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French cardinal accused of cover-up in widening abuse scandal

By Elizabeth Bryant — March 15, 2016
PARIS (RNS) Cardinal Philippe Barbarin is accused of covering up allegations of sexual abuse of young boy scouts before he was named cardinal.

A Paris butcher offers a lesson in interfaith ties

By Elizabeth Bryant — February 4, 2016
PARIS (RNS) In a city still recovering from last year’s deadly attacks, the store tucked next to an abandoned railroad track offers a more positive face of interfaith relations.

To wear, or not to wear? French Jews wrestle with the yarmulke amid growing fears

By Elizabeth Bryant — January 13, 2016
PARIS (RNS) France’s half-a-million Jews ponder the question after a skullcap-wearing Jewish schoolteacher in Marseille was attacked Monday (Jan. 11) by a Kurdish teenager claiming allegiance to the Islamic State.

Sharp spike in anti-Semitic incidents across France, new report finds

By Elizabeth Bryant — January 7, 2016
PARIS (RNS) The report cites a doubling of anti-Semitic incidents corresponding to a doubling in the number of French Jews who moved to Israel.

In French elections, clashing visions of Muslim identity

By Elizabeth Bryant — December 4, 2015
PARIS (RNS) In this weekend's regional elections, the fledgling Union of French Muslim Democrats party seeks to counter a rising tide of Islamophobia and give France’s five million Muslims a greater political voice.

French Muslims attend Friday prayers under tight security

By Elizabeth Bryant — November 20, 2015
PARIS (RNS) Tens of thousands of faithful responded to calls by Muslim leaders across France to attend Friday prayers in honor of the 130 people who died during last week’s terrorist attacks around Paris.

After attacks, Muslims in Paris fear being targeted anew

By Elizabeth Bryant — November 16, 2015
PARIS (RNS) Scattered anti-Muslim acts -- graffiti daubed on mosques, stones thrown at a kebab restaurant, “death to Muslims” scrawled on a wall of a Normandy town -- have already been reported since Friday’s attacks.

European Catholic bishops call for regional action ahead of Paris climate talks

By Elizabeth Bryant — October 30, 2015
PARIS (RNS) The European bishops’ conference is expected to release an expert report detailing action and discussion items on climate change in response to the pope's encyclical.

French residents greet Syrian refugees warmly, but many are wary

By Elizabeth Bryant — September 14, 2015
CERGY-PONTOISE, France (RNS) Busloads of refugees began arriving here, after the leftist government announced it would help out an overwhelmed Germany. They have received a warm welcome but questions loom.

French court rules school lunches may include pork; Muslims alarmed

By Elizabeth Bryant — August 13, 2015
PARIS (RNS) The ruling addressed a long tradition of offering alternatives to pork in public school lunches, a tradition that has tapped simmering anti-immigrant sentiments in France.

French rabbi hits the road to build Jewish-Muslim ties

By Elizabeth Bryant — July 2, 2015
(RNS) For the past decade, Michel Serfaty has toured France in a beat-up minibus plastered with slogans such as “Solidarity between Jews and Muslims” and “We’re more alike than you think.”

Vatican standoff with France tests pope’s ‘Who am I to judge?’ stance

By Elizabeth Bryant — April 24, 2015
PARIS (RNS) The pope's reaction, as reported in the media, appears to contrast starkly with his remarks two years ago in which he said, “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?”

A national campaign for ‘Islam a la Francaise’ takes root amid growing radicalization

By Elizabeth Bryant — April 6, 2015
LYON, France (RNS) The 24-week program includes classes on law, religion and how French principles of secularity are applied to daily life.

Jewish cemetery desecrated hours after Israeli premier calls for mass migration of Jews

By Elizabeth Bryant — February 16, 2015
PARIS (RNS) On Sunday, French Jews received a further shock, with the desecration of several hundred tombs at a Jewish cemetery in Alsace.

In France, comedian’s trial suggests mocking religion has its limits

By Elizabeth Bryant — January 29, 2015
PARIS (RNS) Dieudonne faces a charge of inciting terrorism for posting on Facebook that he felt like "Charlie Coulibaly" -- a reference to the gunman who killed four Jews at a kosher supermarket in Paris, just two days after the Charlie Hebdo attack.
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