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The Slingshot: Case about abortion; Tweet about Jim Carrey; Book about gay bunny

Members of Chicago feminist group FURIE protest the crisis pregnancy center The Women’s Center in Chicago on Nov. 15, 2014. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Need to know: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Abortion and freedom of speech: a volatile mix heads to the Supreme Court

The case pits "crisis pregnancy centers" that seek to prevent abortions against California, which enacted a law to ensure that these centers do not mislead women.

Mike Huckabee calls Jim Carrey a ‘Christaphobe’ after tweet about his daughter

"This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!" the actor tweeted underneath a portrait that bears resemblance to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

John Oliver’s new children’s book depicts Pence’s pet bunny as gay

The bunny falls in love with the same-sex bunny of his dreams, but their nuptials are threatened by the Stink Bug, who sports a Pence-inspired haircut and deep red tie.

Mississippi bans abortions at 15 weeks, earliest in the nation

"I am committed to making Mississippi the safest place in America for an unborn child, and this bill will help us achieve that goal," Gov. Phil Bryant tweeted Monday.

Kentucky considers law on student prayer

One of the five Republican House sponsors of the bill said the proposed law is nondiscriminatory because it does not mention a specific religion.

Hannibal Buress stand-up set is interrupted at Loyola after his sex-abuse joke

At the Jesuit university in Chicago, the comedian made a joke referencing sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church. And the mic went out.

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DC councilman apologizes for claiming the weather is controlled by Jews

(RNS) — 'I work hard everyday to combat racism and prejudices of all kinds. I want to apologize to the Jewish Community and anyone I have offended,' the councilman said.

Vatican bows to pressure, releases retired pope’s letter

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The 'Lettergate' scandal has embarrassed the Vatican's communications operations and fueled the growing chasm between supporters of Francis' pastoral-focused papacy and conservatives who long for the doctrine-minded tenure of Benedict.

From ‘Downton’ to Jerusalem, actor Hugh Bonneville searches for Jesus

(RNS) — The beloved 'Lord Grantham' takes his background in theology to Jerusalem in a new documentary.

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A landmark religious freedom case especially threatens low-income women and those of color

(RNS) — A case going before the Supreme Court this week could redefine public accountability regarding providing false information or misleading women about their reproductive health choices, all in the name of religious freedom.

Can the government force pregnancy centers to speak a message they disagree with?

(RNS) — Forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to become abortion referral agencies is a mandate that violates the foundational principles of these faith-based agencies. This is government-compelled speech, and it is clearly unconstitutional.

The power of children protesting, from the civil rights movement to the gun violence walkouts

When young people awaken to a cause, many ordinarily passive and apathetic people get roused.

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