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Medical Ethics

Despite attacks, Christian pregnancy centers poised to expand as Roe falls

By Kathryn Post — June 28, 2022
(RNS) — At least a dozen pregnancy centers across the U.S. have been vandalized or set ablaze since the leak of the Dobbs decision draft.
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Spirituality and service play essential and understudied roles in mental health

By Daniel Bergner — June 22, 2022
(RNS) — Given the walls biomedical psychiatry has run into, it’s time to pay attention to the connections experts are drawing among spirituality, service and mental health. 

SC medical ethics law prompts concerns re: LGBTQ health care

By James Pollard — June 22, 2022
(AP) — South Carolina joins several other states that have moved recently to protect 'conscience' objections for medical providers.

Survey: White evangelicals oppose abortion; all other religious groups support it

By Yonat Shimron — May 6, 2022
(RNS) — US religions have wide-ranging opinions on legality of abortion. But most support legal abortion.

High court: States must allow prayer, touch in executions

By Jessica Gresko — March 25, 2022
(AP) — Chief Justice John Roberts' opinion also urged states to think about the religious needs of inmates in the context of executions and proactively adopt policies.

Fat liberationists celebrate fat bodies in religious community

By Kathryn Post — December 6, 2021
(RNS) — A small but growing group of religious fat liberationists opposes fat phobia in all its forms.

Synagogues hoped to be in person this year. Now they’re not so sure.

By Yonat Shimron — August 18, 2021
(RNS) — A flood of new cases fueled by the highly contagious delta variant is putting increased pressure on synagogue leaders to scale back High Holy Days services.

Clergy among advocates suing Texas over new law deputizing citizens to enforce abortion ban

By Alejandra Molina — July 16, 2021
(RNS) —'If we as people of faith want to remain free of interference from the government, S.B. 8 should worry us beyond what we think is right or wrong about abortion,' said the Rev. Daniel Kanter.

She lost her husband in a beach accident. Her book tackles what it takes to heal.

By Yonat Shimron — July 8, 2021
(RNS) — In her new book, Shannon Dingle writes about leaning into grief, accepting uncertainty, connecting to feelings, expressing hard truths and getting psychological help.

Dr. Anthony Fauci named 2021 Humanist of the Year

By Kathryn Post — July 1, 2021
(RNS) — The American Humanist Association awarded the honor to Fauci for embodying humanist values in the global fight against COVID-19.

AP-NORC poll: Most say restrict abortion after 1st trimester

By David Crary and Hannah Fingerhut — June 28, 2021
NEW YORK (AP) — Still, the poll finds many Americans believe the procedure should be allowable under at least some circumstances even during the second or third trimesters.

For some US Muslims, raw talk on suicide, mental health

By Mariam Fam — June 28, 2021
(AP) — Mental health professionals are working alongside faith leaders and activists to raise awareness in Muslim communities about suicide prevention and mental health and provide religiously and culturally sensitive guidance.

Franklin Graham unfazed after evangelical base blasts him for encouraging vaccines

By Yonat Shimron — March 26, 2021
(RNS) — Graham's March 24 Facebook post uncovered a deep divide among evangelicals, many of whom are suspicious of COVID-19 vaccines. His organization, Samaritan's Purse, is managing vaccine clinics in Boone, North Carolina.
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