Clergy attend the the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Spring Assembly in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on June 13, 2018. RNS photo by Jack Jenkins

Catholic bishops rebuke Trump’s asylum changes, suggest ‘canonical penalties’

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (RNS) — The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops opened its spring meeting this week with a stern reproach of the Trump administration’s latest immigration policies, with the group's president suggesting the new rules on asylum are a “right to life” issue.

Some bishops followed by urging protests, including "canonical penalties" for those who carry out the administration's new rules.

Within minutes of opening the USCCB’s biannual meeting in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday (June 13), Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the USCCB and archbishop of Galveston-Houston, read aloud a statement deeply critical of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent announcement regarding asylum qualifications.

“At its core, asylum is an instrument to preserve the right to life,” DiNardo said, reading from the statement. “The Attorney General’s recent decision elicits deep concern because it potentially strips asylum from many women who lack adequate protection.

“This decision negates decades of precedents that have provided protection to women fleeing domestic violence," DiNardo continued. "We urge courts and policy makers to respect and enhance, not erode, the potential of our asylum system to preserve and protect the right to life.”

On Monday, Sessions reversed an immigration appeals court decision granting asylum to a Salvadoran woman who had claimed domestic abuse in her home country. His ruling effectively overturned an Obama administration practice of allowing women with credible claims of domestic abuse or those fleeing gang violence to seek asylum in the United States. 

DiNardo also criticized the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy, announced in May, which calls for prosecuting all those who cross the border illegally and separating children immigrating with parents from their families.

“Our government has the discretion in our laws to ensure that young children are not separated from their parents and exposed to irreparable harm and trauma. Families are the foundational element of our society and they must be able to stay together," DiNardo said. 

"Separating babies from their mothers is not the answer and is immoral,” he added.

When he finished, DiNardo asked bishops to clap if they approved the statement. The room erupted in applause.

During a question-and-answer session about immigration issues later in the day, several bishops suggested bold strategies for countering the policies, including two from states along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, N.J., proposed that a group of bishops be sent to the border to inspect the detention facilities where children are kept as a "sign of our pastoral concern and protest against the hardening of the American heart." Bishop Oscar Cantú of Las Cruces, N.M., suggested "public gestures" such as prayer vigils in front of federal courthouses.

Bishop Edward Weisenburger of Tucson, Ariz., made a bolder suggestion, raising the possibility of implementing canonical penalties for Catholics “who are involved in this,” referring to children being separated from their families at the border. Canonical penalties can range from denial of sacraments to excommunication, though Weisenburger did not specify what he intended beyond referring to sanctions that already exist for "life issues."

"Canonical penalties are there in place to heal," Weisenburger said. "And therefore, for the salvation of these people's souls, maybe it's time for us to look at canonical penalties."

The immigration policies have triggered widespread outcry from faith leaders across the religious spectrum, including Catholics. Sister Norma Pimentel, executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley who has been praised by Pope Francis for her work with migrants, told USA Today that separating families is “inhumane” and “cruel.”

The bishops are meeting in Fort Lauderdale through Thursday.


  1. I’m glad to see the Catholic bishops finally speak out forcefully about issues surrounding life beyond the womb. Perhaps they can use their influence to encourage the people in their pews to vote this coming November the way they did two years ago when they made it abundantly clear from their pulpits that it was sinful for people to vote for candidates who were not “pro-life.” I won’t be holding my breath waiting for that to happen, given the conservative bent of their largest supporters, but I remain open to being surprised.

  2. Canonical penalties? Apply them first to Catholic politicians that repeatedly support pro-abortion policies. Oh wait, the bishops won’t because that would mean offending Democrat politicians.

  3. The headline implies a consensus among the bishops for ‘canonical penalties.’ This is wrong. Only one bishop has suggested such penalties — for separating families, that is. Plenty of them have no problem imposing penalties for those who vote for pro-choice candidates.

    Speaking of moral imperatives, where is the outrage from conservative Catholics on this issue? Not a peep from the verbose Bill Donahue. Nary a word on the Catholic League website. And where is Ross Douthat? I’ve searched and found nothing from any of them. (If I’m wrong and they’ve spoken out, I’ll cheerfully apologize.)

    I’m a faithful Catholic and I’ve always defended the ‘seamless garment’ approach to life issues. Supporting the family is supposed to be at the center of our moral framework. Those who constantly scream their heads off about abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage should at least make a little noise on ripping children away from their parents, don’t you think?

    The silence is deafening and the hypocrisy is nauseating.

  4. Canonical penalties are imposed by individual bishops on a diocese by diocese basis. Bishops are autonomous and the USCCB has no authority to make them do anything.

    Some bishops do impose canonical penalties on Catholic politicians who support abortion rights, not that it makes the least bit of difference. Such penalties are unenforceable and accomplish nothing but raising the profile of pro-choice candidates.

    Most bishops have sense enough not to go there.

  5. In order for an episcopal conference in the Catholic Church to bind the faithful, a 2/3 vote in favor has to occur. A round of applause does not cut that mustard.

    Nor do plenty of them have no problem imposing penalties for those who vote for pro-choice candidates. In fact penalties for voting pro-choice are rare indeed.

    The Catholic League’s raison d’être is to defend “the right of Catholics – lay and clergy alike – to participate in American public life without defamation or discrimination.”

    Why would it be involved in this discussion?

  6. Since the Catholic Church considers abortion intrinsically immoral, a Catholic who votes for a pro-abortion candidate specifically to advance abortion, abortion “rights”, and so on creates a break in her or his communion with his church.

    No, no Catholic bishops “intoned from their pulpits that it is sinful for Catholics to vote for candidates who are insufficiently ‘pro-life'”.

    Nor is there is there any evidence that “the conservative bent of their largest contributors” impacts their doctrinal positions, nor is there any evidence their largest contributors have a conservative bent.

  7. I don’t care about canonical penalties. My point was that the article’s headline, which implies general support of penalties among the bishops, is misleading. Nor am I interested in whether or not this was formally adopted as binding on the faithful. I’m just encouraged that the bishops, as a body, chose to speak at all.

    Why should the Catholic League speak out on this issue? How about because it would be a show of solidarity with their church’s leaders? How about because it might do some good? How about because it might help some suffering families? Aren’t those reasons enough?

    The Catholic League and Bill Donahue issue a statement for every perceived slight from the entertainment industry. Why shouldn’t they stand up and be counted regarding such a mass injustice as the U.S. government enacting a policy of separating families? Isn’t such a blatant evil injurious to Catholics?

    Silence on this issue implies consent with what the government is doing. Why on Earth wouldn’t they be eager to make their voices heard in opposition?

  8. I mentioned canonical penalties only because you mentioned them.

    Generally when I don’t care about something, I don’t write about it.

    The headline was consistent with “Justices deny bid from dissident South Carolina churches to keep buildings” June 12, 2018, which similarly left an erroneous impression. In that article the article itself had one serious mistake and one additional false implication.

    You apparently completely misunderstand the purpose and charter of the Catholic League.

    It does not exist to “show … solidarity with (its) church’s leaders”.

    Its comments on the entertainment industry, for example, deal solely with attacks on Catholicism or Catholics.

    It does not take positions on prudential matters, which this is. It does not take doctrinal positions. It leaves those things up to other entities, including the Catholic media.

    Getting entangled in intramural disputes would harm its ability to do what it was founded to do.

    If showing solidarity with its church’s leaders is an issue for you, you might want to contact the National Catholic Reporter, America, Commonweal, and a few others and ask them to stand with their church leaders against abortion.

  9. I do care about misleading, click-bait headlines, and that was my obvious purpose in bringing it up. In any event, I’m glad you share my dislike for such headlines.

    You’d likely be surprised by which publications I’ve contacted in the past and why. I take my faith seriously and I ask nothing of another that I’m not willing to do.

    By the way, I understand the mission of the Catholic League. I just find the way they approach it to be sadly limiting. Whining is not inspirational.

    Moving on. Have a nice evening.

  10. I don’t believe the Catholic League’s approach is limiting.

    To the contrary.

    In its 45 years by avoiding partisan issues it has preserved its ability to critique anti-Catholicism with impunity.

    Even doing that some of the posters here – William Lindsey is a good example – take shots at it.

    It would be much much worse if it started doing endorsements.

  11. The good thing is that the United States is still not a Theocracy. Whine all you want about the sty in your neighbor’s eye, oh holy hypocrites. Your own house needs a proper cleaning before you can exact judgements on any other. Start with the Heretic at the Papal Pulpit.

  12. One World Open Borders Francis infecting the Church with Progressive Globalistic Heresy. Can he be removed already ?

  13. No body gives a F u c k what a bunch f u c k i n g child molesters Think about Anything…………Go to HELL you belong there ALL of You………Catholic bishops………Call your Congressman and Tell them TO REVOKE the Churches Tax Free Status, I sure as Hell will be calling……..

  14. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render unto God that which is God’s. Immigration is the province of government, not the Church. If the Church has problems with domestic abuse of Salvadoran women, they need to address that in El Salvador. The church has branch offices there.

  15. What??? The number one goal of Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals, etc., is to b u g g e r as many choir boys as possible. The Catholic Church has zero credibility and zero moral authority. F them. They are not servants of God. MAGA.

  16. One World Open Borders Francis infecting the Church with Progressive Globalistic Heresy.

  17. They’ll lose even more Catholics with this policy.

  18. I cannot wait for for the so-called church which is of the whore of Babylon to
    have judgement held against it. When Michael levels his sword against it
    it will be terrible and justified. That communist that runs it will be held
    accountable in more ways than one.

  19. The United States is a Constitutional Republic.It does establish domestic policy in accordance with the whims of Argentine fascists.

    The Bishops need to stop aiding and abetting the child molestors in their clergy and leave running the United States to people who face and win elections.

  20. The Church is Satan…..

  21. And how many refugees has the vatican taken in?

  22. How many immigrants seeking asylum has the Vatican accepted?

  23. No one is stopping the church from using their immense wealth to help these women, how is it Christian to force people to donate their money angainst their will?

  24. Worship with yourself…….

  25. Did he just put a hex on us? Give me a break, he is exspousing the doctrins of man. Not impressed

  26. Nice tax exemption you have there. Shame to see you lose it for political activities.

  27. They can stay in their own countries….with their own children.

  28. Does that mean that “Canonical Penalties” will be applied to Nancy Pelosi?

  29. Can we deport American female citizens to hell for abusing the domestic abuse bias the church and the government have towards men?

    Oh yes, and regarding abortion isn’t that at least “domestic abuse”?

  30. You don’t need to flee 5,000 miles to get away from domestic abuse…..This is ridiculous

  31. AWESOME POINT! I am Catholic but quit attending mass once the marxist pope & the vatican removed Pope Benedict.

  32. They represent the Church. Kind of surprised you don’t see that from your perch Father.

  33. Are immigration laws unjust? The people from Central America are not fleeing war torn countries or famine.

  34. If the Catholic church wants to engage in politics, then I guess we can remove any religious exemptions they have. Works for me.

  35. There are two questions here. First is what about the policy of abortion law passed by practicing catholics? And maybe limiting the number of poor immigrants will get into the pockets of the church who has a contract to place the illegals in homes?

    Sore losers, keep the pressure on them.

  36. Extend your charitable help to the countries poor and needy in their country and stay away from United States politics .The citizens of this country do not condone illegal immigration and religious interference with public policy. You have your mandate to help, not to impose your opinion or will on others.

  37. Is the pope gonna pay a penalty for his wall around vatican city thereby keeping people out?
    So sick of these elitist scum.

  38. Leaders of the Catholic Church should focus on the needs of their flock and leave issues of immigration & National sovereignty to government officials. The Church also needs to keep it’s nose out of the anthropogenic global warming hoax.

  39. The Left, as usual, using children as an excuse to shove their policies down everyone’s throats. The fact they do this, which includes the parents of these children, demonstrates how sick they are.

  40. Follow the money: these pious frauds aren’t interested in the immigrants, only the billions they receiver annually through the various immigrant programs, the biggest payer being the Refugee Resettlement Program. The NCCB would collapse without those funds.

    Notice how they are so weak on condemning abortion, child sex trafficking and clergy pedophilia which are real sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance. They never condemn Muslims for their slavery of women and children or their slaughtering of Christians.

    Typical Masonic/Marxist claptrap. They haven’t been Catholic since Vatican II. They have become totally Masonic in what they teach.

  41. Im a lifelong practicing, weekly Mass, Catholic…although not weekly, I even attend the Mass in China, where I currently live.
    However, if they do this, I and MILLIONS of TRUE Catholics will take excommunication rather than turn OUR Nation into Mexico North.
    Im done turning the other cheek for the Church who moved pedophile priests around like chess pieces and yet seems to want to implode America. THAT is not the world of God, but of Man, and rather arrogantly elitist self-righteous punks in funny caps.
    Yet for DECADES they allow Pelosi to receive communion as she heralds the destruction of the unborn?
    Hey Cardinals — God IS watching. And He will certainly have a nice long discussion with you very soon.

  42. Let them live at the VATICAN!! Do as you say!

  43. Catholic charities has been bringing ILLEGALS from many countries into the USA, relocating them to communities across the USA. They want to fill their pews & fill the $$ baskets. Catholic charities works AGAINST the LEGAL catholic citizen & I am sick of them.

  44. If you were truly concerned for illegal immigrants you would be in their country helping them make it a better place.

  45. A young boy is more apt to be buggered by his female school teacher than a Catholic priest

  46. So we should just open our borders….idiots…

  47. That wall predates the pope by a few hundred years and if you understood anything about the history of Europe you would not say anything so silly because your opinion is not based on facts nor history.

  48. This Pope and the Vatican has NO credibility on Trump nor his followers “True Americans” on the way this country should be run!!! They support the Establishment/Satan !!! The pedophiles will start naming names!

  49. I cant find cant find canonical penalties in the Bible. Did the catholics just make that up? surely not.

  50. Why hasn’t the Catholic church pull the plug on democrat senator Nancy Pelosi. She is a despicable politician lying at every turn. Her city is a HELL hole due to her idiotic policies that DESTROY lives, schools, minds, homeless, mentally ill & the competent & moral lawful people who live in her district. Disgrace!

  51. Catholic bosses need to focus on the gay male liberal pedophiles that became “priests.”

  52. What part about ILLEGAL is hard to understand?

  53. Does the Church no longer understand Latin? The word republic comes from two Latin words, “res” meaning thing, and “publica” meaning citizens. A republic is a thing belonging to its citizens–not to the immigrants, and certainly not to the liberals that hate us. What’s more, we have the same right to keep the unwanted out of our country as we do our own home–and for good reasons, bad reasons, or no reasons at all.

    It’s more than a little interesting that the Church never invoked “canonical penalties” on the most notorious pro-abortion politicians, but they have no problems invoking such penalties on those who believe America should be for Americans.

  54. Where did they pull this one out of??Hummmm

  55. Deport illegal Mexican families intact. Cruel to split them up and they’re all illegal.


    Our Catholic Church gets about $1 BILLION from the US Government for migrant relief services.

    That’s why migration rights is an oh so URGENT issue, whereas the slaughter of 1 million babies in America each year is merely an annoying distraction.


    30 PIECES of Roman SILVER is now $1 BILLION of US currency.

    The roads in Hell are indeed paved with the skulls of dead priests.

  57. The Establishment is a Cancer that has infected Europe.

  58. The failure of the Vatican and American Bishops to speak out against abortion renders any opinion they present claiming the mantle of being “pro-life”, null and void.

  59. These old men in dresses should look to their knitting. their own track records are horrible and chock full of abuse.

  60. Here … hold on …. I have something for you Bishops … where did I put it …. mmm…. no, not that …. OH! Here it is ….??? ?

  61. Nobody is RIPPING children from their parents – the parents as the children are FREE to leave as a FAMILY back to where they came from and come back through the proper channels

  62. Don’t let the Pope keep you from Jesus. I’m a Catholic too and voted Trump. Our church is a swamp too and needs draining. It’s all a globalist plot. Marxists have invaded OUR church. Let’s not abandon her in time of need. Fight! Catholics put Trump over finish line. We the faithful get it.

  63. The Catholics need to understand when people come to the border with children are these children really the children theirs or do they belong to someone else?? Some of these children are being raped and abused so how do we know who is the real parent??

  64. Are these the same ones who like little boys???

  65. The irony is that it has been reported that the Bishops Fund has funded groups supporting abortion and LGBT marraige.
    The Bishops might put their minds and money to outreach programs in countries where the need to flee exists. The families are separated long before they reach the U.S. in many cases.
    Changing asylum definitions to a “right to life” claim is similar to the way “choice” is used to promote abortion. Promoting transitional visas for longer periods is probably a compromise that both sides of the issue might support.

  66. This is about filling pews and collection boxes with Mexican parishioners–not about the sanctity of life (you know what that is: the abortions they don’t do anything about because their Democrat politicians wouldn’t like it, nor the young victims of sexual abuse by their priests that they still fight coming to light).

  67. The wealthy Catholic church should use its billions to enhance the quality of life in central and South America. Francis could sell his private jet and provide food and water to thousands of potential illegals for life. Francis could also stop trying to strip the poorest in the world of their best chance to achieve development and a US quality of life, i.e. cheap, reliable energy.

  68. the SAME Church that has a 50 FOOT wall all the way around it?

  69. Are they entitled to rights that enslave others to pay for their care via increased taxes and where does it end???

    Is the U.S. to take in all of the impoverished of the world??? Is the U.S. to take in all who claim domestic abuse whether true or not.

  70. The hypocracy of the Catholic Church is beyond the pale.

  71. This Pope and the Vatican has NO credibility with TRUE CATHOLICS.

    Thus, no is laughing at the old joke,


  72. Agreed Sir. But that would take more effort than words. Words are all most liberals have.

  73. Fleeing domestic abuse shouldn’t evolve into 3 new Mexican babies after you arrive in America.

  74. All I have to say is read the latest book out which I just finished “The Dictator Pope” that is all you need to know about our Catholic Church

  75. perhaps instead of reading a partisan political statement, the Cardinal should pick up a Bible and open it to Romans 13

  76. Let those immigrants thrive in Vatican City

  77. The oppression of the Papacy will not reign here, Thank God. Apply your own laws within your own borders and stop molesting children. Remember the separation between church and state? The millions of Christians you murdered in the name of your inquisition? See where I’m going with this??

  78. My Catholic Church has been invaded by Marxists but I’ll stay true to my faith. We Catholics helped put Trump in Whitehouse and get it. Let them try to separate me from Jesus! Won’t happen! Immigration is not pro life but a policy issue. They are trying to water down the anti abortion movement. Sensus fidelium sense of the faithful. Our hierarchy is a great disappointment. Need reform. Vatican corrupt.

  79. Funny you typed that while I was trying to formulate the same statement, but you said it perfectly so I will just give you an upclick

  80. You saved me writing the same thing. First – religion has its role – and it is not politics. This Pope has lost his way because he has become a “politician” making divisive statements where he has no role or right. Abortion doesn’t faze the Catholic politician – whether in France, the U.S. or anywhere. Clean up that issue before taking on another.

  81. Hey here’s an idea instead of letting hordes of illegal aliens into the country to help prop up a failing pastoral mission, abide by the law and increase missions in the very foreign countries where these hordes originate. Oh but that would require work for these fat and sassy theologians.

  82. Isn’t their a priest who is asking for generous donations so that he can buy himself a new airplane???

  83. shouldn’t the church use ALL that money that Americans give to them to help these ‘women’?

    i use apostrophes because…did you even see ONE WOMAN in that SIMI-TRUCK in San Antonio?

    it was filled with FIGHTING AGED MEN …it was an INVASION

  84. ye who lives in glass houses….

  85. They want more little boys who can’t speak English.

  86. Why don’t the Catholic Church start by ex-communicating Madonna and that brainless witch Pelosi.

  87. As a Catholic, I agree with most all these comments. You guys are right! I love my church but it’s been corrupted and it’s up to the faithful to rebuild it. Please pray for us.

  88. there is a 50 foot wall that goes ALL around the Vatican …it was put there to protect the Church from Muslims

  89. Perhaps the Catholic Church, its leaders, and the people who claim to represent the Catholic people in the US should consider telling the people who are coming here illegally that they are required to obey the laws of man and the laws of God as Jesus said. Perhaps they should consider telling the illegal immigrants to stay in their home countries and fix the problems there. None of the people they are claiming to want to help and protect are here legally, and it is the choices they made and law breaking actions they took that have caused the problem, not the laws of the US or the way the US chooses to treat them after they break the law to enter the country.

    I’m a Catholic and I want the laws enforced, the illegal immigrants to be held accountable for their actions, and for the Church to go back to telling people they are responsible for their decisions and actions, and that is the humane, Catholic, and Christian thing to do. Blaming anyone else for their situation is not a Christian response to the problem.

  90. Liberalism has turned The Catholic Church into a joke and will eventually kill it as it kills all it touches.

  91. Who cares what the Communist Catholic Church of America has to say? Go say I am sorry to little Johnny.

  92. The USCoCB had a choice to frame their statements and actions in many ways. They chose to follow a path that in reality supported the liberal immigration policies of the American left. Their methods speaks volumes politically.

  93. Pope Benedict removed himself and seems quite happy in retirement. As conspiracy theories go, this one’s pretty lame.

  94. The funny thing is the Catholic Church has just ordered their followers to disobey the laws of the US. Not very biblical.

  95. But they are fine with the Democrats support of Abortion.

  96. It’s things like this why I proudly proclaim that I am an EX-Catholic. As if watching my Catholic school teachers molest my fellow students wasn’t enough, the church demands that my nation be molested too. I cheer whenever a Catholic institution closes. May they all close.

  97. take care of pedophiles first — Pennsylvania is going to be the worst coming up soon

  98. You have this and a leftist Pope fighting global warming.

  99. Calling people to look after their neighbors is attending to the needs of their flock.

  100. If alienating the Catholic population than are hypocrite, bleeding hearts is the goal, the Bishops are doing a bang up job. Yes, I’m one.

  101. Canonical penalties for following the law ???
    How about excommunicating Nancy Pelosi and any other Congressional member for voting for and advocating the murdering of the unborn of God.

  102. The faithful Catholics who give generously to the Church may suggest to the Bishops not to push too hard against this administration who has shown they are their supporters. They only have to look at Obama and his administration who were no doubt anti-Catholic. Memories may fall short in this body of Bishops. At sometime, we all know that very difficult decisions have to be made on this matter. Fleeing poverty and bad times in one country is not ground to ask for “asylum.” If there are no rules but emotions run wild, then we will continue to have chaos at the border. As a pew person, I suggest those Bishops who ignore common sense and pontificate then put their money where their mouths are. They foot the bill for those who really are breaking the law. We all can sympathize with their lives but the proof is in the “pudding.” Let the Bishops pay for them.

  103. So killing babies is okay but stopping illegal aliens from coming and staying is a bridge too far for the pedos?!

  104. It is why it is now irrelevant. We are all at the mercy of organized faiths that prey upon us, even our supposed own. The things this “church” demands of its faithful, that they constantly be sacrificed, no other religious institution does. Instead the other faiths zealously protect their faithful.

  105. The Catholic church is full of pedophiles and globalists who stick their nose in politics. I pray inside my home every night with my children and wife. I DO NOT go to or attend church any longer. I have been giving my money elsewhere towards fundraisers and charities of sorts. NOT TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

  106. “This decision negates decades of precedents that have
    provided protection to women fleeing domestic violence,” DiNardo
    continued. “We urge courts and policy makers to respect and enhance, not
    erode, the potential of our asylum system to preserve and protect the
    right to life.”

    90% of those illegally crossing our border and asking for asylum…DO NOT QUALIFY …

    Asylum is RESERVED to nations who oppress their own people … far as anyone can say…these nations are not oppressing their own people ….

    poverty in NOT a qualifying position for Asylum……neither is crime….. if that was the case…the residents of South Chicago would need asylum in Canada

  107. Hmmm…guys who live in city with 40-foot walls around it are lecturing others about refugees…interesting.

    I guess it is worth noting that the Vatican accepted sixteen refugees a couple years ago.

  108. Maybe the VATICAN can tear down its walls….YOU wonder why you are loosing your FLOCK……CATHOLIC Church takes in BILLIONS and gives nothing….There I said it again.

  109. The leaked Podesta emails indicated they were working on a Catholic spring. Looks like their plan is coming to fruition. They also slammed traditional Catholics like me. The traditional Catholic Church is the greatest enemy the radical left has left. They have invaded all other institutions. We are the last stand.

  110. I guess catholic clergy need more unaccompanied minors to cuddle with.

  111. Leftists gleefully slaughter the future of the American nation in the womb, tolerate pornography and contraception, take permissive attitudes toward adultery and divorce, and celebrate the erosion of the traditional family in the form of homosexuality and transgenderism….but we see no “canonical penalties”. But apparently, God-forbid we enforce our own borders.

    When every Democratic voter who presents themselves for Communion is turned away for being in league with the abortionists, THEN The Bishops may speak.

  112. Bishops are foolish. There is huge, rampant fraud in asylum and Immigration in general. Human trafficking for profit. Nothing else. Provides cheap labor and left wing voters for Democrats. Sad state of affairs. All immigration should be stopped for several years. Nothing but a racket.

  113. Penalties from Rome??? Ha, ha, ha! Go ahead and try, our family stopped being catholics (lack of capitalization intentional) over 15 years ago. As we sat and watched our priest, known for frequenting men’s restrooms, my husband and I shared a glance “What are we doing here????” and got up and left forever. BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE!!!!

  114. All Catholics represent the Church. And I’m not a priest.

  115. Isn’t it time to leave the church if you haven’t done so? Those who stay are part of the problem.

  116. Canonical penalties? What?!

    First, YOU take in illegals all over the world to countries where there is a large catholic presence (except the USA – we have too many). Then, YOU support them. Lastly, get them to go to church and support YOU for taking them in. The USA needs not more illegals and future democratic voters and drones on the safety net and social security system.

  117. Sadly, the Catholic church needs those illegal immigrants to keep its doors open. They know on what side their bread is buttered.

  118. I support POTUS Trump. I also donate thousands of dollars to the Catholic Church. It the Pope does not cease and desist in attacking me, my canonical solution will be to no longer donate to this rapidly devolving religious organization.

  119. Outstanding comment. The bishops should be ashamed of their position. They did nothing about abortion. Most do not march against it when they have rallies in DC. Jesus will hold them accountable to this on judgement day!

  120. They don’t want to lose their supply of young unsuspecting boys.

  121. True, but then Pentecostals and Mormons knock on their doors and convert them. So Catholicism still loses.

    Our Ancestors had NONE of this. They achieved success On Their Own!

  123. I agree. They are very weak on pro-life issues and as a Catholic, I find it very disturbing. Maybe that is why they declared this a prolife issue so they could keep their liberal creds while still seeming to tow the line.

  124. “And he says to me: ‘The waters that you saw, where the harlot is sitting, mean peoples and crowds and nations and tongues. And the ten horns that you saw, and the wild beast, these will hate the harlot and will make her devastated and naked, and will eat up her fleshy parts and will completely burn her with fire.’”—Revelation 17:15, 16.

    Won’t be long before the church will be destroyed.

  125. You completely missed Gina Lin’s point. Besides, that history is irrelevant. Walls can always be torn down.

  126. At least you get to be drunk when someone rapes you.

  127. Many Catholics voted for Trump. Well, so much for Church/State Separation.

  128. So if they want open borders, maybe they should just open up the Vatican.

  129. NOT if said neighbors are here illegally. That is called aiding and abetting – and is against the law!

  130. When all is said and done on this issue it still comes down to Salvation is via Grace thru Faith.. It is the gift of God. Eph 2:8-9

    The RCC still wants works over grace and faith. You can’t work your way to heaven you must be born again thru a change of heart which is only possible by repentance and faith in Christ’s FINISHED work on the cross.

    Anything less leads to hell.
    Read your Bible.

    Romans 10:9-11

    9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. 11 For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.”

  131. If they want open borders, they should open the Vatican.

  132. The Catholic bureaucracy says … the Holy Trinity supports Open Borders.
    The Catholic bureaucracy says … if YOU don’t support Open Borders and the decimation of your country, then YOU will burn in h_ll.
    I mean, if it comes from a Vatican bureaucrat, even more so if it comes directly from the Pope, then how COULD it be wrong?
    I mean, isn’t the Pope on par with Obama, both of them anointed ones?

  133. Catholic Church…..They say: You PAY, we PRAY. I say Talk’s cheap.

  134. I guess the Dems promoting abortion is a different matter. No wonder the ‘church’ is dying. Never a dime, was a question before.. but now.. Not a dime

  135. You feed them all them wombat.

  136. It’s clear at this point that this board has been hijacked by trolls, so productive conversation is over. To those who came here in good faith to discuss this article like a grownup, I regret that it’s not going to happen. I hope to cross paths with you another time. Moving on. Peace.

  137. I think the Catholic bishops should clean up their own houses before threatening the Trump Administration over immigration policies.

  138. Not a marxist, a Mexican Pope. Yeah I know he really isn’t but really what is the difference. He sounds like the Mexican president trying to pawn off his people on his friendly neighbor to the North.

  139. The Catholic Church needs a major overhaul if it’s going to survive. All I see while driving around America is crumbling vacant Catholic Church’s or ones that have been sold and converted to some other purpose.

  140. Calling people to participate in the destruction of their own countries and in their own displacement and replacement via massive almost-unchecked immigration … attends to someone’s needs, but certainly not to the needs of the ordinary Catholic within his respective country. I wonder who that someone or someones receiving all the benefits of Open Borders might be……

  141. That is why I left the Catholic Church. A bunch of thugs who protected pedophiles telling us what is right and wrong.

    Go pound sand.

  142. So God doesn’t believe in Justice I guess…….

  143. The only way it will drain is to quit going, quit giving and quit supporting. There are many good non-denominational Christian worship services that DO NOT REQUIRE confession to anyone, it’s personal between you and God, they do not consider attendance mandatory for a path to Heaven and do not condemn you to Hell if you eat meat on Fridays or miss mass……..Oh! That’s right,those are no longer a sin, I forgot there’s been so many changes……The only one thing that counts, if you believe in the forgiving power of Jesus Christ,you ask God to forgive you you sins,and you are forgiven. You may want to go to church every day of the week, three times a week, once a week or not at all, as long as you trust in God and accept Christ, it’s all good. If you do good works, give offerings and live a righteous life, it will make you feel better and it serves as a good example but it doesn’t put you farther up in line when that day comes.

  144. Take heed Catholics:

    Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience. Romans 13 (1-5)

  145. Is there one Catholic country where I don’t step in dog feces while being mugged?

  146. When will the Catholic church or any other church realize that they can separate no person from God. To think that a man (or woman) gets to choose to goes to heaven or not. Silly.

  147. The RCC can go to hell, if you believe in that sort of thing. They are only concerned with filling their churches with the influx of illegal Hispanics crossing the border as US citizens have caught on to the pedophile ponzi scheme that the Church of Rome is selling.

  148. Why doesn’t the Catholic Church doesn’t excommunicate all of the Catholics that have had an abortion/supports/vote in favor of abortions?

  149. Remember, the current Pope sheltered a pedophile in the Vatican so he couldn’t be prosecuted for his crimes in Dominican Republic.

    So Bishops – start paying taxes, including income and property taxes, and keep your hands off our kids and our laws.

    Tax every penny the church receives to pay for the current illegal immigrants in the country. About time the Catholic Church paid its fair share

  150. They would have to close all the Catholic high schools.

  151. So I guess the Vatican is full of immigrants, and now the US has to take the overflow……????

  152. Catholics believe that nations have a right to self defense, 2309-2310 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Did they just renounce that? It appears if the people entering illegally contribute to church coffers, long standing catholic beliefs fall by the wayside.

  153. Lmfao a bunch of international communists thinks it’s going to lecture me about immigrants

  154. I left the church because of abuse of power and the creepy pedophiles. Charity for “the poor”, which includes all these third world immigrant, refugees, and illegal aliens, is a multi-billion dollar a year cottage industry and the church is a huge beneficiary of this money. I see a wall around the Vatican and gold leaf ceilings, but no illegal aliens and third world refugees being invited to live there. Hypocrites and this communist pope should keep his trap shut.

  155. Money seems to be more important to Catholic bishops than Catholic dogma.

  156. Cradle Catholic here. I love my faith but these pharisees are corrupt in their involvement in pushing the human trafficking industry. I discount all instructions from these hypocrites. They have taken no action against abortion advocates. They should focus on the homosexual orgies at the Vatican and stay out of the steps our leaders take to end human exploitation from forced global migrations for profit.

  157. US Catholic Church are human trafickkers looking for money to pay for their priest cushy lifestyle. Starve the beast.

  158. WHAT A LOAD CRAP………these pathetic leftists flout the laws of our nation on pedophilia, money laundering and go out of their way to support abortionists and homosexuals. Children? many of these “children” are young adults lying about their age, others have been proven not the be the children of the adults they are with…….and any adult using their children as leverage to get into the USA should have those kids taken away.

  159. BTW, Christ is no longer on the cross. Why do they crucify him eternally?

  160. Popery! Too many damn Catholics in government and politics. I am for a Christian revival where souls are saved, lives are changed, and the nation’s morals heal. The Catholic Church is an organized pedophile ring and a threat to American democracy

  161. Not so strong on homosexuality and sexual perversion issues either…

  162. Of all the atrocities committed daily worldwide, this is what the Bishops think merits their attention? Have they given up on spreading the Good News of salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ?

  163. Now we all know how Martin Luther felt. If only he had a comment board. Actually he nailed one to the door.

  164. Please type in your address and we’ll send the billions of needy to your house. Governments make laws and we pay massive taxes to have regulations and policies to provide for the needy without the chaos of open borders and uncontrolled illegal immigration. Send the illegals to the bishops’ residence. They live high on the hog.

  165. You realize that the Vatican has a 20ft (or more in some places) WALL surrounding it, don’t you?

  166. You know if the Catholic Church wanted to do something worthy of God’s praise they might want to sit outside these Liberal Politicians houses and protest their support of killing innocent babies in the womb. When they do that, then maybe, they will have some credibility.

  167. The Italians are ready to revolt over the invasion they have been subjected to.

  168. Nope. The church is making tens of billions of dollars off the charity industry, and largely reimbursed with tax dollars, which explains why they are screaming for us to let more poor third worlders invade us.

  169. Pope Francis never lost his way, his way is to corrupt the Church through the introduction of broadly liberal doctrine and agenda items. He has done very well in his efforts.

  170. The Catholic Church is FADING INTO OBLIVION
    They are desperate to get more low income baby factories in western nations where they will have political power…same as the Muslims

  171. The current pope used to be a bar bouncer in South America. He’s unqualified to be pope and merely a puppet of the marxist left.

  172. Not when the neighbors are literally breaking into your home and demanding things from you.

  173. I am a Catholic and these guys are full of shit. The pope is a marxist.

  174. It sounds like the Bishops are listening to fake news CNN. Also “life issues” can encompass many things. Pro life movement has been watered down. Watch as they come after guns next. My bishop actually included anti gun statements in his pro life homily. Many are Marxists. There are many good bishops are fighting the good fight tho. Don’t lump them all in there together. The Church will get smaller because of the hypocrisy of the leaders and their focus on liberal poisonous policies that actually hurt people. Sad.


    Catholic charities are reaping huge profits from sponsoring immigrants, illegal infiltrators too, from donors and the US government and probably Soros too.
    I approve of all the comments below! In particular “The PCC are corrupt in their involvement in pushing the human trafficking industry.”

  176. The bishops ought to get out of politics. Jesus left Roman affairs alone. The bishops should do the same. Critical thought is missing here. It is not Trump separating mother and child. If they stay out they will be together. Figure it out bishops. Where is a Catholic to turn to?

  177. America did not divide those families! Those families devided themselves. Those mothers separated from their own children, America did not separate anyone. You know the Vatican has a 60′ wall all around all it’s borders to keep Immigrants out.

  178. I’m Catholic and agree with your statement.

  179. Separating Mother & Child policy was implemented by the Democrats.

  180. Thanks to Drudge Report linking to this there are many critiques of the Bishop’s statement that degrade true Christian values. Are all you commenters truly in favor of removing children from their mothers? Or not giving support to women who suffer domestic abuse? Sad.

  181. I left the RC church in part for this very reason. They will NOT have my dollars despite being Jesuit educated. IMHO, the RC church will undergo a huge restructuring and downsizing but any organization of this size and wealth will take a very long time to shrink. Perhaps it will change but I sincerely doubt it. Without allowing priests to marry and women priests (no I do not believe in the current faux-feminism it is just that talented women can help save souls, too) I do not believe in the long-term survival of the RC church.

  182. Plus the church runs charities and makes tens of billions of dollars that are reimbursed with government tax dollars. The more poor dependent people they can cram into our country, the more consumers of their services and the more money they make. The church is greedy and corrupt to the core. They are exactly the hypocrites that Jesus warned us about.

  183. Yeah but he should have stayed to fight. Instead he divided us all. United we stand. King Henry also split off because he wanted an annulment so he could behead his next wife.

  184. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops opened its spring meeting this week with a stern reproach of the Trump administration’s latest immigration policies, with the group’s president suggesting the new rules on asylum are a “right to life” issue.

    The Roman Catholic Church gives every indication of having lost its way with the common believer. To speak of “right to life” while being mute on the abortion conflagration borders on incredulity.

  185. As another Commenter remarked, You don’t have to go 5000 miles to flee domestic abuse.
    Also, The Mother Child issue was implemented by the Democrats under Pres. O.

  186. Catholic Bishops are running out of young boys to sodomize. They need new blood coming in as refugees.

  187. Canonical penalties? I’m shaking in my boots. I’m having panic attacks. I can’t sleep or eat. Like
    coniljw j, I left the Church because of Dope Francis. He is an unrepentent marxist as is most of the Catholic hierarchy.

  188. Are you kidding me…canonical penalties!!! This same group of men have sat by idly for the last 17 years doing and saying nothing about the “UNJUST” war that this government has perpetrated on our brothers and sisters in the middle East. According to scripture we are called to love our enemies and not perpetrate ungodly violence on them. You can’t have it both ways. Either you preach the Gospel of love and peace for ALL or you preach a gospel of violence… hence the JUST WAR.

  189. I’ve got a penalty for you, how about we strip the church of it’s tax exemption? Clowns want to play politics, they can pay taxes.

  190. We all need a 50 foot wall to protect us from muslims.

  191. For years, the priesthood was a haven for gay men to hide their identities. It makes a great haven for pedophiles as well. I am (not equating being gay to pedophilia, just an example of hiding sexuality with celibacy) The RCC didn’t report or defrock any priest or bishop when allegations were first made. They merely moved them around allowing it to continue for years. I hear the arguments from Catholics that other organizations, or schools have the same rate of pedophiles. I will give you that. The one place where it should never happen is in the Catholic priesthood. If you can’t understand that then we have no use for your comments on any subject.

  192. It’s 2018, the place would have reformed by now. Maybe it’s an unreformable principality.

  193. Catholic here. I do believe the bishops are mistaken. What Sessions did was move to clarify the law and try to move things back towards the original intent of Congress. Cases of amnesty were always intended to be limited to political asylum, for instance trying to escape a country where you faced systemic political or social oppression. What has happened is that liberal interpretations of that statue have begun to include such things as, say, having an abusive husband. That is indeed a serious problem, but it is a separate one from political amnesty.

    Secondly, on this matter of separating parents from children, realize here that the parents in question were found to be in violation of the law upon entering the United States illegally. So they face arrest, the problem is they brought their children with them. This is the exact same situation you would face if you, as an American citizen, violated the law and faced arrest with your children in tow. No, your children are not going to the cell block with you. And they are not getting booked with you, etc. You will be separated from them — their own safety and protection is a big factor in why.

    These bishops need to think more deeply and carefully about these matters. It seems as though they are mostly buying into alarmist propaganda.

    The Church does not and has never maintained that a nation cannot enforce its borders.

    The Church does not and has never maintained that children be imprisoned with their parents.

  194. Catholic bosses still haven’t admitted that they suspected pedophile priests were liberal gay males first.

  195. Dear Bishops,

    You should read The Catechism of the Catholic Church. It’s an excellent read throughout; however, there is a part in particular that you should refer to especially in regard to immigration. The section I am referring to is: (#2241). In that section, it lists the OBLIGATIONS of the immigrant, including: 1. immigrating LAWFULLY, 2. immigrating with the aspiration to ASSIMILATE into the host culture, 3. immigrating with a mindset to depart quickly from social dependence programs and 4. respect the laws, customs and culture of the host country.

    Again, Dear Bishops, you should refer to your own manual regarding immigration. I believe you should find it enlightening.

    Kind Regards,

    Conservative, American-Catholic

  196. Oh wow, they’re going to swing their incense pots and swish their robes and scare people. The thing that gets me about all this is these clowns actually think they as flawed human beings speak perfectly for God himself. Somehow I just don’t think God needs a bunch of backstabbing cultists to speak for Him. They’d better serve all people if they’d just stop the 10yo boy probings and actually spend some of their gold they keep in their castle on the world’s poor.

  197. There have been bad Popes and bad priests. During this time as a Catholic, it is difficult to watch but I will remain faithful and fight by opening my mouth to speak what I know is right. For them to threaten canonical penalties, if true, is hurtful especially as Nancy Pelosi and other pro choice Catholics get away scott free without the same rebukes from the hierarchy. There is a double standard. Politics are in the room. Some are liberals and liberals can be loud mouths. The penalty threat might just be a vocal few.

  198. Can’t live by the truth; unless you’re courageous enough to admit it. Well said.

  199. Hmmm
    Stalins pope
    Open borders
    Sounds like the left has infected the church too

  200. I just read an article about how third world Mexico is so lawless that over 100 politicians have been assassinated ahead of their elections by the cartel. It’s ironic that Mexicans flee to the US, which is a better place than Mexico because we have laws and uphold them. Yet, the Mexicans and other third worlders break our laws by coming here and then whine when we want our laws enforced. If we allow our laws to be ignored, our country will be no better off than where they came from eventually as enough of them come here and have shown that they do not respect any of our laws – just like they don’t respect laws in their home countries. That’s why over 1/3 of the prison population in the US is made of illegal aliens who were convicted of felony crimes (not their illegal entry).

  201. Mexican men always bring 1 female “asylum seeker” with them when they sneak in illegally.

  202. Let me get this straight. You Bishops have the fecundity to discuss Canonical penalties for protecting the Border but remain obtusely silent on Lefty’s like San Fran Gran Nancy Pelosi’s and her ilks obvious immoral stance on abortion? You refuse to put Canonical penalties on the Left and Political leaders support of actual immoral behavior. I think Jesus spoke well of the Pharisaical hypocrite. Just saying…..

  203. So is the USCCB going to impose “canonical penalties” for Pro-Abortion Catholics like Nancy Pelosi?? Killing babies is a far, far worse offense than following the law and removing people who BREAK THE LAW and sending them back home. Supporting the killing of INNOCENT BABIES that Catholics like Pelosi, Maria Cantwell, Bob Casey, Susan Collins, Joe Donnelly, Dick Durbin, Kirsten Gillibrand, Heidi Heitkamp, Tim Kaine, Patrick Leahy, Patty Murray and others….those people should be excommunicated. But the USCCB is spineless.

  204. Actuallly, “publica” in “res publica” is the feminie sigular form of “publicus” and means “of, or belonging to the people”. The wrd “citizens” translates into Latin as “civis”.

  205. The church doesn’t need Mexican donations. The church is raking in tens of billions in yearly tax dollars for providing services and goods for these illegals and other foreign refugees. All the squawking from the church is about nothing other than money.

  206. Thanks for your reply. Makes no difference to me who implemented the Mother Child issue. It’s just not right. Where does “love thy neighbor as thyself” play into many of the commenters here?

  207. Most Catholic priests are pedophiles and the Catholic Church should be burned to the ground.

  208. The bishops who regard immigration or climate change issues over and above abortion sound “tinny” and “hollow”. They wonder why people disregard their authority. Hint: They’re not exercising it.

  209. The Dim fight to sustain their vote fraud juggernaut has no boundaries. Nazi Pelosi defended MS13 on live TV.

  210. Ever see the Catholic Bishops take a strong stance on pedophilia??? Nope…didn’t think so….Abortion…..Nope…didn’t think so. The Catholic Church (NOT THE FAITH)… an EVIL Institution.

  211. Some bishops want canonical penalties. I would be very surprised if that was adopted. Many of our Bishops have not been radicalized.

  212. Do share your opinion. Please don’t be shy about it.

  213. The venom exhibited here towards the Pope and towards immigrants is astounding. Those who are maligning the Pope should check their memories. Both John Paul 2 and Benedict 16 supported compassion towards immigrants.

    Also Francis is nothing if not orthodox.

  214. Nope:

    And here is the definition of republic:….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..2.21.2145…35i39k1j0i20i264k1j0i67k1j0i131k1j0i131i20i264k1.0.Ws6a1HdW-Xs

    As opposed to liberal democracy, which in practice is rule by unelected, unaccountable federal judges and bureaucrats. Liberal democracy is what we Americans would want if only we were smart and sophisticated enough to be liberals.

  215. Amen! Sign my name as a MAGA Catholic next to yours.

  216. The primary complaint appears to be that the President is enforcing the law.

    The solution, of course, is to change the law.

    Whether it is the bishops of the Catholic Church, the Episcopal Church, the United Church of Christ’s biennial General Synod, or any other putative leadership of any denomination, two or three clear statements per annum would more than suffice.

    When you get this many piddling statements with this little unanimity or scriptural support, it becomes a buzzing noise in the background of the public square.

  217. don’t they have a bunch of gay pedo priests they can ‘penalize’ before a policy?

  218. What a disgrace this pope frankie is – he’s in full agreement with these POS jagoff “bishops”.

  219. When did you last speak with the true Holy Father?

  220. Study the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism. You don’t pick a church based on how easy they say you can find salvation which is nothing more than a self-serving lie. The truth is the truth regardless of how easy or hard salvation is contrary to the human condition, it’s the truth because you believe God commanded it to be so as taught through scripture and tradition (especially early church tradition.) Non-denominational Churches are, theologically, strictly easy-believing Protestantism which is not Catholicism. A Catholic can’t go to one and find their spiritual, or theological, needs met.

  221. I am A Catholic who was Viscoous.y Kidnapped, Drugged and Gang Raped by A gang of Illegals in Los Angeles CA. I will not abide by backing your blatant disregard for MY LIFE. I will NOT allow this church to continue to harbor ILLEGALS while you have ignored the needs of your lawfully abiding Parisho era who DO NOT brake the law.

  222. It is. Obviously.

    Christ himself warned us of these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  223. When thy neighbor stays in his yard and keeps his lawn trimmed.

  224. Uh. No. He’s not orthodox. He’s more like a chameleon, at best. He says one thing, he means another. He means one thing, he says another. He supports an immigration movement that was initiated by democrats under Ocoma who blanketed South America with “Welcome” pamphlets. This is not the immigration of the civil, financial and hostiles wars that were fought when JPII and Benedict were pope. History matters.

  225. What’s the Bible verse? “Render unto Caesar”. Perhaps these bishops (Pharisees?) would benefit by studying the Bible instead of getting involved in politics.

  226. This pope is a PC remnant of the dreadful Obama era. Until he’s replaced, this doctrine will get nuttier.

  227. don’t care how they are deported, honestly….as long as they are. Not fast enough for me…

    Don’t want to split up the family? don’t get caught…or how bout don’t come here?

  228. Another group of globalist Progressives who should be shunned by Americans and maybe even charged with sedition!

  229. Oh no! The Catholic Church is threatening canonical penalties? Will that lead to cats and dogs living together and mass hysteria?

  230. I’m sure you know Jesus loved the poor and displaced. We all need to do a better job of opening our hearts. After all, we were all descended from immigrants to America.

  231. I will believe them when they apply the same “principles” to themselves. Sin is sin, but I can’t help but think that pedophilia has a special place in hell over being nice to foreigners. Defending and covering it up may be worse.

    No wonder the religion is dying.

  232. never heard of “canonical penalties”….is that like when a priest slaps my wienie?

  233. When was the last time this flaccid bunch condemned abortion or prostitution or even gambling? Cardinal Tobin mentioned above is my local Cardinal, and he’s all for sanctuary Churches AND sanctuary cities. The State of N.J. just approved online gambling, and not one peep from this moral wasteland as to the wickedness of vice in any form. Putrid.

  234. The Catholic Church is a corrupt tool of Marxists. The Bishops ought to worry about the sexual preditors among their clergy before preaching to us about letting the 3rd word walk in and squat in America.

  235. As an immigration officer of over 3 decades and a Catholic – I say – who cares!

    I don’t need a bunch of hypocritical men – a lot of them pedophiles – who look down on women in the church – telling me how I must protect this country in order that they can continue to support their pedophilia schemes with arriving Unaccompanied Alien Children who replace those molested children already grown.

    And I certainly don’t need an institution – the Catholic Church – to be the ‘go between’ in my relationship with God. I can speak to him directly myself without the RC church as a mouth piece.

    The RC church – a corrupt failed institution….soon to be a thing of the past.

  236. Well they are one of the very few safe targets left to generalize about.

  237. and hiding/protecting gay pedo priests……

  238. This should be liked one thousand times. Nailed it.

  239. Give me a break! This sanctimony from the same bunch that facilitated priests’ sexual abuse of children for years and years and years.

  240. Does the catholic church have a tax exempt status, since they are getting involved in politics that tax exempt status should be removed.

  241. The Catholic church is a perverted and dying organization run by socialists!

  242. When the vatican changes it immigration policies maybe. When the Vatican square is a tent city packed to the hilt with “migrants”, maybe then they’ll be in a position of moral superiority.

    I don’t see the Vatican creating wealth and lifting people out of poverty.

  243. Time for people to be honest about the Catholic leaders. They only want Hispanics into the US so they will make higher wages and be able to give more to the Vatican.

    Tell the Vatican and these priests to started giving away some of their amassed wealth. This is all about money. Selfish men that aren’t of God.

  244. And many of them are perverts!

  245. Matthew 7:21-23 KJV
    [21] Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. [22] Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? [23] And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

  246. Hmm, a direct violation of the separation of church and state. Lose you tax exemption, and the ability to provide “sanctuary”. You already have a problem with enough priests, try it with them in jail.

  247. As an evangelical Christian, I sometimes believe that there is too much separation between church (meaning faith-based reasoning) and state (meaning government policies). But when I consider the liberal ideas of the Catholic leadership, I believe there is not enough separation.
    Catholics, go tend to and take care of your own problems before trying to tell us what to do about ours.

  248. Here’s the DEAL…as a Catholic who no longer will support the Church…immigration policy is no where in the Catholic catechism

  249. This is BS. Catholic Charities are probably the ONLY thing the Church does right. You need to get your FACTS straight, pal, and I’m no defender of the current Church leadership.

  250. The Bishops need to stop worrying about marketing to Illegals in the U.S. They are hoping Illegals boost their congregations. How execrable ! No wonder the church is failing…

    I used to think the Pope and Catholic Church was OK…

  251. From what I’ve seen, Catholic charities has played a huge role in bringing in illegals. And yes, I’m Catholic.

  252. The future of Rome in America depends on immigrants, legal and illegal. They’ve lost generations of white citizens who were brought up in “the church” but have left. Every day Catholic Charities makes money “resettling” immigrants and taking federal money to do it.

  253. 1. Any citizen arrested and jailed in the U.S.A.(or most of the countries of the world) is separated from his or her family. It is one of the consequences of breaking the law and getting arrested. The adult mom and dads arrested do not get to take their children into jail with them. There are no nurseries in jail. Women who have babies while in prison are separated from their babies. A good reason not to break the law and have to go to prison.

    2. Asylum is for political or religious persecution, not domestic violence. Get real.

    3. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops •CC/USCCB:Catholic Charities/U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
    is one of the 9 primary federal contractors providing services to immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and illegal immigrants. It is almost 100% funded by taxpayer money – NOT donations from Catholic parishoners. It is a huge money-maker for the bishops, highly profitable.They are not a charitable organization doing the Lord’s work at personal sacrifice. They are federal contractors doing the bureacracy’s work whether it agrees with Catholic values and teachings or not. They make money from “social justice” and “liberation theology” which attempts to rewrite Christ’s teachings as socialism.

    4, Catholic Charities/U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops:These nominally Catholic organizations are the largest VOLAGs, with hundreds of offices spread throughout the country. They are prominent members of the open borders/amnesty movement. The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) is “the domestic anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic Bishops” and
    a grant-making vehicle of the USCCB. It was founded in Chicago in 1969 with the help of radical organizer Saul Alinsky, specifically
    to fund Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation. •USCCB founded the Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc., a $7 million subsidiary
    which assists illegal aliens based on “the Gospel value of welcoming the stranger.” It aggressively promotes amnesty, believing
    that “all goods of the earth belong to all people.” Uh-huh. The average salary of the CEO’s of these VOLAGs (federal contractors) is $250,000.00. Maybe their salaries should belong to “all people”? Maybe my home, that I worked hard to pay the down payment and mortgage on, should belong to all people? Is that what Christ taught? Or did he affirm the Commandment not to covet thy neighbor’s possessions?

  254. My Bishops need to get on their knees and thank God for Trump. Obama was suing our nuns and hostile towards our faith traditions. It was getting to the point of no return. Fools!

  255. We contribute to local causes we are familiar with. We don’t contribute to our local church anymore.

  256. The Catholic Church has become (hopefully unwittingly) a co-enabler of lawlessness, sanctuary cites and states, and just foolishness by giving moral cover to the open borders foolishness. The results have been between 25,000 and up dead at the hands of criminal aliens and hundreds of thousands in victims of rape, assault, burglary etc. All potentially avoidable. It insists on giving cover to this nonsense. The Church needs to perform its own house cleaning (with Lysol) before it can lecture the lawful leaders or this country.

  257. Complete silence on Ireland legalizing abortion and they can’t seem to say enough about being pro open borders. It’s almost like you don’t give a s*** about your faith at all and just wanna push a political agenda.

  258. Damn commies and their Vatican 2 pedophilia.

  259. The church is making a big mistake by forcing people to choose between them and our country, I will definitely choose America over them.

  260. I was just getting ready to type a similar reply but couldn’t improve on what you said. Good job!

  261. Great point. And Mexico had a Marxist revolution in the 30s, murdering many priests and deacons.

  262. Ouch. No need to lump us Catholics in with our errant leaders bro. I understand why you’d feel that way tho.

  263. Some people think that if religious organization get tax exempt they are getting federal funding. This is exactly opposite to reality. Tax exempt prohibits the Federal government from making money on religious organizations.

  264. This from people whose Church doesn’t pay taxes on its properties and investments. Time to start taxing churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, and witches covens.

  265. I am sure they will next push for Cononical Penalties against Mexico, whose immigration laws are much more strict then US. or Austria where they do not let immigrants enter……just wondering on that.

  266. Sure John. Let’s burn the First Amendment.

  267. Sad to say the church I grew up in has long since become a joke and a parody. What a bunch of globalist left wing political hacks. Send a group of Catholic priests to inspect a children’s detention center? What could possibly go wrong?

  268. Essentially this is a gay indoctrination and global migration acceptance website claiming it is religious.

  269. The Catholic Church thinks they can force governments to have open boarders and anything else is a sin. This is not only stupid but totally against separation of church and state.

  270. Obama was putting immigrant children in cages. I don’t remember them suggesting canonical penalties then for Catholics participating. Hmmm.

  271. ah this is just a gay indoctrination website for globalist baloney

  272. Well said. Add Lutheran and other Protestant tax supported charities who also get money for each legal and illegal migrant they “help.” Charity is supposed to be a sacrifice. Our tax $$$ pay the welfare bills for millions of illegals.

  273. Church hierarchy remains: Pope to bishop to priest. Any collective is to be shunned.

    The USCCB illustrates that any collective becomes a political organization.

    All political organizations eventually become corrupt.

    A bishop true to his calling will reject the USCCB. As must we all.

  274. “the intersection of religion and politics”???
    Is The Church going to be the pure Bride of Christ… or the Harlot of Revelation, selling herself to the Globalist world rulers?
    “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits on many waters. The kings of the earth were sexually immoral with her, and those who dwell on the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her immorality.” Rev 17: 1,2
    It was predicted long ago that there would also be some kind of a “False Prophet” misleading mankind to a one-world, global “Wild Beast” government. Watching today’s fake news media/press leaves little question as to who or what that main-stream misleader really is, even as President Trump reasserts the sovereignty of the USA… All to the displeasure of both the “False Prophet, and the “ten kings, whose one thought is to give up their sovereignty the beast”. Revelation 17:13

  275. Nobody gives a 5HIT what they think of OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS. DEPORT THEM ALL and BUILD THE DAMN WALL.

  276. When and how did the Catholic Church become an Enemy of America ?!?! There has been NOTHING good coming from the Catholic church for the last 10 years . I think Satan has got a foot hold inside the Vatican …Pedophilia , Illegal Alien promotion and protection , Actively and intentionally Breaking Americas border laws and immigration laws and fighting American Catholics and calling them Names ! and don’t get me started on this current Pope ! This dude is a Lemon , a Radical , A Leftist activist and he is NOT a Pope !

  277. I attend Saturday Mass regularly, and have noticed that the majority in attendance are mostly seniors (the Grays), with very few younger members and families in attendance. Francis and his progressive hierarchy of bishops are attempting to “cosmopolitanize” the Catholic Church and transform it into “The Church of What’s Happening Now,” and rest assured he has many double agents working from within the church clergy, its ecumenical and governing councils to help him do exactly that.

    It’s not only the Catholic Church who’s protesting the administrations immigration and border control policies, but all the major church charity’s and their outreach support organizations as well, who are also demanding illegal alien amnesty and unrestricted immigration policies. Under Obama’s Dream Act and his administrations open border immigration policies, all the major church charitable organizations pocketed $100s of millions, perhaps $$ billions in government funding for the temporary housing and resettlement Third World foreign nationals.

  278. they didn’t this is just another global funded fake news website

  279. Liberal hypocrites refuse to confront the many, many Catholic political figures advocating for unrestricted abortion but attack some low level bureaucrat doing his/her job. FAKE asylum claims are an on going problem and these jerks weigh in on the issue with little or no practical experience in doing anything but feeding their fat faces. Religion and politics are a toxic brew when the leaders are partisan phonies playing at being oh so holier then thou. Catholic leaders are mostly very old white men with empty heads but fully funded pocketbooks. Just driving decent Catholics out to other religious organizations. Millions of abortions per year and this is what they choose to focus on.

  280. Actually, kind of funny seeing the Church do the dirty work in support of capitalists lust for cheap labor.

  281. Every other story on this website is about gays who represent less than 2% of the population. I wouldn’t believe anything on this website.

  282. That’s 90% of websites these days, unfortunately

  283. Sounds like someone needs to lose all tax exemptions
    Sounds like someone is using private property to shelter illegals
    Sounds like that’s a felony
    Sounds like that felony means that all property involved is CONFISCATED
    Time to enforce the laws.

  284. This Pope has elevated some very bad choices into Church leadership.
    They need to put their working clothes on and go to these countries and work to change them.
    Don’t tell the American taxpayer they are responsible for everyone in other countries.
    I no longer respond to the Bishops appeal and until they start standing outside abortion mills
    they need to think about what right to life really is.

  285. one left wing bishop pushed this so they could write this trash article

  286. “Render unto Caesar” wasn’t just about taxes, it was about following the law. There is a process to create, amend, and abolish laws in this country and the Church should not be advocating breaking them. The Church should spend more of its time creating better lives for people in their home countries rather than working so hard to get people into this country. I left the Catholic church around 7 years ago because I felt the Church was straying too much into politics and things like this just reaffirm my decision.

  287. Who is going to pay for all the cost to support them; not the bishops!

  288. I see it on my way to work every morning. CC built a huge low income housing complex on a beautiful piece of forest land in our community that was clear cut to accomodate it, all with our federal tax dollars. Someone is definitely getting rich off of that scam.

  289. And excommunicate all the Catholic elected government officials.

  290. Catholic groups are making millions on the importation of these so called refugees.

  291. Need for.the Irs to Remove the tax exemption for cino.bishops annual appeals. Need to.prevent bishops from continuing their assessment of parishes to support these bishops. …….. As Chaldean catholic bishop of El CAjon cal. laws on.immigration and deportation are needed. Bishops like Weinberger need deported from the Usa.. Send them back to Mexico or permanently .expel.them.back to the Vatican and revoke their usa citizenship …….To.bad these spineless useless cowards sorry excuses for cino bishops did not.have the cajones to expel Biden vp. For a Vp. And Gov.residence ceremony by.him and or Gov.. Malloy. Of Ct. and sen. Kaine for promoting homosexual so.called marriage .. How about Gov. Brown promotong.Euthanasia in.Cal.Such cino.joke.of hypocrites in bishops garb.

  292. USCCB has NO business making any public statements on immigration policy as they are getting million$$ upon million$$ for RRS & Catholic Charities for resettling and placing refugees and immigrants. It’s called a conflict of interest! That is their bread and butter so now they urge all the pew sitters to call their congressmen and lobby for amnesty, open borders, any way to keep the floodgates open. And now they want to “implement canonical penalties for all involved in this”?? Really? What Canon would that be? And where are you and have you been for all the pro-abortion, pro euthanasia, pro contraception, pro same sex marriage democrat ‘Catholics’ who receive Communion? Those are all ‘non negotiable’ Catholic doctrines. Canon 915. Where have you all been? We have been crying and begging to have this point addressed to strengthen the faith and protect and clarify it in the public square. I think most of the bishops vote democrat- party of death! Outrageous of Weisenberger to even suggest that. Immigration is an issue so broad and so full of varying conditions, there is no teaching that covers it. It is an issue that calls for prudential judgement.
    Since Bp Weisenberger is now so concerned with saving souls, he needs some formation to tell the difference between grave moral evils and lesser ones.
    Another point: The parents are responsible for their children and keeping their families together, not the government, or the bishops, or social justice catholics. When a common criminal who is also a legal citizen breaks the law, he or she is taken away from their family if they are sentenced to jail. If they are entering a country illegally, they are then subject to the laws of that country if they are caught. If they are sending their children off unaccompanied, they may as well kiss them goodbye forever. Like throwing the children to the wolves, of sex traffickers, coyotes & human smugglers.

  293. nah this is just a fake gay indoctrination mass migration acceptance website you can relax it’s FAKE NEWS

  294. I would think separating kids from their families would make it easier for the priests to have their way with the separated young boys.

  295. THIS is a fake news website for globalist. look around the site …. fake news

  296. Werent these Churches suppose to go to other Countrys as missionaries, and help these people with money that was funded by Church Goers….in THEIR OWN COUNTRY?

    Funny how now……..the Church holds a gun to ALL tax payers heads, and forces us to pay for this, and also lose our Country and Culture for THEIR CAUSE.

  297. Meanwhile no threatened canonical penalties for all the CINOs in the ‘rat party who openly advocate for murder of the unborn? Leftists are leftists no matter what outer garb they may be wearing, and these Bishops are leftists first. It states quite clearing in the Catechism that it is a nation state’s duty to keep its citizens safe, these Bishops should go read it again:

    1897 “Human society can be neither well-ordered nor prosperous unless it has some people invested with legitimate authority to preserve its institutions and to devote themselves as far as is necessary to work and care for the good of all.”
    By “authority” one means the quality by virtue of which persons or institutions make laws and give orders to men and expect obedience from them.

    1898 Every human community needs an authority to govern it. The foundation of such authority lies in human nature. It is necessary for the unity of the state. Its role is to ensure as far as possible the common good of the society.

    1899 The authority required by the moral order derives from God: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore he who resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.”

    2240 Submission to authority and co-responsibility for the common good make it morally obligatory to pay taxes, to exercise the right to vote, and to defend one’s country

    2241 The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him.

    Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.

  298. Let’s talk about how the church handles sexual offending priests. Call the police? No, move and hide the offending priests.

  299. So we should NOT control who comes into our country? The fact that applying for asylum is easy and is used repeatedly by illegals to stay here virtually indefinitely is NOT a problem?

    These Catholic bishops should be FORCED to house these asylum seekers in their own residences.

  300. Join.a eastern rite rc church. Read my comments above on El Cajon.Cal east Chaldean rite bishops pastoral on.immigration.

  301. At the end of the LGBT etc rainbow there is a pot, but not of gold. It’s filled with the same smelling substance sodomites have on themselves after they violate nature in a sexual act. LGBT behavior is ungodly. Groups and organizations exist with the basis of that behavior which has a world view that has an anti-christian world view agenda. America was birth’d from the Christian World View. No other world view could have given the Declaration and the Constitution. From them came our freedom and liberty. The cultural Marxist know this and are succeeding in destroying the Christian inheritance, they control these LGBT organizations. Destroy this basis of historical traditional American identity and the communist win. Giving in to their diabolical demands is a true reflection of how we do not love and serve the Almighty God of the Judeo-Christian scriptures. You can’t protect and fight for something you no longer cherish and believe in. Acting tolerant of evil is not a virtue, it’s an act of cowardly fear to stand up for righteousness. Its the result and consequence of being evil and corrupted yourself. You have no convictions to stand up and be counted in fighting back against diabolical evil that wants to destroy you, your biblical marriages and family, your institutions, and your national identity. The church is flabby and weak. Not acquainted with the bible. Ignorant of doctrine. Most wouldn’t know where to open the bible to if you gave them a passage of scripture to look up. They have no faith that is strong enough for them to stand up for their convictions if they even have any of what is right or wrong. The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations which have forgotten Almighty God of the bible.

  302. It seems like they took LSD prior to this meeting. What a bunch of fools.

  303. relax just another fake news story to generate ill will towards the Church. This story is deceiving one person at that conference made this suggestion. .

  304. The Catechism covers this quite fine. This is a scam website.

  305. Tear down the walls to the Vatican and sell off your treasures to pay for those immigrants.

  306. What are they going to do…..recall all the pedophile priests?

  307. The Catholic Church was deeply involved in supporting the Mexican government against the revolution. They choose sides and when you do that your fate is with the secular government NOT with Christ. ALL politics is a dirty business about power and control NOT administering to the spiritual needs of any population nor spreading the Good News. You cast your lot with them at your own peril. Secular States and governments use religion as a tool to control their citizens. To many radical liberals politics is their religion. These bishops are doing a great disservice to their flock by becoming involved in immigration policy. This is NOT a human rights issue unless of course we don’t control our own nations borders. Europe is just awaking to this concept of “population replacement” by third world mass immigration. No need for a war just flood the nation and usurp their political system. Once in control the country is yours.

  308. They needed a crow bar to separate the men from the boys.

  309. I am a fervent Catholic but I will leave the church if this is what the bishops declare. I do love my neighbor as myself but I also believe in the rule of law. Give to Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is Gods. I don’t believe in the communist head of the church. He grew up as a Peronista and could possibly be the worst pope ever.

  310. “The road to Hell is paved with the bones of priests and monks, and the skulls of bishops are the lamp posts that light the path.”

    – or –

    “The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests, with bishops as their signposts.” St. John Chrysostom attributed.1

  311. Seems to me the catholic bishops now want to [email protected]€ the rest of our citizens they missed on their first go round.

  312. So anyone claiming whatever abuse or fleeing whatever “gang” violence should be allowed into our country? Why is it ALWAYS the USA that HAS to take them and if not, we’re the supposed “bad guys”. Why is it never Mexico or other many Central and South American countries where they speak the same language? Why aren’t the many Catholic Churches in these countries and neighboring countries providing the help and refuge?

  313. The Church is not weak by any means and all the fake news websites they throw up to generate hatred towards Catholic ideology and Christian faith in general will not change the fact that the gates of he11 will never prevail over it.

  314. Hey Vatican Dopes; this is not the inquisition. We know how you enjoyed torturing Chistians, and raping little boys; and, we’re not going to tolerate any subversion from you luciferian disciples.

  315. how cute they numbered the catholic hate bots

  316. Totally agree! I remember when you used to know if a person were Catholic they didn’t support baby murder.

  317. Pope Obama I fully supports socialism and the open border policy (except for Vatican City).

    I quit attending Mass when I saw how many hypocrites were there with Hillary bumper stickers on their cars.

  318. Beautiful! Well said. Couldn’t agree more.

  319. He’s all about justice.
    But he saves whom he chooses.

    All deserve the punishment but he chooses to save some.

    Romans 9:20-24
    But who are you, O man, to answer back to God? Will what is molded say to its molder, “Why have you made me like this?” Has the potter no right over the clay, to make out of the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for dishonorable use? What if God, desiring to show his wrath and to make known his power, has endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, in order to make known the riches of his glory for vessels of mercy, which he has prepared beforehand for glory— even us whom he has called, not from the Jews only but also from the Gentiles?

  320. Have fun importing the pawns and future voters of the godless Left who want to DESTROY your precious religion you blind myopic FOOLS.

    EDIT: Does anyone find it odd that people from Central America flee thousands of miles away from their homes to escape domestic abuse? Mexico wasn’t far enough away for them? LIES!

  321. You don’t believe the papacy murdered and persecuted millions in the Dark Ages? It’s not hate, I have Catholic family members, friends and co-workers, but historical facts are historical facts.

  322. As a Catholic who recently decided to abandon ship, I must confess I’m relieved to be rid of this Satanic cult of queers, Marxists and pedophiles. These men destroyed a sacred institution and continue to heap shame on themselves by politicizing the faith and agitating for the destruction of civilization in all “formerly white” countries. These “bishops” should reflect on why young whites are leaving the church in such large numbers. SHAMEFUL!

  323. this website is a demon filled fake news site waging war on the Catholic church. You just another demon.

  324. With all due respect, supporting illegal immigration is disobeying a legitimate law. I am no judge, but that just might be considered sinful.

  325. Wrong again. The Luciferian Vatican catholic church waged war on Christ, and humanity fool.

  326. I know nothing about this website, just landed here from another site.

  327. The PM of Canada was a bar bouncer too. Might be a great entry level job for politicians or religious leaders.

  328. Look around every story is about gays and migration. It’s a scam website.

  329. another catholic hate bot lol this website is such a scam
    get behind thee satan

  330. Sorry- but there is nothing Catholic about Catholic Charities! It may help people, like GoodWill, Coalition For the Homeless, or many other non profits- but it is with government money. There is no evangelising, and it is not to help Catholics who are down on their luck as it once was. Catholic schools are no longer just for Catholics. There is little formation, and that little bit very weak. When they take govt money they are no longer Catholic, just like the colleges and universities.

  331. The Catholic church is desperate to put butts into pews to keep the cash flowing into the offering plate. Open borders is a way to do that since so many Americans are leaving the church because of Comrade Francis, and they need to be replaced.

  332. These nutjobs have SO lost touch with reality.

  333. This Pope is the Barrack Obama of the Catholic Church. Purposefully weakening and undermining what was a strong organization. Rather then reform their respective nations/organizations they seem intent on wrecking them beyond repair. Trump is undoing Obama’s legacy. Who will step in for the Church?? This seems to be the NEW WAY for radical leftists to gain power and infect healthy economies.

  334. The Catholic church as been corrupted for a long time now.

  335. The pope is a liar or evil when he called Islam a religion of peace. The previous popes covered up criminal child abuse to preserve the established bureaucracy and to escape monetary damages. Personally I am a Christian who tries to live by the simple to understand but hard to do commandments in the gospels to love God and love your fellow man. No bureaucracy is needed or wanted by me.

  336. Take away the Catholic Church’s tax free status since they are now political. The Catholic Church is the biggest promoter of open borders and illegal immigration, 95% of those immigrants are Catholics.

  337. Catholic Charities is the biggest promoter of illegal immigration, get your facts right.

  338. Move the Catholic church to Mexico. Then you won’t need to do everything you can to turn this country in a third world hell hole.

  339. It is called the “body of Christ” not the Bishops of Christ. They are Administrators of the body of Christ NOT the body itself. Power usually corrupts and that is true within the C.C. as any other place. It is run by humans. As we all know they are subject to all the flaws of the race.

  340. Everyone knows Benedict was blackmailed, the most traditional Pope ever broke tradition and retiried so a Marxist inposter could take over?

  341. What the writer, and the bishops, aren’t telling you is that children are not separated from families due to Trump policy. Longstanding law does not permit the detention of children with adults. In most cases, the children are placed with host families, typically relatives.

    Plenty of children were in detention during the Obama Administration, and the bishops didn’t utter a word against it.

    What the bishops really want are open borders.

  342. AND!!!!!…..No one cares. The Catholic Church has abandoned any claim to legitimacy on this or any other moral issue.

  343. previous post. Too bad our spineless bishops did not.take action against Biden Malloy for homosexual marriage. Or Gov. Brown for.promoting Euthanasia . Such.hypocritical bishops and rns. Itself. Shame.on. all.of you cino.catholics.

  344. Your Church is corrupt to the core with paedophiles, homosexuals and Marxists like your Pope.

  345. wow they condemn immigration policy while the pope has his finger up the alter boys ass

  346. Canonical penalties? The Kennedys, Nancy Pelosi and other Catholics who are liberal Democrat politicians are allowed to be vocally pro-abortion without sanction from the Church. Hypocrisy.

  347. With his Frankness it is the other way around.

  348. Another ignorant liberal bot. It’s get behind me, not thee.

  349. How many of these refugees will the vatican be taking in? Oh, right, NONE! How many catholic citizens in all those Latin American Countries where the church is so important will be taking in these women? oh, right NONE! ONLY America is accused of being inhumane, cruel, etc, so when did the Vatican get so concerned with women anyway? And NO, America is NOT separating mothers from their babies! ICE does not run nurseries!!!! You honestly think somewhere there are thousands of 6 month old babies being fed, diapered and nursed by ICE agents? Who believes this kind of Bull?

  350. Bishops live the very good life. We all know what Christ thought and taught about these privileged rich individuals. The liberal virus and teachings have now infected the Catholic Church. It is political poison that should be avoided lest early death is sought.

  351. The Bishops appear to be under the misapprehension that the recent rule changes reverse “decades old” policy when in fact they reverse a policy put in place by Obama’s people. Not that lacking basic facts has ever stopped the USCCB before ….

  352. The Bishops are in bed with DemocRat baby-killers. This Pope is a Leftnut disgrace to the cloth. Trump could clean up your crooked Vatican if you’d give him the chance. He could do it!

  353. Left the Catholic church nearly two decades ago and never regretted one moment of it. However now with a whack job pope and liberal bishops, I know my choice was from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

    And I’m eternally grateful for His grace.

  354. It is time for good Catholics to rebuke these leftist Bishops who enabled, lied for, and intimidated for, thousands upon thousands of pedophile predators. The deviancy of our Catholic Bishops is nothing short of demonic, and I would like to see the bad ones swing from gallows. We cannot continue to allow fakeugees to destroy this country.

  355. Where was the church when Obama and Bush were bombing the Middle East and N Africa.

  356. Please stay out of the globalists politics because they represent an anti human agenda.

  357. The catholic bishops ought to get the log out of their collective eye and clean up the catholic church before practicing progressive political partisanship. Why is the catholic church FAILING? Could it be because it’s become a Progressive political organization?

  358. I’m so glad I left the church after they installed the fake pope. If they are so interested in the human rights of illegal immigrants maybe they should be talking so brave in the country of origin. Go to Mexico and preach to them.

  359. Hypocrisy. They have no credibility until they issue canonical penalties for Democrats who support killing children in the womb.

  360. Why do these people have to migrate to begin with Catholic Church? Address the failures at the source.

  361. Yeah, which Catholic church is actually making these awkward political statements? I’m not so sure even Catholics know any more.

    I’m comfortable with common sense limits. I think most of us are…

    I’m pretty sure Jesus would agree.

  362. Catholic Church, your father was Satan from the very beginning, he is the original pedophile priest and he shall be leading at your head into the Lake of Fire on the final days! For YOU are the Great Whore of Babylon whom Jesus will condemn!

  363. How can they condemn the refugee destination countries and fail to condemn the refugee origination countries? There are a few good bishops. Not these.

  364. I think we should take away the tax deductible status of the catholic church, since obviously they are a political organization, and tax the hell out of them. I think I will tell trump the next time we have lunch together.

  365. Ahhh, dammit. I thought the same exact thing and was going to post it. Kudos for your logic!!!

  366. You must live in isolation. Catholic Charities are one of the biggest consumers of federal taxpayer $$$$$$ for the support of and resettlement of “immigrants”, many who are illegal aliens and a YUGE percentage of Muslims.

    Catholic Charities ignore the plight of persecuted Christians living in Muslim countries while giving preferential treatment to the very ones, i.e. MUSLIMS, who have hatred and disdain for “kafirs”, AKA Christians and Jews. They claim to be ‘christian’ but in reality they’re nothing more than pseudo christians who are in it for only the millions of federal tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  367. The world order in desguise, the world wide mafia will never fade into oblivion, they will soon force you to take an RFID chip in your hand or be killed. When you get the chip, you will have to say, I AM FOR SUNDAY or I AM NOT FOR SUNDAY.
    the latter choice will get you imprisoned and killed, the former choice, you will loos your eternal life.

  368. Why not go to their home countries and lobby their government…. Or help them move to a new place in their home country. Why should it be the US problem.

  369. Freemasonry. Its philosophy (naturalism) is found Zionism and Communism. Same church, different pews, all tied together in a big fat Rothschild knot.

  370. The Catholic church is a den of pedophiles.

  371. The organization that targeted the most vulnerable in the world to meet their perverted sexual needs!

  372. It’s also gay closet. Priesthood is the perfect place for a pedophile or gay man who wants to keep it secret

  373. A few more of these and a few more Climate Change statements from are friends and we won’t have church @ all.

  374. What about separation of church and state ?
    It is NOT the duty of the USA to take in every person that claims that they are in danger. These people are from other countries and their governments should protect their rights. America is always the first to send aid during any strife but a nation’s first duty is to its people.

  375. Why do they have to come to America then? Go to the city next door…or go to the police? If you’re country is that lawless that the police won’t help then take care of your problem yourself.

    Don’t come to America and become another mouth for me to feed. Currently my paycheck supports over 60 million people. That’s a lot of dependents that I DON’T GET TO CLAIM

  376. It’s the pre-Vatican II doctrine & dogma that define a Catholic, not a bunch of corrupt rump rangers in clerical drag. There’s always the underground Church where valid sacraments can be found.

  377. ok then i suggest all tax exemptions, special exceptions etc the church receives in return.

  378. The Bishops are hypocrites following the lead of Pope Lenin I. Perhaps they should house some illegals in their plush quarters.
    Like the hypocrites in DC, the Bishops live in their gated communities and aren’t on the front lines of illegal immigration.
    Leave it to the Jesuits to pave the way to hell.

  379. The Catholic Church is active in Central American countries. It should offer asylum in its churches over there instead of dictating state policy.

  380. Sounds political

    Why shpuld they be tax exempt ?

  381. The catholic church sold out to the Muslims long ago. I see in the next 30 years the catholic church joining Islam

  382. Martin Luther left the pope and never left Jesus.

  383. Religionhas long been a money mill. Their charities are really just marketing and PR to cover their own disgusting human rights violations.

  384. The charities are the noblest part of the present-day Catholic Church. They are not a money-making charade. But yes the Church has become soft-headed and lost its moral compass in the past 60 years but this is due to being infected with modern liberalism not greed.

  385. Yes and in the name of the lord. They don’t want to wait in line there’s a special place in hell for them.

  386. Did they discuss penalties for schtupping altar boys?

  387. Yes, he chuckled it up with the murderous Castro brothers but attacks Trump. What a hypocritical leftist Jesuit. Someone should tell the communist pope that world poverty has dropped drastically since the fall of the Soviet Union and the embracing
    of capitalism. I hope Catholics abandon the church in droves to dry up the Papal till.

  388. And the Catholic colleges have turned into leftist indoctrination camps…especially the Jesuit colleges like Georgetown.

  389. Don’t let unfaithful clergy prevent you from receiving Our Lord’s Body and the Sacraments of his spotless, perfect bride the Church. Pope Francis, Father Sodomy Martin, and other unfaithful priests and clerics, you, me, we’re ALL the Sinful bark of Peter. Seek absolution for your sins through the Sacrament of Confession, receive the Blessed Sacrament in a state of Grace and as often as possible…………….despite the fact you might have to recieve both from a weak, sinful, Priest. I encourage you accordingly with the greatest possible respect. Don’t let clowns keep you from what you need.

  390. There is a difference between tax exempt status and government grants .
    The Catholic church takes in hundreds of millions of dollars in grant money resettling ‘ refugees ‘ and ‘ asylum seekers ‘ , and they are instrumental in creating enclaves of non-integrated foreign cultures . They are largely responsible for areas like Dear borne Michigan . They funnel tens of thousands of migrants from particular areas and or cultures , and take a boatload of money to drop them all in one area , thus creating mini Somalias or Ethiopias , or Bangladeshs . The result is obvious , with no incentive to integrate you get dual cultured areas that are never stable .

  391. central americans seeking asylum should get it from Mexico which is right next door to them. The only reason they come to the US is economic. Sessions is right to stop them gaming the system. I am tired of the lies .

  392. I was considering attending my Jesuit high school reunion but a newsletter showed the students protesting the second amendment with the backing of the administration. I didn’t attend or contribute money. In fact, I sent the money I was preparing to donate to the NRA. I no longer support Marxists.

  393. The man in pope clothing and this liberal bunch who are using God’s word for evil purposes will be exposed. How about we stop putting money in the collection basket? How much money have the people given the church, and yet there are still starving people in the world. If anyone needs a new home, they should go to Italy and live with the man in pope clothing. The man in pope clothing has forgotten… those whose eyes are open to God can see the man in pope clothing for who he is… And we know that the man in pope clothing purposefully forgets to say, “Go and sin no more…” The devil also twists God’s words…

  394. The American Catholic Church is losing parishioners at a rate of 7% and has been over the last 2 decades. The Church has to find some alternative to replenish “the ranks.”. The Bishops are too lazy to evangelize and grow organically but want to import new parishioners and financial contributors. The Bishops care little about the negative impact it has on American citizens and our country. If the Catholic Bishops are so concerned about human rights there is nothing preventing them from taking up the cause in the countries where they are occurring. The Bishops silence during Christian genocide in the Middle East was defining.

  395. You need to get informed. He’s not talking about local charity but the origination named Catholic Charaties that is responsible for importing and processing many refugees.

  396. I refuse to even acknowledge that this “cult” is a religious organization. It has proven to be a nest of sexual deviates and perverts more interested in sticking their penises up little boys asses than in God. May they all rot in hell and be thoroughly punished for their crimes against God and man. Pure queer scum

  397. No, he’s incorrect. Do the research. Take you 30 seconds.

  398. How many Muslims have the Vatican imported, how many have they elected to government posts. They know better just as all freedom loving people do, the Koran has no business in a free society. It outlaws all other religions.

  399. It could be God’s will that the corrupt Catholic church self destruct. There are just too many signs and wonders. The corrent red pop can change career to becoming a left wing politician.

  400. How about if we just send all the illegal immigrants to the vatican?

  401. Do the research. Catholic charities gets millions to import and process refugees.

  402. Agreed. The Marxists are counting on Catholics giving up. It’s called a win by forfeit.

  403. To the man in pope clothing, communism/socialism is a scourge, as said by the Blessed Mother. Does this man claim to know better than the Blessed Mother?

    To the man in pope clothing, St. Padre Pio said that there is a hell. Does this man claim to know more than St. Padre Pio??

    To the man in pope clothing, your true colors are showing. You should not twist God’s word for evil.

    The man in pope clothing is to the church what Judas was to Jesus.

  404. Why doesn’t Mexico offer to
    take them?

  405. I guess this priest didn’t get his fair share of boys and woke up grumpy…

  406. Because the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, as a federal contractor making millions per year on services to immigrants, lobbies Congress, like all other federal contractors. Nothing religious or charitable about it. Its a socialist racket, and Nancy takes care of socialists and racketeers. Look at the money her family has made from government deals.

  407. The Marxists have infiltrated and control Catholic Charities long ago.

  408. They are Marxist’s ad the Jesuits have become

  409. Has the Marxist Pope been removed yet? The extreme Left Catholic hierarchy is driving people away from the church.

  410. My church is increasingly telling the faithful that if you don’t subscribe to leftist politics, you aren’t a good Catholic. If they penalize people for wanting sane immigration policies, while allowing the abortion loving fake Catholic slide, there will be a large exodus. The church won’t have to excommunicate anyone because they will leave voluntarily.

    I have a simple solution to the alleged separation of families. Kick them out together!

  411. Double Standard! And the whole thing is even more screwed up and dysfunctional under Pope Francis.

  412. Why doesn’t the catholic church set up battered women shelters in these countries if they are concerned about it? The answer is because they are hypocrites and liars with a purely leftist political agenda.

  413. Yes, this liberation theology, or rather socialism and globalism wrapped around religion, is what has emptied the pews of the American establishment denominations. Not just the Catholics. Christianity is not socialism, no matter how hard the current pope and these bishops try to sell the people in the pews on it. Since the Bible was translated from the Latin and printed, the parishoners know a huckster and scammer when they see and hear one. False Prophets, Pharisees, and racketeers have hijacked the Roman Catholic Church establishment. But the church is a community of people, and the people will eventually demand a return to the catechism and the Bible and St.Augustine. They could form the New American Catholic Church. Afterall, there’s Greek Orthodox, Coptic, Russian Orthodox, etc. Who needs Rome, if Rome abandons the Church Universal for Soros’ Open Society Foundation, eh?

  414. Not “sick” just greedy and self-righteous. The left thinks they know better how to make everyone else live – so long as they remain the elites on top themselves.

  415. Jesuits are washed up and mostly grey and gay at this point. The money that stupid, nostalgic alumni throw to their schools is what keeps them going.

  416. The day I listen to child molesters and their protectors is the day I eat my own gun.

  417. Nice little anecdote, but how do you know that?

  418. This kind of stuff as well as the Catholic Church trying to expand illegal and refugee immigration is exactly why my wife and I, both life long catholics, stopped giving even a single penny to our local church when we attend mass. Now we make only direct gifts to organizations and causes we actually support.

  419. The gay bishops have no idea of what it takes to raise a family in this country, and have never lost a job to a cheap Mexican laborer. So STHU!!

  420. Obama did it too, cucktholics. Not feeling proud of my Catholic faith today.

  421. Problem is: does the Catholic Church accept/view the US Government as “legitimate”? In 1783 our independence was proposed by His Britannic Majesty George III and accepted by all powers in the Peace of Paris in which Britain accepted our independence. However, when George was a 7-year-old boy the then Pope Benedict XIV gave a private Papal blessing to the Young Pretender Bonnie Prince Charlie about to embark on an attempt to wrest the British throne from George’s grandfather King George II. Bonnie Prince Charlie failed miserably and a few years later Pope Benedict had to expel the Young Pretender from the Papal domain of Avignon under a British ultimatum backed up with a credible threat of naval force ready to level Civita del Vecchia. Earlier, OK, 1570, and to this day, Queen Elizabeth I was and is deposed by the Papal Bull “Regnans in Excelcis” of Pope St. Pius V; needless to say she held that throne to her dying day in 1603 despite many attempts by devout Catholics to kill her. Probably very few Catholics today make a mental reservation in their minds that HM Queen Elizabeth II is now not by Law and by Right and the Grace of God Sovereign of Great Britain, Defender of the Faith, etc. With this history, Catholic Church, are you trying to order the American government around when this country is around 75% Protestant/Heretic? Is this really an attempt to import a huge number of Catholics into the US and change this country into a Catholic country like Spain or Italy? To be honest, many of these Hispanics are now Evangelical or Pentecostal Protestants so the Catholic Church is losing its grip on Latin America. But still with immigration a major divisive issue it is dangerous for the Catholic Church to act to remind non-Catholics that until very recently and almost within living memory there was a perceived danger in Catholic Power.

  422. The bishops might want to concentrate on the health of their church.
    If you want to help these people try to help them clean up their country rather than come here and try to change our country into the same kind of hell hole they are running from.

  423. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”

  424. A suggestion.. for the next four weeks, no money donations in the collection basket. Perhaps then they will get the message that they cannot take our money and push a communist / one world agenda. From now until July 15th, no money in the basket. There are other organizations who would appreciate the money, like food for the poor.

    Every day I pray that God will remove the evil spirit from francis.

  425. Any individual who comes to Jesus will find his or her spiritual needs met regardless of the building or the sign out front, and those who do come to Jesus are in fact Catholic. You’ve somehow arrived at an underwhelming underestimation the crux of which is this: Jesus is far more Catholic than even you.

  426. For that matter, where is their push back against euthanasia, doctor-assisted suicide, and a host of other social issues that are contrary to Christian values, and specifically Catholic doctrine? They seem perfectly happy to watch the family, the community, and the country disintegrate into lawlessness and identity politics, pidgeonholing people into groups instead of treating them as individuals. They seem to have forgotten the words honor, character, virtue,faith, and work. They are infatuated with the socialist siren-song “entitlement.” Shoot, they claim a person is “entitled” to go to any country he wants in order to work, if that is where the job is, because a person is “entitled” to a job. Really? In America, our God-given entitlement, or right, is to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All denominations of Christians and Enlightenment thinkers agreed about that. Not on the list is the fruit of anyone else’s labors, which would include employment. The Lord encouraged charity, but he didn’t suggest state-mandated robbery of people’s toil or talent. These guys are no more representatives of Christ than Sunni imams. These “shepherds” have wandered so far away from their flocks that now their pews are emptying. They have lost their way.

  427. Time to strip them of their tax exempt status. Just remember if you leave the Church, you’re not leaving God. They have NO SAY over your salvation or soul.

  428. Giving us 60,000 Somalis in Columbus is flat out wrong.

  429. This boils down to the all mighty dollar. Many of these illegal parasites crossing the border are predominantly catholic. The church is looking at this only in monetary terms. Screw the catholic church.

  430. But abortion, gay marriage, and believing God is smaller than ‘global warming’ on one planet in the entire universe is okay?!?!?

  431. Dinardo then raised his arms and shouted, “F Trump!”

  432. The Catholic Church has survived worse and will survive living thru two living Popes again.

  433. Must be the church of Pedophilia needs more young to feed it’s sickness , the US government needs to tax these churches out of existence

  434. The answer is because the federal government pays them big bucks to provide “services” to them here to help Democrats pad their districts with people. Remember, Congressional seats are based on population, NOT citizens. The USCCB gets money, the Democrats get Congressional seats, and the Catholic in the pew who lost his roofing job to low skilled workers who the contractor doesn’t cover with Workers Comp gets – screwed.

  435. They will not survive the IRS if we finally start taxing these free loaders

  436. What is wrong is right and what is right is wrong so as it is written, it is coming to pass..

  437. I am not a Catholic, but if the church has indeed taken a wrong turn it needs you more than ever, not less than ever.

  438. The Catholic Bishops can Kiss our United Arses. Our Country has a right to do what we feel is appropriate and is being held to different standards than many others who do much more filtering and are blatently racist and get a pass. Our concerns are for legality, safety, and health. That is reasonable, and always has been. So go suck the traitorous Pope, you hypochrites. Penalties? Your Penalty is exposing the weakness of the Modern Catholic Leadership.

  439. read up on the history of “liberation theology” which drapes socialism in religion and intentionally undermines all of the established denominations. it came from Latin American Catholic priests. Oh wait! That’s what the current pope, the nutter who embraces Islam, global warming, and tells gays they were born that way, and says there isn’t a hell is – a Latin American liberation guy. So of course they are preaching socialism from the pulpit and claiming Jesus was a social justice revolutionary and to be Catholic (or Lutheran, or Episcopalan or Presbyterian, or Methodist) you must be a socialist/progressive. How to beat Christianity, the family, and their values to remake society? Why, by taking over the churches!

  440. This is just another reason why I no longer attend Mass. The Federal government does not tell the Pope how to run the Church, Who wants to listen to a commie Pope anyway?

  441. Not according to all my midwestern relatives. They are still following the Marxist.

  442. If the bishops are so in favor of illegal aliens, then move them into the Vatican.

  443. Didn’t he already do that? He’s done precious little ministering to his flock, and communing with the Church Universal, and plenty of hugging of Muslim imams ignorantly saying we worship the same deity, which no student of Islam would accept, assuring atheist reporters that there is no hell, lecturing governments on silly climate change programs, and otherwise meddling in all things temporal and zero things spiritual. But, they say he does pray frequently. They just don’t say to whom. Allah? Obviously not The Father, The Son, or the Holy Spirit!

  444. I was raised Catholic, but am so fed up with this garbage, and the bs being spouted by the pope. Pelosi is such a great Catholic, but supports abortion rights (how do the bishops feel about that…oh sure…democraps get a pass)…..and the US is supposed to take all people in and pander to ILLEGALS, but the Vatican has very high walls, huge security, and LOTS of money….hows that working for asylum seekers and “immigrants” (how do the bishops feel about that)…..and mexico and points south (highly Catholic countries) refuse to care for, educate, feed, house, and provide medical for their people (where’s the outrage bishops???)….but somehow, we, the evil US taxpayers are supposed to bend over for the invasion of ILLEGAL vermin……so, not a penny to any church promoting or demanding that we do what neither they, nor the vatican will do…..they can stuff it!

  445. I think that we need a Make the Catholic Church Great Again movement. MCCGA could start by firing all of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and ‘restoring’ The Pope.

  446. I suggest the Bishops recognize the separation of Church and State in the U.S. or leave.

    I am kind of sick of this Marxist Church we now have. Take away their tax free status and have them pay tax on their “donations”.

    It is time to get tough with this so-called religion which is a political party at this point.

  447. Catholic Bishops have a lot of empty pews and are closing churches and they know that they just gotta fill’em with somebody. The bishops are as busy as termites trying to impress their marxist pope.

  448. What a bunch of asshats! Did they make such demands of wherever these people come from? Did the Pope place Honduras or Venezuela or Cuba, where he yucked it up with persecutors, under Interdict?
    Your Excellencies have exposed yourselves as rank political partisans. You shame the Church and should all resign.

  449. The catholic church is the mother of harlot’s and the disgusting things of the Earth. Revelation 17:5

  450. To be supplemented with the apostate protestant “church”.

  451. When is the Pope going to allow immigration to the Vatican? Why are the walls 70 feet tall?

  452. The biggest reason most Catholics stay is the trans-substantiation. They actually believe that the communion host becomes the flesh and blood of Christ. They believe that the Protestant versions are just crackers. My question is, if the trans-substantiation is true, would God really send his literal flesh into the host and blood into the wine if the man performing this service is a gay, Barney Frank like weirdo with socialist politics? I can’t speak for God, obviously, but I would say, you know what, the last place I would put my flesh is in the hands of this weirdo. And, I would also blame the Parishioners for sticking around, enabling him and giving him credibility.

    Basically what I’m saying is that God, being God, would have the self esteem to not put himself in the hands of a deranged weirdo who frequents bath houses. The mystical transformation wouldn’t take place. Where am I wrong here?

  453. No penalties for heretic Catholics (Kennedy, Biden, Pelosi and many more) who support abortion and gay marriage, yet they all applaud for immigration policy issues? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  454. All I know is that countries are entitled to keep and maintain their own borders and to allow or not allow individuals to immigrate based on whatever laws have been put in place. These immigrants are largely economic refugees and if they were invited into this country as my Maternal Grandparents were in the early 1920’s I’d have no problem with new immigrants. However when my grandparents came here there was no welfare system in place and you either survived and thrived or you didn’t. They either returned home country or they died. As for the RCC…we know this is nothing more than putting keesters into Church pews which are becoming more and more empty as time goes on. The impression that we now have a Marxist apostate running the Church also isn’t making the Church palatable to many Catholics including myself. The other reason these clerics want to open the borders for “refugees and immigrants” is that they make a very nice chunk of change taking care of the new arrivals. Protestant Churches are doing the same thing for the same reason.

  455. As a Fourth Degree Member of the Knights of Columbus I could not disagree more. These payasos, yes, excommunicate me you effers, forget abou the military families that live separated every day in support of our freedom. I spit on your applause.

  456. Any Church that wants to interfere with politics and legislation needs to be paying taxes.

  457. Fedup is actually correct. Its always about the money.

  458. In Las Vegas they partner with the local gubmint favored charity, Foursquare, to run their food banks.

  459. Clean up your own pedophile ridden ranks you horrible men in your magic hats. My own brother was abused by one of your “holy” men, and when he tried to report it he was kicked out of school forever. That man is still a priest in the same church. So don’t you tell me what to think about ANYTHING you PERVERTS!

  460. Obama’s comin’ cover the cricifixes……..sing it!

  461. The Catholic leaders better be careful, they will lose more long time America parishoners and their generous donations. But I suppose they feel they will be gaining highly compliant Latin American sheeple illegal aliens but with not much money to donate and expecting many services from the Church.

  462. And if Christian, spend some time with the Bible.

  463. I would imagine if these “catholic bishops” pledge to house all these illegal alien spics in thier own house’s plus feed and cloth them it’d be OK

  464. Perhaps our Bishops would focus their attention on the source countries instead of America. We already have the most liberal of asylum laws – but those were violated by the last Democrat regime. As a Catholic I donate a fair share to Christian relief overseas – but I refuse to support the USCCB because they are too stridently social justice advocates (which means they are opposed to true justice) yet are so obsequious to the abortion-up-to-birth Democrat politicians.

  465. Send the illegals to all the churches doorsteps, let them feed and clothe them

  466. I would like to say that if Priests were allowed to marry, suddenly all the weirdos in the rectories would disappear and the place would regenerate. But from a Protestant perspective, it’s just a start.

    At the end of the day, most Christians, including Priests, Ministers, Deacons, etc, don’t really believe in the word. It’s a social club to them. The trip to Mexico to “build a house for the poor” isn’t about the word, it’s about stuffing their faces with enchiladas.

  467. It is a fact that the Obama administration to recruited Christian charities to help distribute Muslim refugees all across the country and they were paid billions to do the job. And Catholic Charities were more than happy to help as the Pope actively ordered the world to receive the bogus refugees and give them government hand outs. The Pope and Vatican and the hierarchy have turned socialist with the current Snake. The Church is losing members like crazy. These clowns have no business telling the US what course to follow.

  468. If your going to say things like that then remove my Globe and Anchor.

  469. The cruelest, most immoral policy is to enforce immigration laws haphazardly or intermittently.

    If we intercept illegal aliens at the border and return them all home there is minimal pain. If we start allowing one type of person or another to remain here, that breaks up families. If we allow them in and to then set up a life here or have citizen children here before enforcing the law, that breaks up families.

    The only fair, moral, and compassionate policy is strong and immediate enforcement of immigration laws in every time, place, and circumstance.

  470. Here’s another question. Why does the American Christian have to go to Africa and dig a well for Africans? Wells have been around for 5,000 years. So what have these Africans been doing? Let’s give them a 1,000 year credit. Maybe the curse of Ham is real? Maybe God wants them to be thirsty until they stop jumping around and grab shovels.

  471. The Bishops are picking the wrong hill to die on here. They should stay out of our politics. I have been Catholic my whole life but between our Red Pope and now this baloney from our Bishops Protestantism is beginning to look like a viable alternative.

  472. The hypocrisy of it all!!! Pedophile priests run rampant destroying the faith of countless young men, and the pope nowsays being homosexual is ok. Adminstrations supported the slaughter of millions by abortion and the last president vetoes a bill by both parties that would stop late term abortions….read that as suckinfg the brains out of 8 month old babies in the womb. And they have tha gall to attack the Trump administration for wanting to deport convicted undocumented felons. Absolutely pathetic. ( read Romans 13) hypocrites!

  473. Our lives are very short We don’t have time to stick around hating our religion. We have to keep moving until we find one that works, which means driving home and being calm, and not fuming about something.

  474. Someone needs to tell these folks that America has plenty of its own domestic abuse. This place is no refuge, any more than another city in their home country or any other country around the world would be.

  475. Hmmm, canonical penalties for politicians who don’t go along with their asylum demands? But I never, ever heard those same bishops demand “canonical penalties” for Democrats who voted for and demanded unlimited abortions in this country. They are poor spiritual leaders.

  476. You should not be Catholic because of the bishops, you should be Catholic because of the Eucharist.

  477. So the US is suppose to take everyone fleeing persecution, domestic abuse and anything else they can think up…Catholic Church in US earns over 30 million taxpayer dollars a year in a government program initiated by Obama as part of a 9 member council of churches that places refugees, and illegal immigrants. “Refugee resettlement, the lucrative business of illegal and refugee programs”…If domestic abuse is high on the Catholic list, then can we deport the illegal partner or refugee that once in this country is beating and abusing a woman ? Turnaround is fair play.

  478. “Do not confuse the humanity of The Church with The Divinity of The Church.”

  479. So my Protestant Eucharist doesn’t count?

  480. It is a lucrative business with both US federal tax dollars, and donor money, sheltering under the guise of religious or non-profit.

  481. I have no problem with religious leaders advocating for compassion. I only hope they take every opportunity to plead with illegal aliens to put their lives back in order by respecting US laws and returning home.

    If they turn a blind eye to this illegal and dishonorable behavior, they are just hypocrites that only serve to exacerbate the problem.

  482. To be fair, the Catholics aren’t the only religion doing it…Lutherans, Baptists etc. all have their fingers in the lucrative business of re-settlement of refugees and illegal immigrants.

  483. wow, your comments are going to cost you a lot of Canonical Penalities.

  484. Let me add that I’m a practicing Catholic and will always be so. I won’t let leftist bishops run me off. The ones applauding are the same ones who have no strength to even discuss abortion from the pulpit or run Democratic politicians from the Communion rail. In many cases, they are leftists, not really even priests.

  485. It’s pretty cool they took some time off from sexually abusing children to have this meeting.

  486. So the host doesn’t become the flesh and blood unless it’s touched by a someone who’s likely more degenerate than his flock?

  487. I think the catholics have their hands full keeping the priests hands off little boys!

  488. Canonical punishments!
    The bishops should read–John 8:7.
    Bob Hoye

  489. Lulz, they have no power, they’re all socialist heretics

  490. Another 1100 years and the answer was too obvious to enough people.

  491. Who is bringing all the Muslim Somalians to Minnesota? You guessed it, Catholic Charities b/c they get federal money to do it.. P.S. I’m from MN and Catholic.

  492. My final comment: many of these bishops want open borders. But they are afraid to say openly that they think that everyone who walks into this country should be treated IMMEDIATELY as an American citizen and given generous welfare. They will tell they are not for open borders because they are afraid to say what they really want. So what they want is for all countries laws and borders to be ignored. Let me tell ya: It ain’t no sin to oppose that way of thinking.

  493. Catechism of the Catholic Church

    2241 The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him.

    Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.

  494. “Canonical penalties,” something Jesus threatened often….NOT EVER!!! Or, the Vatican could just sell them “indulgences.” Pagan crap. smh

  495. Bought and paid for. The bishops should focus as intensely on authentic Catholic Teaching and saving individual souls than using penalties to punish those who do not agree with them about a nation’s right to defend its borders and citizens. That is a political question not a spiritual one on which one’s salvation depends. As Catholic Americans we have the duty to protect ourselves from criminal aliens. Bishops, please spend more energy in saving souls, your own included.

  496. The Vatican sure has high walls and strictly enforces them.

  497. Catholic charities love some taxpayer dollars for illegals. Vatican sees $$$$ signs.

  498. Canonical penalties? They are revealing their true political bias and double-standard. All those pro-abortion DEMOCRAT politicians haven’t been excommunicated. They will lose whatever credibility they have left after the priest boy-diddlng scandals. Conservative Catholics will leave in DROVES.

  499. There is a book that reveals some ugly realities, attacks on the Catholic CHurch, titled “Diary of an AntiApostle.” Describes how back in the 50’s, the KGB recruited young Communist men to infiltrate the seminaries and destroy the Church from within. Gotta wonder about those bishops! And sadly, also Francis.

  500. The Eastern Orthodox church is a viable alternative for coservative Catholics.

  501. Perhaps the Bishops could take their billions of dollars at the Vatican and find a sanctuary in Central America. Why does the USA always have to be the place for them to go? And why not Canada, they will need to accept these refugees too.

    It’s like the USA having to foot the bill for the West’s defense for 70 years while Japan and Germany built their economies and made us pay.

    Trump will win easily in 2020 precisely because of the illegal immigration problems which these Bishops have only perpetuated by discouraging the use of birth control.

  502. Make sure your Jesuit High alma mater knows this.

  503. The Canadian government is lobbying like crazy to try to stop the flow of migrants into their country from the United States. Zero push-back from the left. They know it’s the U.S. that needs to be destroyed so that their agenda can proceed unhindered around the world.

  504. If your Roman Catholic, it’s time to get born again and find a bible believing Christian church.


  506. Catholic Charities is now corrupt. They get paid thousands per head for immigrants.

  507. It’s hard to believe anyone still supports the cathosic church.

  508. You hear them complain how the border hoppers’ kids are being treated; yet, they pack them in their safehouses like sardines while collecting a large monthly stipend bounty for every one. They can’t collect those funds when the Feds have them detained. It’s the money they are concerned about. Don’t let them fool you.

  509. Any penalties for asylum fraud? That’s about 95% of the cases

  510. You can vent, but never, never talk about leaving the Church. Every heresy was formulated by a priest or bishop, and by the grace of the Holy Spirit the Church is still the Mystical Body of Christ. —Fr. Anthony

  511. The Catholic Church has lost any claim it may have had to moral leadership in the world today. I take NOTHING that the Catholic Church has to say on political or social topics seriously. I speak as an ex-Catholic who has had 12 years of Catholic education in his youth.

  512. An immigration policy that encourages parents to put their children unaccompanied onto so-called “death trains” where they are raped and killed is not moral and just. Funny, I don’t remember these bishops ever complaining about it.

  513. Research what I said, then talk to me about the sacraments and the reason for starting a new church separate from the one founded by Christ.

  514. What’s the matter are you one of the members of the Church of Pedophilia ? It is time for these churches to pay their fair share

  515. This isn’t the 1500’s. The Catholic church doesn’t dictate a country’s policies.

    Focus on the messes in your own house, bishops!

  516. Third row, fourth guy from the left – Bobby De Niro!

  517. As a Catholic I am tried of the Catholic Church mixing religion with left wing theology politics, for these so called leaders suggesting Canonical penalties is beyond the pale, it’s time to tell these bishops to go to hell, but then I forgot the current pope doesn’t believe in hell. Thank god we have the tenets of our faith, unfortunately the devil has penetrated and corrupted the priesthood, which may be a prelude to the end times described in the book of revelation. If ever there was a time to speak up what’s going on in the church the time is now.

  518. What, precisely, are their unending, daily policies on the murdering of babies in the womb? Anybody? Anybody? Mueller? That’s right, there are none. The Catholic Church needs bodies to fill their churches and dump money into their collection plates, nothing more! Screw them!

  519. Catholics need to stand up to the politics that’s driving the church. Be aware that while globalist democrats are supporting Islamist they have invaded carholism with this anti christ pope. This is not an accident.

  520. I live in Venice, FL. That’s Sarasota County. Key into your computer, ”-catholic priests arrested. sex crime. Sarasota county, FL.”

    One… one of MANY articles posted begins with,

    ”A Catholic priest could face up to life in prison after a jury found him guilty Friday of eight counts of illegal sexual activity with
    a teenage boy.”

    ”William C. Wert, now 56, had a recurring sexual relationship with a 14-year-old Nokomis boy in which the two exchanged
    explicit text messages that became key pieces of evidence for the prosecution.” Fact boyz ‘n girlz! FACT.

    Catholics are INSTRUCTED they SHOULD / MUST confess THEIR sins in a Confessional / to a priest. Nonsense!

    Conclusion. Source; Ecclesiastes 7:20 Surely there is no righteous man on earth who does good and never sins.