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Southern Baptist leaders release secret accused abuser list

By Holly Meyer and Deepa Bharath — May 27, 2022
(AP) — The 205-page database was made public late Thursday. It includes more than 700 entries from cases that largely span from 2000 to 2019.

Some praise, some doubts as Facebook rolls out a prayer tool

By Holly Meyer and David Crary — August 9, 2021
(AP) —  Facebook already asks for your thoughts. Now it wants your prayers.

Texas church expelled from Southern Baptist Convention for hiring sex offender as pastor

By Holly Meyer — February 19, 2020
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (USA Today) — The church is the first to be recommended for removal by the newly formed Credentials Committee, which was created last year in response to the convention’s sexual abuse crisis.

Gospel sing-along in Tennessee faces Confederate controversy after photos surface online

By Holly Meyer — July 22, 2019
(USA Today) — Organizers apologized after a parade preceding the Diana Singing, a popular event for 50 years, included a motorized scooter flying the Confederate banner.

Episcopal couples, advocates hope the church removes gay marriage restrictions

By Holly Meyer — July 5, 2018
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (USA Today) — Episcopalians will consider altering rules related to weddings for same-sex couples when they gather this month in Texas for the denomination's triennial meeting.

Georgia church expelled from Southern Baptist Convention over racial discrimination charges

By Holly Meyer — June 11, 2018
DALLAS (USA Today) — The small white congregation in Albany, Ga., has been accused of discriminating against a growing black congregation that shared its church building.

Paige Patterson attorney says Southern Baptist seminary’s claims aren’t accurate

By Holly Meyer — June 6, 2018
(USA Today Network) – Fort Worth attorney Shelby Sharpe, who is representing Patterson, responded point-by-point to revealing comments made last week by a Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary official.

The race to colonize Mars is on. One astronomy professor isn’t sure we should go.

By Holly Meyer — May 14, 2018
(USA Today Network) — The race to colonize Mars is underway, but one astronomy professor thinks we should slow down and figure out if there is life on Earth's planetary neighbor before our exploration destroys it.

Congregation, Tennessee Baptist Convention split over church’s first female pastor

By Holly Meyer — November 15, 2017
(USA Today) — What played out Tuesday morning in Hendersonville is just the latest example of the theological disagreement among Baptists over the role of women as ministers.  

‘This movement is evil’: Religious leaders denounce White Lives Matter rallies

By Holly Meyer — October 27, 2017
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (USA Today Network ) — Scores of clergy have signed their names to statements opposing the white nationalist groups' values ahead of a protest in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville on Saturday (Oct. 28).

Two Sundays, two mass shootings: Why do bad things happen to good people?

By Holly Meyer — October 8, 2017
(USA Today) — After a succession of bewildering violence, questions arise: Why does evil exist? Why didn't God intervene?

Nashville church shooting: What happens when violence invades sacred spaces

By Holly Meyer — September 26, 2017
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — People are shot at churches every year across America. There aren’t any official government statistics on the subject, but some researchers have attempted to quantify it.

Southern Baptists talk sex, LGBT issues at parenting conference

By Holly Meyer — August 26, 2017
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (USA Today) — The Friday morning panel prompted a demonstration from Faith in America, a nonprofit that tries to stop 'harmful anti-LGBT religious teachings.'

Houses of worship do some soul-searching as their neighborhoods change

By Holly Meyer — July 23, 2017
NASHVILLE — Buildings that once held worship services have been repurposed or bulldozed and redeveloped into bars, restaurants and other secular spaces.

Black minister leaves Southern Baptist Convention to shed light on racism

By Holly Meyer — July 20, 2017
(USA Today) 'I understand the logic behind wanting to stay inside an institution and make changes from the inside. ... That motivation is noble in some instances, but it's also enabling in others,' wrote the Rev. Lawrence Ware. 'I just came to a place where I couldn't stay in.'
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