RNS Opening Budget — Friday, January 3, 2020

RNS-Reparations-Manifesto: 50 years after ‘Black Manifesto,’ religious groups take up reparations again
(RNS) — Five decades after activist James Forman entered Riverside Church and demanded $500 million from white churches and synagogues, reparations have reentered the national spotlight. They remain controversial, but some religious institutions have begun to take action. By Matthew J. Cressler and Adelle M. Banks. 1,888 words. (category: a)

RNS-Arbo-Oped: Trump's tweets and actions aren't good fruit — or moral
(RNS) — (RNS) — Until recently, I’d never heard anyone defend President Donald Trump’s tweets on moral grounds. Then I read a piece from theologian Wayne Grudem, which did just that. Having read a wide sample myself, I feel confident in concluding that Grudem’s judgment on this is absolute nonsense. By Matthew Arbo. 867 words (category: k)