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In northern Nigeria, Muslims and Christians take small steps toward reconciliation

By Doreen Ajiambo — June 7, 2019
(RNS) KAMPALA, Uganda — Muslims and Christians in Nigeria have started small-scale attempts at reconciliation after years of ethnic and religious conflict.

In African refugee camps, app replaces Bibles left behind

By Doreen Ajiambo — May 6, 2019
KAMPALA, Uganda (RNS) — The digital library has done much to replace the reference books many Sudanese churches lost to their country's decade of civil war.

Kenyan archbishop denies Catholic Church accepts funds from corrupt politicians

By Doreen Ajiambo — March 11, 2019
NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) — A Kenyan church leader recently turned down the gift of a $40,000 car after allegations the church was accepting donations from corrupt politicians.

Somali sheikh leads a seven-year campaign to end female genital mutilation

By Doreen Ajiambo — February 27, 2019
MOGADISHU, Somalia (RNS) — With sermons and through local media, Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan has made it his mission to convince parents and girls in his country that FGM is a cultural practice, not a religious one.

Muslims, Christians in Nigeria pray for peaceful elections, disagree over candidates

By Doreen Ajiambo — February 15, 2019
(RNS) — As elections approach, Nigeria's Muslims and Christians disagree over which presidential candidate to support, while both faiths pray for peace.

Kenya’s Catholic bishops provoke debate over public health and contraception

By Doreen Ajiambo — February 11, 2019
NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) — Citing an acute shortage of priests as a reason to obey the Vatican's longstanding ban on artificial forms of family planning, a bishop ignited a larger debate about family size and poverty.

In northern Kenya, al-Shabab militants target Christian teachers

By Doreen Ajiambo — January 14, 2019
WAJIR, Kenya (RNS) — Non-Muslim teachers have long suffered discrimination by the ethnic Somalis in the region, who are accused of helping militants to target Christians.

Bishop in Kenya reminds Catholics that Christmas is a season to give

By Doreen Ajiambo — December 26, 2018
NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) — In a season of merrymaking, the bishop reminds Kenyans, 'Let us share the joy and whatever we have with the poor, orphans and widows.'

LGBT people flee Tanzania amid police crackdown

By Doreen Ajiambo — December 5, 2018
ISEBANIA, Tanzania (RNS) — 'I’m fearing for my life,' said one man before crossing the border to Kenya. 'Police are breaking into homes of suspected homosexuals and arresting them.'

In remote parts of Uganda, a fight to stop preachers from discouraging medical care

By Doreen Ajiambo — November 28, 2018
KATAKWI, Uganda (RNS) — Earlier this month, a 27-year-old Pentecostal pastor was arrested after interceding to stop the medical care of a severely ill 9-year-old girl.

In Uganda, Catholics protest as archbishop asks government to enforce tithe

By Doreen Ajiambo — November 7, 2018
KAMPALA, Uganda (RNS) — 'What our leaders are doing is extortion and is not based on the word of God,' one parishioner said.

Urging peace, faith leaders risk being caught up in Zimbabwe’s electoral dispute

By Doreen Ajiambo — October 22, 2018
KAMPALA, Uganda (RNS) – Many residents in this southern African nation are accusing religious leaders of continuing to fuel violence and failing to address what they say was an improper vote.

Tired of war, South Sudanese pray for latest peace deal

By Doreen Ajiambo — October 17, 2018
JUBA, South Sudan (RNS) — Thousands of Southern Sudanese are gathering in churches and mosques in cities and refugee camps to pray for the end of a civil war that has raged since 2013.

Uganda’s faith leaders wade into country’s alarming drug crisis

By Doreen Ajiambo — October 1, 2018
KAMPALA, Uganda (RNS) — In a nation plagued by alcohol and drug abuse, faith leaders urge the government to partner with the church to raise awareness and treat young addicts.

Deaf Tanzanians are left to forge their own worship

By Doreen Ajiambo — September 27, 2018
BAGAMOYO, Tanzania (RNS) — For hearing-impaired worshippers here, Sunday mornings are often filled with disappointment, as worship services that accommodate them with sign language are few.
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