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Chris Stedman: Faitheist

Can atheists pray? Gretta Vosper on Andrew W.K., Sam Harris, and atheist ‘spirituality’

By Chris Stedman — September 18, 2014
Andrew W.K. recently made waves with an advice column encouraging an atheist to pray for a brother recently diagnosed with cancer. Atheist minister Gretta Vosper talks to RNS about atheism and prayer.

Can hip-hop help Humanism? Monica Miller on African American atheism and white privilege

By Chris Stedman — September 17, 2014
Dr. Monica Miller, Professor of Religion and Africana Studies and author of 'Religion and Hip Hop', tells RNS how looking to hip-hop and African American Humanism can improve discussions about race among atheists.

Gay and nonreligious in a Republican state, Rep. Brian Sims puts his faith in humanity

By Chris Stedman — September 10, 2014
"I'm the only elected official in Pennsylvania that didn't have to set foot in a house of worship to get elected." Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims tells RNS about his his faith in humanity and being a nonreligious gay Democrat in a Republican state.

Atheists challenging ‘under God’ need to win hearts, not just minds

By Chris Stedman — September 8, 2014
If we want to help people truly understand why language like "under God" marginalizes atheists, we need to work with religious people and focus on building relationships with believers.

After atheists asked, Tufts creates first university-funded Humanist position

By Chris Stedman — September 3, 2014
Five years after a group of atheist and agnostic students launched a campaign to get a Humanist chaplain at Tufts, the university has created a Humanist staff position—the first of its kind in the U.S.

S.E. Cupp isn’t a ‘joiner’ — is that true for other atheists?

By Chris Stedman — August 22, 2014
"I became an atheist because I'm not a joiner," CNN host S.E. Cupp says in a recent video. 'Atheists aren't joiners' is a common stereotype—but that doesn't mean we can't be 'joiners,' or that there aren't potential benefits.

Ferguson: Why atheists should care — and what they can do

By Chris Stedman — August 21, 2014
It’s time for humanists to dig deeper. It’s time for humanists to stop being so lazy regarding issues of race violence. Race and the consequences of our racist society must become a priority within the humanist movement.

Atheists in foxholes — and car accidents

By Chris Stedman — August 15, 2014
Some say that there are "no atheists in foxholes"—that, when confronted with her or his own mortality, even the most ardent atheist suddenly becomes a believer. But a recent car accident reminded me of how my atheism fuels my appreciation for being alive.

LGBTQs are leaving religion, but atheists shouldn’t celebrate

By Chris Stedman — August 13, 2014
As an atheist and a queer person, I'm not surprised by Gallup’s finding that fewer LGBTQ people are religious. But I want to caution all people—atheists included—against celebrating this.

After backlash, atheist author cancels ‘God is an abusive boyfriend’ book

By Chris Stedman — August 7, 2014
"Friendly Atheist" Hemant Mehta has announced that his next book will draw parallels between belief in God and an abusive relationship—inspiring controversy among atheists.

Philip Pullman: Atheists can learn from Jesus without believing he was the son of God

By Chris Stedman — August 4, 2014
World Humanist Congress speaker and "His Dark Materials" author Philip Pullman talks with RNS about atheism, Humanist funerals, and what atheists can learn from Jesus.

Atheist TV: Who is the Richard Dawkins-endorsed channel really trying to reach?

By Chris Stedman — July 31, 2014
The first channel specifically for atheists launched this week. But their decision to feature figures like Richard Dawkins and Jaclyn Glenn so prominently has guest columnist Sarah Jones wondering which atheists the channel is designed to attract.

Heina Dadabhoy: Why I identify as an ex-Muslim

By Chris Stedman — July 30, 2014
"Although I no longer believe in Islam, being a Muslim defined and shaped my life in ways that I cannot simply leave behind."

NYPD Muslim surveillance should concern atheists, too

By Chris Stedman — July 28, 2014
If atheists are going to demand equal rights—and we should—we should also be prepared to advocate for the rights of other groups, regardless of whether or not we agree with them on the subject of God. Anything less is hypocritical.

Is libertarianism compatible with secularism?

By Chris Stedman — July 25, 2014
Thanks to Hobby Lobby, libertarian secularists may now find themselves unable to reconcile their economic principles with their support for a religiously neutral government.
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