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Daniel Burke worked for Religion News Service from 2006-2013. He now co-edits CNN's Belief Blog.

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Religion News Roundup on hiatus

By Daniel Burke — March 5, 2013
The Religion News Roundup is on hiatus through Thursday, March 7th. Thanks for your patience; it’ll be back up and running on Friday. Cheers, RNS

Sweet Sistine Update: Round of Elite Eight Eminences

By Daniel Burke — March 4, 2013
(RNS) As Catholic cardinals flock to Rome to pick the next pope, our Sweet Sistine bracket is heating up, with just Eight Elite Eminences left.

What Pope Benedict XVI shares with his notorious namesake

By Daniel Burke — February 26, 2013
(RNS) The last Pope Benedict to resign, Benedict IX, was an infamous rake who sold the papacy. But like his 21st-century namesake, Benedict IX forces Catholics to mind the gap between the mortal man and the sacred papal office.

Monday’s Religion News Roundup: Oscar God * O’Brien resigns * Papal politics

By Daniel Burke — February 25, 2013
Hollywood worships its golden idols. Catholic cardinal resigns over sex allegations. Tim Tebow fumbles.

UPDATE: Did SNL cross a line in “DJesus Uncrossed” skit?

By Daniel Burke — February 20, 2013
(RNS) The line between satire and stupidity is notoriously blurry. On Saturday, "Saturday Night Live" ran a skit call "DJesus Uncrossed," a spoof on Quentin Tarantino's revenge flick "Django Unchained."

The gospel roots of the ‘Godmother of rock ‘n’ roll’

By Daniel Burke — February 19, 2013
(RNS) Before Elvis and Chuck Berry and Johnny Cash. Before Aretha and Whitney and Beyonce. Before the blues met gospel and conceived rock 'n’ roll, there was Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Monday’s Religion News Roundup: Peter’s pilgrims * Benedict’s infallibility * Foursquare’s scandal

By Daniel Burke — February 18, 2013
Pilgrims flock to St. Peter's Square. Cardinals consider successors to Pope Benedict XVI. The Foursquare church loses millions in a Broadway flop.

Catholic migration, and why the next pope should be Brazilian

By Daniel Burke — February 14, 2013
A new analysis of Catholic population shifts raises questions about the upcoming papal election.

Pope Benedict’s American fan club full of evangelicals

By Daniel Burke — February 12, 2013
(RNS) Not all Catholics appreciated Pope Benedict XVI's staunch defense of Christian orthodoxy, traditional marriage and life from conception to natural death. But American evangelicals sure did.

Monday’s Religion News Roundup: Pope resigns * James Dobson’s novel * Spiderman’s killer

By Daniel Burke — February 11, 2013
Pope Benedict XVI stuns the world. What's next for the Roman Catholic Church? Why is James Dobson so pessimistic, and who killed Spiderman?

READ: Obama’s remarks at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast

By Daniel Burke — February 7, 2013
(RNS) President Obama addressed the National Prayer Breakfast this morning in Washington.

WATCH: The National Prayer Breakfast

By Daniel Burke — February 7, 2013
President Obama is scheduled to speak between 8:30 and 9 ET at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. JOIN THE LIVE CHAT VISIT WHITEHOUSE.GOV

Muslim views of the Apocalypse

By Daniel Burke — February 6, 2013
(RNS) Muslim and Christian views of the Apocalypse are remarkably similar, albeit with a different ending.

How the “Islamic Antichrist” reflects our era’s anxieties

By Daniel Burke — February 6, 2013
Every age needs an Antichrist. For Protestant reformers, it was the papacy. For Cold War Christians, it was the Soviets. Now, a growing group of evangelicals say the Antichrist will be Muslim.

Monday’s Religion News Roundup: Romans 8:31 * Mahony responds * Applebee’s spoof

By Daniel Burke — February 4, 2013
Does God root for Ray Lewis? The Catholic Church once considered quarantining pedophiles. Someone spoofs the infamous Applebee's receipt.
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