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White House: GOP abortion ban would mean a nationwide crisis

By Colleen Long — September 23, 2022
(RNS) — Vice President Kamala Harris urged Democratic attorneys general at a meeting in Milwaukee to keep fighting for abortion rights in the states.

Brent Leatherwood, new ERLC president, says he won’t tell Christians how to vote

By Bob Smietana — September 16, 2022
(RNS) — A Southern Baptist ethicist and former Tennessee Republican staffer hopes to work closely with churches on their public witness.

Poll: Jewish voters are highly motivated and concerned about American democracy

By Yonat Shimron — September 15, 2022
(RNS) — Abortion is a driving issue, especially among younger Jews, but the threat to the future of democracy appears to be an even larger issue in the Jewish Electorate Institute poll.

Blowing shofars, Jewish lawmakers, rabbis hold abortion rights ‘sho-test’

By Jack Jenkins — September 14, 2022
(RNS) — ‘Abortion justice is a Jewish value,’ said U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida.

Greek officials, Church, condemn ex-bishop’s remarks on rape

By Associated Press — September 6, 2022
ATHENS, Greece (AP) — The Greek Orthodox Church and several politicians condemned retired bishop Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Dodoni for his "inconceivable" comments on rape and abuse victims.

Erasing pro-life Christians of color

By Charles C. Camosy — August 30, 2022
(RNS) — A post-Dobbs narrative breezily associates all anti-abortion activism and policies with racism.

Texas judge blocks HHS enforcement of emergency room abortions, cites religious objections

By Adelle M. Banks — August 24, 2022
(RNS) — The judge said the guidance’s lack of exceptions for health care providers ‘with genuinely held religious objections to abortions’ may run afoul of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Arkansas senator agrees to unblock atheist constituents on Twitter and Facebook

By Alejandra Molina — August 18, 2022
(RNS) — An atheist advocacy group sued Republican state Sen. Jason Rapert, arguing he violated its members’ freedom of speech by blocking their viewpoints on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Clergy, social workers fear fallout from Okla. abortion laws

By Sean Murphy — August 15, 2022
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Clergy members, social workers and even librarians have raised concerns about being exposed to criminal or civil liability for just discussing the topic.

Overturning Roe wasn’t a win for faith. Kansas was.

By Jamie Manson — August 11, 2022
(RNS) — The vote showed that the anti-abortion movement is really about white privilege and political power. 

Was Kansas a wake-up moment for pro-lifers? Indiana shows they’re still dreaming.

By Mark Silk — August 8, 2022
(RNS) — To judge from Indiana's new abortion legislation, the pro-life movement is still in a Roe-era mode.

In Kansas abortion vote, a blow to Catholic bishops’ political strategy

By Jack Jenkins — August 4, 2022
(RNS) — ‘If this is what the bishops are going to do, if this was their plan for a ‘post-Roe’ world, then Catholics are going to be very disappointed,’ said one observer of the Catholic hierarchy.

Could Republicans be softening on same-sex marriage? Don’t bet on it.

By Jacob Lupfer — August 1, 2022
(RNS) — There is very little up-side to forcing Republicans in moderate areas to fall on their swords in a battle that cannot be won.

Kansas nuns oppose abortion-related state amendment, challenging archbishop

By Jack Jenkins — July 27, 2022
(RNS) — “A church sign said, ‘Jesus trusted women. We do too,’” reads the nuns’ letter.

These adoptees refuse to be Christian pro-life poster kids

By Kathryn Post — July 25, 2022
(RNS) — They're challenging the often-religious argument that adoption is a simple, sacred and mutually beneficial solution to abortion.
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