – they’re aliens, and they’re here illegally. If they were immigrants, they’d go through the immigration procedures.

  • It’s called rhetoric…sjw. you are not actually engaging in are engaging in pseudo-dialectic..your “facts” are b.s…it’s not smart to reason with people incapable of it….so you counter them with rhetoric….it’s all in aristotle…go read him.

    Your gee whiz techno description of what secularism is and is suppose to do sounds fascinating…tell me more

  • Cradle Catholic whose Irish ancestors settled in Mobile, alabama in the 1830s.. I have finally had it with this marxist racket masquerading as a church with its socialist so called Pope. The old Know Nothings were right all along..this pedo racket is a threat to the American republic

  • “We do not even take care of our own disadvantaged citizens.”

    What is interesting is the people who are clamoring for treating illegal aliens like subhumans are the same ones who also insist on treating people using social services like subhumans as well. They are also the same people who insist that corporations should have as little regulation and responsibility to the public as possible. So those calls for “punishing companies which use illegal labor” never quite get anywhere.