Liberty University. Photo by Taber Andrew Bain via Flickr

Evangelical pastor says he was removed from Liberty University campus

LYNCHBURG, Va. (AP) — An evangelical pastor and author says he was removed from Liberty University after a concert and threatened with arrest if he returned to campus.

President Jerry Falwell Jr. says Jonathan Martin was removed from campus Monday  night (Oct. 30) because of security concerns.

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Martin told The News & Advance that he attended the concert at Liberty's Music and Worship Center. He posted on social media that he was visiting band members backstage when he was removed by Liberty University Police.

Falwell said in a phone interview that police became aware of future protest plans from Martin's social media posts and a security official issued the request for removal.

Martin recently spoke against Falwell's support for President Trump's administration.


  1. “If Liberty began allowing uninvited groups to protest on campus, the next group might be the KKK, the Nazis, white supremacists or Antifah.”

    Nice smokescreen, since Jerry Falwell Jr’s beliefs would only be in conflict with that of Antifa.

  2. Years ago some people went to a prayer meeting…and a Liberty University broke out.

  3. You don’t understand. This is for our own good and protection…if not stopped this is the sort of thing that could eventually lead to kneeling during a prayer.

  4. Here are the Twitter posts which are involved with Jonathan Martin’s expulsion from the Liberty University campus.

    Jonathan Martin‏ @theboyonthebike

    It felt important to get on the ground with some of my Liberty U friends, just to take some to pray, listen, & discern together…

    6:01 PM – 30 Oct 2017 from Lynchburg, VA

    Jonathan Martin‏ @theboyonthebike

    So tomorrow morning at 7am, I’m meeting with a few of my friends here in front of the library, if you want to join us.

    6:02 PM – 30 Oct 2017 from Lynchburg, VA

    Jonathan Martin‏ @theboyonthebike

    That’s all, for now-praying for God’s grace to guide us to know what faithful witness looks like in this unique season.

    6:03 PM – 30 Oct 2017 from Lynchburg, VA

    Jonathan Martin‏ @theboyonthebike

    First off, I want to apologize to the group of @LibertyU students who were going to meet me at 7am for prayer tomorrow outside the library.

    1:01 AM – 31 Oct 2017

    Jonathan Martin‏ @theboyonthebike

    This is a crucial moment in history, & what you do with it matters–so I hope you will still come & seek divine wisdom to be faithful in it.

    1:03 AM – 31 Oct 2017

    Jonathan Martin‏ @theboyonthebike

    I was openly considering some sort of future action oriented around prayer & repentance, but came this time only for the show & for…

    1:10 AM – 31 Oct 2017

    Jonathan Martin‏ @theboyonthebike

    I encourage those students who rightly discern his syncretistic blend of nationalism & Christianity to still come & pray in the morning at 7

    1:18 AM – 31 Oct 2017

    Jonathan Martin‏ @theboyonthebike

    After that, if any students want to meet for further prayer & conversation, I will be in the lobby at the Lynchburg Fairfield Inn at 8am.

    1:20 AM – 31 Oct 2017

    Characterizing Jonathan Martin as “evangelical” is erroneous. I have just read all his blog posts, dating back to January 21, 2015. Jonathan has developed his own iconoclastic religion, which I must call “Jonathanmartinism,” with his own esoteric spiritualizations of various Bible passages. He condemns all others for “judgmentalism” but contradicts himself by engaging in every opportunity to bash others who disagree with him.

  5. I’ve never seen it before until now, but Jerry Falwell Jr’s Twitter feed is morally and intellectually grotesque and deeply pathetic.

  6. A university ought to be a place where people exchange ideas. This is a transparent effort to to stymie free thought.

  7. Falwell’s Liberty U gives a bad name to the word “university.”

  8. What was all that BS slung by conservatives about “the left” suppressing other points of view on college campuses?

    Oh, right evangelical colleges aren’t actual centers of learning so they don’t count. 🙂

  9. The next time you complain about universities excluding arch conservatives and reactionaries, feel free to remember that post. 🙂

  10. I was #NeverTrump during the election, and I’ve been critical of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s unreserved support of Donald Trump, but this looks like a set up to me. Did this guy really think he would be allowed to set up a totally unregulated rally on campus? Here’s what I would like to see. I would like to see Martin get himself an invitation from some on-campus student group either to speak to them or, better yet, to debate someone from the other side. If Liberty refuses to allow that, then I’ll agree they’re anti-academic. But I’m not going to condemn the university because they won’t let some rabble rouser show up unannounced and start a protest on campus.

  11. It gives a worse name to the word “liberty”.

  12. The horror! The horror! He sounds like a real rabble rouser.

  13. Sorry, Antifa rules Berkeley U, not Liberty U.

    Meanwhile, if people openly advertise that they’re busy making spiritual salmonella salads, the Christian colleges do NOT have to allow them into their kitchens!!

  14. “if people openly advertise that they’re busy making spiritual salmonella salads”

    You always have a knack for inspired imagery. I can’t deny that. 🙂

  15. Generally speaking, Christians like that redefine and reinvent meanings on the fly to the point where their speech is unintelligible to non-members. Whatever he thinks “liberty” or “university” or “love” or “respect” or “compassion” or “kindness” or “education” means, it’s probably the polar opposite of what anybody else would say it means. Trust any of them the way you’d trust a cobra within striking range of your sleeping children.

  16. It’s the hypocrisy that bugs me, really. He thinks his tribe is “forgotten people,” and that’s just such a drastically inaccurate and self-serving description that it will hopefully go into his “the worst things Jerry Falwell Jr has ever said and done” retrospective just like his dad’s got. They’re no better than toxic sludge, and I really hope that their grandstanding awakens more Christians to start figuring out exactly why their religion keeps producing people like that.

  17. The biggest problem with a religion that considers personal revelation a valid form of truth-seeking is that any joe with a yearning for power can come up with one that’s exactly as valid as any other believer’s own perception of truth. There isn’t really a way to tell this guy that he’s a wackadoodle–because the entire religion spits on the very idea of using observable, measurable reality to back up one’s opinions.

  18. In this case I think last weeks spiritual chicken salad has turned into the spiritual salmonella salad.

  19. A university is a place of learning and obtaining wisdom. It is a place where all types of ideas are shared and exchanged. It is a place where knowledge abounds. But what is this Liberty University about? Even the name ‘Liberty’ is a joke. The founders of this so-called University are bigoted clowns and Trump minions. They call themselves Christians but do not have an iota of any Christ-like virtues. They’re nothing but a group of businessmen in the guise of evangelical preachers out to make money and money only. These people are morally bankrupt. They don’t educate, they exploit the weak, evangelical Christians who go there in the hope of becoming future Billy Grahams.

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