Celestial map from 1670, by Dutch cartographer Frederik de Wit. Image courtesy of Creative Commons

Witchcraft becomes a political stance — and a booming business

(RNS) — Last month, I attended a witches' gathering.

Technically, it was a full moon ritual – an open-to-the-public event at Catland Books, an occult store in Bushwick, Brooklyn, designed to celebrate January's "Blood Wolf" Moon, to “gather under this powerful light and explore energy of the first full moon of the new year ... invoking the hungry wild nature, heightening instinctual senses, and inhabiting the archetypes of both the hunter and hunted."

Nearly all of the event's 30-odd attendees, who had paid $20 a pop to attend, appeared to be under 35. Most, though not all, were white and bore pink hair, Goth accessories or some variation of latter-day Brooklynite, countercultural style.

And while not everyone present was necessarily a practicing Wiccan or pagan — the proceedings certainly required no specialized metaphysical knowledge or affiliation — all of us were asked by the mistress of ceremonies to chant the names of ancient Roman moon goddesses Diana, Luna and Lucina (Juno), as well as to meditate to a poem written about a “wild god” whose attributes mirrored that of the Celtic horned god Cernunnos.

We breathed out “negative energy” into a Mason jar filled with the herb belladonna, picked from Catland's own garden. We received a blessing from the ritual's facilitator, Catland's co-owner Melissa Madara, who passed a moonlike selenite orb around the room.

As I went through the paces, I wondered: Was I attending a religious ritual? A guided meditation? A spell? A social club?

On reflection, I realized I was being given a pitch for social activism.

For the religiously unaffiliated, witchcraft is part and parcel of a socially progressive way of life, and at spaces like Catland, New Age spirituality is increasingly inseparable from social justice advocacy. "Witchcraft” is no longer the fringe spiritual practice it once was but a political marker of resistance.

You could see this over the summer at Catland, as the store hosted a "Hex (Brett) Kavanaugh" event during the Supreme Court justice's confirmation hearings. Or just go on Facebook, where several thousand self-proclaimed witches hex Donald Trump monthly.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

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But at Catland, one can also buy a zine about the ethics of cursing by Dakota Stalkfleet — aka Dakota Bracciale, the store's other co-owner — that makes clear that curses may be used as the last resort of those without access to the criminal justice system. In other words, magic may be used to seek justice — or accountability, or plain influence — when the mainstream has failed or marginalized the practitioner.

“Folk magik is what arms the poor, the downtrodden, and the outcast,” Stalkfleet writes. “How could anyone fault me for cursing my rapist? ... How could anyone blame me, let alone shame me for seeking to be the arbiter of my own justice by cursing that evil made?”

According to Stalkfleet, contemporary witch culture is a reflection of wider transitions in feminism. While the New Age movement of the 1960s and ’70s tended to be largely white and geared toward a celebration of the “divine feminine,” contemporary witchcraft is more concerned with tearing down gender divisions altogether.

To the extent the female is celebrated at all, it is as a force to be wielded against the powers that be. Kristen J. Sollee, author of "Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive," told The Guardian in 2017: “To me, the primal impulse behind each of these contested identities is self-sovereignty … witches, sluts, and feminists embody the potential for self-directed feminine power, and sexual and intellectual freedom.”

If that sounds dark, it's meant to be: Insisting on “positivity” and “light” is for those who want to keep up the barriers of class and racial privilege.

“This demand for constant ‘love and light’ and ‘to do no harm’,” Stalkfleet writes, “is nothing more than the treacherous vile manifestations of misogyny, racism (specifically anti-blackness), classism, transphobia, and various other forms of oppression in the spiritual realm. Do not fall for it.”

It's unclear exactly how many witches there are in America. In his 2015 book,"Witches of America," Alex Mar suggests that the number of people practicing some form of witchcraft hovers around a million. (For comparison, there are about 1.2 million Buddhists, 2.4 million Hindus and 4 million Jews in America.) While still far from being a majority religion, these objectors to the "system" seem to be reaching some sort of critical mass.

So while witchcraft/witch culture has become an anti-capitalist platform for #resistance, it has also become a highly marketable aesthetic. As Corin Faife wrote in his BuzzFeed essay “How witchcraft became a brand,” the handicraft and vintage selling platform Etsy returns 28,000 results for the search term “witchcraft.” The Instagram hashtag #witchesofinstagram yields a staggering 700,000 results.

From subscription boxes offering spell supplies to online stores proffering decoratively spooky taxidermy, witchcraft is big business, albeit one that, in many cases, privileges the labor of small woman-owned businesses over that of big-box corporations.

But at Catland, the rituals felt less like Instagram fodder than like the building blocks of a new form of social interaction. The majority of the evening was spent breathing and chanting in unison, ultimately sharing food in a “feast” of country bread, garlic-and-onion broth and oranges. People passed food around, made conversation, drank Madara's homemade healing tea. My neighbor told me she'd been interested in magic for a while, but only recently had dared to “seek out community.”

While we were encouraged to take photographs of the altar at the beginning of the evening and, yes, they did later show up on Instagram, I recognized that Catland's post-ritual meal was as vital as the coffee hour that follows the Episcopal service I attend — the one that we Episcopalians only half-joke is "our real communion."


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  2. Sound and fury signifying nothing, but, if it pisses off the religious right scumbags, keep it going.

  3. People must be allowed to find Christ, their one and only true savior. That wouldn’t be kosher now would it?

  4. I find the greatest impediment to such things are the self styled spokespeople for Christ on Earth. 😀

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  9. Lol, if you grew up in NYC a long while ago you could well have gone into a witch store run by an ethnic witch – Italian/Sicilian or Caribbean mostly. No problem with “do no harm” in these places. You could everything you needed to put a nasty curse on someone although most sales and merc was to get rif of courses or put a love spell on someone. It would have been quite unwise to make fun of the strega rubbing the store.

  10. That’s the least of your worries, dude. The last thing you need around here, is for one of them stray puppies from that Catland supernatural store to follow you home.

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    Read about Astral Projection. Tried the rope technique and managed to get to the end of my rope. I found the end of my rope to be Rachel Maddow MSNBC turned up loud no commercial breaks. The remote is sitting right next to me but I can’t pick it up due to the out of body experience. And that’s what happens when you get to the end of your rope.

    You should try it. I’d love to see you at church.

  13. There is probably nothing a leftie (or group of lefties) can do to cause a faster loss of everything that matters than endorse occult stuff and muddle around in it. This is the sure road to brain loss, spiritual loss, economic loss, logic loss, civic loss, academic loss, environmental loss, power loss, credibility loss, social loss, feminism loss, gender-rights loss, racial loss, karma loss, human rights loss—–all rolled into one stupid “plan”.

  14. “People must be allowed to find Christ, their one and only true savior.”

    Well, yes, people must be allowed to find a delusional savior, but should not be encouraged to do so. Thirty-eight years ago I found my “one and only true savior” . . . my wonderful husband.

  15. Jehovah’s Witnesses are real big on demons, Satan’s associates. A long time ago trouble in the household was believed linked to demonic activity through my valuable collection of record albums. Came home to find them gone. I also remember the panic when my girlfriend brought a Ouija board into the house….

  16. As for me, I do not advocate disrespect for any individual, regardless of their religion.

    But I’m seeing a common theme with some of our posts here, including yours and mine:
    Witchcraft is real, Witchcraft is NOT harmless (because 100% demonic entities, who work for Satan, are being contacted by the participants, regardless of the “good” or “bad” reason for doing so.)

    Contrast these with the RNS article, which gives no hint of the real deal.

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  33. Witchcraft is everywhere these days. The most visited website is Wiccapedia.

  34. It’s unsurprising that paganism is becoming more political. As the Republican Party grows more theocratic, they’re going to end up repelling non-Christians. And most pagan groups aren’t hampered by the social conservatism found in non-Christian religions whose growth in the United States comes mostly from immigration, such as Islam and Hinduism.

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  41. Thank you, Pepper. I am appalled by the nonsense in this article, and even more by the nonsense and hatred of all sorts being spewed in the comments here. Don’t waste your time – a bunch of hater trolls making up “facts” of all kinds. Don’t waste your good energy on this nonsense. Bright blessings to you.

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  69. The Republican Party also repells a hell of a lot of Christians who are not mired in hatred toward others.

  70. I expected more from an article than a reporter recounting one night at a bookstore. Shame on Religion News.

  71. For what it is worth, Alex Mar is a woman. The notion that all or most witches are progressive is common, but likely inaccurate. Last time I checked, most churches asked for a donation to cover space and other operating costs.

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