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National Cathedral gets boost for repair effort

By Chris Lisee — August 23, 2012

WASHINGTON (RNS) One year after an earthquake caused extensive damage to the Washington National Cathedral, church officials received a $5 million grant from Lilly Endowment to help restore the structure. By Chris Lisee.

Bible game show aims for religious audience

By Chris Lisee — August 23, 2012

(RNS) The world’s best-selling book has made it to the small screen in what is thought to be the first religiously themed game show on a secular network. “The American Bible Challenge” represents a bid to tap the religious market – particularly evangelicals. By Chris Lisee.

Faith and rights groups call for hate crime hearings

By Chris Lisee — August 22, 2012

WASHINGTON (RNS) Following a rash of recent attacks, a coalition of more than 150 organizations is calling on the Senate Judiciary Committee to conduct hearings next month on hate crimes and hate groups in the United States. By Chris Lisee.

Homeless find support on Facebook, Twitter

By Chris Lisee — August 22, 2012

(RNS) A new study finds that social media like Twitter and Facebook tear down economic and geographic barriers to help homeless people connect to their families and support networks. By Chris Lisee.

Does megachurch ‘high’ explain their success?

By Chris Lisee — August 20, 2012

(RNS) A new study suggests that megachurch services produce a spiritual and biological “high” that keeps congregants coming back for more. By Chris Lisee.

Family Research Council accuses Southern Poverty Law Center of sparking shooter’s hatred

By Chris Lisee — August 16, 2012

WASHINGTON (RNS) The head of the Family Research Council accused the Southern Poverty Law Center of sparking hatred that led Floyd Lee Corkins II to shoot a security guard at the conservative Christian lobbying group’s headquarters. By Chris Lisee.

Motive unknown in shooting at Family Research Council headquarters

By Chris Lisee — August 15, 2012

WASHINGTON (RNS) A security guard was shot Wednesday morning (Aug. 15) in the headquarters of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian lobbying group. By Chris Lisee.

N.Y. Cardinal Timothy Dolan defends Obama invitation to Al Smith Dinner

By Chris Lisee — August 15, 2012

(RNS) New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan defended his invitation of President Obama to the annual Al Smith Dinner in October, saying he's trying to encourage civility and dialogue amid a bitter battle over abortion rights and access to contraception. By Chris Lisee.

Report highlights Islam’s global diversity

By Chris Lisee — August 13, 2012

(RNS) A new report draws on 38,000 face-to-face interviews in 39 countries to find that Muslims differ sharply over questions of faith like who counts as a Muslim and what spiritual practices are acceptable. By Christopher Lisee.

Sikhs and supporters hold vigil outside White House

By Chris Lisee — August 9, 2012

Nationwide, candlelight vigils for the victims of the August 5 shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis. are responding to violence with peace - and symbolic meals.

Survey: most Americans keep faith private online

By Chris Lisee — August 2, 2012

(RNS) A new survey finds that Americans, while mostly religious, do not use social media to supplement worship and mostly keep their faith private online. By Chris Lisee.

Liberal Christian leaders blast GOP tax bill

By Chris Lisee — August 1, 2012

WASHINGTON (RNS) A coalition of liberal Christian leaders blasted a GOP plan that would extend Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy while slashing key provisions for the poor. By Chris Lisee.

Orthodox Jews use smartphones, websites to complete Talmud cycle

By Chris Lisee — July 31, 2012

(RNS) As 150,000 Orthodox Jews in North America celebrate the completion of a seven-year Talmud study program August 1, it’s easier than ever to study scripture, with the advent of websites, podcasts and smartphone apps. By Chris Lisee.

Pollster: Romney’s Israel trip will have little effect on Jewish vote

By Chris Lisee — July 25, 2012

WASHINGTON (RNS) Neither Mitt Romney’s trip to Israel Saturday (July 28) nor President Obama’s policies will influence the Jewish vote in the 2012 election, according to a new report that sees Jewish voting patterns as predictable and unchanging. By Chris Lisee.

Religion at the Olympics, from ancient Greece to London

By Chris Lisee — July 24, 2012

(RNS) The Olympics began in ancient Greece as a festival to honor a single god, Zeus. But organizers of the games must now navigate myriad sacred fasts and holy days. By Chris Lisee.

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