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Terry Shoemaker

Terry Shoemaker is an author at Religion News Service.

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Skateboarding’s spiritual side — skaters find meaning in falls and breaking the monotony of urban life

By Terry Shoemaker — March 7, 2022
(The Conversation) — The ‘Spiritual But Not Religious’ are embracing different forms of spirituality – skateboarding may be one of them.

Understanding evangelicalism in America today

By Terry Shoemaker — August 4, 2021
(The Conversation) — A religion scholar explains how evangelicalism in the US is not a monolith. It includes a a variety of churches, theologies and practices.

Why some younger evangelicals are leaving the faith

By Terry Shoemaker — July 15, 2021
(The Conversation) — Disaffected young evangelicals and those who left the church describe an out-of-touch institution not in line with their political beliefs, a scholar found

White Gen X and millennial evangelicals are losing faith in the conservative culture wars

By Terry Shoemaker — June 22, 2021
(The Conversation) — Growing numbers of young evangelicals and 'Exvangelicals' are pro-LGBTQ, support #BlackLivesMatter – or are fed up altogether with mixing faith and politics.
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