U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, at a news conference in Honolulu on Jan. 24, 2018. (AP Photo/Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, File)

Tulsi Gabbard's 2020 bid raises questions about Hindu political ties

(RNS) — When Democratic U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard announced this month that she is planning to run for her party’s 2020 presidential nomination, Mike Figueredo took to his progressive podcast and YouTube show, The Humanist Report, to separate what he viewed as legitimate criticisms of Gabbard from the plain old political smears.

Gabbard, the first Hindu to serve in Congress, earned Figueredo's admiration for supporting Bernie Sanders in 2016, but some of her choices cause liberals concern: An Iraq war veteran, she insists on using “radical Islam” to describe Middle East terrorism, a phrase some reject as legitimizing terrorists' claims to Islam. In 2017, she made an unannounced trip to Syria to meet the country's dictator, Bashar al-Assad.

The 31-year-old Figueredo, like many progressives, is willing to give Gabbard the benefit of the doubt. Openly gay, he even accepts her renunciation of her teenage activism with the Alliance for Traditional Marriage, a nonprofit founded by her father, a Hawaiian state senator, that supported gay conversion therapy.

But on a recent show, Figueredo told his 200,000 listeners that Gabbard's connection to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “just weird.”

Before leading the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to victory in India’s national elections five years ago, Modi was chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat. In 2002, under his tenure, riots erupted there that killed more than 1,000 people, most of them Muslim. While never directly implicated for the pogrom, Modi was barred from entering the U.S. for years afterward as a violator of religious freedom.

Admitting he knows little about Indian politics, Figueredo finds Gabbard's closeness to those involved in the Hindu nationalist cause difficult to grasp. “Clarification about this issue from Tulsi would be really appreciated,” Figueredo told Religion News Service in an interview.

Like American Catholics in the 19th century and American Muslims or Hindus today, members of minority religions in the U.S. are often judged by the religious and political upheavals in countries where their faiths are in the majority. In the past two decades especially, the Hindu faith and Hindu nationalism, its often violent political arm, have been twisted and wielded against each other.

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Sangay Mishra, an assistant professor of political science at Drew University, said even groups formed entirely in America can't divorce themselves from what happens in India, since most American Hindus trace their origins there and the majority of the 4 million Indians living in America are foreign-born. Ties to the home country, especially for that first generation, are still very emotional — and, most importantly, wealthy Hindus contribute to parties and politicians here and in South Asia.

As Gabbard readies to launch her presidential race in early February, her links to Indian Hindu politicians and other leaders are already turning into one of her biggest obstacles.

Recent events suggest Gabbard is only now becoming aware of how complex the politics of Hinduism can be. Last September, she signed on as chairperson of the World Hindu Congress, an event every four years where Hindus gather, network and celebrate their successes. At this year's gathering in Chicago, the keynote speaker was Mohan Bhagwat, head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the ideological parent of several Hindu nationalist, or Hindutva, organizations in India.

While several U.S. elected officials had turned down invitations to the congress, Gabbard backed out only after activists and justice groups like Sadhana, a coalition of progressive Hindus, voiced their horror and campaigned against it, according to Gautam Reddy, a Sadhana board member.

“It is kind of shocking for any U.S. candidate to stand on the same platform as Mohan Bhagwat," said Reddy. "We think Tulsi Gabbard is going to be bringing a lot more visibility to our community, and we hope that she continues to distance herself from Hindutva.”

Gabbard has a unique Hindu lineage. Her parents were followers of an offshoot of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, popularly known as the Hare Krishnas. Founded in 1965, the group gained a following among Westerners in the counterculture movement of the '60s and '70s. The branch her family followed is called the Science of Identity Foundation; in a 2017 New Yorker article, some former followers described it as an abusive cult.

Gabbard told the New Yorker that she grew up with the principles of the mainstream Vaishnava Hindu tradition, which emphasizes devotion to God and selfless service. Her father eventually distanced himself from the Science of Identity Foundation and returned to his Catholic roots in 2000. Mitch Kahle, founder of the Hawai‘i Citizens for the Separation of State and Church, said in a 2004 interview with Honolulu Magazine that it was better for his political career.

But Gabbard’s connection to the Krishnas makes her an outsider even to many Hindus, said Claire Robison, a lecturer of South Asian religions at the University of Pittsburgh. “Because they have a history of proselytization, people tend to think of them to this day as predominantly white, western or not authentically Hindu,” Robison said.

Add that to Gabbard’s mixed Samoan and Caucasian heritage, and she becomes a figure who has to navigate being out-of-the-box on multiple fronts.

“My sense is, Tulsi Gabbard is a woman of color, she is the first Hindu in Congress, she is outside the political corps of America in Hawaii, and she has been happy to accept the support of the Hindu community in whatever support she can take,” Robison said.

Indeed, Gabbard's relationships with various Hindu groups such as the Hindu American Foundation, a nonpartisan group that voices Hindu concerns and educates Americans about Hinduism, and the Overseas Friends of the BJP, the international body of India’s ruling Hindu nationalist party, have largely come since her election to Congress in 2012. These and other U.S. Hindu organizations often serve as resources for politicians looking to understand the Hindu community, or for direction in developing positions on India.

While Gabbard is hardly the first politician to cozy up to Modi despite his connection to Hindutva — memes abound of President Obama’s “bromance” with the Indian leader, for example — Gabbard has extended herself to India’s prime minister.

In 2013, she forcefully opposed a House bill condemning India’s record on religious freedom, and she has maintained that the decision to deny Modi a visa in the wake of the Gujarat riots was a "great blunder." She met Modi personally when he visited the U.S. shortly after he was elected in 2014.

In early January, The Intercept cited reports alleging that Gabbard has disclosed donations from “names that are of Hindu origin” that also turn up in publicly available materials linked to Hindu nationalist organizations, such as event announcements and websites. (The Intercept recently removed the sentence from the story online and apologized for questioning "the motives of the donors.")

In a defiant statement released to RNS on Saturday, Gabbard called the criticism "a false narrative of intrigue."

"To question my commitment to my country, while not questioning non-Hindu leaders, creates a double standard that can only be rooted in one thing: religious bigotry. I am Hindu and they are not," Gabbard wrote.

Responding to earlier questions from RNS, Gabbard's campaign manager, Rania Batrice, wrote in an email, “The fact that they hired someone to sniff out ‘Hindu-sounding names’ and then tried to make a correlation with nationalism is offensive at best and completely bigoted. I’m Palestinian and have an Arab name — what would their stereotype for me be?”

Suhag Shukla, executive director of the Hindu American Foundation, said the reports about campaign funds amount to guilt by association. “The question should not be about what I make of current allegations but ‘What exactly is a Hindu nationalist?’ or ‘Where’s the proof?’” she said. “I don’t have an answer to either question, except that there’s enough innuendo by the reporter to tell a story that says, ‘They’re foreign, dangerous and un-American.’”

Vineet Chander, director of Hindu life at Princeton University, said people should be wary of conflating Hindu support and Hindu pride with a right-wing political agenda. His own program, he pointed out, is almost entirely university-funded, but it does accept individual donations, as do Princeton's centers for Jewish life and Muslim life. “Am I a Hindu fundamentalist because I am accepting a check from someone who had made a check to another group?” he asked. “That to me is very different than a term like funneling funds.”

For South Asian activist Thenmozhi Soundararajan, however, the issue is not Gabbard’s religion but her relationship with what Soundararajan calls “bad actors.” Nearly two years ago Soundararajan helped launch a #TulsiGottaGo social media campaign to draw awareness to concerns Muslim, South Asian and Arab advocacy groups had about Gabbard’s foreign policy — from her vote in favor of additional restrictions on Syrian and Iraqi refugees to the U.S. to her tolerance for authoritarian figures like Assad and Modi and use of the phrase “radical Islam.”

“To be honest, if she wants to address these issues, she can apologize to Indian religious communities the way she has to the queer community, and she can advocate that human rights and religious freedom can become part of the Indian dialogue,” Soundararajan said, adding that doing so may cost support from some Hindus.

Whatever the nation hears from Gabbard in the coming days, plenty of people will be listening. “My thought is that I want to hear from her and her thoughts on the issue,” Mike Figueredo said.

On Twitter last week, he posted a response to a viewer’s reaction of his critique of Gabbard. "I like Tulsi. I also like Bernie. Neither of them is perfect, and we should push them to do better and adjust their positions based on progressive criticisms.… If your goal is to sweep negatives aside, you're hurting us all.”

(This story has been updated to reflect that The Intercept altered its story about Gabbard's supporters.)


  1. It is telling that left-wingers have to use an English word, “nationalism”, in order to make the case that Hinduism has something equivalent to (a) Christianity’s notion of infidel; (b) Islam’s notion of kafir; and (c) the social science notion of hater/fanatic/bigot.

    It shows Hinduism is itself a theoretical model that Indologists, anthropologists, historians and missionaries have created in order to understand the Indian traditions. This theoretical model turns the Indian traditions into “pale and erring” variants of Christian/Islamic theology.

    A much better theoretical model is to say that the Indian traditions are mind sciences.

  2. Tulsi is member of the Foreign Relations House Committee. As such she needs to meet with political leaders including elected officials.

    Simply consider Tulsi’s opinion peace for defending freedom of religion.

    She is not extreme, she is not pro-right-wing. She is the rare politician who uses common sense instead of identity politics.

    Just like she has met with Modi, she has met with me member of the Congress party which is the opposition in India.

    Just like she met with Assad, she met with rebel and opposition leaders in her visit to Syria when she tried to collect first hand information to prevent anothe Lybia, and another Iraq.

    She was the first and one of the few politicians who spoke against the US intervention in Venezuela.

    Her politicies make sense because they come from a desire to make things better for all, not scoring political points and what is more convenient for her political career.

    This is exactly why we the american people need to support her.


  3. poor article leaving out the fact that she’s a politician and meets with world leaders to achieve peaceful relations. Not worth the read.

  4. I don’t know if Tulsi Gabbard’s opponents realize this, but they are the ones promoting religious bigotry. It looks like they consider bigotry against Hindus acceptable. Democrats will end up a losing a traditional Democrat-leaning voting block if they continue this.

  5. They don’t care and never care about Hindus but only that TG lose DNC nomination


    “Both in India and here in the US, I have held meetings with members of both the BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party led by Narendra Modi] and the Congress Party. As a member of the US Congress, my interest is in helping produce a closer relationship between the United States and India, not just between the United States and one political party of India. I have no affiliation with the RSS [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the ideological guardian of BJP]. Sometimes people on both sides, for their own purposes, try to say I somehow favor, or am part, of the BJP or take photos of me at Indian events and circulate them for their own promotional reasons. But the fact is, I’m not partial to BJP, the Congress Party, or any other particular political party in India.”
    – Tulsi Gabbard, March 2, 2016, Quartz India.

  7. Dear Representative Tulsi Gabbard,

    As with all religions, Hinduism fails reality. To wit:

    • Sacred/revered cows, monkey gods, castes, reincarnations and therefore Hinduism fails as a religion.

  8. Growing up liberal and Mormon, I have always tried to keep an open mind about the views and values of other people. That is not to say that I have experienced such open-mindedness from others; I haven’t. I got judged at school for being Mormon and at the Mormon Church for being liberal. Eventually, liberalism won out over Mormonism, thanks to the internet and learning just how coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs some of the Mormon Church leaders have been. That said, I still try to respect people for their efforts to live by their values, whatever those values are. In the last two decades of a four decade teaching career, I have had a number of Hindu, Sikh and Muslim students of Indian/Pakistani descent and usually found them to be honest, hardworking, dedicated individuals. Let’s see what Gabbard has to say for herself and how her campaign unfolds. At the moment, my eye is on my own US Senator from CA, Kamala Harris. Let the campaigning begin.

  9. Maybe, but also protected the animals and habitats from destruction and extinction in its home base.

  10. Gabbard is no different than Modi, RSS, BJP and so many other hateful Hindus in the West. She covers up Hindu crimes, support anti-Muslim policies against refugees and calls out Obama for not using ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’, now she’s THE VICTIM OF RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION???
    Oh really? I guess the KKK is a victim of racial discrimination because it’s white!

  11. Hinduism is really one crazy weird ass faith. It’s from a superstitious time when people feared fire and everything scary was a god: rats, monkeys, cows. Yuck!

  12. Those cows are scary! How those weird Hindus can think of them as god is beyond me. More like devils.

  13. This is David Hume’s Fear Theory of Religion. The historian, Romila Thapar, uses it. It doesn’t fit the Indian traditions very well, though. Thinking of the Indian traditions as mind sciences would be a better fit. I hope the Presidential candidates will consider supporting my view.

  14. Hindu Nationalism by RSS in India not a conspiracy theory. RSS has adopted this ideology from German Nazis. RSS is the only organization in India who had direct relationship with fascist regimes of Italy (Mussolini) and Germany (Hitler). RSS has also adopted several ideologies of Italian fascism (Mussolini). In 1932, S. Moonje who was a close associate of Hedgewar visited some important military schools and educational institutions in Italy. In 1934, Hedgewar chaired a conference on Italian Fascism and Mussolini. RSS also supports Nazism and glorifies Hitler.
    When Prime Minister Modi was Gujarat CM, textbooks published in 2004 by the Gujarat State Board portrayed Hitler as a hero, and glorifyied fascism. The tenth-grade social studies textbook had chapters entitled “Hitler, the Supremo,” and “Internal Achievements of Nazism.” (quoted from IBT Times).

  15. It’s bigotry against Hindus. Hinduism is one of the oldest and the most tolerant religion in the world. Hinduism is the Indian culture. Majority of Indians follow Hinduism. The problem is with Hindutva, specifically RSS Hindutva, that teaches religious hatred, Hindutva supremacy, and hegemony. VD Savirajar, father of RSS Hindutvas, even support raping enemies women for defeating enemies. Atrocities against Muslims, Christians and Dalits have significantly increased after came Narenadra Modi came into power. If you see comments by RSS and other Hindutva supporters in various social media platforms against Muslims and Christians, one could feel the extend of religious hatred that are injected into people by Hindutva groups like RSS.

  16. People have raised her association with RSS, a Hindutva right wing group. This group intimidate and terrorize minority religious groups in India. It is also reported that she got the support of RSS or affiliated organizations in US. The truth is RSS doesn’t follow Hinduism, which is followed by almost all Hindus. RSS follows Hindutva and they don’t have the support of 1% Hindus among 900 million Hindus in India. Hinduism is the most tolerant religion in the world. Whereas, RSS Hindutva teaches religious hatred.

  17. Following are few recent reports:

    1. Narendra Modi’s Double Standards On Terrorism | HuffPost India. March 2015
    2. Will Modi stop India’s cow terrorists from killing Muslims? Washington Post July 2018
    3.BJP crows on ‘saffron terror’. The Telegraph India April 2018
    3. Hindutva Terrorists Roam Free and Human Rights Activists Jailed: Story of Modi’s Bharat | NewsClick. August 2018!
    4. Trump should figure out a deal to protect Christians in India | TheHill. June 2017
    5. Christmas violence and arrests shake Indian Christians | World news | The Guardian. December 2017
    6. Narendra Modi blamed in rise of India’s Christian persecution – Washington Times. March 2018
    7. Religious persecution the new normal in India- La Croix International. May 2018
    Report Shows It’s Increasingly Dangerous To Be A Christian In Many Countries : NPR. January 2018
    8. Christians, Sikhs Being Persecuted In India, Believe British MPs; To Take It Up With Modi During Commonwealth Meet. Outlook India. March 2018
    9. Indian leader boasts of tolerance amid growing persecution – Persecution – WORLD. May 2017
    10. US Congress Urges India’s Modi to Protect Christians, Condemn Attacks on Minorities. August 2018
    11. Modi’s party stokes anti-Muslim violence in India, report says | South China Morning Post. June 2017
    12. Violence Against Christians in India: A Decade After Kandhamal | The Diplomat. August 2018
    13. Christians In India Continue To Live In Fear, Despite Modi’s Promises Of Equality | HuffPost. December 2017
    14. Attacks against Muslims, Dalits grew sharply in India under Modi: US report – India Today December 2017
    15. Christian enclave in India fears violence as Hindus press for conversions – The Washington Post. December 2014
    16. Modi’s Cash Crackdown Failed, Indian Bank Data Shows. New York Times August 2018

  18. All religions are same and are human made, including religious practices, rituals and traditions. Therefore, one can’t say that one faith doesn’t belong to the definition of religion, which itself is not clearly defined. The most unacceptable aspect of all religions is the oppressive principles and rules against women. Women’s fundamental rights are violated or prevented in all religions. All religions fail in this reality.

  19. Cows are not scary. Hindus consider cows as sacred animals. However, political parties like BJP and its backbone organization RSS are trying to politicize cows for gaining Hindu support.

    The cow protection movement is invented by RSS, which is a Hindutva right-wing group. Cow and beef are a part of anti-minority, especially anti-Muslim hatred, propaganda by RSS. RSS also thinks that they could consolidate Hindu using “cows and beef”. Interestingly, a nationwide survey (2014) conducted by the Office of Registrar General & Census Commissioner shows that 70% Indians eat non-veg. Majority of SC/ST population (represents 20-25% of India’s total population) are non-vegetarians. Among Hindus, more than 70% of the beef-eating population is SC/ST, 21% is other backward castes and only 7% is upper caste Therefore, the cow protection and anti-beef movements are considered as a part of uppercaste dominance in BJP and RSS.


    (1) “The Wisdom of Malcolm X: He was Warning Us about These Bourgeois Hustlers [Barack Obama and Kamala Harris]”, The Ghion Journal, January 29, 2019.

    (2) “Former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown responded to scrutiny over his past relationship with Kamala Harris and the role he played in her career”, Business Insider, January 26, 2019.

    (3) “Kamala Harris Dons Progressive Mantle in Public, Strips it Off in Private as She Courts Israel Lobby: Kamala Harris has sought to publicly cast herself as progressive while privately catering to special interests, including the Israel lobby”, MintPress News, January 21, 2019.

    (4) “Dems’ rising star [Kamala Harris] meets with Clinton inner circle in Hamptons”, New York Post / Page Six, July 15, 2017.


    “Both in India and here in the US, I have held meetings with members of both the BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party led by Narendra Modi] and the Congress Party. As a member of the US Congress, my interest is in helping produce a closer relationship between the United States and India, not just between the United States and one political party of India. I have no affiliation with the RSS [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the ideological guardian of BJP]. Sometimes people on both sides, for their own purposes, try to say I somehow favor, or am part, of the BJP or take photos of me at Indian events and circulate them for their own promotional reasons. But the fact is, I’m not partial to BJP, the Congress Party, or any other particular political party in India.”
    – Tulsi Gabbard, March 2, 2016, Quartz India.

  22. In your post, the referent of “Hindu nationalism” is a political organization, the RSS, which emerged only around 1925. That is to say, there is nothing intrinsic to Hinduism itself that is equivalent to infidel, kafir or superstitious bigot.

    In contrast, infidel, kafir and superstitious-bigot are not attributes of a political organization. Infidel is an intrinsic attribute of Chrisian theology; kafir an intrinsic attribute of Islamic theology; and superstitious bigot an intrinsic attribute of the social sciences.

  23. RSS is not a political organization. BJP is the political wing of RSS. Intimidation and terrorizing activities of RSS clearly show that RSS may be a Hindutva terrorist organization. Such examples are attacks on Muslims, Christians, and Hindus who oppose RSS ideologies.
    Your comments reflect religious hatred. Social media, where anti-Muslim or anti-Christian hatred are expressed in the most disgusting way by RSS followers. About superstitions, which are also prevalent among Hindus, like in any other religions. Very good examples are ban on entry of menstruating women to temples, demanding constitutional rights for idols of Hindu Gods etc. Agsin these are all religious traditions, but, RSS tries to hide these kinds of practices in the name of nationalism. Unless RSS thinks some traditions are not normal, why should they try to hide it? Then, criticizing other religions by hiding Hindu superstitious practices is the kind of hypocrisy we see in RSS. Atrocities and bigotry against lower caste people (Dalits) are another truths RSS tries to hide. Around 280-300 million Hindu Dalits (approx 24% of India’s total population) are treated worse than animals by uppercaste Hindus. This is happening as we speak. This is the reality RSS is trying to hide.

  24. Even after 100 years of formation, RSS couldn’t even have the support of 1% Hindus out of 90 crore (900 million) Hindus in India. RSS doesn’t follow Hinduism, which is one of the oldest and most tolerant religion in the world. RSS follows Hindutva. RSS Hindutva is a”cult” ideology that teaches violence, religious hatred, Hindutva supremacy, monolithic Hindutva beliefs, Fascism and even raping enemies women in order to defeat the enemy. Thus, RSS Hindutva is a “Hindutva terrorist” ideology that threatens Hinduism, democracy and pluralistic socio-religious harmony.

  25. Following things are also reported:
    (quoted from source material)

    “Dozens of Gabbard’s donors have either expressed strong sympathy with or have ties to the Sangh Parivar — a network of religious, political, paramilitary, and student groups that subscribe to the Hindu supremacist, exclusionary ideology known as Hindutva, according to an Intercept analysis of Gabbard’s financial disclosures from 2011 until October 2018. We cross-checked the names of Gabbard’s donors against open-source materials linked to Sangh organizations, such as event announcements and the groups’ websites.“

    “After her re-election, however, Barai had a change of heart and asked Gabbard for a meeting. On November 14, he met with her at her Capitol Hill office, along with Suhag Shukla, who is on the executive board of HAF. …….Within a couple weeks of that meeting, Barai said, Gabbard held a conference call with about 50 of her Hindu-American supporters, including Asthana, the VHPA president. They talked about her consideration of a presidential run.”

    “In December 2013, she had voiced her opposition to House Resokution 41, which chided India to protect “the rights and freedoms of religious minorities” and referred to incidents of mass violence against minority Muslims that had taken place under Modi’s watch. Gabbard later told the oress that “there was a lot of misinformation that surrounded the event in 2002.”

    Tulsi Gabbard Is a Rising Progressive Star, Despite Her Support for Hindu Nationalists. The Intercept January 5, 2019

  26. And none of that references sexual harassment or any of the other evils that we all associate with the GeeOhPee and their parade of perverted old men.

  27. So this is how your Post-Mormonism smells like. Good luck with that. Gonna need it bad.

  28. RSS or other Hindutva groups don’t represent all Hindus who follow Hinduism. Even after 95 years of formation, RSS doesn’t have the support of 1% Hindus among 900 million Hindus in India. Majority of Indian American Hindus vote for Democrats. A DNC candidate doesn’t require the endorsement of RSS or its affiliated organization for Hindu votes. In the other hand, association of RSS can be a negative factor. RSS or Hindutva supporting Hindus in US oppose Republican Party because of its association with Christian Right-wing group. At the same these Hindutvas Hindus, support and fund RSS, who are directly or indirectly involved in atrocities or bigotry against Christians and Muslims in India.

  29. The only “smell” around here would GeeOhPee adult diapers that need changing.

  30. What a bum(mer), you’re still not getting it! So let me walk you through the smear campaign, which has taken its toll on you. According to Michael Tracey, see, (cf. “Why the Left hates Tulsi Gabbard: Tulsi’s policy positions are progressive. Yet the first Hindu in the US Congress, now running for prez, has faced strident opposition from the Left”, The New Indian Express, January 28, 2019):

    (1) “Gabbard maligned [Hillary] Clinton’s foreign policy views as unacceptably hawkish, and some Democrats will never forgive her for this grave betrayal.”

    (2) “Gabbard … never said one praiseworthy thing about [Bashar al-]Assad. But … the only thing many Americans know about her is the scurrilous notion that she cozied up to a brutal dictator.”

    (3) “The Intercept … scour[jng] Gabbard’s list of donors for ‘names that are of Hindu origin’ [to instill] obviously inflammatory innuendos would not be tolerated with respect to donors who belonged to other religious or ethnic groups … But Americans’ general ignorance of Hinduism has been leveraged to attack her”.

    (4) “The New York Times lauded the ‘history-making potential’ of another female minority candidate, California Senator Kamala Harris—but declined to offer Gabbard the same identity-based plaudit.”

    (5) “Gabbard … distinguished herself as the first 2020 candidate to unequivocally condemn the [Trump] administration’s move to facilitate the ouster of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro. This, like most of her other activities, will only alienate her further from the entrenched foreign policy establishment, as well as recalcitrant party elites.”

  31. I am not a supporter of DNC, for me Kamala Harris and Tulsi Gabbard are in the same boat. However, I try my best to hear diverse ideas. Recent town hall meeting by Kamala Harris (CNN) is very impressive, proved Presidential personality. I can’t compare it with Tulsi Gabbard since I didn’t get any chance to hear her ideas and views.

    Tulsi Gabbard’s association with Narendra Modi, RSS and Hindutva is a serious issue. The foremost reason is democracy, religious harmony and Hinduism are in danger under Narendra Modi and RSS. Following reports are few examples:

    1. India is the fourth-worst country in the world for religious violence (2017 Pew Research Report).
    2. India ranks 136th out of 180 countries in 2017 World Press Freedom Index and India was considered third most dangerous place for journalists after Iraq and Syria.
    3. India ‘3rd most dangerous’ nation for journalists after Iraq and Syria | india | Hindustan Times
    4. Press freedom rankings: India slips 3 places to 136, ‘Modi’s nationalism’ blamed | india news | Hindustan Times
    5. India is the fourth-worst country in the world for religious violence – Quartz

    US Department State Report (2018):

    “Conditions for religious minorities have deteriorated over the last decade due to a multifaceted campaign by Hindu-nationalist groups like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sang (RSS), Sangh Parivar, and Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) to alienate non-Hindus or lower-caste Hindus.”

    Source: India Chapter – 2018 Annual Report. (US Department of State)

  32. You can’t dicredit names in Intercept article as mere Hindu names. Please don’t try to undermine 21st century infirmation technologies. Narendra Modi and RSS adopt similar strategy, discredit all news media who oppose them as anti-Hindu, anti-Indian, fake news, Western conspiracy etc.

    Following are few reports on RSS affiliated organizations in US:

    1. Why a university in California is in uproar over donations by a Hindu right group
    2. The Hindu right is quietly funding—and lobbying—American universities
    3. California textbook controversy over Hindu history
    4. Why a university in California is in uproar over donations by a Hindu right group. Scroll

    In Europe also RSS or its affiliated organizations try to override Hindutva over Hinduism. Following are few reports:

    1. Hindu Groups in UK Hit Back at British Government’s Plans to Ban Caste-Based
    Discrimination. The Wire July 2017

    2. What lies behind the inclusion of caste in the UK Equality Act? | Religion and Global Society. LSE

    3. UK government decides not to enact law on caste discrimination among Indians, community divided | world news | Hindustan Times. June 2018

    4. Landmark win for dalits as UK bans caste bias – Times of India. April 2013

    5. Trolls Siccing Sweden’s Skinheads On Muslim Refugees Don’t Realise Indian Diaspora Could Be Their Next Target. Outlook India January 2018

    6. National Secular Society lecture.) NSS lecture highlights rise of Hindutva in India and Britain – National Secular Society. September 11, 2018

    7. Hindutva targets the ‘other’ in UK. National Herald. November 2017

    8. Govt against Hindutva icon’s statue coming up in France | delhi | Hindustan Times. March 2010

    9. Norwegian mass killer’s manifesto hails Hindutva – The Hindu. July 2011

    10. Meers Nanda. (2011). Economic & Political Werkly » Vol. 46, Issue No. 53, 31 Dec, 2011 » Ideological Convergences: Hindutva and the Norway Massacre

  33. GOT IT & GOTCHA: “Your Post-Mormonism smells like … GeeOhPee adult diapers”! (Good thing no born-from-above, fired-up and die-hard follower of THE Christ Jesus of the gospels, epistles and revelation, is either right wing, left wing or chicken wing “around here” – or anywhere else, for that matter!)

  34. Thenmozhi Soundrarajan is an anti-hindu , anti-god activist who came to America for a living yet can’t get rid of her old phobias. The anti-hindu anti-Modi pro congress/communist forcves in India are already panicking about a candidate like Tulsi and starting to yelp through their stooges here

  35. This list seems to be bending over backwards to spread the hate-modi, hate-bjp party campaign going on in India from there into the USA by the urban naxals, the evangelists, the jihadists, communists, the dravidian no-god parties’s stooges settled here. There are too many paid shills yelping already over here, in the hope that sparsely read American voters will just believe every carnard beig spread to defet the Modi relection without checking the real facts. This is identical to what is going on with stopping Trump in 2020 to stop him from weakening the Democrat’s dangerous treasonous anti -american policies.

  36. That dim view of RSS is deliberate to actually exploit the tolerance of Hinduism. Evangelists, communists, jihadis and dravidian parties are busy yelping, but the silent majority of India will relect BJP in 2019 – just as the silent majority in USA will re-elect Trump in 2020 despite the Dems yelping

  37. Yes, these are paid shills for India’s Congress party, the evangelists, the jihadi outfits, the dravidiant parties, the urban naxals and the communists. They don’t care who is Tulsi Gabbard, but when these paid indian shills settled in USA hear the word she is Hindu, they go crazy and paranoid.

  38. Does not matter to Sonia Paul., she is all about evangelism of India and she will support anyone who stops BJP from getting re-elected in 2019 in India. This is because BJP is keeping a careful eye on the organized evangelical mayhem being caused in India in the last 20 years.

  39. Atrocities against Dalits are not practiced today by anyone other than the so-called upper backward classes. They do it , enjoy the creamy layer benefits and then blame the Upper castes and the laws of Manu etc even though India is apready a constitutional republic. Rather than RSS the non-dalit backward classes are the most violently casteist in India today

  40. That Intercept article was another paid shill for anti-BJP forces in India – she writes this vile inflammatory piece in the garb of a respectable academic – Columbia Univ journalism lecturer) , clearly already panicking and yelping early in Tulsi’s announcement for POTUS candidacy

    (Sowmya Shankar is from Delhi, and who I suspect is part of the Nehru Gandhi clan indentured subservience)

  41. Kamala Harris is christian, so it appears to you she has a “Presidential personality”. The rest of your bias just follows that. Kamala will unravel in this election before she gets to her nomination.

  42. Those reports are from well -respected news agencies. Facts are going to stay as is. You can’t change, you can only deny it. Like RSS in India, you are trashing Christian evangelists and supporting Trump. Is it a hypocrisy or ignorance? Do you know that Evangelists support Trump? Their support is critical for Trump. Have you seen any reports by Evangelists or other Christian news agencies in US? You must read some of those reports about Modi-RSS and persecution of Christians in India. How would you justify your stand on supporting Trump with your anti-Evangelists hatred? Your comments reflects typical manifestation of religious hatred based ideologies of RSS and justifying RSS actions without understanding or ignoring facts. RSS supporters who live in Western countries support RSS, who is a real threat to democracy and secularism in India. St the same time time, these RSS supporters enjoy complete benefits of democracy, and secularism, include religious freedom, freedom of speech etc. in those countries they reside. It’s quite unfortunate to see when these Indians support RSS and other Hindutva organizations who are responsible for atrocities or bigotry against Christians, Muslims or Dalitis on a daily basis in India. RSS and people who support them simply deny these atrocities labeling as fake news or anti-Hindu conspiracy theories by Westerners, and so on.

    Have you seen US Dept. State 2018 Report (Trump’s govt). Following are excerpts quoted from that report and related press report:

    “Conditions for religious minorities have deteriorated over the last decade due to a multifaceted campaign by Hindu-nationalist groups like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sang (RSS), Sangh Parivar, and Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) to alienate non-Hindus or lower-caste Hindus.”

    “There were reports of hundreds of religiously motivated killings, assaults, riots, restrictions on the right to practice religion and proselytise, discrimination, and attacks on property. Groups most frequently targeted were Muslims and Christians.”

    “Cow protection groups, many of whose members believed cow slaughter and eating beef were an attack on the Hindu deities representing motherhood, carried out several violent attacks, including killings, beatings, harassment, and intimidation against consumers of beef or those involved in the beef industry,”

    “Members of civil society and religious minorities said, under the current government, religious minority communities felt more vulnerable to Hindu nationalist groups engaging in violence against non-Hindu individuals and places of worship,”

    1. India Chapter – 2018 Annual Report. (US Department of State)
    2. India not prosecuting cow protection vigilantes: US. (Business Standard, May 2018)

  43. Deliberate, how come? I have cited few news reports, which are facts. You can deny it, and it doesn’t erase those facts. Here are few comments by RSS or BJP or other Hindutva leaders (quoted ):

    “Gods live in temples, not churches or mosques,” Dr. Subramanian Swamy, BJP MP

    “In this land Hindus have been the owners, Parsis and Jews the guests, and Muslims and Christians the dacoits.” M. S. Golwalkar,

    “Anybody living in India is a Hindu,”.-
    RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

    “…. If given a chance, we will install statues of Goddess Gauri, Ganeshand Nandi ” — Hindu deities — “in every mosque.” Yogi Adityanath.

    “…. If given a chance, we will install statues of Goddess Gauri, Ganeshand Nandi ” — Hindu deities — “in every mosque.” –
    Yogi Adityanath.

    “If They Kill Even One Hindu, We Will Kill 100!’ –
    Yogi Adityanath.

    “Behead in public, the people who kill mother cow,” –
    Sadhvi Saraswati,VHP leader

    Dharm Jagran Samiti (DJS) functionary said Muslims and Christians will have to convert to Hinduism if they want to stay in this country.. DJS will free India of Muslims and Christians by 2021.

    “…Stay in the country wholly subordinated to the Hindu Nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment –not even citizens’ rights.”
    – Former Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Madhav Sadashiv Gowalkar

    “The population of Muslims and Christians is growing day by day. To rein in this, Centre will have to impose emergency, and Muslims and Christians will have to be forced to undergo sterilisation so that they can’t increase their numbers.”
    – All-India Hindu Mahasabha vice-president Sadhvi Deva Thakur

    Yogi Adityanath’s speaker asks to rape muslim women by taking them out of graves –
    The Siasat Daily. May 2018

    “Muslims have been given their share (of land). They should go to Bangladesh or Pakistan” – BJP Rajya Sabha Member Vinay Katiyar

    “India Will Become ‘Hindu Rashtra’ By 2024, Asks Muslims To Leave Or Follow Hinduism” – UP BJP MLA Surendra Singh

    “The prime minister is a pracharak of the RSS. So, if you peel off his exterior it is all Hindutva. I don’t believe there is anything fake about him. But he was sold an idea that you must now expand.” Dr. Subramanian Swamy, BJP MP

    “And that is where we articulated this Hindutva—of uniting the Hindus and dividing the minorities. That was a reversal of the Congress Party [strategy] of dividing the Hindus and uniting the minorities.” Dr. Subramanian Swamy, BJP MP

  44. Could you please provide references for your claim that only OBC Hindus practice Dalit discrimination? Do you know that OBC Hindus represent 40-42% of India’s total population? Without OBC and Dalits support Modi and RSS/BJP can’t win. . Therefore, please make sure that your comment is true.

    There will be around 28 -30 crore (280 -300 million) SC/ST Hindus who are treated worse than animals by upper caste or OBC Hindus. Atrocities against SC/ST population have significantly increased after Modi-RSS came into power. RSS/BJP majority states top states having highest number of atrocities against SC/ST population. In 2018, SC/ST people were killed for touching temple balloons, riding on a horse, wearing shoes, having an affair with uppercaste Hindu girl, dancing in wedding party etc. SC/ST Hindus are barred from entering Hindu temples, shot and killed for riding a horse or dancing in a weddiing party, Dalits women were raped, pregnant Dalit woman was beaten for not picking up dead cows (carcasses), forced to drink their own urine etc.

    Following are few news headlines in 2019
    1. Caste horror: Odisha boy carries dead mother on cycle after neighbours refuse to help – India Today January 17, 2019

    2. One in Every Three Under-Trial Prisoners in India Is Either SC or ST: Study – The Wire. January 20, 2019

    3. After ‘holy flower’ row, upper caste villagers protest against SC/ST Act case | Chandigarh News – Times of India. January 21, 2019

    4. Bouquet Lands in Dalit Man’s Lap, Dominant Caste Mob Fines and Assaults Him. The Citizen January 22, 2019

    5. Jallikattu caste clash: Violence after Dalit men tame bulls belonging to caste Hindus | The News Minute. January 28, 2019

    6. Embezzlers of Dalit toilet funds be jailed: Yogendra | Avenue Mail. January 23, 2019

    Following are few news headlines from June 2018- Sept 2018:

    1. Man Beheads 13-Year-Old Dalit Girl Who Accused Him Of Misconduct, Tamil Nadu In Rage. NDTV October 31, 2018

    2. Angry Parents Protest Appointment of Dalit Woman Cook in Tamil Nadu School, Three Booked. News 18 October 14, 2019

    3. Gujarat: Three Dalits beaten up for objecting to casteist slur, 4 held. Indian Express November 4, 2018

    4. Dalits thrashed for loud phone call in UP village. Telegraph November 2, 2018

    5. Sardar Patel Statue: Why 75,000 Tribals Are Planning A Mass Protest Against ‘Statue Of Unity’ NDTV October 20, 2018

    6. Rajasthan tribals protest against violations of ‘rights’Parul Kulshrestha | Times of India | Oct 22, 2018, 22:23 IST

    7. INDIA Uttar Pradesh: Tribal Dalits and Muslims displaced, children dying from hunger. Nov 11, 2018

    8. Eight dead in massive India caste protests – BBC News. April 2018

    9. Tell Everyone We Scalped You!’ How Caste Still Rules in India. November 17, 2018

    10. Fed up With Caste Violence, Dalit Family in Gujarat Pleads for Euthanasia | NewsClick. October 23, 2018

    11. Temple purified in U.P. after visit by Dalit woman MLA – Today’s Paper – The Hindu. August 2018

    12.Govt officer out for inspection denied water ‘Gets racist comment’. Daily Pioneer August 2018

    13. Priests Can’t Deny Religious Rights To Dalits, Tribals, Says High Court. NDTV July 2018

    14. Five boys beat 12-yr-old Dalit to death in Aligarh for touching temple balloons | Agra News – Times of India. Sept 2018

    15. Dalit woman denied temple entry, incident goes viral on social media – The Hindu May 2018

    16. In this TN village, caste Hindus have stopped Dalits from using the only public toilet | The News Minute. June 2018

    17.dalit: Dalits barred from entering temple in Punjab’s Mohali | Chandigarh News – Times of India. July 2018

    18. Dalits temple: Temple of Dalits razed, 34 booked | Amritsar News – Times of India. August 2018.

    18. Cop accused of attacking dalit man for wearing sunglasses | Madurai News – Times of India. Sept 2018

    20. The Indian Dalits attacked for wearing the wrong shoes – BBC News. June 2018

    21. Dalit youth lynched to death in Bihar | WeForNews | Latest News, Headlines, Blogs Sept 2018

  45. Do you know that Uppercaste Indians have also imported casteism to Western countries? A recent study titled “Caste in the United States: A Survey of Caste Among South Asian Americans” showed very interesting results. This study is based Indian Hindus who are settled in USA. Indian origin Dalit Hindus in USA face various types of caste discrimination. This discrimination ranges from derogatory jokes and slurs to physical violence and sexual assault. Interestingly, RSS affiliates or supporting organizations in USA wants to remove the history of casteism and atrocities against Dalits in India from Hinduism text books in USA.

    1.Caste discrimination in US: Dalits face ostracism and violence, says report. Scroll. March 2018
    2. Indians imported casteism to the US & a black journalist writes on the need to ban it. The Print February 2018.
    3. (Hashtag) DalitWomenFight Brings Fight Against Caste-Based Violence to U.S. NBC News April 2015
    4. Why a university in California is in uproar over donations by a Hindu right group
    5. The Hindu right is quietly funding—and lobbying—American universities
    6. California textbook controversy over Hindu history

  46. Rejection of press reports by RSS and BJP clearly proves that Modi-RSS follows Fascist ideologies. Fake news concept was used by Hitler’s Nazi party, who used “’lügenpresse”, means ‘lying press’, to attack media outlets that were deemed to be unsupportive of the Nazi party and its aims.

    World’s known Fascists, Hitler and Mussolini, were against press, suppressed freedom of press and they believed in propaganda to get or maintain power. Modi and his govt are exactly like these Fascist, utilizes propaganda machinery, especially with rumors and conspiracy theories.

    Please be remembered that RSS is the only organization in India who had direct relationship with fascist regimes of Italy (Mussolini) and Germany (Hitler).

    1. Fake news isn’t a new concept – Hitler called it ‘lügenpresse’. Indy100, February 2017
    2. Reporting on Hitler: how foreign correspondents in Nazi Germany battled to expose the truth – History Extra

  47. Have watched her town hall meeting? You are again bringing ranti-Christian hatred into this. How do you know that I am a Christian or I may be a Hindu (of course not Hindutva) or Buddhist as well. Hinfutva groups, especially RSS, are famous for discovering religion in anything including human or animal wastes. I am not a supporter of any DNC members, but, I do try to understand their views etc. Without knowing other ideologies or views in detail, no one can intelligently and critically analyse those ideologies. This is also true with religions. Only religious extremists or terrorists can blindly thrash other religions.

  48. Scientific studies on the nature people with religious extremism or terrorism prove this. Following are the summaries of these studies (quoted from sources):

    Intelligent people tend to be less religious because they have greater knowledge about religion and the world. Religious fundamentalism may be developed through individual deficiencies, such as lower levels of moral reasoning, greater punitiveness, prejudice, authoritarianism, dogmatism, and occurrence of mental health problems.

    Radicalization, for example Hindutva radicalization by groups like RSS or Islamic terrorist groups like Taliban, is possible when people in a society are being vulnerable to being manipulated by extremist or terrorist groups. These vulnerable may have cognitive impairment, disability or mental illness.

    People with religious hatred may be low in openness to experience due to lack of intellectual curiosity.

    Religious fundamentalism inhibits a person ability to acquire knowledge, or it may be that people who lack interest in expanding their worldview have a preference for narrow minded belief systems.

    Meta analysis of 54 studies have shown that more intelligent people are less religious.The average difference in IQ points between believers and nonbelievers ranged from 6.2 for non-college samples to 7.8 for college samples

    1. Zuckerman M, et al.(2013) A meta -analysis of 63 studies showed a significant negative association between intelligence and religiosity. Pers Soc Psychol Rev. 2013 Nov;17(4):325-54.
    2. Savage, Sara (2012) . “Four Lessons from the Study of Fundamentalism and Psychology of Religion.” Journal of Strategic Security 4, no. 4 (2012): : 131-150.
    3. Wulff, David M., Psychology of Religion, 2nd ed. (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1997).
    4. More Knowledge, Less Belief in Religion? | Psychology Today. Scott McGreal., 2014
    5. What science can reveal about the psychological profiles of terrorists. The Conversation. May 26, 2017.

  49. maybe TMJ, but quite a pattern there from you as well.

  50. Trump and Modi are not comparable. Trump’s may had two kinds of silent voters, one group consist of extreme rascist white nationalists groups like KKK etc, whole numbers are extremely low, may to be even a million. The other silent group consists of ordinary whites, can be democrat or republican, who are fascists, with varying degrees of fascism. This is the group who partly led to the victory of Trump. Dislike or sometimes hatred against Hillary Clinton among Democrats is another significant factor. Any other DNC candidate could have defeated Trump.

    Modi (BJP) got only 31% of the total votes. He got this due to the Modi wave. There was no Trump wave. Modi got the support of OBC Hindus, SC/ST Hindus, and minorities based on his false or fake promises. Now, Modi wave is completely gone as evidenced from the loss of RSS-BJP in their heartlands, MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Modi doesn’t have any silent voters. All those silent Hindutva voters gave votes to him with that 2014 Modi wave. Recent survey results show less chances for Modi’s second term. However, RSS is doing something totally unacceptable and unethical. There are several incidents where RSS tried to instigate communal violences, which they think help BJP in consolidating Hindu votes. RSS is trying their best even in states like Kerala where BJP has very little or no chance. CIA has released a similar report, which is not surprising to Indians at all. Following are few reports:

    1. BJP’s Hindu-Nationalism Ahead of Polls May Spark Clashes: US Intel Report. January 30, 2019

    2. India on brink of communal violence before Lok Sabha polls, says US spymaster India Today. January 30, 2019

    3. Communal riots in india: India may face communal riots before elections, warns US Intelligence chief. January 30, 2019

    4. Joblessness at 45-year high, says official report kept under wraps | Business Standard News. January 31, 2019

    5. India’s unemployment rate hit four-decade high of 6.1% in 2017-18, says NSSO survey. Business s Today. January 31, 2019

    6. India’s debt under Modi govt surges 50% to Rs 82 lakh crore – Business News. India Today. January 19, 2019

    7. Rs 10,00,00,00,00,000: What Modi govt is likely to spend ahead of 2019 elections – Election News India Today
    January 18, 2019

    8. Modi govt to miss fiscal deficit target by 0.2 pc, cause Rs 20,000 crore shortfall. National Herald January 18, 2019

    9. CAG indicts Modi govt for masking fiscal, revenue deficits. Livemint. January 16, 2019

  51. That is urban naxal talk TMJ. Cows are very much part of the social and cultural life of India for many centuries and its an emotional raw point openly killing them for food and skin. More than Muslims (who kept beef away from the sensitivity of the major population), the British started abattoirs in every district in india to feed the british soldiers. India has been a playground for all these external forces for about 800 years, and BJP was voted to power not by the 7% upper castes but by the majority of the indians who know exactly, and what the play against india by the external forces and their minions in India is. The instinctive gut response in 2019 will be to re-elect the BJP again.

  52. Trump is good for present day America. BJP is good for present day India. Evangelists are good for America, not India. Live and let live based on time place and circumstance. Your bullet points in any language are no match for the actual feelings of humans, who are not computers. . Big money, big data and big coalitions along with big support from external forces are busy to see the BJP lose in 2019.

    But it does not need explicit articulation like some academic publication to explain why the majority of India supported BJP and will support in 2019, just like why Trump will be re-elected in 2020. And Tulsi in 2024.

  53. CIA is not my respectable source given their poor track record in geo-political machinations over many decades.

    I understand Trump won because of the anti-Hillary wave ( I myself voted for him solely on that) but there will be the Trump wave in 2020, despite all the stone walling going on now.

    RSS instigating anything is just the response needed to what has been going on in pristine pure communist/pseudo secular corrupt congress/ant-god/anti-hindu/evangelist/jihadi type coalitions over many decades since independence. It’s high time

    India was the world’s biggest economy in the 15, 16 and 17 hundreds. Those who fear the inevitable re-emergence of India want to tie it down like a bunch of jackals trying to bring down an elephant.

  54. And “news” reports…..ha, you know how much of the corrupt money is flowing to the media to buy. Same thing against Trump – MSM- here in the USA.

    Swamy’s comments are purely tactical. Regarding God lives in Temples, in Indian Idol theft cases in Britain, the courts ruled that a temple in India is owned by the deity not any person, and that Deity lives there as the owner, so on one owns the Deities. It is a fact that mosques and churches are just places of gathering to pray. These are known to the people of India intuitively for centuries.

    Big data science from a America is telling Rahul Gandhi his “daily playbook”. One of them is to play “pretend hindu”.

    There are western deep state actors including those from the Vatican (Sonia is said to be giving the Vatican many millions every year as tithe) …..who are bent on india not to become its old tolerant, live and let live self — its unique culture and heritage never go back to how they once where.

    The British took $44 trillion out of India between 1760 and 1938 – Columbia University – that stolen wealth made London the world financial capital and financed much of North Americas’s and europe’s development for 2 centuries on the backs of the poor indian – until Karma caught up through world wars Britian is a poor pathetic shadow of its former self. – and they still want this huge wealth generator to be within their sights.

    But everyone should know that Karma is indeed a bit*ch.

    Read CIA reports and other western shill reporting in this light please.

  55. Why can Dalits who have come t America stop identifying themselves in that way and not pay attention to any of the so called attitudes of the “upper caste” folks in USA? I for one cant and dont differentiate. It is amazing how you bring these baggages with you to the USA and expect the US Govt to play ball like the Govt of India. You need to first be an “indutva” rather than something else you are not — otherwise you will always be in this unsafe unsettled state either inside or outside india,

  56. Anti-Dravidian hatred is also visible in your comment. Do you think Hindutva groups like RSS and Modi can get away with this type of racism on the top of Hindutva extremism? RSS is based Hindi-Hindutva nationalism, still BJP lost in those headlands (Hindi belts). Will you call them as anti-Hindutva or anti-Hindi? RSS claims that they are a Hindu Nationalist group for uniting Hindus. If OBC Hindus (approx 40%), SC/ST (approx 24%) abd Dravidian Hindus (don’t have any data handy), how could RSS form a Hindu coalition? Only with uppercaste Hindus? Your comments also show anti-Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-OBC, anti-Dalit hatred and anti-Dravidian racism. Sounds like KKK or similar white nationalist group.

  57. Facism is what Sowmya Shankar article represents. A propaganda to vilify Tulsi as a rabid hindu connected with a party that is connected with another party that is connected with yet another party whose wayward member assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. As if Tulsi herself plotted it. That is the real fascism here. The idea being, that gullible American voting public will get wary of Tulsi and as a largely christian nation will not support her because she is a rabid hindu. Sorry but this shameful abusive shilling has not worked. Intercept article did not get the play you expected and lasted less than a week.

    Trump will win 2020
    Modi will win in 2019
    Tulsi will get national play in 2020, POTUS in 2024

  58. you can try all you want with the material science / dawkins /rational stuff – and If you are trying to drill man-made statistics into what are really matters of the heart /a native intelligence/emotions and feelings, it is still a fact that more human beings (and all of the non-human beings) are naturally divine or god or a higher power oriented than not.

    You comparing RSS (a defensive mood) and Taliban (an offensive mood) shows how really (less) intelligent the less religious are.

  59. yes India’s tolerance has been a cakewalk through history for others to exploit. And that exploitation is continuing, by blaming the defensive mood of India as “religious extremists or terrorists, blindly thrash other religions “. It is only Chirstianity and Islam who have this “my way of the high way” mentality enshrined in their books.. You are perfectly fine with that? If you from India, you know all this already, yet you labor so hard…

  60. Amen? from a rational concluder.
    How about Jai Hanuman, to boot!


    According to The Atlantic, June 7, 2018, “All Stories by Sonia Paul”, “Sonia Paul … is a senior fellow with the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism.”

    Here’s the paper trail for that info:

    “Brandeis University” —> “Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism” —> “The Gerald and Elaine Schuster Charitable Foundation” —> “Clinton Global Initiative” —> “CLINTON FOUNDATION” !!!!!!!!

  62. And Amen again in adding Jai H to the reasons Hinduism fails as a religion.

  63. You are changing your initial tones on Trump, Evangelists etc.after pointing out contradictory views in your comment. BJP-RSS is against academic research findings, which most of the time contradict RSS ideologies (RSS is the ideological guru of BJP). This is one of the reasons why Modi and RSS (BJP) label world class academic institutes or Universities in India like IITs, IIMs or JNU as anti-Hindu or naxalls or Maoists. RSS and BJP believe in propagandas since that is the only way they can claim achievements in development or governance. In reality, RSS-BJP is deceiving crores of people and playing wither lives and future. BJP is the richest political party in India, with corporate donations more that 500 crore Rupees. BJP-RSS has turned into the most corrupted political party. Reports have shown whatever corruptions previous govts have done more than 10 years, BJP has done this within 4 years. This is the frequency rate of corruption with BJP. India is a democratic country and people will choose whether they want to save India’s democracy and religious harmony through demicratically voting out Modi and RSS. Or, if they opt for Modi, Indian will come under Fascist RSS control, democracy and secularism will be completely demolished from India. Following is a recent report from NIA (USA). This report is not a surprise to Indians since there are several incidents, which are instigated by RSS aiming for communal violences and consolidating Hindu votes for BJP.

    “Parliamentary elections in India increase the possibility of communal violence if BJP stresses nationalist themes,”
    Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence.

    “BJP policies during Modi’s first term have deepened communal tensions in some BJP-governed states, and Hindu nationalist state leaders might view a Hindu-nationalist campaign as a signal to incite low-level violence to animate their supporters,”
    Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence, USA

    Communal riots in india: India may face communal riots before elections, warns US Intelligence chief. Economic Times January 30, 2019

  64. Former two Prime Minsiters of India, Narasimha Rao (free market) and Rajiv Gandhi (science, technology and telecom) can be considered as fathers of India’s globally competitive growth. Modi has nothing to claim. In fact, Modi and RSS have started destroying scientific innovations since scientific principles and findings do not align with RSS Hindutva ideologies and beliefs. Modi and RSS/BJP govt are also trying to control the growth of technological innovations. Without modern scientific and technological innovations, no country become economically powerful country. After Modi and RSS came to power, scientific temper has been reduced due to vested interests of Modi and RSS in Hindutva. RSS doesn’t believe in 21st century information technology innovations or modern science. Modi-RSS India still lives in “Ancient India”. RSS has blocked HPV vaccine on the basis of morality (pre-marital sex). This vaccine can save lives of lakhs of women through cervical cancer prevention. Following are some claims made by Indian scientists at the Indian Science Congress 2019 (inaugurated by Modi)

    1. Narendra Modi waves: ‘Ravana’s airports’, ‘Modi waves’ leave science congress stunned | India News – Times of India. January 7, 2019

    2. Kauravas Were Test-Tube Babies’ and Other Lessons from 106th Session of The Indian Science Congress. News18 January 8, 2019

    3. Cows Can Turn Food Into 24-Carat Gold’ & 14 Other Gems From Indian Science Congress. Analytics Indian Magazine January 7, 2018

    4.Indian Science Congress: Geologist claims Brahma discovered dinosaurs, mentioned them in Vedas. Scroll January 7, 2019

    5. Einstein, Newton ‘misled’ the world: Unaware of controversial remarks by two speakers, say organisers | India News, The Indian Express. January 6, 2019

    6. India had planes and test tube babies thousands of years ago, science conference told. The Telegraph January 7, 2019

    7. Dubious Claims About Einstein, Dinosaur, Ancient Jets At Indian Science Congress : Goats and Soda : NPR. January 9, 2019
    (This news shows Modi landing for the inauguration in Indian Science Congress’s “dress” ).

  65. Apparently Hindus names and titles (surname) reflect caste. Hindus can identify the caste of another from name, origin etc. Only these people know. I don’t think SC/ST individuals would love to declare their caste, which has no relevance to non-Indian societies. But, uppercastes don’t leave any opportunity to boast about their “uppercaste whiteness”. Heard of incidents where uppercaste Hindus publicize lower caste status of their friends or colleagues to non-Indian (Westerners). Therefore, please don’t try blame Dalits, Based on your this and previous comments, one could argue that you belong to Hindu uppercaste and you have prejudice against lower caste Hindus, Dravidians (South Indians), Muslims and Christians. It’s also evident from your comment that you are a US citizen. Therefore, how could you blame Dalits?

    Religious hatred and casteis among Hinfutva supporters (RSS and BJP) in Western countries may not be publicly known in those countries. Rajiv Malhotra, an Indian-American Hindutva campaigner is a very good example. After the recent Kerala flood, he has asked people to donate only to Hindus in Kerala. However, his following comments are very interesting and show the hypocrisy of Hindutva.

    Malhotra supports RSS and BJP who are against India’s pluralistic society. In India, RS and other Hindutva groups are shouting at Muslims and Christians that they don’t belong to Indus and they must go out. Still, they can say.

    “The U.S. is pluralistic place and there is no reason why Hindus should be ashamed.. Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims are celebrating their events… As“

    Rajiv Malhotra even found religion in American food habits:

    “More and more Americans are becoming vegetarian, the whole ecofeminism movement was started by Vandana Shiva based on Hindu ideas,”

    Casteism among Hindus in UK led to political wars. Due to nasty uppercaste-Dalit discrimination within Indian Hindus, UK govt have planed to bring a law to ban caste discrimination in UK. Hindu groups who have close ties with Sangh Parivar (RSS) fought against passing this law, and due to these oppositions UK govt has decided not to pass this law.

    1. Hindu Groups in UK Hit Back at British Government’s Plans to Ban Caste-Based Discrimination – The Wire. July 11, 2017
    2. Has Caste Discrimination Followed Indians Overseas? | The Diplomat. December 2017
    3. UK government decides not to enact law on caste discrimination among Indians, community divided | world news | Hindustan Times. July 24, 2018

  66. You may also know that Tulsi Gabbard has backed up WHC at Chicago (September 2018) due to ethical concerns and problems” arising from her participation in a “partisan Indian political event in America.

    1. World Hindu Congress in Lombard draws faithful, controversy | Chicago Sun-Times. September 2018
    2. Global Hindu gathering draws crowd, protest in Chicago – Religion News Service. September 2018
    3. World Hindu Congress disrupted by political protesters | The Wild Hunt. October 2018
    4. U.S. Congressman Krishnamoorthi Challenged for World Hindu Congress Appearance — The Indian Panorama

  67. According to Sonia Paul herself, though, in “Writers of Color: we don’t want to hear ‘I can’t find any’ ever again, okay?”:

    “I’m a mixed Indian-Filipina American and was raised with three different religions: Catholicism, Hinduism and Sikhism. … Freelance reporting since 2013 … based in the city of Lucknow … I reported a lot of stories on politics, religion and the relationship between the two (a very volatile topic in northern India)”.

    So, “is [Sonia Paul] all about evangelism of India”? No. Just Anti-RSS. And Anti-Modi, is all.

    And as I’ve passed onto you earlier this week, she’s with the Clinton Foundation!

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