RNS Updated Budget — Wednesday, January 8, 2020

RNS-Ethical-Vegans: Ethical vegans in UK win court protection for their creed
LONDON (RNS) — A ruling in an alleged wrongful termination case said that ethical veganism qualified as a philosophical belief under the U.K.'s Equality Act 2010. By Catherine Pepinster. 650 words. (category: i)

RNS-Tunisia-LGBTQ: Sufi saint inspires Badr Baabou, an LGBTQ activist in Tunisia
TUNIS, Tunisia (RNS) — Badr Baabou, a Muslim LGBT activist and head of the Tunisian Association for Justice and Equality, draws inspiration from the 13th Century Sufi saint Aisha Al-Manoubya. By Priya Sen. 1500 words (category: i)

RNS-Buttigieg-Meeting: Pete Buttigieg met privately with black theologians, thought leaders
(RNS) — Former South Bend, Indiana mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg met privately with a group of African American theologians and thought leaders in December, another sign of the candidate’s ongoing efforts to bolster his lagging poll numbers with black voters. By Jack Jenkins. 529 words. (category: a)

RNS-Resettlement-Hearing: Judge hears arguments by faith groups in suit to stop order as most states agree to admit refugees
(RNS) — A federal judge heard arguments Wednesday (Jan. 8 ) in the lawsuit by three faith-based organizations against the federal government over a recent executive order allowing state and local officials to block refugee resettlement. HIAS, Church World Service and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service also have asked for an injunction to temporarily stop the order requiring state and local officials to give written consent in advance for refugees to be resettled in their jurisdictions — even as most states already have agreed to admit refugees. Emily McFarlan Miller. 650 words (category: a)

RNS-Zoho-RSS: Tech company CEO faces backlash over participation in Hindu nationalist event
(RNS) — Facing online backlash, the California-based CEO of enterprise software company Zoho has doubled down on plans to attend an event hosted by India’s RSS paramilitary group. By Aysha Khan. 780 words. (category: a)

RNS-Syeed-Oped: 'Muslims in my house': A tribute to a beloved centenarian
(RNS) — A small-town hero, she said yes to our fledgling Islamic school during a time of uncertainty for Muslims, delving deep into what it means to be American. By Afeefa Syeed. 960 words. (category: k)

RNS-Fea-Oped: Courtiers and kings, evangelicals, prophets and Trump
(RNS) ̵ Trump's evangelical Christian advisors claim to have access to the president, but if they don't oppose the president's worst behavior with prophetic witness, they are complicit in his sins. By John Fea. 1,200 words. (category: k)

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