GOP congressman cites Bible verses calling gays ‘worthy of death’

(RNS) The Georgia Republican's choice of Bible quotes condemning homosexuality infuriated several colleagues.

(RNS) God’s wrath will pour down on sinners including supporters of LGBT rights, a Georgia congressman told shocked fellow Republicans during their regular policy meeting Thursday (May 26).

And the Human Rights Campaign is calling for an apology.

Rep. Rick W. Allen, from Georgia’s 12th District, led the GOP group’s opening prayer by reading Bible passages that condemn homosexuality and those “who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.”

Allen, a small businessman in the building industry, didn’t make any mention of the energy spending bill coming up for a vote that day, or an amendment to it that would prohibit federal contractors from sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination.

He just focused on sin, reading from Revelation 22:18-19, an Allen aide told Roll Call.  The passage warns that those who don’t heed God’s Word will lose their share in the book of life.

Then he fueled up hellfire a notch with Romans 1:18-32, which elucidates a long list of “reprobate” acts including men who “burn with lust for one another.” Such people and those who support them are “worthy of death,” the verse says.

Several angered Republicans walked out. One told The Hill that Allen’s action was “(expletive) ridiculous.”

The LGBT protections proved to be a bipartisan “poison pill” that ultimately killed the bill with a 112-305 vote, according to The Hill.

Allen could not be reached for comment Friday and his offices were closed for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. His Facebook page made no mention of the moment.

Allen, as elected to represent Georgia’s 12th District in 2014, is described on his bio as active member of Trinity on the Hill United Methodist Church.

Human Rights Campaign’s political affairs spokesperson JoDee Winterhof called on House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP leadership to repudiate Allen’s “vile and dangerous remarks. … Republican leaders must make clear that they will not tolerate lawmakers who sow hatred and violence against LGBT people.”


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