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‘Fire monks’ ready to defend monastery from Big Sur blaze

By Associated Press — June 23, 2021
BIG SUR, Calif. (AP) — A group of firefighting monks was ready to defend a Buddhist monastery being threatened Tuesday by a wildfire burning south of Big Sur.

Newly sanctified Tunisian cemetery for migrants filling fast

By Lori Hinnant, Mehdi El-arem — June 22, 2021

Germany gets 1st military rabbi in over a century

By Associated Press — June 22, 2021
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White Gen X and millennial evangelicals are losing faith in the conservative culture wars

By Terry Shoemaker — June 22, 2021
(The Conversation) — Growing numbers of young evangelicals and 'Exvangelicals' are pro-LGBTQ, support #BlackLivesMatter – or are fed up altogether with mixing faith and politics.

Judge tosses most claims over clearing protesters in DC park

By Michael Balsamo — June 22, 2021
WASHINGTON (AP) — In a 51-page decision, the judge did allow the claims against the Metropolitan Police Department and the Arlington Police Department — their officers were involved in clearing the park — to proceed.

Pope on Myanmar: Houses of worship serve as neutral refuge

By Associated Press — June 21, 2021
VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis on Sunday decried the suffering of refugees in Myanmar and pleaded that houses of worship be respected as neutral places to take shelter.

Israel launches official probe into deadly festival stampede

By Associated Press — June 21, 2021
JERUSALEM (AP) — Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said the commission would investigate major safety shortcomings that led to a deadly stampede at Lag Baomer celebrations on Mount Meron.

An architect of European unity moves ahead on sainthood path

By Frances D'emilio — June 21, 2021
(AP) — Schuman, whom the Catholic Church calls 'a man of faith', died in 1963 after serving as the first president of the forerunner of the European Parliament.

This tiny minority of Iraqis follows an ancient Gnostic religion – and there’s a chance they could be your neighbors too

By James F. McGrath — June 21, 2021
(The Conversation) — Mandaeans are followers of ancient Gnostic religion, whose traditional homeland was the region of Iraq and Iran. Today, this small minority lives in many parts of the world, including the US.

Supreme Court unanimously upholds religious liberty over LGBTQ rights — and nods to a bigger win for conservatives ahead

By Morgan Marietta — June 20, 2021
(The Conversation) — In an unanimous decision, the nine justices said the city of Philadelphia was wrong to exclude a Catholic agency from its adoption programs.

High court ruling cited in Kentucky child services dispute

By Bruce Schreiner — June 18, 2021
(AP) — Republicans in the commonwealth pounced on the Supreme Court ruling in Fulton v. Philadelphia to again press the governor to renew a foster care agency's contract.

How Israel’s missing constitution deepens divisions between Jews and with Arabs

By Brendan Szendro — June 17, 2021
(The Conversation) — Governed by a changeable body of 'basic laws,' Israel never settled basic questions like the rights of religious minorities. These destabilizing issues will continue to fester under a new government.

Baker fined for refusing to make transgender transition cake

By Colleen Slevin — June 17, 2021
DENVER (AP) — While Jack Phillips said he could not make the cake because of its message, the judge said the case was about a refusal to sell a product, not compelled speech.

Black community has new option for health care: the church

By Carrie Antlfinger — June 17, 2021
MILWAUKEE (AP) — Some Black church leaders want to extend their efforts beyond the fight against COVID-19 and give their flocks a place to seek health care for other ailments at a place they trust — the church.

China offers glimpse of Tibetan life without the Dalai Lama

By Sam McNeil — June 16, 2021
(AP) — The party is pressing a program to Sinicize Tibetan life through programs to separate Tibetans from their language, culture, and especially, their devotion to the Dalai Lama.
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