An officer responds to a bomb threat at the Levite Jewish Community Center in Birmingham, Ala. Screenshot from video

Missouri man charged in wave of bomb threats to Jewish community centers

(USA Today) The FBI arrested a 31-year-old Missouri man and charged him in connection with a wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers as part of a bizarre cyberstalking scheme to retaliate against a former girlfriend, federal prosecutors allege.

Juan M. Thompson’s Twitter profile photo

Juan Thompson, who was picked up in St. Louis on Friday (March 3), is accused of making at least eight bomb threats against Jewish institutions in New York, including the Anti-Defamation League, and across the country, in the name of a woman described in court documents as a "former romantic interest.''

Some 100 incidents of bomb threats have been reported at 81 Jewish Community Centers in 33 states already this year, according to the Jewish Community Center Association.

"Thompson's alleged pattern of harassment not only involved the defamation of his female victim, but his threats intimidated an entire community,'' FBI Assistant Director William Sweeney Jr., said Friday. The cyberstalking charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

"Everyone deserves to be free from fear and discrimination based on religion, race or ethnicity,'' Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said. "That is fundamental to who we are as a nation.''

One of the threats, emailed Feb. 21 to the ADL's Manhattan office, named the woman and said she "is behind the bomb threats against jews (sic.). She lives in nyc and is making more bomb threats tomorrow."

In a bizarre twist, however, some of the threats appear to have been made in the suspect's own name as part of an effort to claim the former girlfriend, who was not identified by prosecutors, was trying to frame him for a crime, according to court documents.

The complaint said the alleged harassment "appears to have begun shortly after their romantic relationship ended" and to have included, among other things, defamatory emails and faxes to the victim's employer, false reports of criminal activity by the victim and Jewish center threats in the victim's name.

The earliest incident mentioned in the criminal complaint occurred in July, when Thompson allegedly emailed the former girlfriend's employer to accuse her of violating the law. In October, he allegedly accused her falsely of possessing children pornography.

In addition to a spate of bomb threats, three Jewish cemeteries were recently vandalized in New York, Philadelphia and St. Louis.

(Doug Stanglin and Kevin Johnson write for USA Today)


  1. Give me a break. This guy is a copycat opportunist. He’s a footnote, not a headline. Looks like white supremacists will have free rein under Trump while law enforcement and the media focus on patsies and red herrings.

  2. Gee whiz. A homegrown terrorist, not an Imported Muslim Terrorist.
    Trumpee sure is bringing the jobs back to the Real Americans.

  3. I don’t think the FBI was focusing on this guy, it seems more like it was a side outgrowth of the main investigation into the sophisticated telephone threats. This one was perhaps a copycat and just easier to solve.

  4. Nice attempt at deflection. This one was primarily a fellow with all hat and no cattle as we say in the Lone Star State. The poor ass lost his university position and quite rightfully so. His actions however in no way refer to the rise of nativism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism in the U.S., where Christian chauvinism is unrivaled. Despite having a Jewish Son-In-Law who is by all accounts a person of conscience, the President employs a White Nationalist Presidential Counsel (Steve Bannon) who openly advocates anti-Semitism. Not to mention if you go into the various Darbyist hypotheses toward those wishful end-of-time narratives pushed by manipulators like Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, Jews exist primarily to serve as collateral deaths according to the Darbyist interpretation of Revelation.

  5. How do you know that people were not moved to follow a “sacred imam’s” direction Kangaroo? He isn’t the only one.

  6. I presume you are expressing sarcasm, if so, I applaud it. When I saw in the article that the young man in question happened to be black, I knew that many of the irredeemable leftists who post on this site would find some way to put the onus on “white supremacist’s.” I do not doubt the potential threat posed by such, but let’s take things on a case by case basis, which is how law and justice are supposed to operate.

  7. “irredeemable leftists”. Really? Irredeemable by whom? I like that term and will embrace it with pride! I no longer consider myself a Leftist. They have turned into fascists. I am an irredeemable Liberal.

    I do agree it is always unwise to jump to conclusions. People who do so show a built-in bias. But despite the red herrings there is a rise in anti-Semitic behavior. It serves no good purpose, though, when news outlets like Breitbart and Daily Caller only report on the false flags.

  8. good. Did you learn something from the quote?

  9. A level of irony coming from the Christian College president who brought Geert Wilder to come speak at his Christian College. You know the Christian College he founded that conferred upon him his BA and MA.

  10. Perhaps not the best choice of phrasing on my part, my intent was to aver that some people will not address the facts of a specific case, but rather turn it on its head due to the built in bias to which you refer. My point was that its often predictable, and perhaps I show my bias when I think its a more common on the Left than the Right, at least on this site, though conversely, the mirror effect applies on sites that lean to the Right as well, which you duly noted.

  11. You know this character isn’t what the CultMarx Left had in mind when they were agitating about the rising incidence of “anti-Semitism”.

  12. Don’t have time to wonder what on earth bitefarts and altright cults are talking about.

  13. Go back to discussions of stormfront. There is not enough mayonnaise out there to deal with your word salad.

  14. Not “whitey”, Just neo-nazi types.

    So where were you when all of this was going on?
    Where did you get the autodialer? This guy didn’t have one.

  15. Likewise the Kansas Shooter and the Washington State shooter could’ve been Manchurian candidates controlled by President Bannon. Studies of the radicalization of Islamic and white nationalist shooters reveal extensive contemplation following radicalization processes. There have been no known instances, in the U.S., of radical clerics directing lone wolf terrorists, unlike as in Israel, for instance, where population is denser and factional affiliations develop. In the U.S. radical gangs like “The Order” which assassinated radio talk show host Alan Berg are by and large an aberration because the people attracted to such groups tend to also have loner tendencies. they could just as plausibly been directed by an intelligent gaseous being from Pluto.

  16. All of that while being very interesting does not disprove my point.

  17. Your “point” was an exercise in idle speculation to justify your xenophobia. By exhibiting the absurdity of it by comparing it to other idle speculations, its invalidity is apparent. Your “point” was merely an attempt to fool the gullible.

  18. And all of your ranting doesn’t change my point.

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