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“Boz” Tchividjian is a former child abuse chief prosecutor and is the founder and executive director of GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment). Boz is also a Professor of Law at Liberty University School of Law, and is a published author who speaks and writes extensively on issues related to abuse within the faith community. Boz is the 3rd-eldest grandchild of the Rev. Billy Graham. He is a graduate of Stetson University and Cumberland School of Law (Samford University).

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Liberty University: Now is the time for an independent investigation

By Boz Tchividjian — August 31, 2020
(RNS) — The Liberty board of trustees should agree to an independent investigation, where the school has no control over the process or outcomes.

Winter inside the Church and the hope of Christmas

By Boz Tchividjian — December 19, 2017
(RNS) — My 20 years of confronting and addressing sexual abuse within churches and other faith organizations has convinced me that abuse within the church will only end when professing Christians stop distorting Jesus for the purposes of excusing abusive behavior and silencing the abused.

Signing off with much hope

By Boz Tchividjian — April 15, 2016
A change of seasons brings an end to "Rhymes with Religion".

What I’m doing to protect my kids from sexual abuse

By Boz Tchividjian — January 29, 2016
An abuse survivor shares some practical wisdom about how she's protecting her children.

Millennials and abuse: We can learn from this hopeful generation

By Boz Tchividjian — January 25, 2016
What can millennials teach us about confronting and ending abuse?

Justice for abuse survivors: Giving victims their voice

By Boz Tchividjian — January 15, 2016
Four practical ways to help the criminal justice system deliver genuine justice and real hope to those who deserve it most?


By Boz Tchividjian — December 23, 2015
Some hope-filled words for those who are struggling through this holiday season.

An unholy alliance: When mob forgiveness meets selective grace

By Boz Tchividjian — December 11, 2015
The dangers of finding redemption stories where they don't exist.

‘Spotlight’: It’s not just a Catholic problem

By Boz Tchividjian — December 7, 2015
Protestants can learn much from a film about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

Rebuking the abused in the name of Jesus

By Boz Tchividjian — November 13, 2015
Does rebuking those who have been abused have anything to do with the love of Jesus?

Sex offenders in the pews: Let’s not be deceived

By Boz Tchividjian — October 23, 2015
Making churches safer begins by understanding that deception is a sex offender's best friend.

Are abuse survivors best served when institutions investigate themselves?

By Boz Tchividjian — October 16, 2015
Does it matter whether an investigation of past abuse is internal or independent? You betcha!

Caught in the spotlight: Christian leaders who mishandle sexual abuse disclosures

By Boz Tchividjian — October 2, 2015
The dark strategies of some leaders when confronted with the mishandling of abuse disclosures.

Glimpses of Jesus in the darkness of abuse

By Boz Tchividjian — September 18, 2015
A hopeful post about churches that are making good decisions about protecting children and responding to abuse.

God made all of me: Empowering children against abuse

By Boz Tchividjian — September 4, 2015
Practical ways to help younger children guard against abuse.
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