Thursday Religion News Roundup: Valentine’s Day sex * 11 U.S. Cardinals * Lutheran elections

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photo of heart-shaped Valentine's Day candy

Valentine's Day candy

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The religiously unaffiliated have higher expectations of sex today. Eleven U.S. Cardinals will help pick the next pope. The Newtown interfaith debacle may affect upcoming elections in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

  • Daniel Hoffman

    Religious observance is much higher among older people than younger. This is why people are trying so hard to convert other people’s children. The tobacco industry and the gun lobby do the same.

  • Rev. Albert W. Kovacs

    Why the big fuss about a picture in the school?
    While presidents photos have often been displayed in classrooms, I recollect seeing pictures of others who have influenced our civilization, as Shakespeare, Socrates, Ben Franklin, etc.
    Why not a representation of Jesus, whose teachings have had tremendous effect upon our nation’s moral fiber? Doesn’t the Supreme Court have artist’s renderings of Moses with the Law? I’m sure we would object to views of Hitler, the killer. But isn’t Jesus life worth imitating by our youth?

  • Kevan Scott

    Firstly, let me say that Daniel’s comment is right on point and exceptionally an observant one. Secondly, to the Rev. if you want to hang Christ’s portrait in schools then to be fair you would have to hang portrait’s of at least the 5 main religion’s leaders or prophets as wel, and to be really fair you would also need to hang a portrait of a famous atheist to the wall. This is why the amendment reads ‘freedom from religion” because long ago the founding fathers had just escaped perscution for not wanting to worship as was required at the time in England. Yu can hang portraits all day long of Jesus in your church, but to hang one in a public school would mean tacit approval by the gov’t of the Christian religion and would also greatly offend others who do not believe as you do. The writers of that amendment knew what they were doing and I don’t want to have the U. S. gov’t telling me or anyone else which religion is acceptable in their eyes to worship. Gov’t has many more important things to do right now than telling me and others which religion or religions are acceptable in their eyes.

  • Rev. Albert W. Kovacs

    No one insists that schools hang up every president’s picture, nor every great in literature, science, etc., nor every religious leader, leaving it to the locals to determine who for that day in that place might be worthy of emulating. In that school it appears that Jesus is a good choice. I’m sure a rabbinical school would opt for Moses, perhaps Golda Meier, or a Holacaust victim – perhaps an Anna Sendler, who saved so many Jewish infants. I don’t like a government telling locals what and how they must teach – like the Nazi or Communists. Our school system was built on the federal principle of home/local control.

  • Brit

    It’s not a Holy day,it’s a bunch of pagan satan to man made tradition. so i understand why unreligious people would want to be engaging in licentious behavior. simple people. very simple.

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