November is National Family Caregivers Month

Hope for The Caregiver

65 Million Caregivers At Risk of Paralyzing Holiday Stress, Emotional Exhaustion and Divorce, New Book Warns

Ret. Army Lt. Col. Oliver North among vulnerable calling caregiving “the most challenging, physical, mental, and emotional experience of my 80 years” 

  • Nearly seven in ten caregivers say it is emotionally stressful to care for their loved one during the holiday season (AARP)
  • 15.7 million American adults care for a family member with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia
  • 80% of family caregivers — spouses, partners, or children — say their relationships are under huge strain (U.S. News and World Report)
  • 75% of couples facing serious chronic illness go through divorce, it’s estimated
  • On average, family caregivers spend 19 days a month helping with shopping, meals, bathing, dressing, medication, and other unpaid caregiving duties

Finding Comfort in Giving Thanks

In his new book, A Minute for Caregivers: When Every Day Feels Like Monday, author Peter Rosenberger provides a glimpse into the everyday lives of America’s family caregivers – unsung heroes caring for loved ones suffering with an array of illnesses, disabilities and health problems – . and the antidote to their common holiday stressors.

Thanksgiving is not simply a meal—nor even a holiday; it’s a way of life that refuses resentment’s tyrannical hold on our souls,” Rosenberger says. 

Rosenberger has lived the caregiver struggle for forty years while caring for his wife Gracie, who suffered life-changing injuries in a car wreck, requiring more than 85 surgeries, including the amputation of both of her legs, treatment by more than 100 physicians in 13 hospitals and medical bills topping $15 million.

His syndicated radio show Hope for the Caregiver broadcasts weekly on more than 200 radio stations across the U.S.

In Rosenberger’s new book, retired Army Lt. Col. Oliver North describes caregiving for his wife Betsy — diagnosed with a debilitating brain disorder five years ago — as “the most challenging, physical, mental, and emotional experience of my 80 years on earth.”

More about the Author

Peter Rosenberger is a seasoned author and syndicated radio show host who speaks fluent “caregiver” after having navigated his wife Gracie’s ongoing medical nightmare. His syndicated broadcast Hope for the Caregiver is heard weekly on 200 U.S. stations. His fourth book, “A Minute for Caregivers: When Every Day Feels Like Monday” was released into print and e-books, May 30, 2023. Peter is an accomplished pianist and often incorporates his expressive style of music into his presentations as he entertains, inspires, and challenges audiences from all walks of life. For information about Rosenberger, visit:

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In time for National Family Caregivers Month in November, book your interview with Peter Rosenberger, author of A Minute for Caregivers. Rosenberger is available for live or recorded interviews via video, phone, or in-person. Click here for a full press kit.

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