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Jair Cabrera Torres is an author at Religion News Service.

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Despite deaths of its chief promoters, Mexican cult of Santa Muerte prospers

By Jair Cabrera Torres — July 5, 2019
SANTA ANA CHAPITIRO, Mexico (RNS) —  The image of death has loomed over Mexican music, dance and literature for centuries. A new addition is the cult of Santa Muerte, which has become increasingly popular in the past two decades.

At a sprawling shrine to Shiva, Nepal’s Hindus help the dead on their way

By Jair Cabrera Torres — January 25, 2019
KATHMANDU, Nepal (RNS) — Located on the banks of the Bagmati River in the Himalayan country's capital, the Pashupatinath Temple complex is the site of daily ritual cremations.

Faith groups in Tijuana rise to meet needs of migrant caravan waiting at the border

By Jair Cabrera Torres — December 4, 2018
TIJUANA, Mexico (RNS) — In a border city overwhelmed with more than 6,000 asylum-seekers, one group had bulked up its meal program to serve more than 1,200 breakfasts a day.

Worshipping the patron saint of drug traffickers in Mexico

By Jair Cabrera Torres — May 2, 2017
CULIACAN, Mexico (RNS) On Wednesday, men, women and children of all ages will march in a procession in honor of Jesus Malverde, a Robin Hood-like folk hero.
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