• Scott Elliott

    Diane Butler Ross? Surely you mean Diana Butler Bass!

  • John

    These daily news aggregations have brought the quality of RNS way down. Bass’s article is very good, much better than the sarcastic comments of Burke, Gibson, et. al. that now introduce this link and many other links. If RNS is trying to be trendy and hip at the expense of quality journalism, they’re doing very well at it.

  • Daniel Burke

    Sorry you feel that way, John. We’re actually not trying to be either trendy or hip. We just want to make the roundup a fast, fun read.

  • John

    In a previous era, RNS might have arranged a discussion between Douthat and Bass. Douthat’s piece was not a “tirade.” A news agency should have as its aim something other than mere “fun,” as that is the job of entertainers rather than journalists.

  • Daniel Burke

    Actually, John, there’s a long line of American journalists who used satire and sarcasm to entertain as well as educate. Think of Twain or Mencken. Or, in our own day, Ian Frazier and David Foster Wallace.

    I’m not saying the RNS is in their class, or that entertainment is our chief goal. The vast majority of stories on this website are straight and sober wire copy.

    But the roundup is a different animal, where we loosen up a little, and we’ve received a whole lot of positive feedback about it.

    That said, your idea about the Douthat/Bass discussion is a good one, and we’ll pursue it; and, if we cross the line of decency in our roundup, we trust that attentive readers like yourself will let us know. More than anything, we appreciate your reading RNS and writing to us.