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After Roy Moore, evangelicals must trade wishful thinking for soul-searching

U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, right, listens as his wife, Kayla Moore, speaks at a campaign rally Dec. 11, 2017, in Midland City, Ala. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson) (Caption amended by RNS)

Everyone agrees that Democrat Doug Jones won yesterday’s hotly contested Senate race in Alabama. Everyone, that is, except Republican candidate Roy Moore.

The controversial candidate refused to admit defeat in a speech delivered late last night. Instead, he asked his supporters to “wait on God and let this process play out.” Moments after Moore’s speech, however, it became clear that the twice-fired judge isn’t the only one refusing to embrace reality.

Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, appeared on CNN around 1 a.m. to give conservative Christians credit for the controversial Republican’s defeat.

“[Moore] lost because so many evangelicals didn’t show up. That’s the big story … what didn’t happen,” Mohler said.

But Mohler’s assertion flies in the face of the facts. Eight in 10 white evangelicals cast their vote yesterday for Moore, a man credibly accused of sexual misconduct with multiple underage women. That’s roughly the same number who one year ago voted for Donald Trump, a man credibly accused of sexual misconduct with several women who has also admitted to engaging in such behavior. (Additionally, the percentage of evangelicals who voted for a write-in candidate was roughly on par with the general electorate.)

Poll via The Washington Post

The picture remains bleak when you break out the stats by gender. As ABC News’ Matthew Dowd noted, 76 percent percent of white evangelical women voted for Moore, while 74 percent of non-evangelical white women voted for Jones.

Mohler is a shrewd thinker and capable culture watcher, so I assume he must be referring to the evangelical share of the total electorate. White evangelical Christians comprised 44 percent of all voters yesterday, compared with 47 percent of voters in the 2008 and 2012 elections. But this tiny shift, which The Washington Post referred to as “slight signs of slippage,” is nothing to crow about.

Imagine for a moment that 80 percent of white evangelicals in Alabama—many of them attending churches affiliated with Mohler’s denomination—voted yesterday in favor of polygamous marriage or partial birth abortion. In such a scenario, can you imagine conservative leaders like Mohler bragging about their community’s courage and convictions? I can’t. Yet, this is somehow the conclusion drawn when evangelicals voted in overwhelming numbers for sexual abuser like Moore who wants to make homosexual behavior illegal and ban Muslims from public office.

The real heroes yesterday were black voters—particularly black women—in Alabama who turned out in high numbers. Ninety-three percent of black men and a staggering 98 percent of black women cast their votes for Jones. Since 2008, black voters in Alabama have made up about 25 percent of the electorate. Yesterday, they comprised nearly 30 percent. White male leaders—evangelical or otherwise—should consider how it looks when they appear to be stealing credit here.

Some evangelical leaders may understandably want to spin Moore’s loss as a victory for conservative Christians. After all, the evangelical movement is in the midst of a cataclysmic PR crisis, thanks in part to their recent political engagement.

American evangelicals have long claimed to be “values voters” who believe that “character counts.” Though they once led the charge to impeach Bill Clinton for his misbehaviors, evangelicals are now more tolerant of politicians’ immoral behaviors than the average American. The groups’ reputation has been tarnished in the eyes of many Americans who see them as partisan hypocrites, more concerned about political power than piety.

Sure, many prominent evangelical leaders, including Albert Mohler, vocally opposed Trump and Moore. But the poll numbers show overwhelming support for both candidates among ordinary churchgoers. This is the truth, and the sooner evangelicals accept it, the sooner they can address it.

As C.S. Lewis wrote in Mere Christianity, “In religion, as in war and everything else, comfort is the one thing you cannot get by looking for it. If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth.”

Some people choose to live in houses filled with covered mirrors, but Christians cannot afford to be those kinds of people. Christian theology is built on the principles of self-reflection, confession, and repentance. For these to occur, evangelicals must stop pretending they are a moral voice of reason in the American public square and instead begin getting their houses in order.

I felt pity watching Roy Moore refuse to concede last night. Few things are more pitiful than the delusions of the defeated. Evangelicals must not make the same mistake as Moore. It’s time to trade wishful thinking for soul-searching.

About the author

Jonathan Merritt

Jonathan Merritt is senior columnist for Religion News Service and a contributing writer for The Atlantic. He has published more than 2500 articles in outlets like USA Today, The Week, Buzzfeed and National Journal. Jonathan is author of "Jesus is Better Than You Imagined" and "A Faith of Our Own: Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars." He resides in Brooklyn, NY.


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  • Okay, so Mark Silk says that if the white evangelicals had simply turned out the way they did back in 2012, Roy Moore would have won by 2 or 3 percentage points, instead of losing by 1.5 percent percentage points.

    Jonathan Merritt says, in contrast, that whites are appearing to “steal credit”, and black Alabama voters should get the credit, as apparently black voters showed up by an extra 5 percentage points (and especially the black women).

    Meanwhile, the Vox website says “Exit polls aren’t enough to answer the big questions about voter turnout.” In other words, because of certain problems associated with exit polls (especially involving blacks and Latinos), you can’t really say which race is truly responsible for Moore’s loss. So who’s right and who’s wrong? Your call, readers.

  • “You can’t really say which race is truly responsible for Moore’s loss.”

    Oh, but I think you can. Numbers don’t lie (though people often do).

    80 percent of white evangelicals in Alabama voted for Roy Moore.

    76 percent percent of white evangelical women voted for Moore.

    74 percent of non-evangelical white women voted for Jones.

    68 percent of white Alabamians voted for Moore.

    96 percent of black Alabamians voted for Jones.

    92 percent of black men voted for Jones.

    97 percent of black women voted for Jones.

    Those numbers are stark, and the picture they paint — above all, of white evangelicals — is, as Jonathan Merritt says, stark and deeply, deeply disturbing. They’re deeply disturbing or anyone who cares about the future of this nation, or the integrity of the Christian brand.

    So stark that it takes astonishing intellectual dishonesty to claim that they’re confusing . . . .

  • So you love those exit polls that Vox says don’t tell you the whole story. Okay. As for me, I’m still inclined to vote for Silk’s calculation, but I honestly think all the pundits are trying a little too hard to come up with The Big Reason.

    Moore lost, Jones won, election’s over, so what’s da problem?

  • Whenchristians of a certain sort wish to help someone, they usually offer thoughts and prayers. When they get off their overstuffed butts and do something, its usually to persecute , attack, demean, denigrate, or raise money to enable more of the same.

    This is obvious to anyone who reads these very pages and isnt that sort of christian.

  • What you’re doing is called grasping at straws.

    In a flood, it’s understandable that one grasp at anything at all to keep from being carried away by the flood.

    Unfortunately, straws just don’t do a lot of good to save a person caught in a flood.

  • Evangelical culture has created hero’s out of people like Roy Moore and Donald Trump. How is that? And who has created this culture? I don’t think Donald Trump and Roy Moore can be blamed/credited for that, they just knew how to exploit the culture for political gain.

  • Sorry, guys, there are 2 heroes, actually: “Blacks”, yes, but also – wait for it – “Democrats of all races”! Like I said last night, Your moment has come, Dems! These writers from Quartz sensed that, too.

    According to Ana Campoy and Nikhil Sonnad, “‘Black voters turned out’ isn’t the full story of Alabama’s surprise Democratic win”, Quartz, December 13, 2017:

    “African Americans make up nearly 60% of Alabamans who identify as Democrats … But after turning out in big numbers for then president Barack Obama in 2012, their participation had waned in more recent races. Preliminary data from Tuesday’s election suggest African Americans returned to the polls at roughly the same rates they did in 2012. That’s a remarkable accomplishment, considering that voters don’t usually get very excited about mid-term races. They were not alone, though – across the board, Democrats of all races appear to have turned out to swing Alabama blue. To quantify this, we compared the overall turnout in this special election to overall support for Hillary Clinton in 2016. The correlation is very strong: counties that supported Clinton came out to vote.”

  • My “da problem” is with the outcome, had Roy Moore won. He didn’t lose badly, but he did lose – and that’s all I care about. What factors gave a thin-edge advantage to Doug Jones – are intriguing, indeed. They’re worth exploring, as they always are after a high-profile political event like this one. And William D. Lindsey suspecting you’re “grasping at straws” is a normal reaction to the kind of attitude you’re having, because, you didn’t want Jones to win. Me? Upon receiving breaking news from Zerohedge (yah, mahn, I like Zerohedge), I simply raised my arms up high toward my bedroom ceiling. Thank you, Lord, thank you. Tears of joy, my friend. Tears of joy. I believed God & Jesus could turn this thing around when everything was going Moore’s way. No proof necessary, just believing was enough to go by, until that breaking news from Zerohedge.

    So, the question you should be asking from here on, brother-in-Christ floydlee, is:

    “Moore lost, Jones won, election’s over, so what’s da [SOLUTION]”?

    Brother Jonathan Merritt (with Evangelicals heavy in his heart like forever!) offered his; what’s your SOLUTION, ‘bruh?

    Mine? Give it up, Christian Right, Conservative Christians. Give up statecraft, give up politicking, give up Christian Nationalism. Let’s go back to church. God’s Kingdom has been forsaken by you all. God’s vineyard has been left unattended, and His Son’s coming back to find it … how?

  • Mohler does have something of a point. Alabama white evangelicals supported Moore at roughly the same percentage level as Trump, but only about half of Trump voters showed up–suggesting that a good chunk of those no-shows were white evangelicals. We know little about the no-shows, though, and from what we know of Moore and his base the most intense evangelicals were at the polls for him. Moore really does represent, not perhaps all, but the preponderance of evangelicals in Alabama. And that says something about their faith that Mohler can’t admit.

  • My solution? First, continue stating what you believe is the truth. That’s all these RNS writers are doing. Nobody will know what you believe, unless you have the courage to post it. So I compliment ya for saying what you believe.

    Secondly, consider that there were real “character issues” on BOTH sides of this fence, (not just Moore’s side). You may be praising God now, and I’d never tell you to stop praising God. But when you’re done, you may want to seriously think about your man Jones, and what he’s leading our nation into. Really think it over.

  • I wonder how many white evangelicals failed to show up at the polls because they did not like either candidate and either did not know or had a candidate that they wished to use as a write in?

  • “Soul-searching” does not strike me as a behavior that is common for evangelicals. My best guess is that most of them have embraced their perversion of Christianity because of things in their gut, and peculiarities of their method ofthinking.

  • It’s hilarious that someone who thinks Breitbart is a reputable source for anything is lecturing people about the truth and wringing his widdle handsies over “what [Jones] is leading our nation into.” Your tribe supports sexual predators and elected officials like Trump who literally issue a demonstrable lie five times a day, according to one watchdog. You put whatever your conspiracy-peddling fake new site claims Jones has done (by no means even a true assertion) up on the same shelf as what Moore and Trump have absolutely positively done. That desire to equivocate by any means possible marks you as a moral failure and thus simply a product of a system that is a moral failure.

    Every single day, thousands of people realize that Christianity is designed to get worse, not better, and pull away from that religion. Sooner or later y’all won’t be able to buy Republicans or dazzle politicians into shamelessly pandering to you. And that’s when they’ll stop caring who y’all hate this year or what human rights you want to strip away from groups you want to control.

    But don’t let me still your voice. Every time I see a comment like this, I just smile because I know that every time one of you acts out, another ex-Christian gets their wings. You are your own worst problem. Trained since childhood to care more about power than anything else, you can’t respond to challenges in any other way than you have here. And yet this is the response that most hurts your tribe. It’s amazing to see happen.

  • That’s exactly what happened to me a couple of decades ago. I’ve seen a lot of other ex-Christians say the same thing. Christianity is best practiced in Duh Mode, with the mind turned off and questions stifled–unless they run along the tribe’s pre-approved lines and thus can be answered with canned talking points. The days of more robust philosophy are long over.

  • “Give it up, Christian Right, Conservative Christians. Give up
    statecraft, give up politicking, give up Christian Nationalism. Let’s
    go back to church. God’s Kingdom has been forsaken by you all. God’s
    vineyard has been left unattended, and His Son’s coming back to find it
    … how?”

    Spot on. As I’ve been saying these Evangelical “Christians” are nothing of the sort. Their first step must be to leave their cult churches and join mainline Christian churches that follow the common lectionary. Only then will they begin to learn and understand the teachings of The Christ. BTW, for those who do not know, Christ is not Jesus’s last name.

  • Soul searching?

    Where would they find them? I’m afraid the devil doesn’t do refunds.

    Roy Moore was yesterday claiming that his un-loss was due to abortion, sodomy, and materialism. One need only look at the money from a charity that allegedly found its way into his pockets, and ask a question about his net worth. If you are really feeling energetic, you might want to look up what someone unimportant to a certain class of so called christian had to say about wealth and desert quadrupeds.

  • If you have any news sources or data of your own to offer, something that would refute anything or any article that I present to the readers, please by any means offer it, Mr. Captain. Definitely listening.

    Otherwise, (and not to put too fine a point on it), your blowing of worthless smoke honestly doesn’t mean anything to me.

    As you apparently suggested, you have no ability to “still my voice”, unless you’re as committed to shaddup-and-do-your-rotgut-homework-first, as I have committed myself to doing.

  • You should’ve just told him to shaddup-and-do-his-rotgut-homework-first, Ben. Now you’ve forced me to advise his information-challenged fanny thusly, and such advisements are so painful and uncomfortable for me.

    I’m just a nice old guy who only wants to say and do nice old things. Why do you force me to say such unpleasant things to these libbie maniacs, Ben?

  • Nice old guy…libbie maniacs.
    Your problem is obvious. you have a severe case of recto-cranial inversion.

  • Please, let’s all put aside this notion that white evangelicals “did not show up” or turned against Roy Moore…They turned out in droves…there is just a bit less of them.

    According the PRRI religion denomination survey for 2016 — white-evangelicals make up 35% of adults in Alabama…yet 44% of voters were white-evangelicals in an off year election in December…so they were actually over represented! However in elections a few years ago white evangelicals made up 47% of voters. But PRRI data for a few years ago also shows more white evangelical adults in Alabama (39% in 2014 vs. 35% now). So the voting share decline is about right considering demographics.

    The good news is that even in Alabama — the “Nones”, nonreligious adults are up to 15% from 11% percent a few years ago as white evangelicals decline…Jones won two-thirds of voters younger than 45.

    So like the US as a whole — the demographic future is secular voters rising while white-evangelicals decline…even in the South. We just have to hold on and survive for a few more years until the darkness clears and nature takes its course with older white-evangelicals.

  • In recent years the Republican Party has sold US Religious Groups that they are the Party of God. They have used the Abortion issue as the trump card over all other evils like Racism and Lust. American Catholics choose to ignore the teachings of Pope Francis on topics of Immigration and Building Walls. Republican Steve Bannon insulted the American Catholic Bishops when he said that The Catholic Church caters to Latinos because they need them to fill their empty pews. Yet I hear Catholics in my own Church not back away from this racist rhetoric. The local Church Pastors and Priests do not speak out against this Rhetoric forcefully in fear of offending their Republican Parishioners. The Republican Party has imbedded itself so deeply in the American Christian Faith that it’s no mystery why Christians would vote for a degenerate like Roy Moore.

  • wow! you, just did what you accuse christians of in your post. as not being, a christian, republican, or democrat. i, can see all sides more objectively. making seeing hostile prejudiced, fascists, and hypocrites too easy.

  • not all perverts, are going to accept your perversion.

    you can please some of the perverts, some of the time, you can please all of the perverts some of the time, but you cannot please all the perverts all of the time.

    there is no person on this planet, that is not pervert to some degree. where every person on this planet, believes they are the only true pervert. even if their, soul searching refuses to see this.

    prejudice, can be classified as true or not true in this normally not true diverse world.

  • i, do not believe that the pope, is a believer in G-D. but has some antiG-D fascism to believe in.

    or any-other church, of hamavreek that protects pedophiles. or any church, that protects, the worshipers of baal hamolech. this world is evil and wicked, and not adhering to The Word of G-D.

    all judgement is based, on how true or untrue you are to ELOHEEM and THEIR Son here in This Story of THEIR Physical Creation again.

    this world, teaches diversity in lies not truth.

  • allegations made without an indictment or conviction, in a last minute political climate are suspicious after years and years of silence.

    but no matter who, won the election the devil won. where one devil critter is usually much more subtle talking than the other. the devil, has smoother lips.

    and christians, are taught to be forgiving of the sins of others. even when they, lose sight of unforgivable offenses. but not everyone, who claims to be anointed-like is a christian.

    i, look for what is true to G-D compared to what is untrue to G-D And/OR THEIR Son. comparing what, is true to what is opposed to G-D for both Noachide or Yehoodeem or anything in-between.

    whether it be, the worship of the baby murdering baal hamolech, or the homosexual worshipers, of hamavreek. or the self worship, of hasatan. the three angels of Revelation, pouring their bowls of self serving sins upon this world. here in The Book of Revelation, which began with ELOHEEM visiting THEIR Male Child.

  • To be fair, the shift in percentage of the white evangelical vote may have been small (from 47 to 44%), but it WAS the difference in the election. If Roy Moore gets those 3 points from his base, he wins. Furthermore, Mohler correctly stated that not a single evangelical leader in the state stood by Moore. I notice you neglected to mention that.

  • I wouldn’t pay much attention to what Jonathan Merritt writes. Within a few months of his postings his “insight” usually proves to be off-target as history and events unfold. Probably should stick to bible-studies among millenials

  • Believe or Not: I did check out those 2 articles. But all they say is Doug Jones supports Planned Parenthood and LGTBQs. How is that even comparable to Roy Moore’s SexualAssault4Christ? The former is not a crime – please, get this, brother floydlee – it’s civil rights for these communities – debatable, yes, but it’s their constitutional rights as fellow Americans that are at stake. My fellow born-again Christian brother Roy Moore, on the other hand, goes to church with that sex crime clouding over him but which he – and all his church elders & disciples in Alabama and elsewhere – cared less to confront so as to clear his name. (It’s a divine commandment to clear one’s name from all that if he or she is born from above by the Spirit of God.) Instead he went to say the accusation can’t be true because he’s pro-conservative values – wwwhhhhaaatt? Tell that to our God & Jesus! Something stinks all the way to heaven, that.

    Be happy in the Lord, brother floydlee, that Roy Moore, Jack Phillips and Paul Pressler are being out-ted by the world, because the church – the body of Christ – should’ve been doing that. Now that stinks all the way to heaven much worse. And Jesus at the right hand of God and on a throne next to His, is going, Wwwwhhhhaaatttt?!

  • Brother Captain Cassidy, captain my captain, what are you doing here all the way from your own blog, Roll To Disbelieve. Remember when I visited you like I’d visit Friendly Atheist and Dispatches From The Culture Wars. Whereas the latter welcome me as No-Atheist, you accused me of being a troll. So it’s payback time, Christian-style. Welcome aboard, captain my captain, say whatever, whenever, however, whichever. You are no troll, kind sir. How’s it going at Roll To Disbelieve? You should promote RNS to them, please. Atheists and Non-Atheists are having a blast here, some even becoming unlikely debate partners as life goes on.

    Anyway, you shouldn’t be scared by that referenced article from my fellow born-again Christian brother floydlee. Breitbart – kaboom – that’s pushbutton for you to huff and puff, panic and say whatever, whenever, however, whichever. Yet and yet, all that article says – truthfully – but innocuously so as I’ve told floydlee just now – is that Doug Jones and LGTBQs endorse each other. DUH, I say to Breitbart, and DUH, I say to your being on autopilot with your 2nd-guessing as to the article’s content.

    No sir, this goes to show you’re no longer open-minded, and yet and yet you blame it all on religion, Christianity and fundagel… that new word you have for Evangelicalism.

  • It’s their style over there at Roll To Disbelieve captained by, well, a dead giveaway, Captain Cassidy, ex-religionist, ex-Christian, ex-Evangelical, presumably; no need for background check; not worth any ant’s time off from balancing itself on a rhino; made Mountain-Whatever poster weeks ago with that comment. Anyhoo. I visited him and his group(ie) just one time and made a think-outside-the-box comment on his Evangelical-bashing-per-the-usual article about that guy who wanted to promote a hashbrown I mean hashtag on Twitter so as to get Evangelicals start leaving their churches. Just think outside the box on this one, captain my captain. You know what he said? This is not your playground! Go away. Man, I’ve met mean Atheists at RNS but that’s nothing compared to Roll To Disbelieve-rs. So, brother floydlee, take it from me, Captain Cassidy is no troll. But he hates. I feel it, you feel it.

  • Cut it out U2 I mean you both (I hate U2.)

    OK I’ve given my piece of mind to brother floydlee. Now’s that turn for you there, brother Ben in Oakland. It’s actually a nice one for you and for the rest of us here.

    Please visit Captain Cassidy’s Roll To Disbelieve blog site for non-religionists – like yourself, I suppose. Participate in their discussion, whydoncha. Fellow LGTBQs you’ll find there too and lots and lots of anti-Evangelicals. Come back to RNS after that and give us your impression of them and especially this guy, Captain Cassidy.

    I prefer Friendly Atheist and Dispatches From The Culture Wars to Roll To Disbelieve.

    It’s up to you. But I thought it’ll do us all good here, this impression of yours. Thanks in advance, ‘bruh!

  • Actually according to my apostle Paul, Jesus is His last name. Unless it’s Korean-style, He’s called Christ Jesus. Maybe last name first, first name last, as per Korean naming culture.

    “Mainline Christian churches” you say? And that too in the name of “the common lectionary”. Now, see, dude, truth of all truths is there’s only one church and that is Christ Jesus’ 1st apostles and disciples. After they died, the Early Church Wolves I mean Fathers subverted, soft-coup like, deep-state style. After killing off Heretics, Catholic Church became The Way (or else you’re dead). 1500 years after Christ Jesus, Reformation came but only to split up political territories into one side Protestant and the rest Catholic. Neither faction, however, was true and faithful to the traditions of Christ Jesus’ 1st apostles and disciples. Just as the Christian Right of today and just as the Progressive Christians of today, neither “cult churches” as you’ve put it, are truth and faithful to those traditions.

    Now chew on that through Christmas, whydoncha. Do a bit digging into church history. Oh and don’t forget the scriptures. As the Trumps would say, Merry Christmas. And Jimmy Carter once said live, Gotta go!

  • What I would share with you (for now) is, those two specific “communities” as you labeled them, actually possess a sobering, devastating track record of awful spiritual damage, human carnage and wreckage between them.

    Amazingly so, in fact. If you remember the “sausage-grinder-and-children” scene at the end of the old Pink Floyd video “Another Brick In the Wall”, well THAT’s the situation here, HpO. For example, can you guess how many 10’s of 1000’s of minority women got sterilized against their will by PP?

    If you think the KKK has hurt and wrecked certain people, and that Christians should speak out against their words & deeds, I assure you that BOTH Planned Parenthood and the Homosexual Movement have come up with similar scores (in their own way) — and are still racking up points every week.

    But I don’t expect you to believe me right now. That’s okay. I assure you however, Jones is NOT a moderate. God ain’t into what Jones is into, nope.

  • The Evangelicals make the Bible the enemy of humanity and a decent society. they won’t change. They will always find a group to persecute as part of their “religious freedom.” They will always try to take over the government to impose their views on others. Their “leaders” will always fund a way to grow rich by preaching prejudice and ignorance. They have a good racket going, why would they give it up?

  • Blah blah blah. So what? What matters is that others are respected and not attacked as perverts just because they don’t agree with you.

  • You really need some serious basic Christian education. The word Christ comes from the Greek Christos meaning messiah. It is a title not a “last name”. During his physical life in the mid-east people were referred to as “John” of “city of birth” which is why he’s also known as Jesus of Nazareth.

    Given you are so ignorant of these basic facts you need to find a mainstream orthodox church, join it and start some serious Biblical study. A good place to start would be an Episcopal church and sign up for EFM, Education For Ministry. Classes will start in September, but it is also available on-line.

  • Hey, floydlee, brother in Christ,

    According to The Apostolic Rule of Christian Conduct Outside the Church – in this case, toward the Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities –

    As fellow born-again Christians, you & I are supposed “to maintain always a blameless conscience both before God and before [the Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities].” (Acts 24:14-16.)

    As fellow born-again Christians, you & I are not supposed to “judge [the Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities] outside [the] church … [but only] to judge those who are within [the] church … Those who are outside … God judges”. (1 Corinthians 5:1-5, 9-13.)

    As fellow born-again Christians, our “proud confidence [is supposed to be] … the testimony of [our] conscience, that in holiness and godly sincerity, not in fleshly wisdom but in the grace of God, [we’ve] conducted [ourselves] in [the Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities’] world”. (2 Corinthians 1:12.)

    As fellow born-again Christians, you & I are not supposed to be “walking in craftiness or adulterating the word of God, but by the manifestation of truth commending [ourselves] to [the Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities’] conscience in the sight of God.” (2 Corinthians 4:1-2.)

    “While [we have the] opportunity”, as fellow born-again Christians, you & I are supposed to “do good to [the Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities]”. (Galatians 4:9-10.)

    As fellow born-again Christians, you & I are supposed to “do all things without grumbling or disputing; so that [we] will prove [ourselves] to be blameless and innocent, children of God above reproach in the midst of [the Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities], among whom [we’re to] appear as lights in the world”. (Philippians 2:12-15.)

    As fellow born-again Christians, you & I are supposed to “conduct [ourselves] with wisdom toward [the Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities], making the most of the opportunity. … [Our] speech [must] always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that [we] will know how [we] should respond to [the Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities].” (Colossians 4:2-6.)

    As fellow born-again Christians, you & I are supposed to “to make it [our] ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to [our] own business and work with [our] hands, … so that [we] will behave properly toward [the Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities].” (1 Thessalonians 4:3-5, 7-8, 10-12.)

    As fellow born-again Christians, you & I are supposed to “as aliens and strangers … keep [our] behavior excellent among [the Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities], so that in the thing in which they slander [us] as evildoers, they may because of [our] good deeds, as they observe them, glorify God in the day of visitation. … [We’re] not [to] use [our] freedom as a covering for evil, but use it as bondslaves of God. Honor all [the Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities]”. (1 Peter 2:11-12, 15-17.)

    As fellow born-again Christians, you & I are supposed to “keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which [we’re] slandered, those [Planned Parenthood & LGTBQ communities] who revile [our] good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.” (1 Peter 3:15-16.)

  • Perhaps a better way to describe evangelicals after Roy Moore is to say that they need to trade their magic mirror in for a real one. Of course, we should all understand why some prefer a magic mirror because looking into real ones hurt.

  • There is a slight racist bent to Mohler’s assessment.

    It misses that African Americans came out in record numbers, despite severe race based gerrymandering and voter disenfranchisement efforts to send Moore packing. They overwhelmingly voted against Moore and Jones did the best in counties with large cities.

    Moore was more than a Bible thumping pederast, he was first and foremost a bigot. Of the kind AL has been trying to exorcise from their electorate for several generations.

  • “Mohler correctly stated that not a single evangelical leader in the state stood by Moore. I notice you neglected to mention that.”

    Because evangelicals with a nationwide base: Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson all supported Moore

  • “allegations made without an indictment or conviction, in a last minute political climate are suspicious after years and years of silence.”

    ….Unless the candidate was a Democrat.

    As seen by conservative trolling last year demonstrated.

    Conservatives are in no position to talk about the veracity of accusations and negative rumors. Due process only is invoked to protect their own interests and ignored when on the attack. They can get bent right now with their hypocritical whining.

    In the this month two of them were caught trying to plant fake stories about allegations of sexual misconduct. So it’s not like they care about the truth ofcsuch matters.

  • Roy Moore ran on, among several things, being a “states rights” candidate. That has a specific meaning in Alabama going back to slavery and “Jim Crow” laws and Gov. Wallace. You’d think that would have caused white Evangelicals (both inside and outside of Alabama) great pause and reconsideration of their support for Roy Moore. But it didn’t one bit, and Evangelicals leaders enthusiastically endorsed him and 80% of them still voted for him. And now you’ve got Roy Moore and the white Evangelicals damning the black voters of Alabama. Racism is alive and kicking in Evangelical Christianity.

  • I agree that a lot of today’s “mainline” churches are apostate, but i Don’t trust anyone who says the Church was all wrong for more than a thousand years and we just recently discovered what Jesus really meant. The “homosexualists” (I won’t tar all gays with that brush) also say that.

  • Jesus said that when He returns, He won’t find faith among all the people. If He will, that means they, too, “just recently [will have] discovered what Jesus really meant.”