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We are all born with 3 personalities which explains the reasoning for self talk

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The human trinity was created in the image of the Divine Trinity

The Theory Of Personality, subtitled The Three Of Us, is the first in a series of books which will demonstrate that every human is born with three individual personalities. The dialogue between these personalities is commonly referred to as “self-talk”. Although psychologists and psychiatrists agree that we all dialogue with ourselves on a daily basis, the difficult question to answer is, who does the talking, and who does the listening?

While managing a community service program for juvenile offenders, the author discovered that criminal behavior increases as self-talk decreases. The Theory Of Personality documents this discovery while connecting it to the ancient belief that we are born with three individual personalities.

Self-talk empowers all three of our individual personalities to share control of daily choices, which promotes our own problem-solving skills. In the case presented in this book, extenuating circumstances blocked juvenile offenders from practicing self-talk dialogue, thereby stunting the growth of their remaining personalities.

When a personality is stunted, it stops maturing, evidenced by adults who appear responsible, but consistently act irresponsibly. When an adult constantly acts like a child, or a child constantly acts like a baby, it is highly likely that two of that individual’s personalities are being dominated by the third personality, which results in subtle paranoia which often manifests itself as severe manipulation, and in extreme cases, insanity. The best indicator of a dominant personality is the experience of an overwhelming circumstance.

The Theory of Personality defines the roles of all three of our individual personalities, including basic management strategies for shutting down a dominant personality. Each book in the series will identify personality traits in order to reinstate natural power sharing characteristics between all three personalities. Although these books are designed for all ages, they specifically target the most vulnerable age group. The most vulnerable age group includes anyone, at any age, whose intellectual growth is being stunted by their own dominating personality.

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