State of the Christian Workplace 2024 report highlights employee engagement trends

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MERCER ISLAND, Wash. — The State of the Christian Workplace 2024 report provides insights into employee engagement and workplace health in Christian-led workplaces. For the first time, results from Best Christian Workplaces research are publicly available in an accessible and statistically valid format.

Now leaders who want to take steps to create a flourishing workplace culture can learn about what matters to employees in Christian-led workplaces. This glimpse into employee engagement highlights anonymous feedback from more than 100,000 Christian employees across multiple sectors.

Jay Bransford, President and CEO of Best Christian Workplaces, emphasizes the importance of workplace health: “Healthy Christian-led workplaces can succeed in spreading Christ-like service, character, and values to the world. Our research shows that in 2023 around 55% of employees in Christian-led organizations felt positively engaged. This is far higher than the percentage that is observed in the secular world. Having a healthy workplace doesn’t just happen. It takes intentional effort. Of the organizations we surveyed in 2023, we found that about 29% fell below our criteria for a “Healthy” score. This striking reality reminds us that many Christian leaders still need to be equipped to build Flourishing WorkplacesTM. Best Christian Workplaces exists to provide such support.”

Along with overall data, the State of the Christian Workplace 2024 report highlights trends over the past five years by demographics and by sector. As a leader in the study of employee engagement, Best Christian Workplaces has a robust data set that includes thousands of employee voices. The size of the data set allows statistically reliable categorization by different types of organizations.

Included in the report are the following categories:

  • Churches
  • Parachurch and Missions
  • Rescue Missions
  • Family Services
  • Christian Schools (K-12)
  • Higher Education
  • Businesses
  • Other Nonprofits

For more than two decades Best Christian Workplaces has come alongside Christian-led organizations to measure employee engagement and make positive steps to improve their workplace culture. Ministry Partners who use the research-based Employee Engagement Survey have access to their own data, and can also see how they compare to their peers. They benefit from the guidance of experienced Best Christian Workplaces consultants who help them interpret their results and develop action plans to improve workplace health.

Learn more about the attributes of a flourishing workplace by reading the State of the Christian Workplace 2024 report. Then listen to the voices of your own employees through an Employee Engagement Survey, and commit to action that improves workplace health.


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