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Minimum Wage: Would You Like a Raise With That?

December 5, 2013

The federal minimum wage, which was last increased in 2009 to its current $7.25 an hour, has been the subject of renewed interest on Capitol Hill and around the country.

Specific Immigration Provisions: Fines, Waiting Periods, and Increased Border Security

November 25, 2013

Although immigration reform policy is complex and continues to evolve, the Senate bill that passed in June (S-744) includes three key features: a 13-year waiting period before immigrants may become full citizens, an estimated $4,000 in mandatory fines and fees to be paid over the course of the citizenship process, and a $46 billion investment in increased border security. While there is consensus around some provisions, on others, views differ sharply by political affiliation.

Libertarians, the Tea Party and White Evangelicals on Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage and Physician-Assisted Suicide

November 14, 2013

Libertarians are a unique political group. While their political behavior suggests a strongly conservative worldview, when it comes to social issues – including access to abortion, physician-assisted suicide and marijuana legalization – libertarians stand apart from other key conservative constituencies.

Libertarians By the Numbers: A Demographic, Religious and Political Profile

November 7, 2013

Taken together, the demographic, religious and political characteristics make libertarians unique in American politics today.

Support for Marijuana Legalization among Religious Groups

November 1, 2013

While less than 3-in-10 (29 percent) white evangelical Protestants and less than half (48 percent) of Catholics favor marijuana legalization, clear majorities of both white mainline Protestants (58 percent) and religiously unaffiliated Americans (78 percent) favor this measure.

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