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  • Kevan Scott

    O’Reilly’s books starting with “killing’ shouldn’t be a surprise. Remember ‘Tiller the killer’ and how he encouraged people to ‘take action’ against George Tiller? That’s fact, not just me making a crude comment against O’Reilly. If I were to make a comment against Bill-o it would be this: He kills Jesus everytime he supports a Republican agenda that wants to cut benefits to the poor, disabled, and to children. This support of thatagenda helps make it even more difficult for those who are forced to live on and depend on social security disability and/or social security. I worked hard all my life and since I’ve become disabled it’s been one health thing after another preventing me from even trying to work. I earned those social security benefits by ‘donating’ to SSDI every time they took that ‘donation’ out of my paycheck and do not appreciate O’Reilly and others claiming that I am somehow sponging off the gov’t. If he really wants people to follow Jesus then let O’Reilly tell of Jesus’s own words of feeding the hungry, caring for the poor, sick and care for those who have nothing. This is the true Jesus not the condemning Jesus that some of those in the right wing world would have us emulate as even O’Reilly himself does.