KidSpirit, the sole spiritual magazine by and for youth, wins a Wilbur Award

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — KidSpirit, the only platform by and for youth to explore life’s big questions, is proud to announce it has received its fifth Wilbur Award. Its latest print compilation, The Best of KidSpirit, Volume VI, won in the Youth Books category. The book features the most insightful and inspiring content published in four issues of KidSpirit’s online magazine, as selected by the publication’s international network of youth editors.

KidSpirit is a unique forum for 11-to-17-year-olds of all backgrounds and traditions to delve into timeless questions of meaning in an open and inclusive spirit. Since 2008, hundreds of teenagers from 28 countries have published expository essays, poetry, artwork, and videos on a wide range of philosophical, ethical, and spiritual topics.

The Best of KidSpirit, Volume VI, highlights work on four youth-chosen themes: The Speed of Now, Storytelling and Narrative, The Adventurous Spirit, and Reality and Perception. The volume offers inspiring personal stories of transformation, eye-opening expository investigations of meaningful topics, powerful poetry, and more. One writer reflects on how technology distances us from ourselves and others around us. A contributor reflects on how his faith community has empowered him to be adventurous, while another evaluates whether material objects can accelerate a spiritual journey. A young author offers a window into her multicultural, interfaith upbringing. In a special collaborative Feature article, seven young people around the world share interconnected stories from their heritages.

KidSpirit also includes one column, called PerSpectives, authored by adults, featuring wisdom on each theme from an expert in the field. The Best of KidSpirit, Volume VI, contains pieces by John Palfrey, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, Karen Darke, and Dr. Anil Seth. The voices of these renowned thinkers and leaders contribute to an intergenerational conversation that is profoundly needed yet often missing from our public discourse. 

This year’s recognition of The Best of KidSpirit, Volume VI, is the magazine’s fifth Wilbur Award. In 2012 and 2015, Volumes I and III of The Best of KidSpirit were recognized in the Youth Books category, as was 10 Years of KidSpirit in 2017. KidSpirit’s Interfaith Connections column was honored in 2014.

The Wilbur Awards are given each year by the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) to recognize excellence in the communication of religious issues, values, and themes in secular media. Founded in 1929, the RCC is an association of communications professionals who work for and with a diverse group of faith-based organizations in the areas of communications, public relations, marketing, and development. It is the oldest public relations professional organization in the United States.


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