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President Barack Obama

Keep faith-based hiring discrimination, religious leaders tell Obama

By Adelle M. Banks — September 11, 2015

(RNS) The request comes less than a month after a coalition of religious and secular organizations sent Obama a letter saying the current policy will tarnish his legacy of fair and equal treatment for all Americans.

Critics petition Obama to abolish faith-based hiring bias

By Adelle M. Banks — August 21, 2015

WASHINGTON (RNS) Signatories of the new letter say a 2007 memo is being cited by some government-funded groups to refuse medical care to some sexual abuse victims or discriminate against LGBT employees.

African clergy to protest Obama’s gay-rights ‘agenda’ on trip

By Fredrick Nzwili — July 21, 2015

NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) Protesters have called for tactics ranging from throwing rotten eggs at the president to encouraging prostitutes to march naked in the streets during his visit.

President Obama should visit solitary confinement cell to see true suffering (COMMENTARY)

By Ron Stief — July 15, 2015

(RNS) Thursday’s prison visit is an opportunity for President Obama to expand and grow the legacy he hopes to leave as a criminal-justice reformer.

Obama: Victims were ‘living by faith when they died’

By David Jackson — June 26, 2015

CHARLESTON, S.C. — The president had two basic messages: The nation once divided over slavery has made undeniable progress in race relations over the years, but there is still a long way to go.

Obama to Catholic health leaders: Only ‘cynics’ would dismantle health reform

By Cathy Lynn Grossman — June 9, 2015

(RNS) As the Supreme Court decides the fate of the Affordable Care Act, the president rallied its supporters — most prominently, the Catholic Health Association.

Westboro Baptist Church to picket Beau Biden’s funeral, rosary prayers

By RNS staff — June 5, 2015

(RNS) The funeral Mass starts at 10:30 a.m. at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church; President Obama will give the eulogy. Westboro plans to picket from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., as people arrive at the church.

Obama toured Catholic shrine dear to Miami Cubans

By Reuters — May 29, 2015

South Florida Cuban exiles are divided over his move — aided by Pope Francis — to normalize relations with Cuba.

Obama to Jews: Shared values compel support for Israel

By Cathy Lynn Grossman — May 22, 2015

(RNS) ”Jewish values,” Obama said, means caring as well about “a Palestinian child in Ramallah trapped without opportunity.”

Are churches failing the poor? Yes and no (ANALYSIS)

By Jacob Lupfer — May 21, 2015

WASHINGTON (RNS) Jesus told the rich young ruler to sell all his possessions and give the money to the poor. Surely comfortable churchgoers must do more than say, “Be more like me.”

Obama: Defeating poverty takes money and ‘transformative power’ of faith groups

By Cathy Lynn Grossman — May 12, 2015

WASHINGTON (RNS) In a rare appearance in a panel discussion, the president talked public policy with progressive and conservative voices before an audience of Catholic and evangelical leaders.

On eve of anniversary, Turkey’s ‘cultural genocide’ of Armenian history is ongoing

By Tania Karas — April 23, 2015

YUKARI BAKRACLI, Turkey (RNS) Over the past century, the Turkish government has destroyed many Armenian churches, homes, schools and cemeteries or allowed them to fall into ruins.

Christians thrown overboard by Obama (COMMENTARY)

By Kirsten Powers — April 22, 2015

President Obama just can’t seem to find any passion for the mass persecution of Middle Eastern Christians or the eradication of Christianity from its birthplace.

U.S. Catholic bishops back Obama on Iran, warn Congress against meddling

By David Gibson — April 13, 2015

(RNS) Support from U.S. Catholic bishops and an alliance of mainline and evangelical leaders are more fodder for the White House as it wages a political battle for approval of a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Why conservatives want Obama to say ‘Islamic’ terrorism (COMMENTARY)

By Trevin Wax — April 13, 2015

(RNS) Many fear that our political correctness has run amok, to the point we look foolish.

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