Sen. John McCain waits as he is introduced to speak at a rally in Cedar Falls, Iowa, on Oct. 26, 2008. McCain died Aug. 25, 2018. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Sen. John McCain: Known as a veteran but also a man of quiet faith

(RNS) — Sen. John McCain, a former prisoner of war who embraced patriotism loudly and religion quietly, died Saturday (Aug. 25) at the age of 81.

McCain was diagnosed in July 2017 with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

The longtime Arizona Republican senator, reared in the Episcopal Church, attended a Southern Baptist megachurch in his later years. He viewed himself as a Christian but had "a distrust of the religious right and a faith that is too public, too political,” author Stephen Mansfield, author of books about the faiths of presidents and presidential candidates, told Religion News Service in December 2017.

John McCain, front right, with his squadron and T-2 Buckeye trainer in 1965. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

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It was during McCain’s runs for president, especially his second campaign in 2008, that he spoke about his faith. But, even then, he tended to tell a story about a silent expression of belief in God.

In a family memoir, a campaign ad as well as a televised interview with megachurch pastor Rick Warren, he recalled a guard in his prisoner of war camp in Vietnam who shared his faith one Christmas.

“He stood there for a minute, and with his sandal on the dirt in the courtyard, he drew a cross and he stood there,” McCain told Warren at the Saddleback Civil Forum in August of that campaign year. “And a minute later, he rubbed it out, and walked away. For a minute there, there were just two Christians worshipping together.”

Asked by Warren what being a Christian means, McCain simply replied: “It means I'm saved and forgiven.''

At the time of that campaign, McCain biographer Paul Alexander told RNS that the senator’s military and faith backgrounds were responsible for his religious reserve.

“He's a very spiritual person but ... in his core, he's a military man,” said Alexander, author of “Man of the People: The Maverick Life and Career of John McCain.'' “They don't feel comfortable talking about religion.”

During his 5 ½ years in a POW camp in Vietnam, McCain drew on his Episcopal roots — his great-grandfather was an Episcopal minister and McCain attended Episcopal day and boarding schools.

In his family memoir, “Faith of My Fathers,” he recounted how he “prayed more often and more fervently than I ever had as a free man.”

George “Bud” Day, a fellow POW, said McCain was among those who volunteered to preach at religious services they were eventually permitted to hold at the prison known as the “Hanoi Hilton.”

Sen. John McCain, right, hugs retired Air Force Col. George "Bud" Day after Day's endorsement and kind words about the senator at a campaign rally at a Veterans Town Hall Meeting and endorsement news conference at the American Legion Post #1 Luke-Greenway on Feb. 18, 2010, in Phoenix. The two were POW cellmates in Vietnam. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

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“He was a very good preacher, much to my surprise,'' Day told RNS in 2008, when he was 83. “He could remember all of the liturgy from the Episcopal services ... word for word.”

Day died in 2013 and McCain spoke at his funeral.

On one Christmas in captivity, McCain recalled in the memoir, as “room chaplain” he was given a few minutes to copy passages from a Bible. Then, in between hymns sung with emotion by his comrades, he read portions of the story of the birth of Christ.

“It was more sacred to me than any service I had attended in the past, or any service I have attended since,” he wrote.

In recent years, McCain sometimes spoke in person and online of his reliance on prayer. He tweeted about praying for people who were victims of tragedies, from a Sutherland Springs, Texas, church to the tourist attractions of New York City.

John McCain in an interview on April 24, 1973, shortly after his release from a Vietnamese POW camp. Photo by Thomas J. O'Halloran/LOC/Creative Commons

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“Prayer was the most important thing for him when he was a POW and he often mentions prayer in times of national crisis,” said Mansfield. “Otherwise, he’s been cautious about mentioning it very publicly because he does not want to be identified with the religious right or some of the more religious politicians he despises.”

McCain’s differences with some conservative Christians were prominently displayed in the 2000 campaign when he called Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell “agents of intolerance,” remarks for which he later apologized. In a conciliatory move, McCain spoke at the 2006 commencement at Falwell’s Liberty University and, in an even greater outreach to the religious right, chose then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, an anti-abortion evangelical, as his 2008 running mate.

He made an immediate defense of then-Sen. Barack Obama when a woman at a 2008 campaign appearance expressed her lack of trust in the Democratic candidate because she believed he was "an Arab." McCain corrected her and said Obama was a "decent, family man."

"For a few moments in his own campaign stop, he defended his opponent," Mansfield recalled in a January 2018 interview. "He, like Reagan, has no problem speaking kindly of the other side and in personal terms."

McCain formally announces his candidacy for president in Portsmouth, N.H., on April 25, 2007. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

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Paul Kengor, a political scientist at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, said a story about McCain’s family life demonstrated to him the kind of man McCain was. His wife, Cindy McCain, unexpectedly adopted a child with a cleft palate from an orphanage run by Mother Teresa in Bangladesh in 1991. When Cindy McCain appeared with the child at the airport when she arrived home, that was the first he knew of the decision, The Telegraph reported.

Kengor, author of books on the faith of politicians, said: “Some people talk the faith and some people walk the faith. That story struck me as an impressive example of a Christian living the faith. Yes, it was Cindy’s bold initiative, but John McCain accepted it and became a father to that girl — by all accounts, a loving father.”


  1. Like the rest of us, John McCain was a flawed human being, but in the end he was an honorable man, something that cannot be said of a certain person who will not be attending his funeral.

  2. Asked by Warren what being a Christian means, McCain simply replied: “It means I’m saved and forgiven.”
    Like many of us, Sen. John McCain went through many stages of his spiritual life. Sometimes in conflict with other Christians. Well, that’s many of us. Here is a man of two very different denominational backgrounds focused on the very same Jesus Christ of the Bible. A man who, because of Jesus, is saved and forgiven! What a blessing, Sen. McCain!

  3. When they announced yesterday that he was going to forego any further treatment for the cancer, I didn’t realize that he would have such a short time to live. I thought that it might be weeks even a month or two with palliative pain management. Sometimes the pain management will shorten the remaining time.

  4. McCain was one of precious few honourable men in the Republican Party.

  5. I’m being judgmental for calling McCain an honorable man?

  6. Very nice article. He had a class about him that is disappearing in many of our statesmen. I disagreed with him on so many political issues but always listened or read what he had to say and thought it over. He was a decent person. (He made mistakes like everyone but he was not arrogant so it was much easier to forgive those mistakes. I bet he regretted picking Palin – he has to know she is responsible for the vitriolic, “play-to-the-lowest-common-denominator” Republican party he leaves behind).

  7. When it comes to religion and politics, I’ve noticed those who loudly tout their religion are more likely to act in opposition to its message.

  8. That short time is not rare by any means. Senator McCain and his family may have made the decision a few days earlier, but many people in the US are only on hospice care for less than two weeks. The reasons vary from patient to patient, but one factor is many physicians are prone to overestimating life expectancy, sometimes wildly.

    Actually, good symptom management, including pain, is more apt to extend life, though by only a short time. When the body is not coping with the stress of pain, shortness of breath, nausea, et al, patients are better able to have more meaningful and pleasurable interactions with loved ones, be less depressed, and enjoy comfort foods. Being at home rather than in a hospital is a big factor. So is the cessation of treatments such as chemo which are in themselves taxing on the body. Hospice people refer to it as the “hospice bounce.”

  9. Observing conduct and noting whether it it fits the definition of “honorable” isn’t judging.

  10. The president, a dishonorable man who frequently and immaturely insulted the McCain’s service to this country deserves to be noted in contrast.

    By all means judge me in response. That never stopped people here before. Especially those who frequently read or cite Matthew.

  11. You knew him personally? You knew what the press wrote about him. Not all of the POW’S with him agree with your opinion…

  12. Oh sure, “Sen. John McCain [may be] a veteran but also a man of quiet faith”, but FYII (For Your Insult to the Intelligence, that is), here’s McCain’s Top 10 Other “Faith”-Based Legacies, from 2008 to 2017 in the Year of Our Lord. To which I eulogize, may he R.I.P. – Remove Invasive Plants, Rise If Possible!

    (1) Brandon Turbeville, “John McCain Illegally Travels to Syria, Meets with Leaders and Fighting Groups; No Criticism from MSM”, Activist Post, February 24, 2017.

    (2) Tyler Durden, “John McCain Makes ‘Unusual’ Secret Trip to Syria as Trump Prepares Plans to Defeat ISIS”, ZeroHedge, February 23, 2017.

    (3) Mike Shedlock, “McCain’s Hypocrisy Has No Bounds”, MishTalk: Global Economic Trend Analysis, January 19, 2017.

    (4) Wayne Madsen, “McCain’s Largely Unreported Treachery Against the US”, Strategic Culture Foundation”, January 08, 2017.

    (5) Michael Krieger, “John McCain-Linked Nonprofit Received Million Dollar Donation from Saudi Arabia”, Liberty Blitzkrieg, March 31, 2016.

    (6) Patrick Henningsen, “McCain’s ‘Moderate Rebels’ in Syria ARE ISIS”, 21st Century Wire, January 22, 2015.

    (7) Julie Lévesque, “Senator John McCain, Foreign Relations ‘Adviser’ to Al Qaeda Death Squads in Syria”, Global Research, September 6, 2013.

    (8) Morgan Strong, “Sen. McCain’s Libyan Two-Step (John McCain cheered the brutal slaying of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, but the Arizona senator was singing a different tune last decade when Gaddafi was an ally in the ‘war on terror.’ Then, McCain was eager to help Gaddafi strengthen his security apparatus)”, Consortium News, October 28, 2011.

    (9) Elliot Cohen, “John McCain’s Chilling Project for America”, TruthDig, June 12, 2008.

    (10) The Daily Mail, March 23, 2008, “How war hero John McCain betrayed the Vietnamese peasant who saved his life”.

  13. This is the first time in my nearly sixty years on earth that I’ve been accused of judging someone for calling them honorable.

  14. … by which you mean just Catholics and Evangelicals per your remark the other day – “The old Catholic Church [ha]s been too close to political power for too long [and] we’re seeing the same thing with the Evangelical Right and the GOP” – or would you accuse Muslims in the Middle East and Southern Asia, Buddhists in Northeast Asia, and Atheists in Europe, Russia and China, of “the same thing”?

  15. Haven’t you heard the news to the contrary? Reporters Brandon Turbeville, Tyler Durden, Mike Shedlock, Wayne Madsen, Michael Krieger, Patrick Henningsen, Julie Lévesque, Morgan Strong and Elliot Cohen – all beg to differ with you!

  16. I have not. Please provide what publications they wrote their articles in and I will gladly check them out.

  17. But “precious”, that is – and don’t you forget it! – to anti-Russia Nazis in Ukraine, anti-Assad leaders and fighting groups in Syria, to Saudi Arabia, and to Muammar Gaddafi’s assassins in Libya, according to indie news media.

    Or have you forgotten their Solemn Pledge With Gollum?

    “We swears to serve the master of the precious. We will swear on the … on the precious.”

  18. You call them “flawed”?! – McCain’s geopolitical dealings with anti-Russia Nazis in Ukraine, anti-Assad leaders and fighting groups in Syria, to Saudi Arabia, and to Muammar Gaddafi’s assassins in Libya, reported in alternative news media?! What are you.

  19. Not to mention John McCain’s geopolitical dealings with anti-Russia Nazis in Ukraine, anti-Assad leaders and fighting groups in Syria, to Saudi Arabia, and to Muammar Gaddafi’s assassins in Libya, as JUDGED by alternative & independent news media!

  20. That’s because you’re an Elagabalusian: you don’t listen very well.

  21. Have no idea what you are talking about. Hello – you provide a list of (relatively unknown) “reporters” and want me to look every one of them up? You don’t explain in what regard they present differing views. Typical drive by.

  22. There are quieter people, and there are louder people, with or without religion/politics. No need to hate on folks for being either type.

  23. Cf. my stand-alone comment with these people’s respective articles (1) to (10) cited in details. Copy & paste each one to a search engine, which will tell you where to go to read the articles.

  24. You should have met McCain in person or watched his performance in the Senate.

    I did.

    I voted for a third party.

  25. Interesting articles. They don’t necessarily contradict what I said. I didn’t agree with his politics.

  26. I wish all that religious and patriotic energy had been expended on the political left. When Senator McCain voted against the repeal of Obamacare, he knew some things. He knew his own health was in trouble. He knew he had four paths to good health care—–VA, Senate member benefits, Medicare and no shortage of personal money. He knew some people have no paths. These kinds of things had to have been on his mind. Question is, why hang around with those Republicans so much and for so long as they went nuttier by the decade?

  27. And one of his final official public statements condemning Trump’s hideous performance in Helsinki was also one of his finest moments, calling it “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory,” adding, “The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naiveté, egotism, false equivalence, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate,” the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee said in a statement. “But it is clear that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake. President Trump proved not only unable, but unwilling to stand up to Putin.”

    Would that his fellow Republicans follow his lead and have the courage to finally say, “the emperor has no clothes.”

  28. His neocon war mongering -in Syria, Ukraine, etc. – was horrendous. McCain had a baleful influence on US foreign policy for far too long.

  29. Thousands upon thousands dead because of this dead – what’s there to “agree with his politics” or disagree? And what’s there to “contradict [with] what [you] said” or agree? To those 1000s upon 1000s you’ve said more than enough, “He was a decent person.”

  30. Well, I wasn’t intending to make a political statement. I intended to focus on his statement of faith. But in fairness, Jesus calls his disciples to publicly proclaim him. McCain’s faith was private. As far as I know, McCain never publicly refers to Jesus. I may be assuming a commitment that is not there in reality. Politics does not have eternal value, Jesus does. That may have been my misstatement.

  31. before anointing the late senator, remember that he ditched the wife who waited while he was in captivity in favor of the beer heiress whose fortune could propel him to political stardom

  32. … which (and this my cue on stage to subvert rampant anti-semitism with a potent trivia), rhymes with … Mr. Bojangles!

    “‘Mr. Bojangles’ is a song written and originally recorded by American country music artist Jerry Jeff Walker for his 1968 album of the same title. … Walker has said he was inspired to write the song after an encounter with a street performer in a New Orleans jail. While in jail for public intoxication in 1965, he met a homeless white man who called himself ‘Mr. Bojangles’ to conceal his true identity from the police. He had been arrested as part of a police sweep of indigent people that was carried out following a high-profile murder. The two men and others in the cell chatted about all manner of things, but when Mr. Bojangles told a story about his dog, the mood in the room turned heavy. Someone else in the cell asked for something to lighten the mood, and Mr. Bojangles obliged with a tap dance. … Since then Walker’s song has been recorded by many popular artists: … Harry Belafonte … George Burns … Jim Croce …Sammy Davis Jr., John Denver, Neil Diamond … Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie … Whitney Houston … Billy Joel … Elton John … Don McLean … Dolly Parton … Cat Stevens … Robbie Williams, and Paul Winter.”

    FYII (For Your Insult to the Intelligence): I’m a born-from-above, fired-up and die-hard follower of that Jewish Christ of the gospels, epistles and revelation, and clearly, but not sadly, you ain’t.

    Source: Wikipedia, where else.

  33. Rather of a bearings-shifting article for me, this one, telling me, after all the years I’ve known McCain to be complicit in the mass murders in Ukraine and Syria, that he’s a born-again Christian like me! Not comparable to my attitude toward, say, Pat Robertson. I’ve always known him to be a born-again Christian like me, before discovering he was complicit in the mass murders in El Salvador. The latter I can handle, but the former was as if someone screaming lies to my face.

    How about you? Have you always known McCain to be a fellow brother in the Christ Jesus? Potential VP Sarah Palin is, as everyone knows, but McCain, too? Now that’s not just newsflash – but lightnings of tidings, I tell you, brother.

    But that’s OK, you & I can’t always agree 100% on all things. It’s not like you’re perfect. Ha-ha.

    (Neither am I. But called to be, and shall be, if you know what I mean.)

  34. You – a born-from-above, fired-up and die-hard – but anti-semitic, jews-bashing – follower of that Jewish Christ of the gospels, epistles and revelation? No way.

    “I don’t cry for you, Argentina (I mean Roy Hobs if you’re like that).” Heard that one? I came up with that.

  35. “Alternative news media” is an oxymoron. Anything from a credible news source?

  36. Wait a minute……………………………you acknowledge that I am “born-from-above”, but then insist I am not a follower of the Christ??? Confusing.
    Btw………………………Jesus was not a jew. He was a Galilean from the Tribe of Judah. “Jew” and “Israelite” are not always synonymous. See Josephus and Jesus. Jesus referred to them as from their Father the Devil.
    Question — My dad lost his entire Pension by the hands of Bernie Madoff. I hate Bernie Madoff for his evil actions. Bernie Madoff is a jew. Does this make me anti-Semitic?

  37. In what verses did Jesus call upon his “Jewish” disciples to proclaim him. And what is this eternal value you introduce which didn’t exist in the Old Testament?

  38. I always find it incredible and incomprehensible that an intelligent man like John McCain would accept christian mythology. Apparently, he never critically evaluated the illogical/inconsistent/contradictory beliefs on which this fraud is based.

  39. I just watched a video of McCain (my senator from AZ) say that our constitution created a christian nation, that we should elect only christians, and that he did NOT believe in separation of church and state (thankfully our courts do).

    All the years I supported him, met with him, dealt with his offices in Phoenix, I had no idea his beliefs were so different from our founders, no idea he was such a religious bigot. It’s very sad.

  40. John McCain discredited himself for his actions as a Naval aviator.. He graduated second from LAST from the Naval Academy, and, would have been thrown out because of his lack of respect for authority while in the Academy, had not his Father and his Grandfather both been 4-star Admirals. He rode that “Special Privilege” all the way through the Naval Academy. Anyone else would have been scrubbing latrines in a garbage skow for the rest of their enlistment.

    Then flight school… anyone but an Admiral’s son would have been cashiered for his behavior. He wrecked and damaged airplanes while showing off, destroyed civilian property in a foreign country while buzzing in his assigned Navy jet, which he then destroyed [jets cost millions] Again, he got “special treatment”, and was “re-assigned”… but he never tells that story in his books, does he?

    Then, he was reprimanded twice for doing deliberate “Hot Starts” with his assigned fighter jet, hotdogging to “show off” by producing huge flames out the tail on engine start (such deliberate over fueling at start does huge damage to expensive jet engines).

    Finally, he was shot down over North Viet Nam – and again, he was not following the ordered flight plan when he got hit. When captured, he sang like a opera star, in direct violation of military rules. McCain even went on Hanoi Radio 32 times and spoke against the USA for the North Vietnamese. His captors called him “Songbird”… a nickname he fully earned, and for which they fully rewarded him with “special treatment.” McCain gave up critical military information which allowed the North Vietnamese to shoot down over 60 US Aircraft, and kill their crews…

    Upon his release, he was charged with TREASON. Again, his Admiral daddy dispatched a team of Navy staff to Washington to plead for his charge to be dropped – and Nixon solved it by issuing a “blanket pardon” for all servicemen captured during the war… although McCain was only one of a small handful with charge of TREASON against him.

    So, let me summarize McCain’s military “service”:

    2nd to last at Naval Academy.

    Screwed up at flight school, destroyed two US Aircraft while breaking rules.

    Destroyed another two fighters while failing to follow flight rules. Got shot down, destroying another US fighter jet in the process While captured, he sang like an opera star, spoke FOR the enemy, gave up critical information which caused loss of another 60 aircraft AND crews… perhaps 200 men dead.

    Yet McCain NEVER got fingered for ANY of the crap he pulled.

    I’m surprised he won’t be buried in North Vietnam. With the 5 aircraft he personally wrecked, and the 60 aircraft he got shot down.. he is the GREATEST ACE North Vietnam ever produced.

    Some “Hero!”

  41. What evidence do you have that the tribe of Judah wasn’t Jewish? And why do you believe he was of the Tribe of Judah since his father was unknown? He could have been the offspring of a Roman soldier. As an aside, do Jews really believe Moses led an exodus from Egypt about 1350 BCE?

  42. Absolutely – and his record on domestic politics isn’t much better. McCain was a spoiled, hotdogging brat who demanded to be the star of every show he was in, even if it meant being the “spoiler” – a role he refined and specialized in.

  43. Newsflash! Breaking News! “Apparently, [Larry Knight] never critically evaluated the illogical/inconsistent/contradictory beliefs on which [his Pop Atheism] is based.”

  44. Wikipedia sources don’t call them “oxymoron”. For in fact, “alternative media are media that differ from established or dominant types of media in terms of their content, production, or distribution. Alternative media take many forms including print, audio, video, Internet and street art. Some examples include the counter-culture zines of the 1960s, ethnic and indigenous media such as the First People’s television network in Canada (later rebranded Aboriginal Peoples Television Network), and more recently online open publishing journalism sites such as Indymedia. While mainstream mass media, on the whole, ‘represent government and corporate interests’, alternative media tend to be ‘non-commercial projects that advocate the interests of those excluded from the mainstream’, for example, the poor, political and ethnic minorities, labor groups, and LGBT identities. These media disseminate marginalized viewpoints, such as those heard in the progressive news program Democracy Now!, and create communities of identity, as seen for example in the It Gets Better Project that was created on YouTube in response to a rise in gay teen suicides at the time it was created. Alternative media challenge the dominant beliefs and values of a culture and have been described as ‘counter-hegemonic’ by adherents of Antonio Gramsci’s theory of cultural hegemony. However, since the definition of alternative media as merely counter to the mainstream is limiting, some approaches to the study of alternative media also address the question of how and where these media are created, as well as the dynamic relationship between the media and the participants that create and use them.”

    Anyway, if “oxymoron”, why do you spend so much time reading alternative news media reports put out by Religion News Service, Algemeiner, First Things, Religion & Politics, The Federalist and American Greatness? Oh I know, you are a Living Oxymoron!

  45. Thanks, Larry, for your question. Matthew 10:32-33
    32 So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven, 33 but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.
    Luke 24:44-48
    44 Then he said to them, “These are my words that I spoke to you while I was still with you, that everything written about me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.” 45 Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures, 46 and said to them, “Thus it is written, that the Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead, 47 and that repentance for[a] the forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. 48 You are witnesses of these things.
    John 18:36 English Standard Version (ESV)
    36 Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world.”
    Throughout OT history, nations and kingdoms rise and fall. Nations are overthrown and taken into captivity, including Israel. When Jesus came, he knew that people are sometimes prone to make mistakes and fail to live up to the righteousness and holiness of the Law of Moses. Jesus came to offer each person the opportunity to be “born again” of His Spirit into their lives. Even then, those individuals fail to live up to that. He can’t completely trust any of us. His Kingdom is an eternal Kingdom because of his resurrection from the dead. Those who are born of His Spirit will eventually be totally transformed into his resurrected likeness, never to make mistakes or fail again. I hope this answers your question, Larry, without writing a book on it.

  46. Thanks, HpO, for your comment. Your points concerning McCain’s opinions and decisions are duly noted. Those do not match the Born Again from above perspective of Jesus. As you correctly noted, Pat Robertson and Sarah Palin were much more outspoken for Jesus as I recall. When I mischaracterize a person or a matter, correction is in order. Jesus expects this of me.

  47. I wasn’t a huge fan of McCain. That being said, to blame John McCain for the deaths of hundreds of thousands is a stretch. He was one senator out of 100. He was never president and he wasn’t able to singlehandedly commit US troops to war.
    Be wary of “the Tyler’s”; a LOT of conspiracy theories and paid articles over on that website.

  48. He is not a hero of the Republican Party and not much a conservative in general. He was a RINO who could have very well been a moderate Democrat if Arizona was a blue state.
    What he was; was a hero who served his country both in the military and US senate.

  49. As I thought, you have no credible news sources for your right wing fiction. BTW, Q called and said your spaceship will soon be boarding at Area 51. Don’t be late.

  50. What contradictory beliefs? And I’m not an atheist, only an agnostic who, after years in Baptist and Methodist churches, finds no evidence for a god/gods and certainly not any evidence for christianity/islam’s Abrahamic god. How can any intelligent person believe two gods sitting on two heavenly thrones is monotheism or that their eternal god (i.e. Jesus) could die? Christianity would actually be funny if so many people didn’t actually believe this fraud.

  51. Regrettably, his views are consistent with the old white evangelicals who have taken over the republican party and, like their Taliban brothers, seek to impose their mythology on everyone else.

  52. So, in other words, you can but I mustn’t? That may be standard practice in your financing business, it ain’t in mine.

    You should set your (clearing) house in order 1st! According to Disqus, in these past 30 days alone you’ve been quoting & promoting the printed propagandas of The Catholic Thing, EWTN, The Associated Press, New York Times, The Guardian, First Things, Vox, WebMD, and The Daily Telegraph!

  53. … so says the “Credible” Boy who relies on Religion News Service, Algemeiner, First Things, Religion & Politics, The Federalist and American Greatness for “credible news”.

    I hold you in contempt!

    Take him away!

  54. Newsflash! Breaking News! “Apparently, [Larry Knight] never critically evaluated the illogical/inconsistent/contradictory beliefs on which [his own Flatlined, If Borderline, Pop Atheism] is based.”

  55. My earliest recollection of John McCain was when he got caught taking graft from a crooked S&L operator as one of the “Keating Five”. More recently, he was the foremost champion of jihadist “rebels” attempting to exterminate Christianity in Syria. This does not strike me as a man living out his faith.

  56. “… which (and this my cue on stage to subvert rampant anti-semitism with a potent trivia), rhymes with … Mr. Bojangles!”

    Angels doesn’t rhyme with angles.

  57. You’re comparing two stereotypes, neither of which has any relationship to reality. Most of the “old white evangelicals” I know despised the man.

  58. I know but you don’t know this, but that’s because:

    (1) “Lots of words rhyme with angle, the all-too-common misspelling. But angel has none. This surprises me because, unlike bulb, angel is a nice-sounding word. Or maybe I just think that because I like the meaning. No, it’s just nice. Someone should invent a word that rhymes with it. It’s a good poem word.”

    (2) It’s one of those “Words That Do Not Rhyme … Angel: My source, states that whilst there were words that rhymed with angle which is often misspelled or typed incorrectly for angel, there are no pure rhymes. This is a quite endearing word and it would be nice for it to have a rhyming companion.”

    Too bad there’s no song, “Mr. Bonjangeles”, out there.

    Source: (1) Brian Wasko, “5 Common Words That Don’t Rhyme”, WriteAtHome, July 3, 2012. (2) Townsville Bush Poetry Mates, “The Wonder of Words”.

  59. “Angel” is like “Orange” — it doesn’t have a rhyme. I already knew that. But if you knew it too, why did you claim that it does rhyme? If you have to reach that far to make a snarky remark, you’re running low on creativity.

  60. he got his axx kicked by one of the most hated presidents to be elected, the black bigot obama. and he got his axx kicked again by trump. he was a mimetically resentful, trifling, bitter loser whose failure to understand his own country’s values cost him more than just an election. You can write all the glowing accolades you want for this false prophet of unity, but he, and ryan will be remembered for accomplishing absolutely nothing.

  61. hey kids….i am up to having nineteen consecutive comments labelled as spam by disqus, the algorithm criminals of the universe. Xfkx em. they think they are immune.

  62. and you are one of the incredibly large number of morons in the socialist communist democrat party……

  63. “Snarky creativity” – I like that, McCanaanite!

    So I can call Roy Hobs an anti-semite.

  64. Actually I’m not in the Democrats. Be careful not to bear false witness.

  65. You can call him anything you want — it’s called freedom of speech.
    “Anti-Semitism” is either (a) hating Jews because they are Jews, or (b) opposition to Semitism. Nothing Roy Hobs has said implicates him in anti-Semitism by the standards of definition (a).

  66. you make it sound like i give a xfkx what you are axxhole. heheh. Be careful the next time you pull your head out of your axx, the sucking sound might deafen you.

  67. … now drop you’re pants and prove your a Man… because frankly We think your Not.

  68. …tho i have to admit he was rather dashing in his younger days…. that white uniform… that hair… alright dammit, he was HOT.

  69. BANK OF AMERICA freezing accounts of customers suspected of not being citizens…

  70. Poor Deaddy…..BANK OF AMERICA freezing accounts of customers suspected of not being citizens…

  71. Oh Silver… one little password and you’d understand Everything.
    But you don’t have it… so you understand Nothing. 🙂

  72. …tho i have to admit he was rather dashing in his younger days…. that white uniform… that hair… alright consarn it, he was HOT.

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  78. THREE bxtchy replies to ONE post? AN HOUR APART? Good god, I enjoy enraging bigmouth mental cases as much as the next guy but this is embarassing. Have some dignity.

  79. TWO bxtchy replies to ONE post? Have some dignity, my angry little toy. Deal with it! jajajaja lol fu trump

  80. The bible is true. there is no fraud, inconsistency or contradiction in bible.

  81. Really? And Satan took Jesus up into an exceeding high mountain (Matthew 4:8) and showed him all the kingdoms of the world, possible because the earth is flat?

  82. Had to reach out to you after the embarrassment that was McCains funeral.
    As I said originally, I never cared for his politics and grandstanding; but I did appreciate his service to the country.
    I also agree that he loved to be involved in deploying troops across the globe; but he was not solely responsible.
    All of that being sad; I am truly disappointed and angered at his pettiness from beyond the grave. The fact that he didn’t invite Sarah Palin, one of his greatest and loyal supporters Is beyond reason.
    In addition, that shit show that was called a funeral; that was used to personally attack Trump and all of those that voted for him is beyond despicable. Especially since Ivanka and Jared were invited guests and had to sit through the humiliation.
    It truly shows the pettiness of the man, his family, his people, and the political elite and mainstream media.

  83. Hear hear

    I understand you better now

    My bad for misunderstanding you before

    Thumbs up

  84. max dugan, preoccupied with perverted sex. His mother must be proud of little Maxwell.

  85. I’m sure you had the same thoughts when Hillary/Obama launched the infamous Russian Reset, Sold Uranium, took 140 million in donations from them and then drew a red line and did nothing when Syria and Russia crossed it. Not to mention doing nothing when they invaded Crimea…
    Trump’s left pinky toe has done more against Russia than Obama ever did.
    Then there’s all that Obama did for Mustlim terrorism throughout the world.
    Imagine Trump wrote a book and wrote, “When the sheet hits the fan, I will stand with the Russians.” Well that’s what Obama said about Muslims.

  86. What do you think he met by christian nation? It’s really a vague statement.

  87. he said our constitution created a christian nation, legally a christian nation. where christianity is preferred in the law. where christians have superior rights and power over other relations. our constitution doesn’t mention religion except to make it illegal to use it to prefer one person for office over another, and to say congress federal/state will not make religious laws, for or against religion.

  88. Where is that defined? Or where was that quoted? In 2000 campaign, he said something quite different

  89. did you watch the video I linked to? he appointed himself the pastor of the other prisoners and was allowed to read the bible to them. I never saw hims say anything before the video, complete surprise to me. He was a partier before he got married and after he got home left his wife and drank, like most of us who came home with ptsd. it would be one thing to say he was christian, that would be pandering. saying our constitution makes us legally a christian nation crosses a line for me. something I’ve studied for over 10 years.

  90. What legislation did he ever push that backed up those words? Politicians talk. That’s all.
    Can you define what a Christian nation is?
    And then what denomination of Christianity.
    It’s almost a meaningless term.
    In the video, he mentions things like the founders acknowledging a creator…

  91. those are things you can google.

    having a population this is majority christian doesn not make us a christian nation, just a christian majority nation. denomination of christianity is protestant historically as opposed to catholic. the 30 yrs war spilled over to here early in our history. founders acknowledged a creator/nature’s god/god of nature/providence/religion. NOT jesus/christ/savior/supernatural god/died for my sins/etc. They knew that the trinity was a man made invention in the 4th century, they wrote about it, they didn’t believe in the deity of jesus. Jefferson cut all mentions of it out of his bible.

    Religious Freedom, Jefferson’s Legacy America’s Creed by John Ragosta
    Moral Minority, our skeptical founding fathers by Brooke Allen
    Nature’s God, the heretical origins of the American Republic by Mathew Stewart
    No Establishment of Religion by T Jeremy Gunn and John Witte
    Jefferson and Madison on separation of church and state edited by Lenni Brenner
    Church, State, and Original Intent by Donald L. Drakeman

  92. So he sponosred legislation to teach Christianity in schools? No. I doubt think so. I don’t need to do the research. I’m familiar with his pathetic globalist/militirastic/RINO record. Those are things you can google and use to back up your accusations.

  93. I google McCain and theocracy and come up with nothing relevant.

  94. Of course you don’t care. You’re too lazy to realize you’re wrong.

  95. we have different standards. I’m a vietnam vet in Phoenix. I have met with him over veterans issues in person, given to his campaign, and believed he was a brother since I moved here in 1996. I had never heard or seen him say anything about his faith till that video you didn’t watch. I felt betrayed and snookered. I am an advocate for separation of church and state locally, talked before the Phoenix city council to help get prayer stopped here, it’s on video.

    It doesn’t matter to me if he never did anything to push his beliefs, that he believes that is enough for me. I had issues with him before about veterans with PTSD. That was just another nail in the coffin.

    I don’t care if you agree with me or not. It’s my opinion.

  96. Personally I couldn’t stand the guy. It’s clear the whole VA thing happened right under his nose. He’s about as Christian as I am Muslim.

  97. So actions don’t matter, just empty words? Actions are the only thing that matter.

  98. If you actually watch the video and LISTEN to it, the only Christian values he talks about is respect and dignity for others.

  99. he said he believes our constitution created a christian nation, and he didn’t want to serve with non christians. one of our values is religious freedom which we wouldn’t have if we were legally a christian nation, and article 6 says there will be no religious test for office. He defended a different constitution than I did.

  100. You have no idea what he even meant by calling it a “christian nation”… nor do I. It’s a vague nearly meaningless term. Christians themselves have probably 100 denominations and argue continuously about every issue.

    There are millions of varying degrees of “theocratic” governance.

    The Dec of Ind. clearly references a Creator and declared that our rights came from God…. not man or the state. A very important principle and fairly unique in the world.

    Your religiophobia can become equally discriminatory. Atheism itself is a religion

    He’s never mentioned or proposed a litmus test. He just gave you his opinion (and the video was probably 30 years old).

    What he let happen to the veterans is a millions times worse than any meaningless words he ever said. Words are a dime a dozen.

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