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The Wright Stuff

By Mark Silk — April 28, 2008

So we have Wright the thoughtful intellectual with Bill Moyers, Wright the passionate exponent of equality before the NAACP, and Wright the angry radical at the National Press Club. Inevitably, the last will be engraved as the real Wright, though I’m inclined to think that all of them are equally real. Add to Favorite Articles

Obama in (a different) church

By Mark Silk — April 28, 2008

Yesterday, as chapter 2 of the Jeremiah Wright Saga was getting under way, Barack Obama went to St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, a big urban enterprise presided over by Rev. M. Kent Millard. A few weeks ago, Rev. Millard preached on racial reconciliation–in the big friendly inclusive unthreatening white Midwestern Methodist mode. Add […]

He Keeps Going and Going and Going…

By rvineis — April 28, 2008

Rev. Wright continues to dominate the media cycle with remarks made to the National Press Club. Here is the video of Wright defending the infamous “9-11 were America’s chickens coming home to roost” line. Wright went on to say that the Black Church was really the victim of attacks directed at him. His remarks at […]

Recalculating PA

By Mark Silk — April 28, 2008

CNN has recalculated its exit poll for Pennsylvania, with the result that the Jewish vote turns out to be more pro-Clinton than it originally seemed: 62 percent to 38 percent (61 percent to 39 percent for white Jews). That’s a little bigger margin than for white Protestants (59 percent to 41 percent) and a good […]


By Mark Silk — April 28, 2008

Runoff life in Miss. 1. Add to Favorite Articles

Obama’s Religion, take 187

By Mark Silk — April 27, 2008

According to the latest Newsweek poll, just over half of Americans (52 percent) think Barack Obama is a Christian, 13 percent think he’s a Muslim, 9 percent think he’s something else, and 26 percent don’t know. Fewer non-white (48 percent) than whites (53 percent) think he’s Christian. Fully 16 percent of poor or working class […]

Wright Bites

By Mark Silk — April 27, 2008

I am struck with the absence of commentary on Bill Moyers’ interview of Jeremiah Wright. Yes, the thing aired Friday evening, and there’s a tendency for topical bloggers as well as MSM opinion writers to take the weekend off. But even so, this man spent weeks at the center of the national presidential campaign, and […]

Must See TV

By Mark Silk — April 26, 2008

Anyone who pronounces on Jeremiah Wright without having seen Bill Moyers’ Journal last night doesn’t deserve a hearing. My mother-in-law–a nice 83-year-old Jewish lady–put it this way: “Rev. Wright was fantastic–after listening to 5 minutes of what preceded God Damn America I’m ready to join the church.” I’m not sure I’m quite that ready, but […]

Pastor and Politician

By Mark Silk — April 25, 2008

Direct Democracy’s Todd Beeton is shocked that the Obama campaign didn’t have Jeremiah Wright “on message” in tonight’s Bill Moyers’ interview. It’s clear that Wright did Obama no favor by saying that his Philadelphia comments about Wright were Obama being what he is–a politician rather than a pastor, speaking as a politician must. I’m not […]

The Catholic Conundrum

By Mark Silk — April 25, 2008

E.J. Dionne and Steve Waldman are both in the field today with solutions to Obama’s “Catholic Problem.” The problem, and they’re both sort of aware of it, is that the nature and extent of the problem is not very clear. Yes, Obama had a discernible problem with white Catholics (as opposed to white Protestants) in […]

Faith-based Aggression

By Mark Silk — April 25, 2008

RNC dep chair tells Brody McCain’s courting of the faithful will be “aggressive.” And what does the McCain campaign say? Add to Favorite Articles

This Jeremiad Will Be Televised

By Mark Silk — April 24, 2008

As we await Bill Moyer’s interview of Jeremiah Wright (previewed here by the New York Times), it’s worth wondering whether Wright might have saved his most famous former parishioner some grief by going public sooner. Judging by the quotes on display, I think not. Add to Favorite Articles

Hagee v. NOLA

By Mark Silk — April 24, 2008

With John McCain touring New Orleans today, the liberal blogosphere is reviving his endorser John Hagee’s remarks blaming Katrina on a big gay pride parade that had been planned in the Crescent City. Hagee made the point in an interview with NPR’s Terry Gross back in September, but a lot more fun is Dennis Prager’s […]

Say What?

By rvineis — April 24, 2008

Nancy Pelosi sent out an uncharacteristic press release celebrating Earth Day and calling for an end to climate change. The release ended with a biblical quotation. “The Bible tells us in the Old Testament, ‘To minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the […]

Tarred and Heeled

By Mark Silk — April 24, 2008

The last couple of days, Politico (here) and God-o-Meter (here and here and here) have been all over the back and forth between the McCain campaign and the North Carolina GOP over an ad the latter put up tying two Democratic gubernatorial wannabees in the Tarheel State to Obama/Wright. (Both have endorsed Obama.) The McCain […]

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