On 25th anniversary, Bible Gateway has been viewed more than 14 billion times

August 1, 2018

Most Popular Online Bible Search Engine and Bible Reading Website

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the world’s most visited Christian website, Bible Gateway (BibleGateway.com; @BibleGateway) has been viewed more than 14 billion times by people using more than one billion devices.

"Our mission statement is 'To honor Christ by equipping people to read and understand the Bible, wherever they are.'" says Rachel Barach, general manager, Bible Gateway. "What an honor and privilege to be able to serve so many people around the world during the last quarter-century, doing just that."

Bible Gateway was created in 1993—when the World Wide Web was just beginning—as an internal Bible research computer tool for students at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Today it ranks number one on global search engines, is part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., and is home to more than 200 Bible versions in more than 70 languages—a trusted resource for people in more than 200 countries who rely on it every day for all their desktop and mobile device Bible reading, listening, studying, searching, comparing, and sharing needs.

What people the world over search for in the Bible on Bible Gateway varies throughout the year, but generally remains constant from year to year. This interactive visualizing graph lets you explore how cyclical some queries are, often repeating every year around the same time each year (for example, the word "love" being searched in the Bible around Valentine's Day in February).

Along with a new sweepstakes every month with high-value print Bibles as prizes, the website MyBibleGateway.com (#MyBibleGateway) is the hub of the 25th anniversary celebration where enthusiasts tell what Bible Gateway means to them; such comments as:

"Encouragement. Bible Gateway is instant access to what my soul needs most - to hear from God through his Word."

"Convenient access. Bible Gateway is not only easy to find the passage or verse you need, but to share it with social media, text, or email."

“God has been faithful these last 25 years and we’re excited about how he will continue to use Bible Gateway to further his kingdom and help people know and share his Word,” says Barach.


Read this news release in full at https://www.biblegateway.com/blog/2018/08/on-25th-anniversary-bible-gateway-has-been-viewed-more-than-14-billion-times/



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