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Eric Berger

Eric Berger is an author at Religion News Service.

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In St. Louis, mapping how religion is lived — in sanctuaries holy and profane

September 11, 2019

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (RNS) — Focusing on practices and beliefs in everyday life, the initiative looks at religion in the yoga studio, the baseball stadium, the zoo and the dog park.

Millennial Catholics go ‘biking for babies,’ raise funds for crisis pregnancy clinics

July 16, 2019

ST. LOUIS (RNS) — Wearing blue and yellow Biking for Babies cycling jerseys and traveling mostly through red states, the 23 riders, the majority of them Catholic and college-age, said they often encountered people who support their mission.

In St. Louis, ‘Grill to Glory’ deploys churches (and hot dogs) for community renewal

May 30, 2019

ST. LOUIS (RNS) — A partnership between churches and a local nonprofit build community through cookouts in crime-plagued North St. Louis.

Overcoming fears of ‘making noise,’ US Muslims step into civic life

April 2, 2019

ST. LOUIS (RNS) — The group Muslims for a Better America plunged into local politics in this city when a candidate who described herself as a ‘Confederate’ ran for school board.

Wounded by a pastor’s fall, The Journey megachurch gets back on its path

January 17, 2019

ST. LOUIS (RNS) — Since elders fired the founder, Darrin Patrick, the church has improved accountability and promoted more women, but its salvation may have been its faith in a down-to-earth approach to building community.

As immigrants come north, ‘Let Our Families Go’ caravan heads for border tent city

November 14, 2018

(RNS) — The goal of the trip, an organizer said, is to ‘raise our voices and ensure that indefinite detention of asylum seekers does not happen.’

Lawsuit settled, former SNAP director returns to the fight against abuse

September 26, 2018

ST. LOUIS (RNS) — David Clohessy’s re-emergence is a reboot for the organization representing abuse survivors, two years after he resigned amid allegations of kickbacks from victims’ attorneys.

Celtic spirituality draws pagans and Christians alike

August 17, 2018

(RNS) — ‘It’s a big-tent spirituality,’ said book editor Brandenburgh, ‘so it’s something that not only Roman Catholics and mainline Protestants feel comfortable with, but it’s also something that is of interest to the neo-pagans of the world, many of the New Age types.’

Seminary investigation to begin in wake of sexual misconduct allegations

August 13, 2018

(RNS) Cardinal Sean O’Malley said the investigation will look into the allegations as well as the ‘culture of the seminary regarding the personal standards expected and required of candidates for the priesthood.’

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