Graphic courtesy of Baylor Religion Survey

Survey: Trump voters ‘anti-Islam, anti-feminist, anti-globalist’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (RNS) — Americans who voted for President Trump are often very religious, believe in an authoritative God and hold traditional views about gender.

A new Baylor Religion Survey also found that Trump supporters are more likely than other voters to see Muslims as threats to America and to view the nation as a Christian one.

Almost three-quarters of Trump voters said Islam is a threat, compared with 18 percent of those who voted for Hillary Clinton. An even higher percentage — 81 percent — of Trump voters strongly agreed that Middle East refugees are a terror threat, compared with 12 percent of Clinton voters.

Graphic courtesy of Baylor Religion Survey

“Today, divisions in the American public are stark,” said Paul Froese, a Baylor University sociology professor and director of Baylor Religion Surveys. “We can trace many of our deep differences to how people understand traditional morality, theology and the purpose of our nation.”

Paul Froese, director of Baylor Religion Surveys, speaks at annual meeting of Religion News Association on Sept., 7, 2017. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

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The results of the survey were released Thursday (Sept. 7) at the annual meeting of the Religion News Association.

The authors of the survey describe “Trumpism” as “a new form of nationalism which merges pro-Christian rhetoric with anti-Islam, anti-feminist, anti-globalist, and anti-government attitudes.”

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Researchers found that 6 in 10 white evangelical Protestants voted for Trump. Their figure is lower than others — who have found 81 percent of white evangelicals voted for the president. The Baylor calculations are based on the church attended by a respondent, as opposed to other studies in which respondents self-identified as evangelical.

Most Americans who viewed themselves as “very religious” voted for Trump while most who said they were “not religious” or “not spiritual” voted for Clinton. But almost the same percentage of those who viewed themselves as “very spiritual” voted for Trump (46 percent) or Clinton (45 percent).

Some people view people of other faiths as threatening, with evangelicals viewing Muslims as the biggest threat and black Protestants viewing atheists as posing the most danger.

Graphic courtesy of Baylor Religion Survey

More than a third of respondents (35 percent) said Muslims want to limit Americans' freedoms, but a similar percentage (36 percent) said conservative Christians have that desire. About half of evangelicals think Muslims and atheists want to restrict freedoms. Two-thirds of people with no religious beliefs worry that conservative Christians want to limit freedoms.

The survey, titled “American Values, Mental Health, and Using Technology in the Age of Trump,” also looked beyond politics. On the topic of mental health, researchers found that those who feel “life has no purpose” are the most depressed, even more than those who fear hell the most.

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The newest survey from the Christian university in Waco, Texas, is the fifth in a series that dates to 2005. Its findings are based on a random sample of 1,501 adults and was administered by the Gallup Organization in the spring of this year during the first months of the Trump administration. The study has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Graphic courtesy of Baylor Religion Survey

Some of its other findings about Americans include:

  • 89 percent disagree that science and technology will make religion obsolete.
  • 38 percent of people with no religious tradition said they feel addicted to technological devices; 18 percent each of evangelicals and black Protestants said they feel addicted to them.
  • 77 percent never use the internet to share their religious views.
  • 55 percent never use the internet to access religious content.
  • 47 percent of churchgoers live within 15 minutes of their house of worship.


  1. Sounds to me like Trump supporters are a little brighter than Clinton supporters.
    1. Islam a threat — cerrtainly not all Muslims are a threat but empirical evidence demonstrates a higher correlation between militant violence and Islam. There is a substantial presence of radicalized militarized Islamic groups in the world with far less representation of the same among other faith or secular groups. In over twenty years of military service throughout the world, every single person who has tried to kill me has been a radicalized Muslim.
    2. Anti-feminsts – not sure what to think of this other than to say that gender has no real impact on the quality and value of a person any more than skin color does. Well… at least it shouldn’t have any impact. I’d like to see more calls that when it comes to race and gender we are all just human and stop the elevation and tribalization of one against the other.
    3. Anti-globalist — there is value in my book in preservation of historical cultures. I’d rather enjoy exploring the world where people’s and cultures are held together by close knit values, where food and customs differ from one place to the next. I don’t think a world where everything looks like something out of Blade Runner would be quite as refreshing.

    But there is one consistent them in this data, which curiously is consistent with the time just before the Civil War. We don’t trust each other very much and we don’t like each other very much. Maybe it would be good to remember that our ancestors just 156 years ago were willing to kill each other to impose their views on those they disagreed with. Both North and South were willing to use deadly force to get what they wanted. I truly hope we are wiser than they.

  2. By any reasonable criteria Clinton voters are brighter than Trump voters, whom they outnumbered by nearly 3 million. With only about 1/3 of Americans approving Trump, and with Trump’s opinions wandering about daily, it is increasingly clear that Trump generally appeals to the lest well informed.

  3. Were you in the military in the 1990s? A right-wing terrorist militia was stopped from an attack on Fort Hood. So theoretically then “every” person who tried to kill you wasn’t Muslim. As far as Americans in general go, right-wing Christians have accounted for twice as many deaths of Americans on American soil than Muslims. And, as far as the military goes, Iraquis and Afghanis who’ve tried to kill you did not accept Americans invading their land. Donald Rumsfeld famously claimed prior to the invasion of Iraq, we’d “be welcomed with open arms,” and history proved he was either lying or misinformed. And what about American allies in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Turkey, etc.? They are no less Muslim than Muslim insurgents. Islam is not the enemy. Some of our enemies are Muslim, true, but that’s not the same thing.

    ” I don’t think a world where everything looks like something out of Blade Runner would be quite as refreshing.” Blade Runner is a work of fiction. But most people live in urban areas. There will be robots, androids, and cyborgs. But there will be pockets of local homogeneity, like Arkansas.

  4. Given there is a far greater preponderance of people who profess to be Christian in the US, it would not be surprising that more violent crimes are committed by people who associate with Christianity than Islam. That said, worldwide, Islam is far more highly correlated to radicalized violence than other religions. Yes in 1990 but not at Ft. Hood. So specifically every person who has ever tried to kill me (and believe me I was there) was a radicalized Muslim. You are indeed we have many fine allies in Muslim countries and I am grateful to count quite a few of them as colleagues even friends.

  5. The results of this scientific! Survey! should be very pleasing to Leftist Progressive Sophisticated Elites! It is very detailed though it can be summed up as ” Liberal Clintonvoters-GOOD! Bad old Religious, Stupid, Hateful Trump votes -BAD! It would be interesting to know which batch of True Believers were more or less prone to pick up their telephones when the caller Id announced yet another robo-call from some life-span thief. In regard to all Scientific Opinion Polls, it would be interesting to know if people who Do answer calls of unknown origin are as crazy as rats in a pail.

  6. Obviously the people who performed this survey did so from the cloisters of the sugar-plum left. The responses- at least as presented in the pdf and these articles are polar absolutes with none of the middle ground contained in your post. Rather than aggravate the poor sufferers who are stupid or crazy enough to answer telephone calls from “Survey,” “Unknown Caller.” ” Private Caller,” The Sociologists should have completed the survey sitting on their sofas while eating saturated fat and gaining weight. The results would be the same.

  7. What is interesting is that nearly 24% of black protestants view atheists as a danger to their physical safety compared to 19% of them thinking the same about Muslims! Where did that come from? Do they associate Antifa groups with atheism? Maybe a holdover of the godless communist view from the 1950’s?

  8. “Islam is far more highly correlated to radicalized violence than other religions.”

    Based on your expert opinion as a sociologist, part of UN studies on the subject? 🙂

    That is just you trying to put a magisterial spin on pulling nonsense out of one’s posterior.

    Does it ever occur to you that demonizing the entire faith of Islam as you are doing actually enables extremists? Give them legitimacy?

    Of course not. Extremists seldom recognize how similar they are to other extremists.

  9. “Where did that come from?”

    Probably from the high prevalence of black converts to Islam from Protestant sects. More familiarity with actual Muslims as opposed to theoretical boogeymen.

    ANTIFA has more prominence as a right wing talking point than as something recognized and noticeable outside of very small social circles.

  10. Yes, those Baptist institutions in Waco, Texas are pretty liberal. /s/

  11. It’s the sociology department and, yes they are a bunch of liberrhoids. All you have to do is look at their sample questions and their conclusion to see that .
    I just remembered, I was IN the Baylor Sociology Department in the early 70s. There weren’t any grand scheme “studies” going on except for an at risk school drop out project by one of the professors. Most of the faculty and students were your basic stoner-hippies who hated Republicans. The Sociology Dept shared the basement of the library building with the School of Social Work. This was/is a left-handed step-child of Sociology absent any academic content and fixated on a Guaranteed Annual Income for all.

  12. “empirical evidence demonstrates a higher correlation between militant violence and Islam.”

    1. Cite your source.
    2. “Higher correlation” compared to what? Higher than the correlation between militant violence and Christianity? Between militant violence and non-affiliation with religion?
    3. Where was this done? Was the study conducted in a relatively stable industrialized nation? If not, why is it relevant to the US?

  13. Photographs of fully dressed Antifa thugs, placed right next to photograghs of fully dressed Ku Klux Klansmen, tend to display an equal amount of menacing mob mentality.

    But whatever color a person may be, I dare you to put on a policeman’s uniform and approach within 50 feet of an Antifa protest, even if only to protect and escort them on the official protest route.

    Now do the same thing for the KKK protest march. Compare both groups, and see which group maims or kills you first. Dollars to doughnuts, it’ll be Antifa. You’d be 10 times safer at an ISIS convention !!!

  14. “equal amount of menacing mob mentality”

    And equal amount of intangible heebee jeebies projected. Ooooh! That really means something.

    You are not really refuting my point that ANTIFA exists more largely as a conservative boogeyman than an actual organization. Unlike the “Very fine people” of the white supremacist far right, ANTIFA does not have the ear of politicians, a history of organized domestic terrorism or even unsavory goals comparable to their genocidal agenda. They are a non-entity for the most part.

    It also doesn’t help that most of the talk about them these days was part of a planned campaign to deliberately ignore domestic terrorism and violence done by white supremacists.

    David Duke thanks you for your service. But he won’t do it to your face. 🙂

  15. I like this survey already, sister Adelle M. Banks. Thanks for reporting these 2 findings in the “Baylor Religion Survey”, both of which resonate well with me & my views. Not exactly validating, but, instinctively speaking, there’s just something close to the truth about these better-late-than-never discoveries about the US Presidential Election of 2016:

    (1) “6 in 10 white evangelical Protestants voted for Trump” – NOT “81 percent”!

    (2) “Almost the same percentage of those who viewed themselves as ‘very spiritual’ voted for Trump (46 percent) or Clinton (45 percent)”!

  16. But why do 24% of black protestants view _atheists_ as a threat to their safety (besides the irrationality associated with religious beliefs)?

  17. 1. do your own research and open your eyes
    2. yes on both accounts
    3. relevant why? porous borders and globalism. When it comes to behavior and security things such as “stable industrialized nation” is an obsolete causal factor of the 20th century.

  18. So you can’t cite a source, don’t know what the comparisons are, and don’t understand the proper control factors. You probably just read some online poll on Breitbart and can’t understand the difference between that and a legitimate study.

  19. “Almost three-quarters of Trump voters said Islam is a threat, compared with 18 percent of those who voted for Hillary Clinton. An even higher percentage — 81 percent — of Trump voters strongly agreed that Middle East refugees are a terror threat, compared with 12 percent of Clinton voters.”

    So, more than FOUR times as many people who voted for President Trump, believe that Islam is a serious threat to Americans, compared with 18 percent of those who voted for the failed-candidate Clinton?

    Gee, I guess those mainstream Protestants (Presbyterians, Methodists, Episcopalians, UUs and UCCers) don’t have a very big fear of having their heads cut off by muslim jihadis–several of whom could be hiding among those Middle Eastern refugees! I guess the more enlightened evangelical Christians who voted for our President, want to keep their heads intact so they can read and understand the Bible, and apply it to their lives!

    Gee, why do you suppose that is?

  20. So, “President Trump’s supporters are a little brighter than Clinton supporters.”

    Gee, ya think?? (See my comments elsewhere)

  21. So, the results of this scientific! Survey! should be very pleasing to Leftist Progressive Sophisticated Elites!

    Gee, ya think” (See my comments elsewhere)

  22. Pretty weak stuff to one dead and nineteen severely injured in an act of domestic terrorism akin to several acts by ISIS in Europe.

    Show me politicians as willing to embrace them the sane way Republicans embrace white supremacists and you may be in to something. But not even close yet.

  23. It’s an either/or question? Nothing off TBD top of my head. It’s difficult enough for many people of color to identify as atheist in many communities. Couple that with strong political ties to black protestant faith and you get a situation which doesn’t make for accuracy there.

  24. I take it you forgot about the person who tried to break into the Family Research Council offices, intending to kill. After wounding a guard, he was stopped before doing any more damage.

    If the guard hadn’t stopped him, he may have taken a few lives, similar to what happened in July at the congressional baseball practice.

    In the former case, the perpetrator was influenced by the Southern Poverty Law Center “hate listing” & used by many in the media..

    Sounds like the “Black Shirt” Fascist selective mayhem is OK, like the masked person in black, carrying the baseball bat the photo..

  25. No fatalities. No endorsement of the person or his aims by politicians. No organized approval of the act. No campaign to put the blame on the FRC. No equivalence to neo nazis in any significant sense.

    Still conflated boogeymen used for phony false equivalency arguments as opposed to a widespread threat.

    Face it. Antifa is strictly beer league and you are trying to pretend they are World Series contenders.

  26. “It’s difficult enough for many people of color to identify as atheist in many communities.”

    You are calling them colored people. That’s lame.

  27. “Show me politicians as willing to embrace them the sane way Republicans embrace white supremacist….”

    Republicans do not embrace white supremacists. Just another myth pushed by the sore loser Left after the bogus claims “Russia stole the election” ran out of steam.

  28. Wrong. The president called them “very fine people”, many Republicans depend on their vote and several local VA politicians were posing with neo Nazis before the Charlottesville rally.

    So that is another thing you choose to !ie about. You are just veracity impaired.

  29. The facts? The President said both the white supremacists and their even more vile opponents (Antifa thugs) had fine people among them.

    I think he was being too generous: if you are a fine person, you won’t be KKK type or a socialist. But he was being diplomatic… something he is not enough of… and again he is accurate to lump both sites together and treat them the same.

    One would hope that if there ARE fine people in the alt-right and Antifa… that they would abandon their respective hate groups.

    By the way, you have yet to name one thing I have lied about.

  30. After he had come out in supporting the kkk marchers. So that is why David Duke thanked for the efforts in ignoring the domestic terror attack.

  31. The only reason I can think anti globalism is big among Trump supporters is that most world leaders these days think Trump is an ignorant buffoon (and many have trolled him). Anti globalist sentiment works as a defense from such things. A way to brush off the weight of ridicule he has earned in such a short period of time.

  32. He pulls stuff from his posterior and makes a game of pretending personal expertise.

  33. Is that a joke?

    1. That’s not a study. You claimed someone had found a specific correlation. This does not even *remotely* count as empirical evidence.

    2. You claim there is an association between Islam and violence. This, at best, shows an association between invading a foreign country and violence. That’s not news.

    3. Your evidence is one-sided, as it does not consider the number of Muslims killed by Americans during the invasion and military occupation of Iraq. The most conservative number I have seen for Iraqi civilians killed directly by US military forces is over 14,000.

    4. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. One war-torn nation does not prove anything about the other ~1/4th of the planet’s population.

    You clearly have no idea whatsoever what constitutes empirical data. You are just looking for an excuse to justify your own prejudices.

  34. Ah, the continual denial of reality.

    So what, if he shot & wounded a guard, he was inches away from murder. Then he had a whole office to go after.

    Nothing like blinders on the left eye.

  35. You are still trying to pretend a minor fringe group with no official or unofficial endorsement structure or support is a threat to our nation of the equivalence of white supremacists? The oldest, most influential, best armed and most violent insurgency our nation has ever seen? Good luck with that.

    “Inches away from murder” as opposed to campaigns of assassinations, bombings, mass shootings and recently two incidents of terrorism by car. Still “beer league” as threats to the public go. Not even close to an equivalence argument with neo Nazis.

    What utter nonsense. Especially when you guys bring Antifa up as a way to divert a discussion away from the litany of murder and mayhem by white supremacists.

    Let me clear the air here. The opposite group from fascist white supremacists isn’t antifa. It’s decent people who value democracy and freedom. So bringing antifa up when the subject is really neo Nazis is just a way to normalize and support such repugnant white supremacists.

    So how long have you been a Nazi?

  36. I is truly sad that anyone would describe fallen American servicemembers as a joke that does not even count remotely for empirical evidence. This discounting of the price paid by American service men and women and their families is beyond reprehensible.

  37. No, honey. You are the joke. The joke is that you think that shows Muslims are more violent than other groups. That is an extraordinary claim requiring extraordinary evidence.
    You have a list of soldiers killed by the Muslim residents of a country we invaded, proving only that some Muslims kill armed soldiers. Congrats. You made that point.
    What you have *not* proven is that Muslims are more violent than anyone else. As I said, there’s a highly conservative number of names 3 times as long of Muslim civilians killed directly by American troops. If you expand the scope of that number to include all deaths, direct and indirect, that occurred during the American invasion of Iraq, the number is more like 500,000.
    To support the claim you have made, you would need a far more comprehensive study that look at violence caused by Muslims, Christians, and non-religious individuals. Since you are making a pronouncement about people who span the globe, the study would need to include multiple countries.
    You did none of this. You cherry picked one piece of data from one country already torn by violence and made a sweeping generalization about 1/4th the people on the planet. And the sad thing is you don’t even realize how unbelievebly biased and unintelligent that is.

  38. “So how long have you been a Nazi?”

    Sounds like your one of the inquisitors, from the Gestapo.

  39. You are the one protecting Nazis here, not me. Just asking for a little honest disclosure here.

    The question is usually an easy one to answer for sane people,

    “Are Nazis bad?”


    It’s unambiguous and never premised on actions of others here.

    If Nazis kill one person and severely injure nineteen, do I need to care about another group at the same event which only caused hurt feelings and minor scrapes, nope.

  40. “Are Nazis bad” say,.”YES” the implication ALL Nazis were bad.

    Has it ever entered your mind, probably not, to imagine yourself & family in Germany 1937?

    In late evening. there was a knock on the door. Opening the the door, you saw members of the SS, who asked, if you a member of the NAZI party, an if not, why not..

    You are aware of a number of associates, who were not members of the party, have dissapeared, & their families tossed out of their homes.

    So how would you answer the man with the “Dearth’s head” cap?

  41. Are you still trying to pretend the People’s Front of Judea is on the same level of importance as Hezbollah? Lol!

  42. Yep, all of them bad. Their demise was a victory for humanity.

    I am very proud one of my grandfathers was part of the effort to rain explosives and incendiaries upon them, their homes and factories, as part of the 8th Air Force.

    “Has it ever entered your mind, probably not, to imagine yourself & family in Germany 1937?”

    Hey, POS apologist for genocidal scumbuckets! I HAD distant family members who lived in Germany during that time. One had to sell his life’s possessions for a one way ticket to Shanghai in order to save his life. The other was the sole remaining member of his immediate family (related to me by marriage) after the rest of them were murdered by government decree. His widow, my great aunt, was receiving compensation from the German government for decades.

    The Nazis didn’t become so powerful out of fear, people GLADLY WORKED WITH THEM FOR PERSONAL BENEFIT. Many people were happy to murder in the name of the state. The people loved the Nazis back then.

    So you are arguing that feckless cowardice or murderous opportunism are things worthy of sympathy. Nope. Not buying that for a moment. FTS

  43. Could that have depended on WHERE you were deployed? You conveniently forgot to post that important datum.

  44. Instead of the excess verbiage, try pondering how you would answer the SS officer, who showed up at your frond door, asking why your not a Nazi member.

  45. When the SS officers showed up at the front door of my distant relations, he was there to kill them. 🙂
    He was sent over there by their neighbors who were glad to get rid of them and profit from their disappearance.

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