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Researchers find link between Trump tweets and spike in anti-Muslim hate

(RNS) — It may be a law of nature: President Trump tweets something about Islam. Anti-Muslim hate crimes follow.

That’s according to a working paper by University of Warwick researchers Karsten Müller and Carlo Schwarz.

Their conclusions correspond with anecdotal reports collected by Muslim civil rights and advocacy groups, too.

“Whether it’s a tweet or whether it’s in a policy (Trump is) introducing, or if it’s in a policy someone in his administration is introducing, I think it all comes together to create this kind of environment where targeting Muslims is acceptable or has become acceptable,” said Madihha Ahussain, special counsel for anti-Muslim bigotry at Muslim Advocates.

Müller and Schwarz examined publicly accessible data such as the weekly number of anti-Muslim hate crimes recorded by the FBI in their paper, "Making America Hate Again? Twitter and Hate Crime Under Trump."

The data showed a rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes since the start of Trump's presidential campaign, concentrated in counties with high Twitter usage. It also showed a correlation between the number of Trump’s tweets in a given week that used keywords related to Islam and the number of anti-Muslim hate crimes that followed. 

Carlo Schwarz. Photo courtesy of University of Warwick

The researchers were curious whether what happens online motivates action offline. While people seemed to agree hateful rhetoric on social media was dangerous, Schwarz said, they were “surprised nobody had ever looked at it.”

But, Schwarz added, Trump shouldn't get all the blame.

“Our idea is not basically that it’s just Donald Trump’s individual tweets that are causing this entire effect," he said. "His tweets are widely shared, the news are discussing it and a lot of people are just exposed to this kind of rhetoric. This is just spreading through social media and in particular Twitter.”

Social media's ability to deluge users with negative sentiments may push people “who were already on the edge” to commit hate crimes, according to the researcher.

And it's happening beyond the United States.

Müller and Schwarz, who are German, previously wrote a study looking at Facebook posts by right-wing political party Alternative for Germany (AfD) and how it may be associated with anti-refugee crime in Germany.

The “social media effect” is the same, and it vanished with internet outages in certain areas or Facebook outages that impacted the whole country, according to Schwarz.

“It shows that the mechanism we are thinking about, the effect we observe, is not specific to a particular country, and it’s not specific to an individual person,” he said.

“So far it looks like this polarizing effect of social media might be happening independent of the country, basically of the setting, and independent of the minority groups.”

BuzzFeed News also recently analyzed the way many “sensationalized, misleading, or outright false reports about Muslim communities” are spread online between Europe and North America.

Despite their research, Schwarz said he and his colleague were “torn” about possible solutions. Leaving it up to private companies like Facebook to determine what is “acceptable” is worrying, as are laws like Germany’s that fine networks up to $60 million for each post they decline to remove that is deemed hate speech.

Turning off the internet may help, he joked, but that's not realistic.

Muslim Advocates published a 2014 report titled “Click Here to End Hate” looking at ways to combat anti-Muslim bigotry online. Even as the authors were writing it, Ahussain said, the organization knew it quickly would become outdated as social media platforms and their use evolved.

But, she said, they hoped it would encourage people to report content they thought violated those platforms’ terms of service and, in calling for greater accountability, demonstrate why it's important. The group has become more diligent about holding accountable platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, too, she said.

“It’s not just about the president," Ahussain said. "We don’t know that the president will ever be suspended from any of these platforms, but what the conversation should be about is how do we monitor and hold accountable the people who are sharing this type of hatred and bigotry and encouraging violence on the platform?” 

After communicating with Twitter about far-right group Britain First’s use of the Twitter platform, she said, Muslim Advocates was notified the platform had suspended the accounts of leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen. Trump had infamously retweeted inflammatory anti-Muslim videos posted by Fransen.

In May, Facebook also agreed to a civil rights audit that Muslim Advocates had asked for, Ahussain said.

“They are under a lot of pressure right now, and it seems as the pressure mounts, they’re more likely to try to come up with strategies that will be responsive to those concerns,” she said, “but I think we have a long way to go.”


  1. All autocrats require scapegoats. Hitler had the Jews. Trump has the Muslims. The only question that remains is, where does it ultimately lead?

  2. “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”
    The “Honorable” Maxine Waters
    (D) California

  3. The conservative-authoritarian mindset craves a god-father figure to follow without doubt or question. So whatever God-King Trump tweets, they accept and repeat. This is the key to evangelical faith.

  4. The headline says they found a link.

    The article says they found a correlation.

    Different things.

    Correlation never by itself establish a link because correlation is NOT causation.

  5. She’s a real American Patriot. Unlike the treasonous idiots who still support Trump.

  6. Yep. Shes a patriot all right…
    She’s right up there with Benedict Arnold…

  7. Standing up to treasonous anti-American bullies is inciting a riot? OK. You got it.

  8. Irish times has an opinion piece suggesting it leads to fascism.

  9. Yes Obama is still retweeted more than any sitting President but Trump is the most tweeted about president which may underscore the link between his tweets and rise in Anti-Muslim bias. And Obama’s tweet about Charlottesville was the most liked tweet in Twitter’s history. And this tweet along with 2 others gave Obama 3 of the top 10 tweets shared in 2017. And no, Trump did not have one of the other 7.

    Democrats tweet more but Republicans are more polarizing. http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/usappblog/2017/10/25/on-twitter-republican-senators-are-more-polarizing-than-democrats/

    I find it personally scary that you can call the other party in essentially a 2 party country a cult – a comment that would make much more sense or be less odiousa s an opinion if talking about one of the Europeans countries with multiple parties.

  10. We should be concerned about more than anti-Muslim hate. The president is encouraging vitriol toward all groups who do not bow to him.

  11. Good thing you don’t live in the United States, eh?

    Good for you, good for us.

  12. The grasping for straws continues unabated.

  13. It appears to be his opposition that is encouraging hate.

    Do you follow Maxine Waters?

  14. And the Irish had the English.

    Fascists yet?

  15. The FriendlyGoat and his socialist friends continue to grasp at studies such as these that imply because of Trump (and Christians or conservatives); X group is persecuted.
    I would like to know what their definition of persecution is; because I have seen none.
    And yet; they continue to believe that groups such as ANTIFA and BLM are “righteous” as they burn and destroy every car, garbage can and window pane they come into contact with.
    They are so blind with hatred of trump (see every comment here every day) that they cannot see that it is them that is actually destroying America.

  16. What you’re seeing is a group which, though internally inconsistent, considered itself the progressive/liberal future of mankind struggling not only in the US but in Europe with the rise of populism and the demise of internationalism.

    In this world view nations and religions would fade away and the future would be a single mankind united in some ill-defined uber government with no borders and universal brotherhood of some sort.

    Advocates of this saw/see themselves as the forefront of a historically imperative evolutionary step, and religions and patriotism as impediments.

    Brexit and the 2016 American presidential election was a real kick in the pants for them, and they just cannot cease babbling about the rise of fascism, blah, blah, blah.

    It is, of course, nonsense.

  17. Maxine Waters is a True American Patriot. She has not encouraged violence of any kind. She has encouraged others to stand up to un-American treasonous bullies.

  18. The POTUS sets the tone and creates the climate in our nation. This so-called “President” is a racist pig who has emboldened every goddamned bigot out there to flaunt their bigotry, without any regard for others.

  19. “destroying America”… such as the treasonous sociopath in the White House who sits in our foe’s right hand and betrays America and the Constitution? The same one who desires for “his people” to sit up and pay attention to him just like the North Koreans are obligated to do for their “dear leader”?

  20. Maxine waters is a below average congresswoman who has done nothing in the 20+ years she’s been in office other than to make her voting block more dependent on the federal government.

  21. How?
    Economy growing.
    Unemployment declining.
    Oil production up.
    Coal production up.

  22. How soon one forgets 9/11, blood in the streets of Tehran, & the beheadings in Syria.

  23. Labeling one, instead of providing a rational counter argument, could indicate an inability for rational discourse.

  24. And Obama’s “red line” in Syria.

  25. Which is the conclusion I came to long ago when I blocked he she or it.

  26. Benghazi anyone??
    Oh yeah, a cartoon did that…

  27. The president acting like a boorish bigot has a tendency to enable other boorish bigots by demonstrating such behavior is somehow socially acceptable. Hence the spike in visibility of openly racist actions and neo-nazis.

  28. Complaining about the labels doesn’t refute them or disprove their application. Neither does tone trolling. There is no argument being posed. Only a description of actions taken by a president who has consistently acted badly.

    Our president has made a party platform out of malice and attacks on minorities of all stripes. Too many examples to list, too easy to find on your own if interested in an actual discussion.

  29. Because anti-muslim hate has a greater chance of having color of law than most others. Ex. the Travel ban. Plus it causes problems abroad in enabling international terrorism.

  30. “I would like to know what their definition of persecution is; because I have seen none.”

    Actually you support most forms of it and have made excuses for actions which are deliberately persecutory.

    “they continue to believe that groups such as ANTIFA and BLM are “righteous” as they burn and destroy every car, garbage can and window pane they come into contact with.”

    The last time you brought up ANTIFA was to cover up violence instigated by Neo-nazis. Covering for people who have committed domestic terrorism and regularly murdered others while attacking their most extreme (and least significant) opposition. As for BLM, you are simply lying about their actions (or blaming them for unrelated actions) in order to ignore legitimate non-violent protests against police brutality.

    You have shown support for neo-nazis, as Trump has on numerous occasions. Trump deserves the hate he gets. Anyone with a modicum of decency, honesty or integrity would find him and his apologists repugnant individuals.

  31. Economic growth is a straight line from Obama. Trump did nothing for that. In fact now they are talking about how the trade wars will demolish all of the above.

    Oil production up is not a good thing considering its low price and high environmental cost. Coal is a dying industry. Far more jobs could have been created by investment in alternative energies.

    Trump got pwned by NK in an embarrassing way. SK and China won’t even talk to him

    Trump lied about NATO contributions and is actively undermining them on Russia’s behalf

    Trump wants judges who ignore rule of law to rule in favor of Conservative interests.

    Trump wants to removing protections for the public to degrade life in favor of the wealthy

    The US military is about as stripped down as it has for decades. There is no buildup

    Ivanka Trump has personally profited from China IP through her father. Trump bailed out a Chinese Telecom and destroyed efforts to counterbalance China’s trade in Asia.

    Trump has engaged in pointless trade wars over false claims of imbalances with various allies.

    Tax cuts to corporations and the uppermost wealthy were done at the expense of anyone who works for a living. A massive planned deficit and austerity budget for the public are recipes for economic disaster and misery

    Trump has done nothing for the border or immigration besides use official forces to harass and attack people of color for purely malicious reasons. Conservatives are uninterested in immigration reform. They just want to harm minorities for its own sake. Pure neo-nazi agenda there

    Trump wants to destroy the VA through privatizing it. A scam to plunder its budget and harm veterans intentionally.

    Trump wants to make healthcare more expensive, provide less services and to fewer people.

    Trump’s incompetence enabled Iran to resume nuclear weapons development. Presumably to start the war Bolton has been asking for in years. Bowing out of environmental accords only harms the rest of the world.

    Yup, Trump is a lying, incompetent treasonous weasel and his supporters are either l1ars or ignorant.

  32. The increase presence of neo-nazis and their apologists in political online discussions is a perfect example.

  33. Or more to the point, that Republicans make racism a party platform, sending people in her district diving for cover for protection.

  34. And this has to do with American Muslims because…?

    The 1st Amendment does not have a section penciled in the margins saying “except Muslims”

  35. Yup, several hearings by a Republican led Congress howling for blood and what did they find? Nada.

    It was an attempt from people outside Libya to spark a sectarian war which didn’t happen. Libya’s problems have to do with a split between military factions.

  36. Neo-nazi: noun (pejorative), a person who disagrees with Spuddie.

  37. Boorish bigot: noun, either people Spuddie did not vote for or Maxine Waters.

  38. Thanks for proving my point that he’s doing the right things.

  39. There is hardly a more racist sexist party platform than the DNC’s:


    It is dedicated to keeping the faithful agitated, the races at each other’s throats, the poor against the better-off, everyone against everyone.

  40. Why would attacking a US embassy spark a sectarian war? ISIS anyone?; you know, the JV team.
    Susan rice, Hilary Clinton and team Obama are liars.

  41. Misdirection your honor….

    Judge: mr spuddie will answer the question..,

  42. No evidence. You resort to name-calling because your arguments can’t hold up.

  43. http://www.theamericanmirror.com/maxine-waters-bars-trump-supporters-town-hall-meeting/

    Supporters of President Trump were hoping to be a part of Maxine Waters’ town hall meeting in Gardena on Saturday, but they were barred from entering the building.

    The Trump supporters received tickets for the event, but were treated as “second class citizens” because they supposedly did not live in her district.


    Video from outside the venue shows about 50 Trump supporters waving American flags and Trump banners and chanting, “Let us in!” as they noted that Waters doesn’t live in her own district, either.

    Police blocked the doors and prevented them from entering.

    The non-constituents were identified with yellow wrist bands.

    “The yellow wrist band means that you are branded that you cannot go in the building,” one woman said. “You are forced to sit outside, even though we registered,” she added.

    As the Trump supporters tried in vain to enter the building, Waters could be heard over loud speakers.

    It appeared Waters cherry picked a friendly audience so she wouldn’t be challenged over ridiculously partisan stunts at the official event, like chanting “Impeach 45,” referring to Trump.

  44. Denial games are cheap.

    We have the “Very fine people” at Charlottesville who committed an act of murder/domestic terrorism after a rally in favor of enshrining racial bigotry.

    The presence of Strong119, Roy Hobs, OttoZeit here and your own apologia for a Neo-Nazi rally a few weeks ago are evidence enough to say it is something other than name calling. As is Trump retweeting Neo-Nazis and catching hell from Prime Minister May over it, several neo-Nazis on the white house staff (Bannon, Gorka, Miller) and the use of language and terms associated with neo-nazis (“Chain migration”, “invaders”…), the glowing support of White Supremacists….

    Now run along. You have nothing of value here.

  45. Nope. Just calling out the racist “Democrat Plantation” argument for what it is. Cheap denial of well known habits of conservatives.

  46. Your ignorance is mostly due to dependence on conservative memes rather than an understanding of the facts. Al Queda (not ISIS) attacked the consulate in hopes to spark off a sectarian civil war. It didn’t happen. In fact the attack created an outpouring of sympathy and grief from the Libyans themselves. The Consul was well regarded by them.

    Instead we had a civil war between secular based warlords. For detailed info on the conflict (which is largely ignored by Western journalists) check out various articles on Warisboring.com.

    You calling people liars is simply irony incarnate. You appear incapable of an honest statement of facts.

  47. You are illiterate and dishonest.

    If the “right things” you mean turn the country into crap, then you are correct.

  48. Thank you for showing us how proficient you are at writing fantasy.

    Or copying and pasting DNC talking points.

    “Economic growth is a straight line from Obama.”

    Obama ranks LOWEST in GDP growth of any president since WWII:


    “Trump wants judges who ignore rule of law to rule in favor of Conservative interests.”

    As has been repeatedly demonstrated in other discussions, the exact opposite is true:


    “The US military is about as stripped down as it has for decades. There is no buildup”


    “Tax cuts to corporations and the uppermost wealthy were done at the expense of anyone who works for a living.”


    “A massive planned deficit … (is a reciped) …. for economic disaster and misery”


    “Trump has done nothing for the border or immigration besides use official forces to harass and attack people of color for purely malicious reasons.”


    “Trump wants to destroy the VA through privatizing it. A scam to plunder its budget and harm veterans intentionally.”




    “Trump’s incompetence enabled Iran to resume nuclear weapons development.”



    Ya know, ya might want to take up another hobby.

  49. Ah, “dishonest” raises its ugly head.

  50. “Your ignorance is mostly due to dependence on conservative memes rather than an understanding of the facts. Al Queda (not ISIS) attacked the consulate in hopes to spark off a sectarian civil war. It didn’t happen. In fact the attack created an outpouring of sympathy and grief from the Libyans themselves. The Consul was well regarded by them.”

    So, you’re arguing Hillary Clinton’s State Department did a good thing by allowing the Ambassador and staff to be slaughtered?

    “You calling people liars is simply irony incarnate. You appear incapable of an honest statement of facts.”

    Boo ha ha ha ha ha!

    Do your read your own posts?

  51. American Muslims speak out and practice their religion unmolested by the government.

    So much for any First Amendment violations.

  52. Ah, so you’re an anti-American traitor as well. There is no reasonable defense of the travesty that occurred in Helsinki. The President is a Russian agent. Period. It’s the beginning of the end for him. And for losers like yourself

  53. The Travel Ban did not single out Muslims.

    Ain’t that a bit of problem for your presentation?

  54. lolololol what else we blame on trump?

  55. I was 23 years old in 2001 when the WTC was destroyed and al! those people were murdered.

    Since i witnessed it live (on bbc tv), my life utterly changed.

    My point is as far back as i can remember ‘islam’ has been a target, a pocket of rebellion against the ‘west’ or lets say those who dominate everything on the planet.

    Islam doesn’t fit into the ‘agenda’, bbc have totally changed their behaviour, but i remember a time when US AND UK politicians, bbc, tv and pretty everything was against islam, hate and fear was spread openly in our mainstream!

    …so this anti-muslim sentiment has always been there, it was ignited and the flames were fanned by everyone! …then perhaps in the last few years, bbc and some other people decided that this was WRONG! …but the damage has been done.

    Perhaps Trump tweets do increase muslim hate, but so did everything before Trump, remember George Bush Snr and Bush Jnr, so did Tony Blair and many others…. they are all to blame.

    Its strange because at some point, local councils in Scotland had to deal with openly hostile attitudes and attacks on muslim citizens, the rhetoric on tv, bbc, news tv shows totally changed! …and now we are disgusted by islamphobia and we are trying to reverse public opinion!

    The majority feed off what the tabloids and crooked politicians tell them, they are heavily INFLUENCED.

    I’d love to think i am immune to it, but truth is… since 2001 my mind has been rotted by pop culture, news feeds, and the bbc!

    Trumps influence is obvious, but it was there before him…. there are some very angry unintelligent yobs who will look for anything to hate, then put all their energy into.

    The baddies, as we so told over the years, the russians, the muslims, immigrants, dark skin people,communists and more…

    …we are the goodies supposedly!?

    Todays ally is tomorrows enemy, todays enemy is tomorrows ally.

  56. Ummm… did Hilary and Susan rice not talk for weeks about how the attack was caused by a cartoon?

  57. How does the travel ban enable international terrorism?
    Oh yeah, the same way not having a secure southern border let’s in MS-13 and other criminals.
    Got it..,,

  58. Trump isn’t responsible for the general coarsening of public discourse in this country, which started well before he became president. In some ways, he’s more of a symptom than the actual disease.

    But the way a president comports himself does matter. Not all those who support Trump are racists or misogynists, but those who are have become emboldened by the tone this president sets. His anger and general unkindness toward those with whom he disagrees give a wink and a nod to the lowest elements in society.

    The only thing keeping brutish people from acting brutish is the knowledge that their behavior is socially unacceptable, and it doesn’t take much to let them off their leashes. That’s why those in leadership positions in society need to go the extra mile to make sure they act in a civil manner. The fact that we have a president who disregards the value of civility is sad and, in the long run, destructive.

  59. If you get really, really frustrated with a dumb conservative because you can’t refute their argument, resort to being mean to them and calling them naughty names….
    Page 14 of the DNC “Resistance” handbook.

  60. I’d be for classing them with environmentalists, educators, feminists, unionists, would-be corporate regulators, honest economists, health insurance advocates, anyone from the global south, and anyone below the median income in America. A lot of folks are under assault whether they know it or not. Followers of Muhammad, to me, are just one part of the people in trouble at the moment.

  61. I am glad you set me up with that lob:

    Because we are keeping refugees fleeing ISIS from coming here. People who form the basis of efforts to counter their propaganda and recruiting effort. Trump is providing material support to ISIS in having more people under captivity by them.

    At no point did the Trump administration have data showing refugees to be credible terrorist threat or even foreign born people from the countries on the list. In fact the State and Defense Department refuted such claims as Trump was making them.

    BTW ignoramus, MS-13 is also not the threat Trump is making them out to be. He is giving aid and comfort to that transnational gang as well by preventing people from escaping their clutches. The Trump immigration goon squad policy also makes actual criminal law enforcement efforts to investigate and bring down such gangs more difficult.

    So in both instances, Trump’s appeal to frothing at the mouth bigots runs counter to our nation’s interests and enables further dangers to it.

  62. Are they your sole news source? I certainly haven’t cited them here. Preferring actual news as opposed to snide stupid remarks like yours.

    People who were actually interested in the story and followed the news could tell you much more. But that appears to be outside your skillset.

  63. Spud’s right, Bobose. And the irony of you is remarkable.

  64. “The only thing keeping brutish people from acting brutish is the knowledge that their behavior is socially unacceptable, and it doesn’t take much to let them off their leashes. That’s why those in leadership positions in society need to go the extra mile to make sure they aCt in a civil matter”

    The brutish people call this “political correctness”. And they hate it. When they call for civility, what they mean is that the “political correctness” they were complaining about is what they wish to have going on NOW.

    Political correctness is what The rest of us call it the court of public opinion.

  65. It would be good for the world, I guess, if revulsion to Trump somehow transformed all the Muslims into far leftists. But that’s probably too big of an ask. Except for their natural reluctance to be vilified by a guy like him, we have to remember that Islam itself is not socially liberal. Its leaders considered the secular USA to be a “Great Satan”, after all, when we had Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, no?

  66. If Trump is “providing material support to ISIS in having more people under captivity by them” by not permitting them to immigrate to the USA, do you have any objection if we simply use small yield nuclear weapons and reduce both ISIS and the people under them, literally killing two birds with one nuke?


    MS-13 is simply out of control in the DC and Baltimore areas, among others.

  67. Bomb them over there; open your doors and pay their bills here.

  68. your defense of trump is blaming others ? trump would rise but apparently is falling under his own steam .

  69. It’s no accident that Trump followers are themselves racist, homophobic, sexist, zenophobic sociopathic liars — just like the pu$$y grabbing Traitor-In-Chief whom they worship. And they like to call themselves “Christian” – LOL!

  70. “we have to remember that Islam itself is not socially liberal”.

    As are every major religion.

    “Its leaders considered the secular USA to be a “Great Satan””

    Depends on who you consider “the leaders of the religion”. Every self-styled fundamentalist considers themselves the only word on a given faith (plenty of examples of that type here). We both know that doesn’t make it so.

    The US has the highest % Muslim convert community in the world and it is wildly varied across many demographic and ideological groups. I feel no need to paint with such a broad brush.

  71. “…allowing the Ambassador and staff to be slaughtered?”

    your charges have moved from the amusingly absurd to out and out flaky . the ambassador, his staff, the marines nor the c.i.a. on site in libya did not know what was going to happen, or then what exactly was happening, until it was over . but washington is now be blamed for not knowing .

    your “Boo ha ha ha ha ha!” has only yourself as it target .

  72. it just happened by accident to only cover muslims the first time around . and we know that he was not serious in his campaign that he would ban muslims

    us libs are just terribly misunderstanding poor ole donnie .

  73. I have no need to defend trump. He’s doing fine. See my list.
    This comment was in response to a side conversation.

  74. Ummm, nice work on flowing the steps as outlined on page 14.
    Now off you go; you need to get to the ANTIFA membership rally.

  75. I just read an online article in MIT technology review that talks about letting you know if you’re talking to a bath.

  76. You left out the notion of democratic process.

    For good reasons.

  77. 1) Please understand that I want to be kind to Muslims without agreeing that Muhammad is (or even might be) the ultimate and final prophet. My intended kindness for Muslims is a matter of respect for other humans, not an agreement from me that Islam is an okey-dokey world view. I suspect and hope there are many wonderful Muslim people and if there are, I credit everything in their lives except Muhammad for that.

    2) If Islamic leaders were not conservatives at heart, Taliban, ISIS, Boko Haram and the governments of Iran and Saudi Arabia simply would not exist as they do. There may be some liberal Muslims somewhere and they are as endangered by terrorism as any of the rest of us in the West. None of the leaders are ever at liberty to downplay any of the worst of Islamic scripture. That’s the problem with both the leaders and the scripture.

    3) On a practical level, if American Democrats want to lose for the rest of their (our)lives, there is no better way to do it than by playing like we think Islam is on our lefty side. It is not. We need to be countering Trumpism from other angles. Narrowing to “We want to kill babies and welcome more Islam” as our vocal priorities is just not going to work. That’s why the other side keeps trying to cram us in those boxes. We must not help them do it.

  78. Tell us more about your transphobia, Bob.

  79. And where is it that you live, exactly? St. Petersburg?

  80. “Not all those who support Trump are racists or misogynists, but those who are have become emboldened by the tone this president sets.”

    More interesting, and a much bigger problem, is those in leadership positions who pose as civil, and smile while picking the public’s pockets and lying.

    As we gain more information on the eight years of the Obama Administration, for example, we find a pattern of dishonesty, dissembling, lawlessness, and worse.

    At least with the President you know where you stand and get what you see.

    There’s something to be said for cards face up on the table.

    Of course you’ve made plain your preference for civility over performance.

  81. Although “narrowing to ‘We want to kill babies and welcome more Islam” as our vocal priorities is just not going to work'” does have the advantage of being honest.

  82. And you need to wipe Trump’s s**tstains off your nose. It doesn’t look good on you.

  83. My own impression is that he works from scripts:

    “You are (pick one) _ dishonest _ neo-nazi”

    “Your whole position is (pick one) _ bigotry _ fundamentalist”

    etc etc

    I can pick a post of his from six months ago and find a clone this week.

  84. You should try being honest sometime, Bob.

  85. Describe yourself some more, stalker.

  86. ANTIFA
    Socialists of America
    Maxine Waters
    Robert De Niro
    Red hen restaurant
    Michelle wolf
    Kathy griffin
    Young Turks
    Lena Dunham
    Etc, etc, etc

  87. Dude, spell out your hate. Don’t be afraid of who you are.

  88. If you’re looking for an apologist for the excesses of the Left, I’m not you’re guy. Incivility is incivility no matter where it comes from. Reducing everything down to one ideology vs the other is foolish. Worse, it’s ineffective.

  89. not true. There were multiple drones that were deployed at various times of the incidents. Some had video, others didn’t.
    Most arrived on site after the initial attack and were used to search for escape routes.

    Regarding Washington not knowing what happened – the pentagon command informed the White House of the attack. Troops on the ground were in contact with the CIA.

    If the White House would’ve just admitted that there was an attack on the US Embassy in Americans died; the American people would’ve excepted this. But the fact that they sent to Susan Rice out on numerous occasions to lie to the American people, and say that this was the result of a cartoon just makes it the more unpalatable.

  90. They are representatives of the president of the United States. Where should I get my information from? Fox?

  91. B…B…B…B…But OBAMA!!! You lie. History will judge Trump and his supporters very harshly.

  92. Sounds like you are judging other by yourself.

  93. trump needs all the spin he can get . of your list the only two items that have weight–and not particularly good weight–are the two supreme court picks and the tax bill .

    and on the tax bill the republicans are trying to figure how to solve the greater deficit that their bill created . and the money to plug the hole won’t come from those who have money .

    the rest of trump’s “accomplishments” are more things he is trying to do (for example the meetings with north korea and with russia) rather than any concrete achievements .

    and there is yet plenty of reason to question whether or not trump yet has enough knowledge to guide this country domestically or in foreign policy .

  94. I SWEAR you just responded to one when you commented to “Bob” .

  95. Now run along. You have nothing of value here.

  96. I respect Islam just as I respect all religions. Muslims in the U.S. have a right to live and worship in peace. That said, I see hypocrisy coming from the left in certain regards. If a Christian woman wears a long dress and defers to her husband, she’s “oppressed”. When a Muslim woman does the same, you hear, “That’s their way.” If you say, “ISLAMIC terrorist”, you somehow impugn all Muslims, but expressions like “WHITE supremacist”? No problem. Can’t count the number of times that I’ve read or heard anti-Catholic rhetoric coming from the left in relation to “rights”, but if you point out religion-based human rights violations that are entrenched in many Islamic countries, you’re an “Islamaphobe” and a “hater”.

    I have no love for Trump on a number of issues by the way, and find his tweets to be unhelpful, but his “Muslim ban” is hardly that. There are some TWENTY TWO Muslim countries in the world. His temporary ban on entry into the U.S. for terrorism-related reasons affects half a dozen of them, countries that even Mr. OBAMA had on a terrorism-export watch list. Most Muslims from around the world can still come to the U.S. freely.

  97. People who still support Trump after Helsinki are gangrene on the body politic.

  98. Whether you like trump or not, he has addressed more piles of dog crap left over by past administrations than any other president than I can recall.
    Regarding the deficit, again, he is no different than past presidents. Unfortunately, the days of jack kemp and deficit reduction are long gone.

  99. Please explain slowly, and calmly what your big issue is/was. I am a trump fan and wasn’t thrilled with his performance; but I can move on to the next event.

  100. Unfortunately, like most Americans politicians on both sides of the aisle have no appetite for deficit reduction, or frankly, being fiscally responsible. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have too much pent up Pet projects to spend the peoples money on one they ultimately come into power. I am hoping that as a businessman, trump manages the government to where the departmental budgets are reduced minimally, or remain flat; that way overtime the size of government and deficits will be reduced gradually.

  101. I liken the deficit to a snowplow on Sunday morning in the parking lot of a shopping center after a 12 inch snow.

    It can push along unimpeded for quite a distance, albeit with increasing effort, until it grinds to a halt.

    From the standpoint of business the biggest problem is competing with the government for the fixed supply of available money, with the secondary problem being inflation.

    At some point you either repudiate your debt or devalue your money.

  102. And once again the easy solution:

    From the studies of Armstrong, Rushdie, Hirsi Ali, Richardson and Bayhaqi————–

    The Five Steps To Deprogram 1400 Years of Islamic Myths:

    ( –The Steps take less than two minutes to finish- simply amazing, two minutes to bring peace and rationality to over one billion lost souls- Priceless!!!)

    Are you ready?

    Using “The 77 Branches of Islamic “faith” a collection compiled by Imam Bayhaqi as a starting point. In it, he explains the essential virtues that reflect true “faith” (iman) through related Qur’anic verses and Prophetic sayings.” i.e. a nice summary of the Koran and Islamic beliefs.

    The First Five of the 77 Branches:

    “1. Belief in Allah”

    aka as God, Yahweh, Zeus, Jehovah, Mother Nature, etc. should be added to your self-cleansing neurons.

    “2. To believe that everything other than Allah was non-existent. Thereafter, Allah Most High created these things and subsequently they came into existence.”

    Evolution and the Big Bang or the “Gib Gnab” (when the universe starts to recycle) are more plausible and the “akas” for Allah should be included if you continue to be a “creationist”.

  103. “3. To believe in the existence of angels.”

    A major item for neuron cleansing. Angels/devils are the mythical creations of ancient civilizations, e.g. Hittites, to explain/define natural events, contacts with their gods, big birds, sudden winds, protectors during the dark nights, etc. No “pretty/ugly wingy thingies” ever visited or talked to Mohammed, Jesus, Mary or Joseph or Joe Smith. Today we would classify angels as fairies and “tinker bells”. Modern devils are classified as the demons of the demented.

    “4. To believe that all the heavenly books that were sent to the different prophets are true. However, apart from the Quran, all other books are not valid anymore.”

    Another major item to delete. There are no books written in the spirit state of Heaven (if there is one) just as there are no angels to write/publish/distribute them. The Koran, OT, NT etc. are simply books written by humans for humans.

    Prophets were invented by ancient scribes typically to keep the uneducated masses in line. Today we call them fortune tellers.

    Prophecies are also invalidated by the natural gifts of Free Will and Future.

    “5. To believe that all the prophets are true. However, we are commanded to follow the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) alone.”

    Mohammed spent thirty days “fasting” (the Ramadan legend) in a hot cave before his first contact with Allah aka God etc. via a “pretty wingy thingy”. Common sense demands a neuron deletion of #5. #5 is also the major source of Islamic violence i.e. turning Mohammed’s “fast, hunger-driven” hallucinations into horrible reality for unbelievers.

    Walk these Five Steps and we guarantee a complete recovery from your Islamic ways!!!!

    Unfortunately, there are not many Muslim commentators/readers on this blog so the “two-minute” cure is not getting to those who need it. If you have a Muslim friend, send him a copy and help save the world.

    Analogous steps are available at your request for deprogramming the myths of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Paganism..

  104. It would be helpful if the author of this or the authors of the study provided some specific examples of what they alleged has occurred after Trump’s tweets.
    Making vague and obscure allegations about Muslim hate crime increasing without providing any examples whatsoever really makes the study and this article worthless and questionable.
    And, I am not pro-Trump. I just appreciate honest and accurate reporting, which is woefully lacking across the entire media and particularly in this case..

  105. You have nothing of value anywhere.

  106. The government often likes inflation because it reduces the value of it’s debt and may increase tax revenue in the short term.

  107. Yes, that one was posited by both Spuddie and Elagabalus.

    I don’t they’ve attributed hemorrhoids, either.

  108. Don’t know who that is and don’t care. I am a disciple of Bruce Cockburn.

  109. As Islamic Jihadis genocide ME Christianity, groveling Christians in the West turn a blind eye pretending it isn’t happening while butt licking Muslim grievance peddlers here like Muslim Advocates.
    Fact check: There is no spike in Islamic hate crimes in the West.

  110. They absolutely are a cult with their own false gods, false prophets and false religions.
    Never give them the benefit of the doubt because they live in a morally and epistemologically alternate universe of their own individual and collective projection. Just know they’re lying and believe their own lies intensely.

  111. Your last sentence makes no sense. If people believe what they are saying is true, then by definition they aren’t lying.

  112. Turn off Fux News.
    Read a newspaper.
    Subscribe to Southern Poverty Law Foundation.
    You’ll find plenty. Or are you to lazy and sanctimonious to look for yourself??

  113. His head, like Trump, is owned by Russia, Putin, and the GOP.
    Traitors all.

  114. HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Southern poverty Law Center is nothing more than a corrupt liberal think tank that puts out propaganda. Even the Democratic Party is distancing themselves from it.

  115. Let me tell you, if Trump’s mouth is open, he’s lying.
    Doesn’t matter if he’s making shite up, is delusional, is repeating garbage he heard. It’s all vile.

  116. Black male Americans shot in the streets running away or thrown on the floor of a squad car where they did of a spinal fracture.

  117. except for the Mosques which have been incinerated or where zealots shot up the congregation!!!!!!!!
    Those are Human Rights violations AND First Amendment.

  118. Linda Lee Davidson is in Europe.

    She cited the Irish Times.

    The topic was hate leading to fascism.

    In short, you missed the comment, the context, and the relevance of the response.


  119. yeah, you hit all the people who have been targeted and scapegoated by Fux News.
    If you only had a brain, you’d see how insipid their drivel is.

  120. he’s ugly and a thug….look at the lies that poor out of his mouth.

  121. How many mosques were incinerated or congregations shot up?

    Be specific.

    The reason why they would not be violations of the First Amendment is that if they occurred, it was not at the hands of the government.

    The First Amendment protects against the government, not criminals.

  122. He’s not fine. He’s now identified as a Traitor and will soon be impeached for TREASON.

  123. more smear tactics….go back under your rock.

  124. She has a spine which everyone from the GOP in Congress is ducking and covering their arses. Look at how many are NOT running for re-election. Blue Wave coming, turducken.
    She’s got gumption.

  125. delusional, your honor, the accuser is drunk.

  126. is this kine of garbage all you got? Pathetic, whining boy-chuck.

  127. Ok, state your case. I’ll respond and we can discuss.

  128. delusional….where did you get this from?
    Has Sarah Fuckabee Sanders started writing poetry?

  129. Please cite pieces of major legislation that she has sponsored.

  130. Hell no. My mother is an anti-semite and loves Trump. Glued to Fux News.

  131. I have no respect for any religion. They are all violence prone, esp. Christianity.

  132. Oh. I like her already.
    If you would like to talk intelligently, then let’s do so – ok?

  133. haven’t you got something better to do with your time Park12?
    What a waste of electrons.

  134. you forgot misogynist, racist, and every other -ist.

  135. We always enjoy the Schizo-Wiccan perspective.

  136. Vague and obscure allegations are all there is.

  137. Lol. I’m trying to be positive and engage….

  138. stop making up words….you’re no good at it

  139. So, you’re saying you and Trump have lots in common.

  140. You probably missed the part where the commies checked out.

  141. You’re certainly not verbally repressed, and no one who reads you is intellectually impressed.

  142. I take it “competely delusional” is your signature tonight.

  143. Getting yourself all worked up for the coven?

  144. I thought I’d go down to the local democrat party office and find a nice liberal girl to bring home to mom. You?

  145. To the tune of “Who could ask for anything more?”

  146. Well, glue her to something else.

    Try Super Glue.

    Test it on your fingers and keyboard first.

  147. What happened to Wicca?

    Did it walka?

    When it left did you wava?

  148. “Pathetic”?

    I thought you were signing tonight’s posts with “completely delusional”.

  149. I thought I’d go down to the local Democratic party office and find me a nice liberal girl. Then I can take her home to mom and show her my Bible.

  150. Not necessarily.


    While generally used with reference to a situation involving knowing deception, it can also be used referring to a belief founded on a mistaken impression.

    In that case his comment could be rewritten:

    “Just know they’re lying and believe their own mistaken impressions intensely.”

  151. Okay, thank you for sharing your Psycho-Wiccan insights.

  152. Yup. If it really is a she, she has moved on. To lazy to talk intelligently or just not interested in general.

  153. I keep track of them.

    At the moment I have 51 blocked and basically only respond to five more when they’re acting more less sane, or at least when it’s fun.

  154. It’s brutal. I’m not the sharpest pencil, but I think I’m able to discuss somewhat intelligently.

  155. The bulk of the problem is anti-religion folks of a wide range of stripes trolling for fights.

    Some of them I have run into elsewhere over the years.

  156. Hey, since were speaking; do you ever get your posts blocked or edited by the moderator? The more active that I have become so my: the more I have noticed that some of my posts are held up or deleted.

  157. I wonder how many more of our transgender troops he and his ilk intend to inconvenience…

  158. Like George Costanza told Jerry Seinfeld “Jerry, if I believe it, it ain’t lyin!”
    These ppl live to maintain the integrity of the lies that define their view of existence.

  159. Lying, by definition, is the intentional telling of a falsehood. If someone believes a falsehood to be true it’s not lying. It’s simply misinformation.

    As for the rest, I’m not a partisan and I don’t waste my time making judgments about things I can’t possibly know, like whether someone is intentionally or unintentionally spreading falsehoods.

  160. I have a few.

    For example, I used the word “id-ot” in one post, not as an epithet but as a response to a post which used the word.

    It got moderated.

    My sense of it is that the bulk of the moderating is being done at the Disqus level automatically based on key words.

    Because of budget cutbacks and staff attrition at RNS the other moderation appears to be slim and none.

    Once RNS gets back on its face, I expect it will return to prior levels, including moderating on point of view which at one time was fairly common.

  161. they are nasty just for the kick they get out of it. Sadistic cretins.

  162. did you know there’s a huge fad in bobbleheads with your name on it.
    He must be a jackass, too.

  163. Bob, you are both an idio​t and an as​shole.

  164. Bob, FU​CK OFF AND DIE PAINFULLY, and soon,
    you worthless piece of shi​t.

  165. Bob Arnzen, FU​CK OFF AND DIE PAINFULLY, and soon,
    you worthless piece of shi​t.

    you worthless piece of shi​t.

  167. Not exactly the same. In fact the Irish simply call the time the Troubles. And only mentioned because it wasn’t American – which I certainly have read – to avoid claims of partisanship. But Americans would benefit from seeing the US through the eyes of the rest of the world tp see their analysis of what Trump is doing. Or at least developed countries . Partly to preserve their own by looking at what appears to be going south in the US,

  168. Unless the rest of the world is going to take over its own defense, or pay us money, or vote in our elections, seeing the US through the eyes of the rest world doesn’t offer any benefits.

    The US got to where it is by observing Europe and not emulating it.

    As more people have wanted to emulate France, and individuals with Western European mindsets got elected, our fortunes diminished.

  169. You do realize that you present as a garden variety whacko, right?

  170. Do I need a panel or consensus to form an opinion? I don’t, but you accidently do.

    Still not refuting the label. Just being whiny.

  171. I used informed sources and you used brain dead factually incorrect memes which were revised even at the time. Yes I get it, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  172. Our Rulers Say — “Bomb the crap out of them over there; BUT open your doors, feed them, pay their bills, and let them rape your daughters and shut up about it, over here.”

  173. “If you want to know who rules over you; find out ‘who’ you are not allowed to criticize.”

  174. he laps this up.
    What if we all unfollow this turd?
    He’d be talking to himself.
    He’d have nothing to do.
    He’d crackup sooner.

  175. Yuri Beszmenov describes the FOX watching Trump supporters today perfectly :

    “They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern [alluding to Pavlov]. You can not change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information. Even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still can not change the basic perception and the logic of behavior.”

  176. the drones did not know what was going to happen before it happened . the people, the ambassador and his staff and the c.i.a. did not know what was going to happen before it happened .

    thus Bob’s charge that our people were left to be slaughtered is nonsense .

    the u.s. military and the c.i.a. responded in the best way that they could and did indeed help save many on the ground, but that was not what Bob was referring to nor what i was responding to .

  177. your poetry doesn’t make sense.
    your eyes are glued shut
    and your mouth, here, needs the same.
    Garbage comes out, otherwise.

  178. Ummmm – do you ever know what is going to happen before it happens?
    The military did the best it could with the resources available.
    The problem is; and always will be the obama White House trotting out Susan rice to LIE. And then, Hillary testifying before Congress with her 3D movie glasses to lie more.
    To this day, the most disgraceful thing she could ever have said was – what difference does it make?!
    Well, to the dead guys and their families; it made a big difference.

  179. Your posts make no darned sense
    and isn’t that a shame.
    You’re not the brightest bulb
    but may be the loudest dame.

  180. “…do you ever know what is going to happen before it happens? ”

    that is my point and why i responded so strongly to Bob’s absurd comment .

    the rest you wrote is over the top rhetorically “…trottin out…to LIE” and “3D movie glasses to lie more”, but i have no problem with the idea that the deaths of americans could have been handled better by the administration

    …and by their opposition who were standing on 4 men’s coffins to score political points .

  181. So, your position is that since we do not know the future with 100% accuracy, lack of management, lack of action, and lack of preparation as causes are always absurd?


  182. Shakespeare described your posts hundreds of years ago perfectly:

    ““… a poor player that struts and frets (her) hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an id-ot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

  183. you wouldn’t know the truth if you shat it out your rectum

  184. Something did, I looked down, and there you were.

  185. my position is that your hysteric rhetoric is absurd and likely based on partisan politics rather than reason .

    the tragedy of benghazi, as many american tragedies before it, are occasion for careful consideration of the causes and ways to prevent a repeat .

    why was the c.i.a. present on the ground there unawares of the coming attack ?

    you want to point blame in the most inflammable way leading to no help in making america safer . you are not any solution . you are part of the problem .

  186. You’re a Trump fan and you still admit it? Now THAT’s funny.

  187. Bobose Arnzen is both a well-documented liar and a dingbat.

  188. My position is that your rationalizing minimizing rhetoric is one long obfuscation.

    Benghazi, like Hillary’s server, the hacking of the DNC, the imaginary “red line” in Syria, and the total lack of response in the Crimea, were symptoms of an administration that relied on jawboning rather than action.

    They were not part of the problem, they were the problem.

  189. Yup.
    Nice to see your therapy is going well.

  190. i do respect mr. President..his decision for muslim.. obviously.. why would he apologise for the muslims matter.. though its true that they are damn terrorists

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