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Resistance to Vatican reform inspired by the devil, Pope Francis tells Curia

Pope Francis speaks during the traditional greetings to the Roman Curia in the Sala Clementina (Clementine Hall) of the Apostolic Palace, at the Vatican on Dec. 22, 2016. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia, Pool)

VATICAN CITY (RNS) In his annual Christmas address to the Vatican bureaucracy, Pope Francis on Thursday (Dec. 22) warned that those engaged in “malicious resistance” to the reform of the Roman Curia are inspired by the devil.

It marked the third consecutive year that the pope has slammed the highest levels of the Catholic Church’s administration in his annual holiday greeting at the Vatican.

In his address this year, Francis urged the prelates who work with him to undergo “permanent conversion and purification” to modernize the church and serve it better.

“Without a change of mentality, efforts at practical improvement will be in vain,” he said.

Francis said the reforms had understandably prompted instances of “open resistance” and “hidden resistance,” both of which could be constructive and a sign of life if done with good intentions.

Then, he said, “there are also cases of malicious resistance, which spring up in misguided minds and come to the fore when the devil inspires ill intentions (often cloaked in sheep’s clothing).”

“This last kind of resistance hides behind words of self-justification and often accusation,” he said. “It takes refuge in traditions, appearances, formalities, in the familiar, or else in a desire to make everything personal, failing to distinguish between the act, the actor and the action.”

The 80-year-old pontiff warned his audience that the administrative reforms he has begun would be far-reaching and required profound change among those who run the Vatican Curia or administration.

“Dear brothers, it’s not the wrinkles in the church that you should fear, but the stains!” he said.

The pope gave the priests, bishops and cardinals who work for him 12 guidelines that are inspiring his reforms.

Francis also gave them a copy of “Curing the Illnesses of the Soul,” a book written by an Italian Jesuit priest, the Rev. Claudio Acquaviva, who died in 1615.

The pope wants to promote modernization and called for the Vatican to employ more women and more laypeople and to reflect a multicultural society.

In one of his strongest messages he called for an end to the Vatican’s way of getting rid of unqualified or unwanted staff, known as “promote and remove.”

“This is a cancer!” Francis said.

In 2014, Francis shocked the Curia when he listed the 15 “spiritual ailments” he believed were afflicting its members and accused them of hypocrisy.

He said many were pursuing their careers for power and wealth and suffering from a type of “spiritual Alzheimer’s” instead of serving God.

Last year, Francis listed a “catalog of virtues,” including honesty, sobriety, respect and humility.

(Josephine McKenna covers the Vatican for RNS)

About the author

Josephine McKenna

Josephine McKenna has more than 30 years' experience in print, broadcast and interactive media. Based in Rome since 2007, she covered the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and election of Pope Francis and canonizations of their predecessors. Now she covers all things Vatican for RNS.


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  • Nothing like a first century solution to a twenty first century problem.

    And the poor devil isn’t here to defend himself from either side.

  • So the devil is on the side of the Catholic conservatives in this case? Former Pope Benedict and his cohorts are hanging with Lucifer, apparently 🙂

  • Let the Unchanging Teachings of the Catholic Church expose who the servant of Satan really is. Spoiler Alert! It’s Francis.

  • The Church has survived Popes who reeked with the stench of hell in the past before. She will survive this, one as well. When I listen to Francis’s burbling, I try to rememver that Jesus warned us that we would know false prophets by their fruits and that not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord,” would enter The Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Modernism is the cause of the Church’s current woes. THAT is the work of the devil, not Traditionalism.. Where has the Pope been? Can’t he see the rampant homosexuality that permeated in the seminaries (modernism!) added to priestly child molestation? The collapse of the Church, for that is what had been going on since the early 60’s, it the fault of the leadership at the TOP. Crazy, left-wind ideas will not help.


  • The global left installed this sorry POS of a pope to do exactly what he is doing. He is the obamapope.

  • Francis is just a run-of-the-mill Protestant. I pray that he will realize this soon and go bother the Lutherans by becoming one of them.

  • If you read the statement, you would see that the bankers are mentioned. The article makes it seem like this is a reform of the clergy when it is only fixing corruption in the secular system that was hidden from the clergy. Pope Francis was praising what the clergy was doing, not criticizing them.

  • Kind of reminds me of Hillary calling conservatives a basket of deplorables.. How did that work out for her again?

  • What what the lord taught from the beginning of time has no need to be changed. God’s words will always be ” God’s Words” no leftist pope will ever change that. They use to call this ” Fools Gold “.

  • Morris West was correct: Satan has invaded the Vatican. (Protestants have always scorned the Vatican as the remnant of Roman pagans.)

  • Replace them now, Holy Father. God hasn’t been able to convert them and neither will you. People looking for power and control of money will use any means possible to acquire and hold those means even leading Vatican offices created for the good of the universal Church.

  • Projection, and they just can’t help themselves from doing it. It’s pathological. God luv ’em.

  • He himself is a socialist devil, promoting worldly agendas instead of caring for the peoples spiritual lives.

  • The Catholic Church needs to change many elements of its large structure but the word of God is not one of them. This pope seems to fall off that path to many times.

  • Uh, what? The article clearly misrepresents his praise as condemnation merely to get anti-Pope Francis people to spread it. We call that “hate bait” and that is unethical.

  • If you bothered to actually click on the link you would see that not one aspect of his statement to the clergy was about clerical reform. Instead, it was praising the clergy for holding bankers who stole money accountable. Your attacks are baseless.

  • Hopefully this pope’s open praising of leftist policies will wake up people to the nature of the Beast.
    Let’s keep God’s 7th day Sabbath (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday) like Jesus did.

  • The bankers who stole from the church who stole from the people who were the only ones that worked for the money. This church has been ripping people off for 2000 years.

  • It would seem to me that the clergy would be on top of the pot of gold at the Vatican that pays their salaries and their expenses. One for you and two for me until they became partners……I think this is the focus of the investigation. While the Pope is praising the clergy, he is praising the free masons who have infiltrated the Vatican years ago. This does not bode well.

  • That is the description given to the leftists. I knew that the left is disordered but Satan or his army? Possibly.

  • Let’s say you are right about the Church stealing money. How would that make the bankers stealing money okay?

    Let’s say the IRS illegally takes taxes. If an IRS agent then diverted those taxes into their pocket, isn’t that even greater of a problem?

    Even in your own hate-based assessment, there is no way to not see the bankers as doing anything proper.

  • Wow, just wow. Not only did the Pope not praise the Freemasons, being involved in Freemasonry is still deemed of the highest type of sin according to Canon Law.

    And you completely misrepresented everything that happened with the bank just to spread hatred.

  • The current pope’s mission is to destroy the Catholic church. Period. The “Global Union” can never exist as long as people worship an authority higher than Man. Therefore, they intend to eliminate religion worldwide.

  • Francis is the 8th king of the Vatican City monarchy and he IS the 8th king of Revelation 17 who “goeth into destruction” and Vatican City with him. He is also the last pope according to Saint Malachy’s prophecy which says: “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, (he) will sit”. This prophecy also says that Rome shall be destroyed. After Francis comes “Peter the Roman”, not named as a pope. Then Rome is destroyed. Then Our Lord returns.
    What once was The Holy Roman Church has been hijacked and turned into a counterfeit church. True Catholics have known and taught for 1500 years that there would be a false end times “church” and a great apostasy. I know, they don’t teach that anymore, why would they? The false church formally came into being when in 1958, clerics who were progressives and freemasons, bullied the installation of a known freemason, as “pope” John XXIII. Freemasonry was, and is an automatic excommunication from the Church, so he wasn’t even a Catholic. Communists had also infiltrated the Church (Google: “Bella Dodd”). The first thing that this John XXIII and the other hellians did was to call the Vatican II council and institute a radical new church. Downhill from there to where we are now. What remains of the Church founded by Christ, the “remnant” of the real Holy Roman Church, perseveres and still survives in solitude (solitudinem) per Revelation 12. Waiting for our Lord.
    No true Catholic is required to “go along” with this anti pope, his wacky beliefs, or the counter-church of Vatican II. Cum Ex Apostolatus is still law and relieves true Catholics from going along with these and other errors. Start by rejecting the Novus Ordo “Mass”. It is the prophecied Abomination of Desolation in the Holy Place (Translated abomination = doesn’t belong there, desolation = no one is present, no Christ). Go only to the Tridentine Mass of 1500 years. Quo Primum, which governs the form of The Mass forever, still stands as law bound in heaven and earth forever and governs this. The new mass or Novus Ordo is a gross violation of this permanent law, an unlawful iniquity on both heaven and earth. Do not consent to iniquity in the church or your fate will be the same as the apostates and heretics and those who shall also post against this True Church founded by Christ.
    It started when The Church openly defied the Holy Mother of God by not releasing the 3rd secret of Fatima before 1960. Since then, it has been iniquity after iniquity including the apostate, end time church of Vatican 2. This was all prophecied by St. Paul in 2Thess 2. To even stand idly by is to give tacit consent. Those who consent (even tacit consent) go into perdition just as the heretics shall according to Saint Paul. There is absolutely no salvation outside the true Catholic Church of over 1500 years, and certainly not in this apostate post-conciliar church of Vatican II.

  • This pope is nothing but a South American Marxist. He has driven me further away from the catholic church. I long for the days of the the liberty loving Pope/Saint John Paul 2.

  • He’s just looking for any reason to hate the Church of Jesus Christ, Himself! How sad. God founded the Church, the Catholic Church. If God & the Catholic Church, are Truth and Love, who are those that oppose it? Those who are lies and hate!

  • I hope you’re right. This Pope seems to incite chaos and confusion. Those are tools of Satan. Benedict didn’t do this.

  • Often, the accusations against the Pope are flat out wrong or misleading. Benedict and Francis are very, very much alike and in agreement.

  • This is the same Pope that said that Atheists go to Heaven. He is for open borders and socialism. This former Bouncer needs to learn more the Holy Bible and the Apostolic Doctrine.

  • Do you always act like a psychic pretending to read minds?
    I was hoping that you had something new to say rather than repeating the same sentence over and over again…Did it ever occur to you that nobody is listening to you?

  • Odd, which sentence did I repeat in the previous post? It is clear that you were making up stuff. If you don’t want that pointed out, then stop making up stuff.

  • Red Frankie is the one listening to the the devil! He is an anti-Christ (not THE anti-Christ, tho). He’s pushing Satanic Marxism and acceptance of sin.

  • “In one of his strongest messages he called for an end to the Vatican’s way of getting rid of unqualified or unwanted staff, known as “promote and remove.”

    “This is a cancer!” Francis said.

    Pope Francis would know all about this strategy….Except he demoted and removed our beloved Raymond Cardinal Burke….Why? I think we all know why.

  • LMAO!
    Since he can’t play the race card he’s playing the Devil card!
    I’m embarrassed my Catholic friends have THIS POS as their leader!

  • Yes, but the important thing is what is this “pope’s” position on gender free bath rooms!?
    It’s THE MOST pressing issue of our time!

  • This man has turned the Throne of Peter over to the devil ! Francis is hard at work denying the necessity of Repentance – And the Power of the Cross to change men’s hearts , minds and Spirits – He should stop hiding and don some Red P.J.s and go stand out on his balconey and wave a pitchfork !!!

  • Though he denies that man can only be saved through Jesus Christ at least he’s not a climate denier, too!

  • Four cardinals recently stood up to Pope Francis and said enough. In effect, they called him a heretical pope. For some of us who feel lost sheep because of the insanity in our current Church leadership, take faith; the end is near (excuse the pun).

  • He neither demoted nor removed Burke. Burke was among those the Pope praised. The AP article falsely makes it seem like the Pope was criticizing the clergy instead of praising them for holding the bankers who stole from the Church accountable.

    Burke ended his time on the court over a year after people normally rotate out of the position. The Vatican’s policy for hundreds of years is to rotate positions to ensure that people do not burn out.

  • This pope is evil. Just think of all the opinions and actions of liberals today. It doesn’t take a genius to see the evil in them.

    “Liberal” is just the modern word for evil. Different word for the same thing.

    Every religion known warns us of liberalism.

  • Francis was elected with involvement of the “homosexual clique” that infests much of the Vatican and Catholicism now . They knew his views prior to his election …knew him to be wanting to normalize homosexual behavior within Catholicism …he is their “manchurian candidate”.

  • I don’t remember Benedict pontificating on AGW or the right of people claiming to be refugees to enter any country they want.

  • Here are the six occasions that you said basically the same thing. Besides, we comment on the article above and not on some article that you introduce us to…

    This has nothing to do with the faith or the teachings. Francis was praising the clergy for holding the secular bankers accountable.
    San MrSnuggles2k2 • an hour ago
    You have it wrong. This pope was praising the clergy for holding secular individuals who did things behind the Church’s back accountable.

    So you are a banker who stole from the Church? Because that is who he was talking about, and he was praising the clergy for holding the corrupt bankers accountable
    Damien Priestly
    So you are a banker who stole from the Church? Because that is who he was talking about, and he was praising the clergy for holding the corrupt bankers accountable
    Paul Wilson
    This has nothing to do with the Church or the faith but the secular institutions like the bankers who were doing corrupt things outside of the Church’s sight.
    Michael Dillon
    The Pope was referring to the corrupt bankers as he was praising the clergy for holding them accountable


  • This pope is a socialist, nut bag, whackadoodle. They need to do the functional equivalent of impeaching him.

  • For putting this world ahead of God’s.
    This pope is Satan, disguised as a holy man.
    You are a minion.

  • The Pope made it clear that those who believe they are “transgender” are not of sound mind and are disordered.

  • This anti-Pope is an atheist and leftist who wants to destroy the Church from within, plain and simple. His favorite reporter is an atheist who jokes that the Pope is an atheist. He loves Castro, Chavez and all the leftists, but hates Latin American moderates. He loves anyone not of the Catholic faith, especially Muslims, but hates traditional Catholics. Half the priesthood is Lavender Mafia, and they put his sick leftist freak in power to preach about Global Warming and turn the Church into the Unitarian Church–with anti-nuclear sermons replacing spirituality.

  • Now you are making up stuff…..Sending Cardinal Burke to his present position with the Malta Group just in time for the Synod to begin was something that every Catholic is wondering about….speaking about getting burned out….Pope Francis is 80 years old….You are fantasizing.

  • That isn’t how it works. You responded to a comment that was completely unique while claiming I -only- repeat the same thing. That shows that you are here just to troll and mislead.

    You think that no one cares what I say, yet there you are acting violent in response because you know that I am right and you are angry that I debunked the lies you wanted to spread.

  • The One True Church is immutable, and will survive this latest usurpation by Satan.
    But every time The Prince of Darkness has found his way into the papacy, death and damage ensue. Begone vile “Pope”

  • His position with the Equestrian Order of Malta did not hinder his status as a cardinal or his involvement with the Vatican. If anything, it allowed him to retain it as the position is one that allows him to fully participate in Vatican matters. The position is a prestigious one that allows him to stay in Rome.

  • This is an original news report by a reporter with years of experience reporting from Vatican City. It’s published by Religion News Service, not AP. There is nothing here about the Vatican Bank. Francis, by his own words, continuously causes tremendous confusion on the part of both clergy and lay Catholics, for which he refuses to be “held accountable”.

    So please stop spinning the facts. We can all read and think for ourselves, and many of us read a variety of sources.

  • There was no one in an oversight position over the Bank, which is why the Pope made the reforms and why he was praising the clergy for their actions in the reforms in this very speech. If you clicked on my link and then looked at things, you’d see the very groups started by the clergy to perform oversight over the bankers.

  • I guess the Protestants were right about the Black Pope. This “Pope” isn’t Catholic in any way, shape, or form. Ignore him if you want to keep your soul intact. His history is that of a socialist justice warrior and assisting communist uprisings. Antithetical to Christ in every way.

  • And the fact that there is no mention of the Vatican Bank proves that this is a lie. The actual speech was praising the clergy about reforms for the bank.

    For example, from the actual speech:
    “With the Motu Proprio of 8 August 2013, the Holy See’s Financial
    Security Committee was established for the prevention and countering of
    money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the proliferation of
    weapons of mass destruction. This was to bring the IOR and the entire
    Vatican economic system to the regular adoption of, and fully committed
    and diligent compliance with, all international legal norms on financial

  • Ad S. Michaelem Archangelum. Precatio

    Prínceps gloriosíssime coeléstis milítiae, sancte Míchael Archángele, defénde nos in proélio et colluctatióne, quae nobis est advérsus príncipes et potestátes, advérsus múndi rectóres tenebrárum hárum, contra spirituália nequítiae, in coeléstibus (Eph 6). Véni in auxílium hóminum; quos Deus creávit inexterminábiles, et ad imáginem similitúdinis suae fécit, et a tyránnide diáboli emit prétio mágno (Sap 2:1; Cor 6).

  • Buy what? That the AP and this piece plagiarized from the AP directly misquoted from his speech? That is obvious. Or that he was not talking about the clergy reforming by praising their effort in fixing the secular side of things? That is also obvious.

    It is clear that you enjoy spreading fake news because it is anti-Catholic and anti-religious.

  • There is no proof to any of that claim, and if you bothered to look you would see that the site linked is a very hard right/conservative website.

  • If you are going to copy the prayer to St. Michael, don’t copy a bad attempt at Latin that is really just antiquated Italian (the characters used give it away) and has glossry notes.

  • It is this “Pope” who is anti-Catholic. He rants against Catholics every day. He loves everyone else. Everyone but you seems to see that.

  • PS, that is a prayer said at the end of a rosary, not actually part of an exorcism. You probably shouldn’t hang around no-nothing sites that give out fake religious sounding information.

  • Deus, et páter Dómini nóstri Jesu Christi, invocámus nómen sánctum tuum, et clemántiam tuam súpplices expóscimus: ut per intercessiónem immaculátae semper Vírginis Dei Genitrícis Maríae, beáti Michaélis Archángeli, beáti Jóseph ejúsdem beátae Vírginis Sponsi, beatórum Apostolórum Pétri et Páuli et ómnium Sanctórum, advérsus sátanam, omnésque álios immúndos spíritus, qui ad nocéndum humáno géneri animásque perdéndas pervagántur in múndo, nóbis auxílium praestáre dignéris.

    Per eúmdem Chrístum Dóminum nóstrum.

  • Here is the real Latin version of the prayer: Sancte Michael Archangele,

    defende nos in proelio;

    contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium.

    Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur:

    tuque, Princeps militiae Caelestis,

    satanam aliosque spiritus malignos,

    qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo,

    divina virtute in infernum detrude.

    Translating it into half Italian and throwing in random other phrases does not make it an “exorcism” prayer

  • One could argue that our current Pope, judging by his friends and supporters among the Marxists and Communists, is inspired by Satan.

  • Again, you are quoting a fake exorcism prayer that is half Latin and half Italian. See those little accent marks? They wouldn’t be over actual Latin.

    If you actually knew Latin or Italian, you would see how sloppy that is. They want to say: “God, and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we invoke your sacred name, etc, etc.” However, many of the cases are wrong and they would not have to say “et pater.”

  • They did it because they know this leftist “Pope” is a heretic. Based on your posts, you are one of his leftists.

  • Uh, if you bothered to read, then you would see that he was saying that reporters who lie about the Church to attack religion are the same as those who have feces in their mouth. Such statements are very common when talking about liars. At no time did he mention anything about “sexual” pleasure.

  • Bring up to the pope how and why Pope Benedict was removed and everything this guy has been engaged in since will become clearer.

  • This “pope” is a heretic, he’s always been a heretic, and he is without a doubt the most insufferably arrogant false teacher that has ever infected the Chair of Peter.

  • If I remember correctly, the Nazi elite went to Argintina after WWII. Pope Francis evolved into a man with a strong global control mentality. In an era that desparately needs Pope John Paul, we got the total opposite. Obama will be gone soon, maybe the Pope will retire and all these globalists will so somewhere together and leave us alone. I used to pray for the Conversion of Russia, now I pray for the survival of the USA and the conversion of the Pope.

  • San is a bot
    What us that, 20 times you posted the same answer?
    Yeah I know
    “The pope was praising the clergy….”

  • Dear Satan, thank you for choosing such an unintelligent and transparently self-righteous hypocrite as your false teacher.

  • As anyone can see from the website I link, it is a very conservative and traditionalist website. Your attempt to accuse him of being “leftist” is merely a clickbait/hatebait attempt to stir up hatred by those who are too lazy to do their own research.

  • Oh go troll elsewhere. You obviously lack a legitimate response and are just using your multiple accounts to spread anti-Catholic hatred.

  • And the left was terrified that this fool would be a hardline traditional conservative Pope? It’s called a head fake. Pope Francis is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, not those trying to keep the Catholic church from becoming a Unitarian or Scientology “do whatever feels good” moral relativism “religion”. Just resign Francis, and join the Unitarians.

  • You do know that Benedict and JPII also said complimentary things regarding the Cubans as a decades long attempt to restore religious liberty to Catholics in Cuba, right? Benedict himself had a long press event with Castro where he praised him a lot after getting Christmas celebrations to be allowed in Cuba once more.

  • Would you please tell your parrot to get off your keyboard. He is becoming extremely annoying and people are laughing at him.

  • My devout Catholic friend is considering leaving the Catholic church. As a layman, he is more Catholic in his beliefs and faithful to the tenets of the Bible than the Pope himself.

  • Is that the best you can do? It is obvious that you are obsessed with my comments because you know that you are threatened with the truth that undermines your anti-Catholic anti-religious hatred.

  • And yet Pope Francis had not ONE negative thing to say about the ruthless Castro regime in defense of the imprisoned and murdered people at the hands of Castro. Some religious “leader”. Pope Francis is a Communist sympathizer, thinking that it is better system than capitalism. And when Pope Francis spoke in front of the joint Congress right before the Planned Parenthood defunding bill was to be voted on, not one peep on the sanctity of life when it could have mattered greatly. Gutless. Just like he allowed TWO refugees into Vatican City. Why not 20,000 or so? Because he’s a HYPOCRITE.

  • Yet you posted in a topic devoted to this very issue. Thank you for admitting that you are just spouting anti-Catholic hatred instead of having a legitimate comment.

  • Our Faith is based on traditions. What he calls moderization is the devils foot in the door. He needs to pray to be with God and not the world.

  • Thank you for admitting that you have no reading comprehension. The topic of this article does not even MENTION the banking scandal. You are just spouting the Pope’s lines without questioning his words. Pope Francis is no better than those he rails against.

  • What are you on about?
    What multiple accounts to spread anti- Catholic hatred?
    I came to this site to read a story from Drudgerepot and noticed you responding to almost every post with the same line. This is the first time I have ever posted here, or on any other religious site for that matter.
    Get over yourself

  • Says the Pope who sits adorned in gold on piles of cash in Vatican City while taking in TWO refugees. Surely Pope Francis can’t be that GREEDY and CALLOUS, can he?

  • The Pope’s actual speech dealt heavily with it, as those were the reforms he was talking about. The fact that the subject of the speech is left out of the article shows that they are trying to mislead the reader.

    From his speech:

    ” With the Chirograph of 18 July 2013, the COSEA (Pontifical
    Commission for Reference on the Organization of the
    Economic-Administrative Structure) was instituted and given the task of
    research, analysis and the gathering of information, in cooperation with
    the Council of Cardinals for the study of the organizational and
    economic problems of the Holy See.

    – With the Motu Proprio of 8 August 2013, the Holy See’s
    Financial Security Committee was established for the prevention and
    countering of money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the
    proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. This was to bring the IOR
    and the entire Vatican economic system to the regular adoption of, and
    fully committed and diligent compliance with, all international legal
    norms on financial transparency.

    – With the Motu Proprio of 15 November 2013, the Financial
    Intelligence Authority (AIF), established by Benedict XVI with his Motu
    Proprio of 30 December 2010 for the prevention and countering of illegal
    activities in the area of monetary and financial dealings, was

    – With the Motu Proprio 24 February 2014 (Fidelis Dispensator et Prudens),
    the Secretariat for the Economy and the Council for the Economy were
    established to replace the Council of 15 Cardinals, with the task of
    harmonizing the policies of control in regard to the economic management
    of the Holy See and the Vatican City.

    – With the same Motu Proprio of 24 February 2014, the
    Office of General Auditor (URG) was established as a new agency of the
    Holy See, charged with auditing the Dicasteries of the Roman Curia, the
    institutions connected with to the Holy See or associated with it, and
    the administrations of the Governatorate of Vatican City.”

  • Pope Francis says BEFORE he goes to Cuba, in a VIDEO :In a video recorded with CNN, Francis told Cuban and American students: “I will tell you one thing, a good leader is one who is capable of bringing up other leaders. If a leader wants to lead alone, he is a tyrant. True leadership is fruitful. Each one of you has the seed of leadership.” So why didn’t Francis say this in CUBA, hmmmm? Doesn’t sound like a “leader”, but rather like a “tyrant” that he describes. Calling for the embargo to be lifted only strengthened the Communist grip on the tortured people of Cuba. Pope Francis PROLONGED their agony, being the leftist that he is.

  • Why are you so stuck on only this one issue? The banking scandal is less than the pedophile priest cover-up scandal and him being a hypocrite in not allowing thousands of “refugees” take sanctuary within the walls of the Vatican PROVES he doesn’t put his money where his mouth is. A typical “do as I say, not as I do” politician. Total hypocrite.

  • How many times do you have to be reminded that JESUS is the way, the truth and the life, not the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is responsible to lead people to Jesus, not to the church by stating that the church itself is the path to salvation, because it is NOT!

  • Why must you say anything directly in the country of the individual? You moved the goal post after you were caught making up stuff.

  • This one issue is what the whole article is actually about. Why are you posting on this page if you didn’t bother to actually read anything?

  • No surprise here. The Pope is doing what Leftists routinely do in America–demonize their opponents–conservatives and republicans.

  • Hi San – Francis was hired to establish Catholi-Schism, and that is exactly what he is doing. You can follow him into apostasy if you wish, but be sure, you will burn in hell with all those who defend, encourage or participate in the sins which most offend God, and/or those who undermine the Sacraments, as Francis does. the choice is yours – the world or the Word. Francis has chosen and he faces apt and certain damnation.

  • “was hired” – if you are going to post nonsense, don’t prove why you should be ignored within the first five words.

  • Jesus gave the Apostles the ability to forgive and retain sins. He set them as the pillar for what the Church was built on. He made it clear that they would then choose their successors who would retain that authority. Why deny the Bible?

  • There is nothing in any of those quotations that refers to Anthropogenic Global Warming, just some general admonitions to care for the environment. You threw a bunch of stuff against the wall — but nothing stuck.

  • You crossed the line there, brah. I just stopped giving you any respect, you commie devil-worshiper.

  • Not one word from him on the persecutions of Christians in Muslim countries! His silence speaks volumes. But he’s told us all how annoyed he is with free-market capitalism, and praises Marxist collectivism. What a sell-out. If he’s looking for a Satanic plot – he should look in the mirror.

  • “sustainable development and particular attention to climate change” suddenly doesn’t refer to Global Warming….

  • Even though the quote is clear enough, here is the rest to confirm it: “Preservation of the environment, promotion of sustainable development
    and PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO CLIMATE CHANGE are matters of grave concern
    for the entire human family. No nation or business sector can ignore
    the ethical implications present in all economic and social
    worldwide effects. The consequences of disregard for the environment
    cannot be limited to an immediate area or populus because they always
    harm human coexistence, and thus betray human dignity and violate the
    rights of citizens who desire to live in a safe environment”

  • No, I posted in a thread that was discussing this “pope”. And his theme in this particular address was “reform of the Roman Curia” Alluding to and building on the speech two years ago in which he blasted the members of the Curia for their 15 illnesses, this time the Pope listed – at great length – various cures for those illnesses. Then he listed – at great length – the acts already undertaken, listing each and every Motu Proprio he has issued regarding the Curia. And as always, this included much much more than just the banking situation.

    Oh but hey, thank YOU for attempting your own brand of amateurish obfuscation by ridiculously simplistic “reduction-ism”. And no – I’m not anti-catholic, but Bergoglio certainly is.

  • Look at his hat on google or rather duck duck go or something else…it’s an upside down T or cross if you will.

    Pope also carries a bent staff sometimes .

    It’s no mystery to me why an Egyptian Obelisk is in front of the step.


    “Latin” America is a socialist cesspool….all Catholic too…Proof is in the pudding

  • If you bothered to read you would have seen the specific type of reform he is talking about.

    The “Curia” is the secular government, but people don’t understand that. Here are the types of reforms he mentioned:

    ” With the Motu Proprio of 8 August 2013, the Holy See’s Financial
    Security Committee was established for the prevention and countering of
    money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the proliferation of
    weapons of mass destruction. This was to bring the IOR and the entire
    Vatican economic system to the regular adoption of, and fully committed
    and diligent compliance with, all international legal norms on financial

    – With the Motu Proprio of 15 November 2013, the Financial
    Intelligence Authority (AIF), established by Benedict XVI with his Motu
    Proprio of 30 December 2010 for the prevention and countering of illegal
    activities in the area of monetary and financial dealings, was

    – With the Motu Proprio 24 February 2014 (Fidelis Dispensator et Prudens),
    the Secretariat for the Economy and the Council for the Economy were
    established to replace the Council of 15 Cardinals, with the task of
    harmonizing the policies of control in regard to the economic management
    of the Holy See and the Vatican City.

    – With the same Motu Proprio of 24 February 2014, the
    Office of General Auditor (URG) was established as a new agency of the
    Holy See, charged with auditing the Dicasteries of the Roman Curia, the
    institutions connected with to the Holy See or associated with it, and
    the administrations of the Governatorate of Vatican City.”

  • Remember it was the North

    That beat back
    -The Caliphate
    -The Horde
    -Defeate Rome

    And later printed the word of God so everyone could read.

    Won the West

    Ended slavery…South still practices ..Africa Dubai etc…

    Rome owe me reparations..… 1st for the early Christians and enslavement and second for for the Holy Roman Empires tyranny of my ancestors.

    Democrats too for the civil war.

  • Rome fell in waves due to various declines, mostly caused by internal strife. The end of Rome was due to the creation of nation states/kingdoms that were once governors but split off on their own (France, for instance).

    The “Caliphate” was never beaten back, and only some lands were regained (reconquista, for instance). At most, the Ottoman Empire fell following WW1 due to internal pressure.

    The “Horde” never ended but integrated into Russian culture.

  • Hell has an upper case “H”. It’s a real place, like Scarsdale, as the late Ralph de Toledano once said.

  • No the Horde never got to Norway Sweden Denmark etc….or they woulda.

    Oh they knew of The North and their Large Fleet of ship even way back.


    No one did until now……


    How Beijing, or Congo…lots of caucasians? Nah….China kicks out after 10-20 years


    That North weather is even harsher than the Mongolian stepp

  • I thought this Pope was going to admit his Satanic ties… as why he’s become a NWO Marxist promoter / tool.

  • You need to look up tartar influence on Russian architecture sometime. They settled the region. You should also look up why it is called “Hun”gry.

  • I’m not denying anything from the Bible, but you’re adding to it. The “pillar of the church” are the followers and believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Jesus told Peter that it was the knowledge of knowing that Jesus was the Son of the living God that the church would be built on. Anyone who tries to turn faith in Jesus into followers of men instead, is setting themselves up for a fall. It’s not the men or church you follow that saves you, it’s your faith and relationship with Jesus.

    You need to read Mark 9:37-40 and Luke 9:49-50 again.

    Mark 9…

    “37 Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me.

    38 And John answered him, saying, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, and he followeth not us: and we forbad him, because he followeth not us.

    39 But Jesus said, Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me.

    40 For he that is not against us is on our part.”

  • Pope pushes modernization, uses 400 year old book as inspiration. Warns against self-righteousness, Satan Himself inspiring any resistance. This guy makes no sense to me.

  • They had to turn back…couldn’t protect supply lines….Rome even wrote about it….

    The Khan turned back…if your Khan how’s the story gonna end for you ? That you had to turn back? Khan is not gonna let story last.

    You don’t think Golden Horde and the Horde in Lithuania want to take Happland ….no…. I think yes

    But couldn’t.

  • Those passages don’t actually say anything to back you up. But there is constantly statements by Christ as to the special nature of the Apostles. There is a reason why Paul spoke profusely in Romans against dissidents like you who wish to posit yourself above the faith. Yes, that is exactly what you are doing, trying to claim that there is equal understanding of the faith among all to get rid of authority and push yourself up as a true voice. That is the irony and hypocrisy of your statement.

  • Tartar, n. “a member of any of the various tribes, chiefly Mongolian and Turkish, who, originally under the leadership of Genghis Khan, overran Asia and much of eastern Europe in the Middle Ages.” Scandinavian and Western Asian Stepp? Really?

  • Well sure … look at your Globe

    Horde was in Bulgaria and Lithuania had to mix….Not Bulgaria so much but definitely Greek & Mediterranean.

    Silk Roads exists for 1000’s of years

  • This drives people nuts

    Denmark Norway Sweden …never fell Like

    China did to the Mongols
    Or Rome did to the North……..and others
    Or Egypt
    Or Babylon
    Or Hebrew


    Until possibly now.

  • You claimed they were beaten back. Instead, the settled and intermingled with the other populations. They are still there to this day.

  • And if YOU bothered to read (or watch) the ENTIRE papal circus, YOU would have noticed THIS:

    Pope Flatulence the sophist often speaks in code:

    He sent a couple not very subtle shots over bows during the speech. One cannonball launched was an implicit threat that anyone could be fired. And indeed, people are being fired these days, from what I understand. The other cannonball was aimed at anyone who opposes him. A not too subtle threat to the authors and supporters of The Dubia – which he has steadfastly refused to answer. Because he’s a maniacal heretic. Here are his not too clever and all too hypocritical insults and threats against the defenders of Sacred Tradition and Doctrinal Truth:

    “In this process, it is normal, and indeed healthy, to encounter difficulties, which in the case of the reform, might present themselves as different types of resistance. There can be cases of open resistance, often born of goodwill and sincere dialogue, and cases of hidden resistance, born of fearful or hardened hearts content with the empty rhetoric of ‘spiritual window-dressing’ typical of those who say they are ready for change, yet want everything to remain as it was before. There are also cases of malicious resistance, which spring up in misguided minds and come to the fore when the devil inspires ill intentions (often cloaked in sheep’s clothing). This last kind of resistance hides behind words of self-justification and often accusation; it takes refuge in traditions, appearances, formalities, in the familiar, or else in a desire to make everything personal, failing to distinguish between the act, the actor, and the action.”

    Thanks for playing.

  • Thank you for admitting to being an anti-religious troll. If you bothered to read the article, you would have seen that it was dealt with.

  • It was prophecy that the final, last Pope would be under Lucifer’s control…and Francis is the last Pope, the Vatican’s heresy is coming to an end. Many have left the Roman Catholic religion, for a reason.

  • No man has authority over Jesus Christ or his Word, just the ability to spread it through means of teaching. It’s only the Holy Spirit who gives understanding, and any man who has TRULY accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior has access to the Holy Spirit for that understanding. You are wrong, it is the Catholic church that’s trying to posit themselves ABOVE THE FAITH (in your own words) by claiming to be the only ones with the ability to inherit this understanding that is given to all who have faith and accept Jesus. Jesus is the ONLY way, the truth and the life. He holds ALL authority.

  • Looks to me this Pope may well be the last Pope and the “False Prophet” of Revelation!
    End Times be A-commin Git right with G-d NOW!

  • He was a better bouncer in Argentina bars, than a Pope. Not that he could not be a great Pope having been a bouncer, but he has not…

  • By the way, there’s a reason why Jesus told his apostles…

    Matthew 23:8-10

    “8 But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.

    9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

    10 Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.”

    You should really think about what is being said here and let it sink in why Jesus thought that this was important. The Catholic church has totally abused what you and they claim to be their “authority”.

  • No Pope Francis, but your marxist ideals in which you break the 9th and 10th commandments by coveting what others have earned and urging the breaking of the 7th commandment in which you urge citizens to encourage their governments to steal those earning so they can be “re-distributed” to themselves are of the devil

  • Would you please tell your parrot to get off your keyboard. He is becoming extremely annoying and people are laughing at him.

  • “No man has authority over Jesus Christ or his Word” Actually, Jesus is the WORD, and you are positing your interpretation over others, thus claiming authority. Your contradictions show the broken nature of your claims.

  • Fair enough, but does it not bother you that this pope’s every utterance requires layers of re-explanation and unpacking? It’s a given that the press will treat the church unfairly. But does he really need to be rolling out the “devil” language? And does it help things when we hear this language in relation to fiscal matters, but not in matters of say, child molestation?

    And this pope has given every indication of being more interested in, say, theories about global climate than the very real extermination of Christians, especially when the latter comes at Muslim hands.

  • You rely on a poor translation. ” ὑμεῖς δὲ μὴ κληθῆτε, ῥαββί, εἷς γάρ ἐστιν ὑμῶν ὁ διδάσκαλος, πάντες δὲ ὑμεῖς ἀδελφοί ἐστε.” Would be “you have but one Master”. There is no “even Christ.”

    No wonder you don’t understand what those words mean – you don’t even get the actual words.

  • It is clear that this article plagiarized from an AP report that put forth a bad translation and left out necessary context. That is the very definition of ridiculous anti-religious left wing Fake News.

  • I found myself wondering lately… and I grant that what I’m about to say is purely speculative: do you suppose Benedict’s stepping down was strategic? Perhaps he knew that a figure like Jorge was coming, and wanted to to provide a precedent for an exit.

    I seem to recall Jorge once saying that he might follow Benedict in doing this. But then, he has said no such thing lately, and seems to be drunk on his own power to remake things — much like Obama. In that case, of course, Benedict gravely miscalculated.

  • Jesus is the Word, that’s why only his Holy Spirit can lead people to understanding. You really should do some research on that topic.

  • Does it not bother you that the media did the same to Trump? And to everyone that doesn’t fit their ridiculous atheistic agenda? The news agencies fired their in-house editors and fact-checkers that ensured such things did not slip through, then turned to clickbait to get ad revenue.

    There is nothing in what he said that is the “devil’s language.” Instead, he was praising the clergy for holding corrupt individuals, like the bankers who stole money from the church, accountable.

    Obviously, you did not read the article I posted or the original statement by the Pope, or you would have seen this in the reforms:

    “With the Chirograph of 22 March 2014, the Pontifical Commission for the
    Protection of Minors was established, in order ‘to promote the
    protection of the dignity of minors and vulnerable adults, using the
    forms and methods, consonant with the nature of the Church, which they
    consider most appropriate’.”

  • You really need to read the Acts of the Apostle sometime. The appearance of the Paraclete led to the Epistles both of the Apostles and of Paul, and that led to the Gospel being written. They formed the Church then and there. That contradicts your claims most thoroughly.

  • Would it make you feel better if I posted a couple of other translations, because it is you who does not understand what is being said here.

    Matthew 23:8-10

    NIV – 8 “But you are not to be called ‘Rabbi,’ for you have one Teacher, and you are all brothers. 9 And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven. 10 Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Messiah.

    Living Bible – 8 Don’t ever let anyone call you that. For only God is your Rabbi and all of you are on the same level, as brothers. 9 And don’t address anyone here on earth as ‘Father,’ for only God in heaven should be addressed like that. 10 And don’t be called ‘Master,’ for only one is your master, even the Messiah.

    Unlike you, Jesus knew that men would go on to abuse their titles and authority, that’s why he didn’t want the apostles to take on any, but Catholics don’t seem to care.

  • What you did was come here thinking this would be a great time to bash Catholics and you attacked an article that debunked the clear misstatements found in this article.

    You need to get over yourself because you have an irrational hatred with religion and holding liberal political hit pieces accountable.

  • I provided the Greek. I’ve studied the Greek. I understand the Greek. It doesn’t need a translation.

    What he is saying above is that there is a unity necessary. He is not contradicting his giving the Apostles the keys or building his foundation on them. He did not contradict the lessons found in Acts of the Apostles and his statements upon his resurrection and return.

  • The Gospel was written through the inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit, something that you’re obviously not familiar with. Once again, do some research on the topic.

  • You repeated what I said while claiming I don’t know of it? Are you for real? And you contradicted your early works. You deny the writing of the Gospels and the authority of the Church then promote yourself above them. You worship yourself, not God. Your inability to keep things straight is exactly why you are wrong and will always be wrong. Take care.

  • Why would anyone be upset at this statement?

    …Denmark, Norway., and Sweden unconquered? Who would want the real estate anyways?

  • LOL! You really had to reach far for that conclusion. What Jesus is saying is that HE is the only Master, Rabbi and Father. There is no one higher and everyone has to go through Him to be saved….not an apostle or any subsequent appointee.

  • After READING THE ARTICLE…. Mr Pope is talking about Church Administrators who are opposing system changes inside the bureaucracy.

    p.s. He IS a Marxist

  • You’re the one denying the writing in the Gospels by trying to claim that they say something that they don’t. The Word is clear and you are not. You can keep making all of the excuses you want, but it’s not me you have to answer to in the end. You may want to brush up on your personal relationship with the LORD instead of with clergy.

  • “Τίς ἄρα ἐστὶν ὁ πιστὸς δοῦλος καὶ φρόνιμος, ὃν
    κατέστησεν ὁ κύριος ἐπὶ τῆς οἰκετείας αὐτοῦ τοῦ δοῦναι αὐτοῖς τὴν
    τροφὴν ἐν καιρῷ;” The Master entrusts “care of the household” to the Apostles very clearly.

    Then he gave them their charge: “καὶ προσελθὼν ὁ Ἰησοῦς ἐλάλησεν αὐτοῖς λέγων: ἐδόθη μοι πᾶσα ἐξουσία ἐν οὐρανῷ καὶ ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς. πορευθέντες οὖν μαθητεύσατε πάντα τὰ ἔθνη, βαπτίζοντες αὐτοὺς εἰς τὸ ὄνομα τοῦ πατρὸς καὶ τοῦ υἱοῦ καὶ τοῦ ἁγίου πνεύματος, διδάσκοντες
    αὐτοὺς τηρεῖν πάντα ὅσα ἐνετειλάμην ὑμῖν. καὶ ἰδοὺ ἐγὼ μεθ’ ὑμῶν εἰμι
    πάσας τὰς ἡμέρας ἕως τῆς συντελείας τοῦ αἰῶνος.”

    It is funny how you are willingness to deny his strict command and the authority he passed to the Apostles.

  • You are also denying his statements here: ” κἀγὼ δέ σοι λέγω ὅτι σὺ εἶ Πέτρος, καὶ ἐπὶ ταύτῃ τῇ πέτρᾳ οἰκοδομήσω μου τὴν ἐκκλησίαν, καὶ πύλαι ᾅδου οὐ κατισχύσουσιν αὐτῆς. δώσω
    σοι τὰς κλεῖδας τῆς βασιλείας τῶν οὐρανῶν, καὶ ὃ ἐὰν δήσῃς ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς
    ἔσται δεδεμένον ἐν τοῖς οὐρανοῖς, καὶ ὃ ἐὰν λύσῃς ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς ἔσται
    λελυμένον ἐν τοῖς οὐρανοῖς.”

    Funny how you take statements from Matthew that don’t agree with you while ignoring the surrounding quotes that make it clear that you are wrong.

  • “Care of the household” is just that, to care and protect, they are not capable of saving. They are shepherds, but they are not the Creator and only your relationship with the Creator will determine your eternity. Unfortunately, a poor shepherd has led your flock astray. That’s why you need to turn back to God.

  • “Not capable of saving” yet they do have the power of reconciliation as Jesus made clear: ” κἀγὼ δέ σοι λέγω ὅτι σὺ εἶ Πέτρος, καὶ ἐπὶ ταύτῃ τῇ πέτρᾳ οἰκοδομήσω μου τὴν ἐκκλησίαν, καὶ πύλαι ᾅδου οὐ κατισχύσουσιν αὐτῆς. δώσω
    σοι τὰς κλεῖδας τῆς βασιλείας τῶν οὐρανῶν, καὶ ὃ ἐὰν δήσῃς ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς
    ἔσται δεδεμένον ἐν τοῖς οὐρανοῖς, καὶ ὃ ἐὰν λύσῃς ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς ἔσται
    λελυμένον ἐν τοῖς οὐρανοῖς.”

  • I’m Catholic… The Pope is a misguided left wing looney tune, and the devil did not make me say that!

  • It’s not about the reforms, it’s about the rhetoric he’s willing to employ concerning different matters. It bespeaks misplaced priorities.

    This explains, too, the difference form Trump. The things Trump is forced to moderate — the things the press exaggerates — I like.

  • By “rhetoric” you mean quoting from the Bible like every other Pope saying the exact same thing his predecessors have all said before?

    There is no difference between the Pope and Trump, only a media that wishes to misconstrue what they say to get ad revenue.

  • This is why the TRUE 3rd Secret of Fatima was never released. Cowards where WARNED BY GOD…and bury the warning in HUMAN PRIDE

  • Yeah, sounds like a devil trick. Embrace that which you know is wrong or else you are evil. This pope will be in hell with several other evil popes for his crimes against Christian values.

  • This pope worse than that. This pope is just not right. Dare I say…evil. He’s almost like an anti-pope except there’s nobody opposing him.

  • The Second Vatican Council destroyed the Church..I went to Catholic Schools all my life in the 60s and 70d. I go to church today..and it is pure Protestantism…No one genuflects. all the talking like it is a community center..I was taught communion in the mouth was a GRAVE sin…but now it is just a wafer. I PROTEST and stick out my tongue and will never let my hands touch it. The purpose of the Priest washing the hands was PURITY…my hands have no right to touch the host…

  • No practicing Catholic should support or agree with what Pope Francis is pushing. He goes against so many things that former Popes taught. I would love to hear what Pope John Paul would have said about Francis.

  • he is just like every other moron manipulated by the socialist left and the globalists…..if you are catholic, you are on your own…..not a word to pelosi or kerry about planned parenthood or abortions and now all of a sudden he is the darling of the left while they still assault christianity…..

  • Seriously. “The Devil”. Like, for real, he is actually saying that $hit.

    The more popes and so on make reference to a cartload of medieval bull$hit and hocus-pocus gobbledy-gook, the faster they hasten their continued drive to irrelevancy. I mean, wtf. Like he missed the entire scientific revolution. Completely. Next thing you know he’ll be telling us that the universe revolves around the Earth and we are smack dab in the center of it.

  • 1. The pope’s statement and invocation of “coprophilia” is not likely to be something ever uttered by a pope before.
    2. Coprophilia, by its definition, is sexual in nature, either for or because of sexual gratification.

    I have been giving your posts in this article the benefit of the doubt. We all know the Mainstream Media is biased and misleading. But it doesn’t add up that the MSM would misrepresent what the holy father is talking about when the holy father is prophesying (liberal) MSM positions. One does not mention coprophilia in polite company, for example.

    I know my perception is biased (externally) but the current pope seems to be like no pope before him, in many philosophical ways. He either represents the WORD or he does not. But I cannot reconcile he and his predecessors both representing the WORD at the same time—he is that…different. Peter the Roman indeed…

  • Purity? And how pure is your mouth? The human mouth has a greater germ count that the human rectum. No kidding. As for your hands, they are far cleaner than your mouth.

    Come into the 20th century. Once there, we’ll drag you kicking and screaming into the 21st.

  • Because perhaps many and even the one named “San” will have his eyes opened instead of the blind defense he presents?
    Just a guess.

  • 1. No, it is a common expression.
    2. No, animals do it naturally without any sexual component. To claim it must be sexual says more about you than about reality. It is a common expression, and even English has similar idioms (such as there is s*** being spewed from your mouth).

    There is no liberal position being spouted here except by those like you who hate religion and want to lie about it.

  • Your funny, shortly after he was “elected” by the Cardinals or “selected” by the CIA the thought “S.O.B.” came to my mind. He is so spiritually confused and confusing that I suggest individuals would be better off ignoring him and turning to the writings and teachings of real saints and good, conservative Pius Popes of the past for guidance.

  • And tell me, “San”?
    Do any of those Apostles yet live?
    Nope. That’s why you don’t see the power they were given exhibited ANY MORE!
    If there but one man…ONE…who could say, heal people-he’d not have a minutes peace today.
    Now spew some stuff!

  • Oh, and he accused the media who is busy s*** stirring of coprophilia. If you can’t understand that you are doing that very thing, then that is a problem with you.

  • All usury is a mortal sin and as long as the Pope has a Vatican bank that charges interest he steeps the Church in sinful scandal.He can reform all he wants, but it won’t change the facts.
    This article was about the “dubia” -the challenge/questions to the encyclical Amoris Laetitia by the four cardinals ( and many more prelates signing on.)

  • He’s more concerned with gorebull warming and sexual deviance than PREACHING THE WORD.
    Of course, he’d be mocked and ridiculed by the flefties if he did so can’t have none of that fire and brimstone and Jesus is the ONLY Way to God-it’s SO INTOLERANT, didn’t cha know?
    And God is SOoooOOooo tolerant, right?
    Like hell He is. It’s HIS WAY or the highway.
    But don’t let any of that outdated bible crap, written by a bunch of old white men…
    Oops! My bad! ( Someone else is trying to mock the US Constitution and DOI-not there’s any mention of The Lord or Creator in those docs, is there? lol )
    The inspired Word of God has inspired many DECENT Men to behave and act unselfishly.
    And no, I don’t count myself among them. But a feller has to have hope for sumpin’!

  • The Pope is a mere mortal dear. Flesh, bone and all the afflictions the rest of us deal with. By putting your faith in this man your gambling with eternity. Whether you agree or not his views are Left Leaning. I’ve got a problem with that.

  • Seems he wants to diversify. That is, fewer white men, more people of color and alternating genders. You know, people with credentials. Find out at the inquisition.

  • .Your definition ( that you just looked up) is a secular definition- not the Church’s/ Usury is making money off of money without labor. It has ALWAYS been and still is a mortal sin , although often ignored. The Vatican bank charges interest. That is a mortal sin.

  • This clearly has nothing to do with “diversification”? I see. Please interpret: “The pope wants to promote modernization and called for the Vatican to
    employ more women and more laypeople and to reflect a multicultural

    Here’s the quote from your link: “Also of great importance is an enhanced role for women and lay people in the life of the Church and their integration into roles of leadership in the Dicasteries, with particular attention to multiculturalism.”

    I’m not saying there is anything wrong with women as deaconess (helper), that is, a servant of the Lord: Romans 16:1-3. It does not mean they have to hold an official salaried office. Millions of women serve as volunteers throughout the Christian tradition.

    Any attempt to diversify via multiculturalism should be the natural evolution of culture, nothing forced. They tried forced busing in Boston years ago. Bad idea.

  • First Council of Nicea (325AD) Canon 17 “Forasmuch as many enrolled among the Clergy, following covetousness and lust of gain, have forgotten the divine Scripture, which says, He has not given his money upon usury, and in lending money ask the hundredth of the sum [as monthly interest], the holy and great Synod thinks it just that if after this decree any one be found to receive usury, whether he accomplish it by secret transaction or otherwise, as by demanding the whole and one half, or by using any other contrivance whatever for filthy lucre’s sake, he shall be deposed from the clergy and his name stricken from the list.”

  • Not true at all. You have failed to provide a source because nothing backs up what you say. It is not mentioned in such a capacity as you claim in either Canon Law or the Catechism. The Catholic Encyclopedia also contradicts your limited understanding. “they simply protest against the exploitation of misfortune, and such
    transactions as, under the pretence of rendering service to the
    borrower, really threw him into great distress”

  • If we lock you and San in a room with Terrorists I have no doubt they’d either convert or kill themselves. Can you two fine people hug, wish each other a Merry Christmas and have a drink of something eye watering for the Love Of Jesus?

  • In 1517, it was indulgences (to pay for St. Peters’).
    500 years later it is carbon credits. Francis should grant a plenary indulgence to all who have a minimal carbon footprint – Use ships instead of jets (Gore, Pope, Davos crew), or who recycle.

  • “The Holy See admits practically the lawfulness of interest on loans, even for ecclesiastical property, though it has not promulgated any doctrinal decree on the subject. See the replies of the Holy Office dated 18 August, 1830, 31 August, 1831, 17 January, 1838, 26 March, 1840, and 28 February, 1871; and that of the Sacred Penitentiary
    of 11 February, 1832. These replies will be found collected in
    “Collectio Lacensis” (Acta et decreta s. conciliorum recentiorum), VI,
    col. 677, Appendix to the Council of Pondicherry; and in the “Enchiridion” of Father Bucceroni.

    Everyone admits that a duty of charity may command us to lend gratuitously, just as it commands us to give freely. The point in question is one of justice: Is it contrary to the equity required in mutual contracts to ask from the borrower interest in addition to the money lent? It may be remarked that the best authors have long since recognized the lawfulness of interest to compensate
    a lender for the risk of losing his capital, or for positive loss, such
    as the privation of the profit which he might otherwise have made, if
    he had not advanced the loan.”

    Atheist troll lying about the Church is an atheist troll lying about the Church. Try to lie when there aren’t experts around that can easily debunk you.

  • The left loves to claim that his views are left leaning then they throw a fit because he stands up against abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. Funny how that works out. He is religious, not political, and those who try to capture religion into a secular political spectrum are anti-religion.

  • Did Communists Infiltrate the Catholic Church?

    Two former Communists, Bella Dodd and Manning Johnson, spoke on
    Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church. Dodd, an important
    Communist party lawyer, teacher and activist, converted to Catholicism
    in April 1952 under the tutelage of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. Stating that
    the Communist infiltration was so extensive that in the future “you
    will not recognize the Catholic Church,” Dodd also asserted that:

    “In the 1930’s, we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within.”

    “Right now they are in the highest places, and they are working to
    bring about change in order that the Catholic Church will no longer be
    effective against Communism.”

    Manning Johnson, a former Communist Party official and author of
    “Color, Communism and Common Sense” testified in 1953 to the House
    un-American Activities Committee regarding the infiltration of the
    Catholic Church:

    “Once the tactic of
    infiltration of religious organizations was set by the Kremlin … the
    Communists discovered that the destruction of religion could proceed
    much faster through infiltration of the (Catholic) Church by Communists
    operating within the Church itself. The Communist leadership in the
    United States realized that the infiltration tactic in this country
    would have to adapt itself to American conditions (Europe also had its
    cells) and the religious make-up peculiar to this country. In the
    earliest stages it was determined that with only small forces available
    to them, it would be necessary to concentrate Communist agents in the
    seminaries. The practical conclusion drawn by the Red leaders was that
    these institutions would make it possible for a small Communist minority
    to influence the ideology of future clergymen in the paths conducive to
    Communist purposes This policy of infiltrating seminaries was
    successful beyond even our communist expectations.”

  • Thousands of young Communists infiltrated Catholic seminaries.
    During the early years of Communism in the 1920s and 30s, the evil was being spread worldwide as the Blessed Mother had predicted at Fatima in 1917. Communist parties were being formed in various European countries and in American cities as well. They were already attempting to upset the political and cultural order.

    But what only a very small number of people knew was that the top dogs of Communism had already released the hounds on the Church. The carefully organized plan was to recruit young men who were loyal Communists and get them placed in seminaries. This was carried out by various agents during the 1920s and 30s.

    Fast forward 30 years to the 1960s, and the fruits were beginning to be seen. Learned, dedicated, faithful men and women in the Church were looking around and fretting, not sure from what framework they should understand the demolition of the Faith they were witnessing. At one point, Pope Paul VI even said that it appeared the Church was in auto-demolition.

  • He did not take over the true Catholic church. His communists and freemasons of Vatican II took over the Vatican.

    The devil? Yes, in many ways, including the elimination of Extreme Unction. Their Anointing of the Sick gives no reference to banishing the devil in ones most vulnerable time – death.

    Strebs, you and I and other true Catholics are well and alive.

  • Communists Secretly Infiltrated

    Roman Catholic Church Seminaries!

    She became head of the New York State Teachers Union and was a member of the National Council
    of the CPUSA (Communist Party U.S.A.) until 1949.

    Why did she become a Communist?

    “I was subpoenaed by the New York County grand jury and interrogated at the district
    attorney’s office. In the midst of the questioning one of the two assistants
    asked me why I had become a Communist.”

    “Because only the Communists seemed to care about what was happening to people in 1932 and 1933, I said. They were fighting hunger and misery and fascism
    then, and neither the major political parties nor the churches seemed to
    care. That is why I am a Communist.”

    “I spoke with the practiced intensity of long habit but no longer with the old faith in the
    cause, for I no longer had the same deep conviction about the Party’s championship
    of the poor and dispossessed. I knew now that its activities were conceived
    in duplicity and ended in betrayal” (Dr. Bella V. Dodd, Autobiography:
    “School of Darkness”, Chapter 14).

    Mrs./Dr. Bella
    V. Dodd told her friend, Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, the theologian,

    “When she was an active party member, she had dealt with no fewer than four cardinals within the Vatican who were working for us, [i.e. the Communist Party]”
    (Christian Order magazine, “The Church in Crisis”, reprinted from
    The Latin Mass magazine).

  • So says history’s most overtly worldly, liberation theology infected, commie pope.
    He’s a fine bird to complain about Satan, with his ostentatious show of poverty and the worlds loudest proclamations of humility.
    I call BS.

  • Every former KGB agent say the Russian propaganda and disinformation along with over 4000 KGB agents per plan was use to create all liberation theology in the World.
    Cuba Catholics
    South America Catholics
    Protestant Black liberation Theology aka rev Wright.

  • The Pope is fully aligned with Godless Communists. Now there is a unique plan to grow your church. How much damage will he do before he slips on a banana peel.

  • The Devil lives in the body of the Pope, it is attempting to devour the last of his faith and his pride is letting the demon of all to win.

  • “Given that the modern world has evolved mostly under Christian influence, it is this religion’s change of direction over time which is really relevant. The emphasis on the teachings of the Christian Church about usury can only be compared with today’s emphasis on the sex and abortion sins. It was definitely one of the most persistent dogmas of the Church.
    One of the earlier Church fathers, Clement of Alexandria specified already “the law prohibits a brother from taking usury; designating as a brother not only him who is born of the same parents, but also one of the same race and sentiments… Do not regard this command as marked by philanthropy”. The litany of councils specifically repeating this practice as the most despicable is really impressive: the Council of Elvira (305-306BC), of Carthage (348), of Arles (314), or Nice (325), of Taragona (516),of Aix-la-Chapelle (789), of Paris (829), of Tours (1153), the Lateran Council (1179), of Lyons (1274), of Vienne (1311). This last one was perhaps even more sweeping than the previous ones : any rulers who would not criminally punish anybody in their realms committing usury (even if the rulers themselves did not do it!) would be excommunicated. Since the practice was often concealed beneath various devices, money lenders were compelled to show their accounts to the ecclesiastical authorities. The fifth Lateran council (1512-1517) reiterated the definition of the sin of usury as “receiving any interest on money” once again.”

    Usury is and always was a mortal sin. I don’t know why my comments were deleted and this troll “San” gets to misinform the commenters. This is just a Catholic Truth.

  • Liberals also claimed that the Russians got Trump elected. Liberals hate both Republicans and Catholics, so they would spread lies against both. The RNS is spreading lies about what the Pope said, twisting his praise of the clergy for holding bankers who stole from the church accountable. Why? To spread anti-religious hate as pay back for Catholics not support the liberal social agenda.

  • Aaaand the Vatican Bank ( and any bank who uses interest on loans) involves itself in usury which is A MORTAL SIN.

  • No, it is a common expression.

    In the pope’s part of the world? Because it sure isn’t in mine.

    No, animals do it naturally without any sexual component. To claim it must be sexual says more about you than about reality.

    coprophilia cop·ro·phil·i·a (kŏp’rə-fĭl’ē-ə)
    n. An abnormal, often obsessive interest in excrement, especially the use of feces for sexual excitement.

    See? It has a real definition. And you cannot claim to know whether an animal gets aroused by such things because you are not a dog. But did you really just equate animals and humans? Because humans are not just mere animals.

    The fact you continuously resort to personal attacks and ad hominems in your retorts actually says more about you than it does any of us. Just because someone criticizes what a church or its leader does or professes does not automatically mean they’re anti-religious. It means they’re concerned. You accuse everyone arguing with you that they hate religion and desire to spread lies about it. Instead of actually listening to what anyone is saying, you just write it off as the latest group heresy. Let me tell you something: faith is nothing without skepticism. Faith without skepticism is brainwashing. Are you brainwashed?

  • “The Holy See admits practically the lawfulness of interest on loans, even for ecclesiastical property, though it has not promulgated any doctrinal decree on the subject. See the replies of the Holy Office dated 18 August, 1830, 31 August, 1831, 17 January, 1838, 26 March, 1840, and 28 February, 1871; and that of the Sacred Penitentiary
    of 11 February, 1832. These replies will be found collected in
    “Collectio Lacensis” (Acta et decreta s. conciliorum recentiorum), VI,
    col. 677, Appendix to the Council of Pondicherry; and in the “Enchiridion” of Father Bucceroni.

    Everyone admits that a duty of charity may command us to lend gratuitously, just as it commands us to give freely. The point in question is one of justice: Is it contrary to the equity required in mutual contracts to ask from the borrower interest in addition to the money lent? It may be remarked that the best authors have long since recognized the lawfulness of interest to compensate
    a lender for the risk of losing his capital, or for positive loss, such
    as the privation of the profit which he might otherwise have made, if
    he had not advanced the loan. They also admit that the lender is justified in exacting a fine of some kind (a conventional penalty) in case of any delay in payment arising from the fault of the borrower.”

  • And you continue to lie. The Catholic Encyclopedia makes it clear that usury is only excessive interest or taking advantage of the poor by forcing them into bad loans.

  • He was praising the clergy for the reforms that they made in holding the bankers who stole from the church accountable.

    You can see the whole list here:

    For example: “With the Chirograph of 18 July 2013, the COSEA (Pontifical Commission
    for Reference on the Organization of the Economic-Administrative
    Structure) was instituted and given the task of research, analysis and
    the gathering of information, in cooperation with the Council of
    Cardinals for the study of the organizational and economic problems of
    the Holy See.

    – With the Motu Proprio of 8 August 2013, the Holy See’s
    Financial Security Committee was established for the prevention and
    countering of money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the
    proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. This was to bring the IOR
    and the entire Vatican economic system to the regular adoption of, and
    fully committed and diligent compliance with, all international legal
    norms on financial transparency.

    – With the Motu Proprio of 15 November 2013, the Financial
    Intelligence Authority (AIF), established by Benedict XVI with his Motu
    Proprio of 30 December 2010 for the prevention and countering of illegal
    activities in the area of monetary and financial dealings, was

    – With the Motu Proprio 24 February 2014 (Fidelis Dispensator et Prudens),
    the Secretariat for the Economy and the Council for the Economy were
    established to replace the Council of 15 Cardinals, with the task of
    harmonizing the policies of control in regard to the economic management
    of the Holy See and the Vatican City.

    – With the same Motu Proprio of 24 February 2014, the
    Office of General Auditor (URG) was established as a new agency of the
    Holy See, charged with auditing the Dicasteries of the Roman Curia, the
    institutions connected with to the Holy See or associated with it, and
    the administrations of the Governatorate of Vatican City.”

  • My credibility is at face value, just as your is. Only I haven’t called everyone who thinks differently from me hateful of religion and a liar like you have.

  • My source is the Catholic Encyclopedia, which is approved by the Vatican. Your source is made up claims on some guy’s blog.

  • I guess you prefer “new Advent” to the Councils of Nicea, Lateran ,Nice etc. This is DOGMA and can’t be changed. Mortal sin is Mortal sin.
    Maybe Jesus might change your mind:

    Luke 6:35Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

    35 But love ye your enemies: do good, and lend, hoping for nothing thereby: and your reward shall be great, and you shall be the sons of the Highest; for he is kind to the unthankful, and to the evil”

  • I go by the Deposit of Faith and the Eternal Magesterial Teaching of the Church.
    Not some protestantized “Catholic Encyclopedia that has no business corrupting Dogma.

  • Bernard Lietaer, who your blog quotes, is an anti-money, anti-capitalistic, anti-religious troll because he believes that it all gets in the way of his happy little socialistic utopia.

  • “New Advent” is a host site for the Catholic Encyclopedia, the official Vatican encyclopedia. It makes it clear that your claims about the early fathers are wrong with actual citations.

  • ” Πλὴν ἀγαπᾶτε τοὺς
    ἐχθροὺς ὑμῶν καὶ ἀγαθοποιεῖτε καὶ δανίζετε μηδὲν ἀπελπίζοντες: καὶ
    ἔσται ὁ μισθὸς ὑμῶν πολύς, καὶ ἔσεσθε υἱοὶ ὑψίστου, ὅτι αὐτὸς χρηστός
    ἐστιν ἐπὶ τοὺς ἀχαρίστους καὶ πονηρούς.” Does not mean what your poor translation claims. That is not “lend” in any monetary sense. It is more akin to “lend a hand” or help them.

  • I am not a lender. I don’t have a dog in this fight. The Church’s immutable teaching from the start proclaimed any type of usury ( ANY interest made off loaned money) to be a mortal sin. You are accusing the Church of lying, not me.
    by the way, a borrower is NOT in mortal sin, but the lender (bank) who subjects the borrower to enslavement with compound interest, certainly is.
    Try not deleting my posts anymore

  • You quoted a blog site that had the fake rantings of an anti-capitalist pseudo economist with no actual academic training in money or theology.

  • You are anti-Catholic. You have ignored the clear writing, made false claims about sin that are just not true, and have had actual passages quoted to you that debunk you. You are a troll, a liberal troll who hates religion.

  • Nice try, liberal troll. Your Catholic Spring failed, so you are desperately attempting to destroy the Church by misconstruing and lying about what is actually happening. You’ve been exposed.

  • Only a liberal would attack the Church for having a bank that lends money. Neither Canon Law nor the Catechism disapproves of it, and the Catholic Encyclopedia makes it clear that usury does not mean what is claimed. Your socialistic hatred for both religion and capitalism is clear.

  • The Pope has bought in to the globalist agenda. The Catholic church thinks it can get more money and power with these allies. So sad to see the church has lost its way.

  • You have no credibility. I have pointed out that the RSN, which plagiarized from the AP, mislead people on the context and the topic to spread anti-Catholic hatred. That has been proven. You are just a liberal thug who wants to spread your own anti-Catholic hatred because you are upset that your Catholic Spring failed.

  • The only true Church is the Universal Roman Catholic Church, founded by God on earth! Jesus created this Church for everyone on earth! But because man has free will, he can join the Church, or not. All other churches and religions were created by men, not by God. Catholocism is the ONLY TRUE religion, because God is Pure Truth, and Pure Love, and incapable of deception or any wrongdoing! Wise up, people, because when Jesus returns, a awful lot of people will find out just how wrong they’ve been all their lives, and realize they have been following false prophets.

  • Jesus did not feel the need to meddle in the politics of his day. Even though it eventually killed him,.he was surprisingly aloof from it. The pampas socialist pressing goodie two-shoes Pope should take a cue from the Lord. “Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s”….so quit your worldly revolutionary theology,…I am sick of it,..and I imagine I am not alone!

  • These church leaders are only following the ceturies old beliefs of the catholic church. This pope just stated that the Roman catholic church is led by the Devil. Now, who is the one that is supposed to be infallible?

  • Only a Traditionalist would attack the the Church for sinning against itself and Christ to cause such scandal. Canon (1917) 1543 proves it. The Chruch needs to stop banking aside from collecting revenue and providing interest free loans and donations. It needs to stop dealing with the IMF and Bank of International Settlements,( and the Federal Reserve). these institutions are of the Devil, and the Vatican Bank, which charges interest is right on board.

  • I actually am a Latin scholar. I have a Master’s in Classics. Latin does not have accent marks. I have also provided the proper declination proving that it was not even done to form.

  • The Catholic Encyclopedia makes it clear that your account is false. “Until the fourth century all that can be inferred from the Fathers and ecclesiastical writers is that it is contrary to mercy and humanity to demand interest from a poor and needy man. The vehement denunciation of the Fathers of the fourth and fifth centuries were called forth by the moral decadence and avarice of the time, and we cannot find in them any expression of a general doctrine on this point; nor do the Fathers of the following centuries say anything remarkable on
    usury; they simply protest against the exploitation of misfortune, and
    such transactions as, under the pretence of rendering service to the
    borrower, really threw him into great distress.”

  • A “Traditionalist” would have pointed to the 1908 Canon Law or to a Pre-Vatican II Catechism on the matter Neither have stated anything about lending money as usury. All Traditionalists know that the Church has had a bank for over 500 years.

  • And your anti-banking sentiment reveals you as a progressive socialist. Any posts from you will just be linked back to this and identify that you are a socialist troll. Your time is over.

  • YOu may have the last word since you are such a defender of “catholic” Usury.
    If anyone is interested they can read any work by Dr Brian McCall or Dr E Michael Jones on Usury in the Church.

  • Yet you are “seeing” and “hearing” on pro LGBT sites that hate the Catholic Church and you ignore an article that points out this clearly lies about the context and nature of his words to make it seem like Catholics are at war with themselves. Nice of you to play into the fringe liberal anti-religious agenda.

  • My definition came from there. Read it.

    The term can mean “just that” when talking about animals. But when in reference to humans, who typically know better than to play with or consume their excrement (unless other the influence of some sexual deviancy, or even rarer, plain mental illness), the full definition I gave above applies. Period.

    The fact that you cry out about ad hominems proves you are just a liberal troll trying to spread anti-Catholic nonsense.

    You have caught me. I’m so anti, I’m anti-anti! Your righteous and wicked powers of deduction and reasoning have thus exposed my true nature and intent! Oh the shame. (end sarcasm) I would suggest you are a troll, but I think you actually believe everything you’re writing out, which trolls tend not to do. I will still pray for you. Jesus can still open your eyes and warm your heart. Shalom.

  • “It takes refuge in traditions, appearances, formalities, in the familiar.” Yes, of course holy people are secure in tradition, because they are practicing what has been passed down. They don’t search for new ways or modernization, they are humble and content in doing what the Church has always done — sought after the Glory of God and the Salvation of Souls. Pray for Jorge Bergoglio, but in the meantime, go to Our Lady by saying the Rosary, show devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and if possible assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

  • No, your “definition” ignored the common definition to follow some ridiculous sexual obsession. You have issues that you are trying to project elsewhere.

  • You keep proving my own points. Thanks!
    “Liberal thug” That’s hilarious! Can I use that too? Are you a liberal thug too, is that how you know one when you see one?

  • The man is delusional. He comes out of South American socialism. He should stick to the spiritual where issues are more amorphous and not existential .

  • You’re full of surprises. I guess Wikipedia is wrong again, huh? And they’re not “accent marks”…though the modern accent mark did evolve from it.

  • I agree with the Pope. But he is the devil and true Catholics who do not support his left wing & socialist agenda are right to resist him.

  • Socialists claim that any profit or interest is usury, which is exactly what you are doing. Only socialists attack the banking system. It is no wonder you cited prominent socialist and rabid atheist E. Michael Jones to justify your false claims.

  • “San” is quite the piece of work. It would almost be funny if it weren’t so sad and pathetic. You and I can be “liberal thugs” together, though!

  • My dearest San-
    Thank you for having my posts deleted (twice!)
    Regarding your stymied “quote” on Dr Brian McCall.. you didn’t read the rest of the paragraph…
    Here it is before you delete this too. You are a really great Christian for deleting my post, kind of like a snowflake who can’t tolerate the truth.

    “Today many consider usury as “excessive” or “high” interest so that usury is a matter of degree. In reality it is a matter of quality. Interest is not usury and usury is not interest. Interest is a compensation for loss suffered and usury is a profit or gain. Thus, if a lender incurs costs in making the loan he is entitled to interest, an amount not exceeding the loss he suffered (or if agreed in advance of the actual loss a reasonable estimate of the expected loss). Our modern monetary system based on a fictitious, ever changing currency makes this calculation very difficult but the principle remains. Notwithstanding the difficulty the natural and divine law require us to use our best judgment and good faith in calculating true interest. God does not expect the impossible and we are culpable only for charging what we know or should know (by willfully blinding ourselves to reality) what constitutes a profit on a loan.”

    You can charge a “fee” for an act of covering costs for making a loan, but you cannot charge a profit ( what we call interest) on a loan. That is usury- a MORTAL SIN

  • That is his version of usury, which is also not the version you were promoting before. Additionally, you failed to address where in the Canon or the Catechism mere lending is a mortal sin. You judge the Church without cause and even your sources show your totalitarian view is wrong.

  • He made an off hand comment that reporters who lie have mouths full of excrement, and you went on that he must be into feces in a sexual manner. That shows some serious issues with you.

  • Francis, family moved from fascist Italy in the thirties…..he is not South American,,,,,,,leftist progressive with all their reality problems, he also happens to have a very large hierarchical organized church with a large number of alleged priests who continually struggle for control.

    Cannot understand why so many think highly of him. Jesus, yes, Francis, no!

  • And then they all went to the Vatican shower room, gave each other naked piggy-back rides, and smacked each other on the butt with wet towels.

  • Eating excrement and dishing it out are two different things. The pope should know that, especially if he’s going to use fancy English words with actual definitions that you refuse to acknowledge.

  • The Virgin at Fatima tried to warn us of apostasy at head of the church; they denied, lied, and here we are.

  • Plus, if you actually read: the picture you show has abbreviations and other issues. Additionally, the page notes: “Although hardly known by most modern Latinists” Because Church Latin does not use accent marks.

    “Distinctions of vowel length became less important in later Latin and
    have ceased to be phonemic in the modern Romance languages, in which the
    previous long and short versions of the vowels have been either lost or
    replaced by other phonetic contrasts.”

  • Yes there are. Look very closely. You didn’t even read the article I linked, did you?

    You know how to really tell it’s fake Latin? It even uses Claudian letters!
    (*Hint: it’s NOT fake Latin)

  • 1. I linked to the actual article – you only linked to the picture. 2. I proved how the articles themselves make it clear that Church Latin did not use them.

  • I linked you to the official Latin Roman Missal, i.e. the Mass. That is how official Church Latin would look. The use of false declination and improper accent marks is telling.

  • That is how official Church Latin would look.

    Nobody claimed the excerpt above was “official Church Latin”. I took issue with your statement that Latin has no diacritical marks, which is patently false. Modern Latin does not employ them, but back in the day… Latin looked rather different, didn’t it?

  • This misguided Pope has cause the death of many innocent Christian and continues to not acknowledge the role he is playing in the destruction of the Church. Policies that lead to the deaths of thousands of innocent is far more serious than fiscal or theology discussions. Now he wishes to end any criticism of his misguided actions by saying its the work of the devil.

  • This pope is an argentine. he believes that the falkland islands belong to argentina.
    The church, and it’s leaders are not judges on disputed borders, historical ownership,or pontificate on worldwide political order and practice until it comes into the sphere of Church order or worship.
    This pope went to the school of argentine management an has come our different…….hopes he corrects himself….or his Boss talks to him

  • Which Tridentine Mass? Do you mean the Missa Cantata? or the
    Missa lecta? Or one of the other two of the official forms of the “Tridentine” in addition to the dozens of other official variants approved pre-Vatican II?

  • A prayer of exorcism would be in Church Latin. It would not be in Pre 500AD Latin.

    You might as well state that American English really uses accent marks because Europe uses them.

  • A child article that ignores the parent article’s properly putting it into context.

    Bull-excrement. An article that perfectly explains everything.

  • It is invalid because it is not in Latin? Even though the Mass was originally in Greek for 500 years? The word “Vulgate” comes from “Vulgar” or common tongue. It was adopted because Latin was more common than Greek and it allowed for standardization during a time that production of manuscripts and documents was limited.

  • You do realize that the Latin Roman Missal wasn’t promulgated as a standard until the Protestant Reformation was beginning, right?

  • Yet I found a quote that undermines your claim. It is odd how you are attempting to “win” this point when your whole purpose was to try to justify that the fake Latin “looked real” to you. It has already been proven that it is not Church Latin, even if you wish to try to deal with a completely different type of Latin. By the way, the Latin that you mention didn’t have spaces and often lacked vowels, so the article you cited is quite misleading.

  • Actually, English does use some diacritical marks, though they tend to be considered optional in contemporary writing. You are very naïve about such things, aren’t you?

    They didn’t have prayers of exorcism before the year 500?

  • Fiscal issue are easily fixed by a Pope. Policy that cause Islamists Terrorists to grow unabated are destroying innocent Christians by lack of firm policy and awareness that Islam is destructive and evil. The very reason we are Christian is more to the issue and he aids the Islamists Terrorist at the peril of anyone who is a Christian around the world. They are not safe to practice their faith.
    The Pope attacks the very people who wish to stop the terrorist.
    Money issue are easily fixed but lives and churches destroyed are never going to return in our lifetime.

  • It is odd how you are attempting to “win” this point when your whole
    purpose was to try to justify that the fake Latin “looked real” to you.
    It has already been proven that it is not Church Latin, even if you wish
    to try to deal with a completely different type of Latin.

    No, you’re the one spinning things. First you decried it as some “mix of Italian and Latin” and now you’ve dropped that argument and spun back to “well, it’s not proper Church Latin”. Make up your mind. I also don’t have to declare what I have “won” or “proved” because it’s obvious to the reader.

  • This might help you: “Latin” is mostly Church Latin. What you are linking to is Old Latin or Classical Latin (different types).

  • The Catholic Church is not the UN. It only has authority over Catholics. Blaming Catholics for Islam is like blaming a baker because you forgot to get an oil change.

  • “This last kind of resistance hides behind words of self-justification
    and often accusation,” he said. “It takes refuge in traditions,
    appearances, formalities, in the familiar, or else in a desire to make
    everything personal, failing to distinguish between the act, the actor
    and the action.”

    In other words, according to the Pope, it’s all evil unless he says it isn’t. How convenient. Sorta sounds…..evil, doesn’t he.

  • It would hardly be considered “eurocentric” since Queen’s English has also depreciated such ornaments. But they are not wrong to use. And my examples here are just like the Latin apex, in that they’re pronunciation hints. And they’re certainly not pretentious unless one is already a prude. But I guess you’ve proved that… you being so learnëd and all!

  • Britain is still part of Europe until Brexit goes through. But beyond that, they aren’t the only English speakers there.

  • The current Pope is a useful tool for the Globalists for the time being. Their ultimate goal is to have only one world religion, and the god of that religion is the government.

  • So? You said it was Italian and Latin. And you were wrong. I am sure I agree with you in that it wouldn’t be written that way today, but that was not your original refutation.

  • It was good to see you speak the truth and stand your ground here.

    It has stood out to me for years the warning that satan himself masquerades as an angel of light, which I took both literally and metaphorically (evil in general masquerading as good). I also noticed how Jesus’ big thing as far as being an unpardonable sin was blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, and in the context I read it, if I remember right it was the pharisees trying to convince people that the works of Jesus were really the works of satan. Then as far as what I read about the anti-Christ deceiving the world into thinking he is some sort of holy messiah type figure. And then all of these warnings in the Bible about how vulnerable humans are to being deceived, and how both God and satan will test humans in this manner.

    There was just so much emphasis on how much deception there is and would be, I mean if satan itself is behind most of the deception then it’s going to be severe and extremely difficult for humans to recognize, but this is followed by the even greater emphasis that people just need to focus on Jesus and have a spiritual relationship with him. Like overall it seemed to be spelled out very clearly, i.e. there will be tons of deception, so focus on Jesus.

    I think a lot of the people who shy away from this simply don’t really have faith that he is even real, like they debate the semantics of the scripture and go through the motions and say the stuff, but there is no relationship, because there is no faith that he is real. But he is, and the Holy Spirit can grant clarity for simple things that are made complex through mortal illusions. Like this debate was quite obviously a matter of the pope vs Jesus when it comes down to it, and obviously Jesus wins by default, boom and done.

  • This Pope should take heed lest he fall. He confuses his own Argentinian Marxist views with the Gospel. THAT’S why millions of Catholics and other Christian denominations resist and reject him. He’s the emperor who has no clothes, yet he’s too blind to see. God tells us to resist anyone who preaches a false gospel. It can be argued that HE’S the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • You are wrong again. Great Britain will always be a part of Europe, because Europe is a continent. Great Britain is set to leave the European Union, which is not “Europe.”

    England originated the English language. All other Englishes are deviations of that in one way or another. American English is actually a purer form of older Queen’s English since British English evolved in ways that American English did not, after we left.

  • That is true. But I could write The Lord’s Prayer in Old English, and you would come along and say “that is not English!”

  • No, I was not wrong. The declanations are wrong, and no, he did not take the accent marks from Old or Classical Latin. It has no provenance within the Church and was thrown together to be Latinish.

  • San: Where in the Bible did Jesus “make it clear” that the Apostles were to choose successors who would retain authority?

  • Language and Language Standards are cultural and political, not fixated on continents. It seems like you can’t even keep up with your own statements.Plus, the term you are looking for is “variant.”

  • It is almost that he is calling for reeducation camps for those that don’t genuflect at the altar of his extremist political and economic ideology. The idea that progressives are now championing him is absurd since at least in the US, progressives despise people of faith and will use him and then turn on him in a NY minute when he no longer is a useful agent of their treachery.

  • I knew it! I called it!
    That’s like saying, “A fetus is not a person. That’s why it’s called FETUS and not BABY.”

  • True; it began its demise then but you could still find decent liberal professors in the eighties. Not any more. Everything has hardened into something unrecognizable.

  • I don’t see why you would say that, since I am keeping up with my statements—and yours—just fine. But you should know that the unique position of the monarchy in commonwealth nation states gives “proper, Queen’s English” a decisive role in how English rolls.

    But I am just a “liberal thug” …what do I know. Right?

  • You are evading my question. By the way, just because the Apostles did something, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was the right thing to do. Remember the early Christians put all their worldly goods in a common ownership, and look where that got them. They had to rely on Paul’s church plant donations to pay the bills. Also, what ever happened to the fellow they chose to replace Judas? Perhaps he wasn’t God’s choice, or perhaps God didn’t want Judas replaced.

  • As usual this comment section has broken down in minutia and competing Bible verses. The core issue here is the Pope’s assertion that anyone against his edicts is in league with the devil. A sure sign of a megalomaniac, smitten with his own feeling of infallibility. He, and he alone is deciding who is against him for honest reasons and who is not. Typical tactics of a police state. This is a serious flaw in any leader. He speaks of humility yet his words show him to be anything but humble. This “my way or the highway” attitude will lead to terrible fractioning of the church body and certain ruin.

  • The bankers stole money from the “church” which stole it from the people in the first place. I might have more sympathy for them if they were operating out of a back room at the local 7-11, but they aren’t. They exist in lavish accommodations in a governmental body owned and run by them. The upper crust of the Catholic Church lives well. Talk about a conflict of interest. How much of the Vatican’s wealth actually trickles down to the poor? How much is locked up in the Vatican’s treasury in the form of art work and precious metals and jewels?

  • Psychological projection. This Pope is likely elected with lots of help from the Devil. He is a Catholic-in-name-only.

  • the pope is the devils anti-christ puppet, The pope is the force of satanic evil. marxism, cultural-marxism, is the operating satanic strategy. The marxist pope is a demonic liar.

  • Well I do know that it is indisputable historical fact that the Latin Rite was declared the perpetual Rite of Worship of the Roman Catholic Church FOR ALL TIME by the Council of Trent in 1570 which also declared anathema on ANY cleric or layman who sought to substantially modify or ‘reform’ it. This is from whence originated the term ‘Tridentine’ Mass. The Council of Trent formalized the teaching on the Latin Rite that had been in place for many centuries before Luther’s and Henry 8th’s respective revolts i.e. the Council of Trent introduced no innovations – Protestant or otherwise – into the structure and formulae of the Latin Mass.
    Exactly 400 years later in 1970 the corrupt modernist Paul 6th along with his modernist ‘theologians’managed to almost completely wipe out the Tridentine Mass by unilaterally implementing the Novus Ordo rite despite having no legitimate authority to do so. And it has been a high speed tobaggan run of destruction for both Church and secular society since then.

  • How could you expect less from the “Vicarius Christi” ? As the Catholic dogma states quite clearly the Pope is Vicar of Christ,.the very earthly representative of God or Christ,.and apparently Rome believes it not in a vague stumbling repentant sinner fashion as regular lowly Christians who still make mistakes in Christ’s service,.but in his edicts the Pope the Catholic Church believes is God’s direct representative on Earth,.. and just like God,..when delivering special edicts is infallible. I suppose that if you really believe that their are only to ways to mentally handle it,.submit to a nervous breakdown,..or become a megalomaniac.

  • Yes, rhetoric, meaning the words one chooses to deal with different situations. Yes, there are many harsh words in the bible, as well as gentle ones. Where we apply each makes a difference.

  • Do not get bamboozled by the Modernists. It is Lucifer who in fact leads them!

    Who are we to believe? Jesus Christ, John The Baptist, St Paul, all Holy Saints and all his predecessors for 2000 years or Pope Francis? I’m going with Jesus Christ and his friends…

    The Pope’s fundamental job is the same as Jesus Christ’s mandate to Peter, “confirming the brethren in the faith” not to disorient, confuse, destabilize and mislead.
    John 10: 1-15

  • I don’t know what the hell the “RNS” is,..I don’t support LGBT or any other sites that hate the Catholic Church. I simply am disgusted to hear the Pope talk,..and talk,..and talk from his grand palace and spew non-sense one of many examples is when I saw him go it Israel,..he went visit the anti-suicide wall (which has greatly reduced the murdering of Israelis as well as others) and then stated he feels bad about it,..then as soon as he gets back to the Vatican palace he proclaims that the Vatican now recognizes Palestine as a State,.the Palestinian government has never recognized the State of Israel and declares repeatedly it never will,..further more they have sworn to destroy it! In spite of this,..he recognizes them. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this guy,…

  • A modernist American folk Christian will not understand you. They essentially worship American Jesus and know nothing of the King’s Bride.

  • In the above debate between Mya and San, Mya wins. Love and Truth flowed from your words Mya. San, to retort in a different language confirms the fallacy of your argument and it sounds like your putting the church and apostles ahead of a personal relationship with Christ.
    Bearingman…..your lost as hogan’s goat man! But correct in saying the Catholic Church is one true religion, but that religion won’t get you in Heaven, only a true relationship with Jesus will, as Mya spoke of. No man, past or present, and no church, Catholic or otherwise will save you. Only Jesus.

  • BOOM!
    The most powerful Dandelion I have ever…well…heard, anyway
    Merry Christmas and we’ll done Dandelion!


    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE
    problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white
    country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan,
    but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing
    in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY
    white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e.,
    intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem
    would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought
    into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE
    problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of
    genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable
    conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Yea….I thought this Pope was going to be a great agent of biblical needed change for the church. Not a environmental wacko, and Liberal/Socialist girly man. He needed to clean up the corruption in the hierarchy and do what Christ taught. Now he says the opposite of what Jesus taught. He is making the Catholic church a social experiment for deviants. Seriously, what a nut job. He ‘s a socialist bleeding heart liberal. The Curia is just plain corrupt. And the good Catholic people are being ill served by the lot of them. Confusion in the camp….where does that come from Pope Francis? The father of confusion. And right now it seems he has YOU in his grips. God help us all.

  • Sounds like something the devil would say. His inane and insane compulsion to maintain his political vanities has made him a slave no different than someone with gold fever.
    I wonder if he gave the same advice to people being hunted by the government during the Dirty War.

  • Not being Catholic I don’t have a dog in this fight, but much of what the Pope has said seems reasonable to me. There has long been an internecine struggle within the RCC between staunch traditionalists, and the “modernizers,” I think the fact remains that there are legitimate criticisms to be made of and from both camps. Jesus Himself warned of dead(ly) traditions, at the same time, change should be approached with caution and adopted only when it is confirmed by scripture

  • If you think somebody besides Christ has the power to forgive sin, and you think you get that from the Bible, you need to go back and read it again. Apostles teaching anything other than the power of Christ, are not apostles.

  • Now that’s the REAL Satan. Right there. The Bolshevik in the white garb. Pretending to be the Vicar of Christ.

  • Freemason here. The “Freemasons” have not taken over the Vatican. The Bolsheviks / atheists have.

  • People buy what the mainstream media FILTH writes. Those people are like a 4yr olds,come on even a first grader can Google

  • I want my church back. Let us all stand together. This is totally control and mind control folks. NOTE: some churches have the crucifix off of the alter, some churches have the stations of the cross gone TAKE OUR CHURCH BACK.

  • Resistance to reforms is the devil? Interesting. There’s a difference between truth and tolerance, and it’s a lesson Frankie needs to learn.

  • It doesn’t get any clearer than that. I really hope the American CIA trots out some serious dirt on this guy for his participation in the S. American communist and Jesuit uprising in the 1980’s that murdered thousands of Christians.

  • Hi Thomas – Ralph might now be aware of how inaccurate he was being when he made that comparison. I trust he would take Scarsdale if the choice arises. I hope it isn’t an issue for him.

  • When Jesus returns, you’re going to find out how wrong you’ve been all of your life. You can’t honestly believe that a church “founded by God” would end up infested by pedophile priests. No, Jesus told us that knowing who he was (and the key to salvation) was the knowledge given to them by God himself, not knowledge given to them by flesh and blood. The Roman Catholic church is turning themselves into the modern day Pharisees. Take heed and seek God, not man. Unfortunately, by stating that any particular church is the only way, you’re confirming your faith in man and not Jesus.

  • The pope should take his own advice … misguided by the devil. Seriously. God Bless Cardinal Burke. Pope Francis is a damn globalist.

  • This pope is a communist first and catholic third or fourth. I have no use for him and pay no attention to his politically inspired rants

  • Not in the Catholic church! Any religion that places a man (priest) as the mediator between us and God is not from God. Jesus died so that those that believe in him and place their faith in him for salvation, can stand before God as if they were sinless. Therefore, we do not need a priest or confession, we can go direct to God. The Catholic church also deifies Mary, which is outright blasphemy. Catholicism is a legalistic religion, and is just a variation of what the Pharisees of Jesus’ day practiced and which Jesus abhorred. Sadly, many of the protestant religions are just as legalistic. Faith in Christ is the only thing that can save a person, religion cannot save, works cannot save, saying a prayer cannot save…only faith in Jesus and his sacrifice can save.

    Jesus has been found by men in isolated jail cells with nothing more than a bible, so to answer your question, find a bible, pray for God to reveal Himself, and He will guide you to truth, which, most likely, will involve meeting a true believer that can help.

  • “The Sabbath was the end of the first creation, the Lord’s day was the beginning of the second, in which he renewed and restored the old in the same way as he prescribed that they should formerly observe the Sabbath as a memorial of the end of the first things, so we honor the Lord’s day as being the memorial of the new creation.” (On Sabbath and Circumcision 3 [A.D. 345]) – Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria

  • I am a Mason, and we have not taken over the Vatican. we do not profess one religion over another only that you have a belief in God or a higher being, we encompass all religions and faiths so get off the internet and do some real research before you start spouting off misinformation. it only makes you look a fool.

  • This demon is the most satanically inspired pope in modern times.
    After John Paul II, a staunch anti-communist, how in the world did the
    church wind up with a socialist commie rat?

  • I’m sure you investigate, please go read on Google or on YouTube you can watch Father Paul Kramer and Father Malachi Martin, among others, who more than clearly point out to even the slightest open mind the illegitimacy of the second sister Lucy and of the Third Secret. I agree on one point, “Don’t twist the words of an apparition like that”

  • I too would recommend that people investigate your luciferian religion. Freemasonry does NOT stand up to scrutiny.
    Come OUT from among them, or share their part in the Lake of Fire. Just as Al Capone and Pablo Escobar masked their evil deeds with good ones, Freemasonry is rotten to the core. Dig below the surface to discover their festering wicked intentions.

  • Pope Francis supports the current marxist government in his home country of Argentina as well as Venezuela’s despite the untold suffering they have caused.

  • Talk about Satan at work in the Vatican…..research the Jesuit history. A seriously evil bunch of dudes.

  • HLH probably believes what he writes. I would guess that he is either a low level ignorant or an enlightened deceiver. Dear HLH, I learned everything I needed to know from Mackey’s leather bound encyclopedia of freemasonry. You fellows are rather fond of Lucifer. Full stop.

  • Socialists, whether they wear the brown shirt of a fascist, the green shirt of a communist, or are veiled in a priest’s vestments, are a threat to liberty, human rights and enlightened government. They must be confronted and resisted.

  • The Pope has a lot to say about a lot of things; however, he rarely (if ever) condemns the kleptocratic governments that are the source of much of the world’s hardships. It’s easy to condemn “rich” countries that “don’t do enough” to feed, clothe, and house the masses of “immigrants” flooding Europe and Australia from poor, violent Muslim countries. What’s difficult is to condemn those psychopathic governments that created the environment that caused these people to flee their countries in the first place. Same with the northward migration of Central and South American “immigrants” into the United States. If the governments of these “immigrants” decimated the drug cartels, upgraded public educations systems, fostered a climate of economic opportunity, and created programs to assist those citizens that can’t help themselves, the migrations would end. THAT is where Pope Francis should focus his proselytizing if he truly wants to make the world a better place.

  • Curia, don’t turn away from Jesus. Those that are trying to get you to do so are the work of the Devil.

  • Growing up in South America causes him to see everything as a class struggle. Jesus preached to individuals, not classes. Salvation is individual, not collective.

  • The greatest take-away from 2016? Diabolical Narcissism’s (the Devil’s) greatest
    weapon: The Left projects (gas-lighting) its sins onto, and then accuses and
    thus labels those of us who resist. I believe Bergoglio is to the Seat of Peter, exactly what Obama is to the Oval Office…a complete fraud and worse. The American People have just repudiated the latter, leaving the former about his mischief!

  • I don’t know what conspiracy theory you are buying into. Freemasonry is NOT a religion. It is the world’s oldest fraternity which practices such tenants as brotherly love, benevolent charity and truth.

  • So, according to Pope Francis, all of the members and the hierachy who oppose this man’s idea of changing the RCC into nothing but a lefty social club were inspired by the Devil. All those who wish to
    hold the line on church teachings, and don’t want to give away the doctrinal store, are the bad guys in
    this situation. Everyone, inside and outside, who has stood up for biblical truth and eternal morality got that idea from the Pit. Protestants and Catholics alike, who have tried to warn the world about the false teachings of this Argentinian Socialist, are doing the work of Satan. THAT one statement, alone, proves beyond doubt that the EXACT OPPOSITE is the truth of the matter. I’m not Catholic, but I hurt for that church suffering under this sad, small, sick man. May God see fit to remove him before he does even further damage to the RCC, biblical truth, cristendom, and the West. That is this Protestant’s prayer.

  • And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and stood up for to read. Luke 4:16

  • I don’t know. From a certain point of view, it’s rather odd that we’ve asked Popes to serve until literally their death. If Benedict’s greatest acheivement is help more firmly establish, in a very public way, the human side of the Papacy, that’s a good thing.

    From what I’ve read, it does seem like Benedict knew a Pope like Francis was coming. I’m not sure though, that he thought it would be right after him, after his own short tentue. I think he genuinely physically was not up to the job of international travel, etc. Less strategic and more extremely unfortunate.

    And agreed, Francis and Obama seem to share strongly narcissistic tendencies. The bureaucracy will be able to manage and resist for a while. However, the longer they’re allowed to make decisions the more rot of poor, erratic decision making will infect their beurcratic structures. Obama at least had a guaranteed end date. Francis, well he’s relatively young and in good health.

  • I am sure the Pope praises comrade Obama for allowing 500,000 children and innocents to get bombed and gassed in Syria – just so that “US imperialism is contained”.

  • As a Catholic who attended a prep seminary and joined Voice of the Faithful several years ago as a result of the pedophile scandal, I’m constantly dismayed by Pope Francis. His leftist liberation theology is alienating many, many Catholics, and now he’s equating people that disagree with him with Satan? WOW.

  • Jovet, no. If you are asked to speak English and you speak Old English, you would clearly be in the wrong. Middle English evolved from Old English, making many alterations just as Early Modern English did the same to Middle English.

  • Hi Billy – Malachi Martin wrote the definitive work on the issue. That they are demonically compromised is beyond dispute. The Jesuits have followed the path toward perdition over the past 100 years or so. Before that they were responsible for the establishment of the Church Jesus founded in the Apostles throughout much of the world.

  • DNTME, your assumption is that the Church “stole,” which cannot be any definition of the word. Trick? Possibly. But saying that the bankers actually stealing that money entrusted to the Church would be even more wrong.

    It is clear that your socialistic tendencies are the basis for your hatred.

  • Actually, no. It was declared the official, but there were over 100 official rites accepted at that time (the Ambrosian Rite, for instance). Then, there are multiple versions of the “official” rite. Your understanding is that of someone who never actually experienced pre-Vatican II or understand that there was no true “standard” then.

    It is also odd how you think that a decision in 1570 as a response to the Reformation would be more legitimate than a decision in the 1900s. That would only be 300 years versus the 1570 years before then.

  • Cleanthes, you seek to condemn those who use the Bible to promote very clear and necessary things. That really exposes a problem with you.

  • John 20:23 “ἄν τινων ἀφῆτε τὰς ἁμαρτίας ἀφέωνται αὐτοῖς: ἄν τινων κρατῆτε, κεκράτηνται.”

    literally: “When YOU forgive men’s sins, they ARE forgiven”

    Why do you think you know more than Christ?

  • This strange Jesuit Bishop of Rome, Francis-1, elected by a brood of self-perpetuating liberal Cardinal-Advisors, quite apparently seeks to convert the Church to a political tool of the eventual “One World” of the “New Order”? With obvious heresy boldly in motion, a “New-Church” can be discerned with a new mission very foreign to the 2100-year tradition of Catholicism, as passed on to us by the apostles and disciples of Our Divine Master, Jesus Christ. Current events in Vatican City do not stand the test of truth as we have known it. History has so many examples of diabolic turmoil in the Church—one leading to the Great Western Schism (1378-1417), begun with the sudden display of mental illness of Pope Urban VI —concerning secular disputes, regarding authority of “College of Cardinals” vs. Papal, rather than direct doctrinal issues). The current strange behavior of Pope Bergoglio indicates a schism, though undeclared?

  • But as I said this confusion never happened with Benedict. Ever. We have had bad Popes before. I think it’s important to recognize. I haven’t made up my mind yet nor is it relevant to my own commitment to the Church and my salvation. I am leaning toward this is not a good Pope. Benedict was a good Pope.

  • You are confused. The Catholic Church is the Church Christ founded. This is a matter of history not faith.

  • Then you didn’t pay a lot of attention. Anti-Catholic trolling happened all the time. There is little difference between Benedict and Francis, except that the media’s attack plan was to constantly try to connect Benedict to the Nazis and other type of scandals. The Media knows that Francis is too popular for such things to work so they have to try to lie to trick people. Look up Catholic Spring – the attempt to hijack the media to alter people’s perception of the Church. RNS is run by pro-LGBT liberals who hate the Catholic Church.

  • Italian obfuscating that fact by being from South America. “Peter the roman” is what he is shaping up to be from the Malachi prophesy.

  • Well your arrogance and condescension certainly don’t make up for your ignorance.
    You are either lacking historical facts or you are knowingly spreading misinformation.
    The Latin Rite that was codified by the Council of Trent as the PERPETUAL RITE OF WORSHIP of the Roman Catholic Church contained the structure, liturgy and formulae that had been in place since the earliest days of the Church. There were some stylistic and other variations within the Latin Rite but these did not materially differ in fundamental substance. Any changes over time reflected refinement that was carefully directed by the Holy Ghost.
    The Novus Ordo on the other hand was a complete break with the Latin Rite. It wasn’t just a careful modification or simply a translation into the vernacular, it substantially altered or destroyed fundamental elements of the Rite of Worship that had its origins with the Apostles. Most egregious of the many heretical innovations of the Novus Ordo is the ‘Eucharistic’ rite which is such a radical departure in formula and concept as to render the transubstantiation null and void.
    The Novus Ordo was the result of centuries of effort by Christ’s enemies to destroy the Mass. What the Freemasons, Talmudists, and Protestants couldn’t accomplish from outside the Church, they finally accomplished by capturing the Papacy in 1958 and installing anti-popes who embraced and promoted the synthesis of all heresies – modernism.

  • So funny to read the huge spate of comments, all posted at about the same time, all attacking the Pope for not being their kind of catholic. Or reading between the thinly disguised lines, for not being the RIGHT sort of politician.

    I’m no fan of this pope, or any pope, except possibly for the late lamented JPI. This pope is far to the right of him. And he is certainly better than the last two.

    But here we go again. The Only True Christians (TM) attacking the Other True Christians (TM) for not being Christian enough. Religion sure does seem to make some people better. And it sure does seem to make a lot of people worse.

  • What an egotistical politician! So, any opposition to Francis’ agenda is of the devil? How about those decades of pedophelia by priests, were they not of the devil? I suppose we should just forget about that biggie!

    Violating the innocence of children can’t be so offhandedly excused by the institution that covered it up for so long. Christ himself spoke to this: He said, regarding these little ones, “it would be better if a millstone were tied about their neck, and they were cast into the sea!”

  • Edward, read these comments and understand that these are people who have gone off the cliff of right wing world views and authoritarianism.

  • Reading the viciousness, authoritarianism, divorce from reality, compassion, reason, and vitriol directed at the [pope by this sudden influx of extreme wingers…
    can I just flag the entire post?

  • This has always been a problem in the church. It goes back at least 1000 years.
    It is not Francis’s fault.

  • Someone posted this below:

    “As usual this comment section has broken down in minutia and competing Bible verses. The core issue here is the Pope’s assertion that anyone against his edicts is in league with the devil. A sure sign of a megalomaniac, smitten with his own feeling of infallibility. He, and he alone is deciding who is against him for honest reasons and who is not. Typical tactics of a police state. This is a serious flaw in any leader. He speaks of humility yet his words show him to be anything but humble. This “my way or the highway” attitude will lead to terrible fractioning of the church body and certain ruin.”

    As usual with the hyper-religious, hyper conservative authoritarians, there is never a mirror around when they need it.

  • As is your worldview.
    But, as a gay man, I just want ot let you know:
    Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean we’re not out to get you.

  • the francis pushing loyola is like the obama pushing mohammad.
    the vatican created and propagated islam to glorify their god
    satan and they have been very successful it that and in covering
    up the facts. popes are like presidents…they pledge allegiance to
    the same flag or die resisting. they live off the same power source.
    when that is terminated…off to hell they go. they both don’t just
    look stupid.

  • It is clear that “nomoredoublespeak” doesn’t realize that there were over 100 different acceptable forms of Latin mass after the Council of Trent established a unified Roman Missal. They also don’t understand that there are multiple forms of mass under the Roman Missal. Too often, those who promote the “Tridentine Mass” have no clue that the name refers to four very different standard masses, and completely different daily masses.

    The “Latin Rite” refers to the Western Catholic Rite as opposed to the Eastern Rite, which is still deemed acceptable.

    The statements produced by those like nomoredoublespeak are fake attempts at “tradition” that are clueless. Instead, they are liberal talking points promoted by the Catholic Spring types to sow dissension within the Catholic Church.

  • ” By the way, just because the Apostles did something, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was the right thing to do.” Pyramid clearly never read the Gospel of John where Jesus gave the Apostles the ability to make religious decrees. Oops.

  • You can see how this pope is strong-arming his flock into accepting his evil gutting of their religion; I call it evil from the standpoint that he is taking out any small semblance of actually following Jesus Christ that it used to have, such that followers will actually end up belonging to a “church” that embraces any and all religions of the world. This is the global “church” of which he plans to be the head, thus controlling the world for the globalists. If you read about the history of the jesuits, you learn that they were brutal murderers with absolutely no mercy and with an agenda to control the world.

  • no; the jesuits were established at around the time of the protestant reformation, as the group that would supposedly end that movement through the murder of all protestants and anyone suspected of not being a loyal catholic; also, of course, non-christians would be murdered.

  • he’s evil for much much much much more than just that; there are plenty of authors out there that are telling the truth about this jesuit man

  • San, I see you’re still at it. I applaud your persistence, However, I must mention something to you, something that has not yet been “explored” here on this tiny forum, but that I think is pivotal. Yes, there were “successors” to the apostles. However, the contention, only by the rcc, that Peter was the first “bishop” of Rome, and thus started the succession of roman bishops, leading to the present pope, is in fact incorrect. It is merely catholic tradition, first suggested by eusebius based on hearsay, but no one ever actually recorded that Peter was ensconced in Rome in any official church capacity, though there is some evidence that he died there. You won’t find a scrap of indication from any of the epistles that he was there; what you mostly get from the Book of Acts and the letters, inlcuding Peter’s letters, is that Peter was sent to minister to the Jewish believers. If you carefully read Acts, Romans, Galatians, and I and II Peter, you will have to ascertain that there is absolutely nothing to connect him with Rome. And that’s where the argument falls down–that the rcc is the church started by Jesus or the apostles; the rcc was started in the early 300’s, mostly with the help of constantine, and after he died, the roman bishop of the time took his title -“pontificus maximus”.
    thus, as Mya was trying to say to you, if you are really following Jesus and His Word, you will abandon a behemoth institution that actually deceives you and keeps you from really knowing and following God.

  • Bishop of Rome is an honorary title. The actual Bishop who covered the area wasn’t the Pope, but it was a title used to denote those who were covering the Roman Empire.

  • Bishop was a term that replaced “elder”, the term mostly used by the early church to denote their leadership. So, the bishop of Rome, who never was Peter, eventually took over leadership of the whole church by establishing himself as “the main guy” over the objections of most of the established church at the time; that is in fact recorded by historians.

  • You should also read Acts of the Apostles and the interaction between Paul and Peter over who runs the Church. Your literal placement of Rome the City is a bit silly.

  • Trolling? I don’t think so. But I’m happy that you do, because once again, the True Christians (TM) prove my point for me.

    RNS is a news service about religion: ALL RELIGION. Not just yours, not just conservative Christianity’s, not just Christianity, not just your particular flavor of your particular religion.

    Personally, if I were Jesus, I would be appalled at what Christian people are spewing in this article’s comments about other Christian people.

    But then, I’m an atheist, and I have standards.

  • that’s the problem right there! You are relying on the church fathers, by which you mean catholic theologians. You must carefully study the bible, looking for the truth, and asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten you as to its meaning.

  • No. Bishop was used every early on. It is derived from shepherd, as Jesus made it clear that the Apostles were to lead the sheep.

    And the leader of the church as titled Bishop of Rome (not the city), not the other way around.

  • Ben is claiming that RNS is not funded by pro-LGBT groups, which RNS does not deny. That is the very definition of trolling.

  • Seeing as how the Church fathers are the only source discussing the issue, you either accept them or you don’t. If you chose to not accept them, you have nothing in return to prove they were wrong. You merely chose not to.

    Thus, you posit yourself over them, which shows that you are worshipping your self.

  • St. Clement (a Pope) talks about the status in the 90s. Ignatious of Antioch talks about the Pope in 110s. Irenaeus talks about the Pope in the 160s. Tertullian mentions the Pope in 225. St. Stephen I (a Pope) writes about the history of Popes in 250s. There are many others.

  • your statemtn belies the fact that you haven’t read the bible; in the book of acts, you do find, in the early part, that peter played no small role in church leadership, and he even seemed to be somewhat their “leader”, though it was never said anywhere. However, in Acts there is no conversation between Peter and Paul; he merely mentions Peter later, when he is talking to a group, wherein he explains how God commissioned him to the gentiles, and also commissioned Peter to the jews. Also, he mentions what was brought up in his letter to the galatians,namely, that he had to stand up against peter for wrong principles.

  • You do not need to meet to have interaction. You clearly never picked up Acts of the Apostles or you would see that the two play a vital role in developing the Church together.

  • I’ll spell it properly for you: St Clement, who was recognised by the rcc as a saint, but was actually a bishop, not a pope. As I stated, the bishops did not start calling themselves popes until after constantine’s death.

  • Acts 15: ” παραγενόμενοι δὲ
    εἰς Ἰερουσαλὴμ παρεδέχθησαν ἀπὸ τῆς ἐκκλησίας καὶ τῶν ἀποστόλων καὶ τῶν
    πρεσβυτέρων, ἀνήγγειλάν τε ὅσα ὁ θεὸς ἐποίησεν μετ’ αὐτῶν.” Paul meets with the Apostles in Jerusalem. ”
    πολλῆς δὲ ζητήσεως γενομένης ἀναστὰς Πέτρος
    εἶπεν πρὸς αὐτούς, ἄνδρες ἀδελφοί, ὑμεῖς ἐπίστασθε ὅτι ἀφ’ ἡμερῶν
    ἀρχαίων ἐν ὑμῖν ἐξελέξατο ὁ θεὸς διὰ τοῦ στόματός μου ἀκοῦσαι τὰ ἔθνη
    τὸν λόγον τοῦ εὐαγγελίου καὶ πιστεῦσαι:” Peter spoke to Paul.

  • Pope is “Il Papa,” the Father. The title was shared by most bishops and casually used. The Bishop of Rome was always a position held sacred regardless of nick names or titles. The fact that you didn’t even know Acts of the Apostle 15 makes it clear Peter talks to Paul shows you are an atheist troll.

  • Dont say silly, ridicuous things such as your last statement- you want to keep intelligent discussion alive, don’t you?
    The early church fathers included those that were “into Rome and constantine”, such as Eusebius, and those that were more “objective”. Eusebius is a historian on whom much of catholic tradition depends; however, when you read his stuff, you see that he was in fact biased (as are all human beings), and based a lot of his “facts’ on hearsay and conjecture. This is another example of what Mya was trying to say, that dependance on humans is foolish, when looking for the Truth. The bible comes the closest to be “infallable” as a source of truth

  • You didn’t know that Peter and Paul spoke to each other in Acts 15. You clearly don’t know anything that you are speaking about.

    I cited letters from writers 200 years before Eusebius. Your fake attempt to rewrite history is laughable.

  • I am so happy that now atheistic trolls are anticipated to encourage people to read the bible and ask The Holy Spirit to enlighten their reading!! That’s progress!

  • You didn’t know that Peter and Paul spoke to each other in Acts 15. Your atheist anti-Christian hatred knows no bounds.

  • Do you consider it “christian love and humility” to not warn other christians that they are being deceived by their “leaders” and led away from God?

  • I seem to recall that every cult leader has used this same control tactic on their “flock”, namely consigning them to hell if they oppose his leadership in any way.

  • HLH how would you know anything which has gone on in the last 46 years at the vatican masonry is a pyramid with secrets. do you honestly think they will tell you. us catholics who know our church are better prepared to understand what has happened and yes its a masonic take over. btw did you know that top mason and writer of the book morals and dogma(the masonic bible) Alexander pike. said i quote the masonic God is lucifer. next time your in your money orientated luciferian lodge go read it.

  • No, I consider it Christian (of a sort) arrogance and hubris to presume to know the relationship of god with anyone else on the planet, to assume that your particular and peculiar version of god is the only true and valid one, to damn other people and faiths because they don’t measure up to your entirely too human and sinful standards and according to your own obviously myopic spiritual vision, and to otherwise refuse to do as Jesus bade you– to mind your own business and too look after the state of your own soul…

    Before presuming any of the above.

    But then, I’m an atheist. ?????

  • …“there are also cases of malicious resistance, which spring up in
    misguided minds and come to the fore when the devil inspires ill
    intentions (often cloaked in sheep’s clothing)”, said the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • You’re shittin’ me, right?
    OK. Fine.
    Are ANY OF THOSE IN THE UPPER ROOM still alive?
    You’re stuck in some weird “defend at all costs” mode.
    Let me spell it out for you, once and for all-THERE ARE NO MORE WHO HAVE THAT POWER ALIVE TODAY.

  • You think that the only way to prove the gift of the Holy Spirit is through miracles? You definitely aren’t any kind of Christian.

  • It is clear that “De’Plorable” is just an anti-Christian liberal shill who wants to just spread nonsense and hate.

  • The Pope is fighting for the “One World Government”. I hope the Conservative Catholics refuse to unite with his policies and agenda.

  • The man called Francis is false, a deceiver, a heretic. He will soon fire the few brave Cardinals that dare question his malignant rule. This is the last Pope Fatima warned about. The man is not a Pope. He is a devil.

  • You are correct, Mya View, no man, no spirit, absolutely anything, or anyone has dominion over Jesus. The Pope is Christ’s representitive here on earth. Not everything the Pope says is infallible when he speaks, BUT whatever the church has taught over the last 2000 yrs., is inspired by God, not man! God is perfect love, perfect truth and what He inspires in the teachers, and the prophets, and the Doctors of the Catholic Church, come from Him, and no man! Yes, there have been, and probably are now, pedophile and gay priests and Bishops, and maybe Cardinals as well. They will be judged by God. His justice is always truly just, and I believe in my heart that they will be judged unfit for Heaven, and condemed to eternity in Hell. The Catholic Church is NOT ABOVE the faith! They are truly faithful in what they teach, because they teach what God tells them, and ONLY that! Our priests have been given the power to forgive sin, or to hold sin, but only Catholic priests have that power. You cannot forgive your sins yourself. Neither can your pastor forgive your sins! Also, you need to know, the absolutely best way for you to get to Heaven is to convert to Catholicism, to be Baptized into the Catholic Church. If you TRULY want to be saved, study the faith, pray to God and ask for His guidence. I pray you will find your way to the True Faith, and I hope it is soon. God Bless you!

  • The Pope is correct on this point, and on gays and lesbians! How can anyone believe that God, who created the Heavens and the earth, and everything on the earth, would EVER make a man who should have been a girl, or a girl who should have been a man? Why would God accept women marrying women and man marrying man? Why would God think it acceptable for men having sex with men, or women with women? Sins of the flesh are the most reprehensible to God! He said, if a man lay with a man, it would be better for him had he never been born! Why do you think he destroyed Sodom and Gemorrah? The people who put the kind of lies your following are followers of Satan! DON’T believe them! Don’t listen to them! Pray to God and ask Him to grant you the Graces you need to save your eternal life! If you don’t, you will be eternally sorry! May God Bless you!!!

  • Just responding to the news head line “Resistance to Vatican reform inspired by the devil, Pope Francis tells Curia”.

  • Your understanding of political philosophy is very simplistic and limited to left-right categorization which has been shown to be ultimately useless and has been abandoned by intellectuals. Get an education.

  • Support for the Catholic Church has dropped off dramatically over the years. People are waking up and asking hard questions about those things happening behind closed doors.

  • Well, I guess if you don’t have anything positive to say, ad hominem works extremely well to deflect attention. Congratulations for proving my point, you intellectual, you.

  • Hahahahahahahhahahaha!

    Do you people ever read what you write?

    Centuries old conspiracy theories about masons. Too much,