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Leading scholars and thinkers explore landmark interreligious statement

ICJS and “American Religion” launch public-facing, online academic forum commemorating 20th anniversary of Dabru Emet

Today, the Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies (ICJS), in partnership with American Religion, launched an online series, Dabru Emet: Twenty Years Later, exploring and expanding the boundaries of Jewish–Christian relations and Interfaith/Interreligious Studies.

Dabru Emet: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity was published on September 10, 2000, by four interdenominational Jewish scholars hosted by ICJS.

“As an organization devoted to inquiry around religion and religious difference, ICJS welcomed the robust debate that surrounded Dabru Emet, generating both praise and criticism,” said ICJS Executive Director and Roman Catholic Scholar Heather Miller Rubens. ”In that same spirit, we welcome ongoing engagement and critique, reflection and reframing.”

Contributors to this public-facing, online academic forum include more than 30 scholars from around the world and across disciplines offering rigorous thinking, provocative questions, and candid challenges for this time.

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Dabru Emet: Twenty Year Later

History of Dabru Emet and original reception


The Institute for Islamic, Jewish, and Christian Studies (ICJS) builds learning communities where religious difference becomes a powerful force for good.



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