Can Christianity Make a Comeback? Yes, and Here's How

A Christian renaissance can happen if church leaders act, award-winning author claims

An award-winning author urges Christians leaders to seize an opportunity coming in April to begin to turn around the decline in Church membership

On April 21, 2020 HarperOne will publish “The Return of the God Hypothesis: Compelling Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God” by Stephen C. Meyer, Ph.D. Stephen Hawley Martin, winner of half a dozen national awards for his work, says Christian leaders ought to seize the moment and then build upon the opportunity this book will create.

Martin said, “In my book ‘Can Christianity Make a Comeback? Yes, and Here’s How,’ I go into detail about the new worldview that is rapidly emerging and how it creates an opportunity for Christian leaders to reverse the downward trend in Church membership and attendance. But, of course, Christian leaders will first have to take the time to understand the new worldview and how Christianity easily relates to it. That book and others I’ve written cite scientific research that makes the same case advance publicity indicates Meyer’s new book will make, and indications are that Meyer will add mathematical equations and statistics that should make it difficult if not impossible for Scientific Materialists and atheists to dispute the evidence. As a result, I predict Meyer’s book will be a bestseller that accelerates the acceptance of the new worldview. I sincerely hope Church leaders will take advantage of the opportunity this will create.”

in addition to the title mentioned above, Martin is the author of “Consciousness, The Hard Problem Solved,” “Life After Death, Powerful Evidence You Will Never Die,” and “How Science Reveals God: What Every Thinking Person Must Know." He is a member of Richmond Virginia’s First Baptist Church, whose Senior Pastor, James G. Somerville, Ph.D., wrote the Foreword to “Can Christianity Make a Comeback? Yes, and Here’s How." That book and Martin's others are available from Amazon.

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