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In 2020, a small but timely library of Sikh history

By Simran Jeet Singh — December 29, 2020

(RNS) — Distinctive in style and scope, these three Sikh histories will fascinate any religion or history nerd.

What Jesus means to me as a Muslim

By Omar Suleiman — December 24, 2020

(RNS) — As the Christmas season ushers forth the memory of Jesus, it’s worth asking: How much do Muslims think about the person the Quran recognizes as a prophet and the Messiah?

A Christmas without family and community

By Thomas Reese — December 23, 2020

(RNS) — Christmas celebrates God’s great surprise, but we need to see it through children’s eyes.

Why I stopped tithing to the LDS Church

By Jana Riess — December 23, 2020

At tithing settlement this year, I declared myself a full tithe-payer and explained why none of that money has gone to the LDS Church.

The best religion books of 2020

By Jeffrey Salkin — December 23, 2020

Biblio-therapy for the ill at ease. That means — all of us.

Barr the executioner

By Mark Silk — December 21, 2020

(RNS) — The departing attorney general seemingly went out of his way to reject his church’s teaching on the death penalty.

Gen Z is lukewarm about religion, but open to relationships, study shows

By Jana Riess — December 21, 2020

(RNS) — Religious affiliation among Gen Z Americans continues its steady decline, but affiliation isn’t everything.

2020 has tested the heart and soul of America

By Thomas Reese — December 17, 2020

(RNS) — The year was horrible, but we who lived through it haven’t been perfect either. We must become better or we will be worse.

‘Lo, a virgin shall conceive’ … or not, depending on the translation

By Jana Riess — December 17, 2020

(RNS) — Had Isaiah wanted to say ‘virgin’ or predict a miraculous birth, he would have used different Hebrew words, say biblical scholars Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler.

Doomscrolling much? It’s probably bad for your soul

By Jana Riess — December 16, 2020

(RNS) — Pushing back the screen to create tangible things in the real world is more important now than ever.

That’s Dr. Biden to you!

By Jeffrey Salkin — December 15, 2020

(RNS) — You call a professional what that person wants to be called. End of discussion.

The weary world rejoices

By Jana Riess — December 14, 2020

(RNS) — As we wait for Christmas and for a vaccine, I’m reminded that the most beautiful birth in history happened in a place literally mired in crap.

In Trump they trust

By Mark Silk — December 11, 2020

(RNS) — The ‘hold your nose and vote’ theory of why white evangelicals went for Donald Trump is in shambles.

Pope’s new book speaks to Americans on racism, immigration and gender equity

By Thomas Reese — December 9, 2020

(RNS) — Readers will be surprised how relevant the book’s message is to American Catholics and the country’s leaders.

Mormon apostle calls masks “a sign of Christlike love.” Some church members are pushing back

By Jana Riess — December 8, 2020

(RNS) — “Covid-19 is serious,” said a Mormon apostle. The backlash from anti-maskers isn’t pretty.

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